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  1. I am finding more stepped brass now in headstamps I haven't seen before. The ZQI I have found before was normal but crimped.
  2. I have loaded a test batch of these with Sport Pistol and they were pretty accurate in my Glock 17 at 25 yards. If you want that data I can get it later.
  3. I've been reloading since 2012 and I'm a brass whore...never found a single piece of GAP. Couple years ago I saw all the deals on these but couldn't bring myself to get one cause I refuse to pay for brass lol
  4. I was storing everything loose in surplus ammo cans. I just started loading again cause I'm almost out and I'm not sure how I am going to proceed. Buying 50-100 of 100 round boxes kind of seems like a waste. I'm thinking I will just continue using the cans and keep 1000 or so rounds in boxes and refill as needed. I recently got a Hundo gauge which I love and it's nice just flipping them into a box but whatever.
  5. Blue Bullets Ordered 750 135gr 9mm on April 11th, was supposed to be delivered today but USPS f'ed things up. Should be here tomorrow. Can't complain about 2 weeks right now. I used to shoot these years ago and want to give them a shot in my PCC and a few other guns, if they are g2g I'm going to order a case or two soon.
  6. I'm a member at Wayne Country Raccoon Hunters and have been for I think like 3 or 4 years now. I really enjoy the club and the people that I have met there. That being said there are several great clubs in the area, I'd suggest doing some research online and shoot a USPSA/IDPA/Steel Challenge match at those clubs to check it out in person. If you want to do stuff other than those disciplines some of the other clubs might be a better option. Where you live you should be able to drive within an hour and shoot a match every weekend April-Oct....which is nice :)
  7. Honestly my fav 223 brass. No crimps and primes beautifully.
  8. Yes they are the same I have some on my 40 mags and have swapped them around when needed.
  9. I'm using OEM with TTI extensions. 23+1 start but really gotta jam that mag in there. Usually have 21 in the ones on my belt. That said the 21rd Magpuls are cheap options for secondary mags/practice.
  10. To be honest it's sat on my shelf since I got it. I confirmed the trimmer screwed into it but that was about it. I had plans on shooting some 3gun last year and well this year but the main club I want to shoot at changed their shooting weekend again to my home clubs USPSA weekend and I RO and support them first....so probably going to sit awhile. With that said a few weeks ago I back ordered an actual Dillon trim die if I ever get around to actual loading up some 223 lol
  11. So my schedule is changing in 2 months and I'll be able to hit some Saturday matches again. I'd like to support the club I'm a member at some more so I'm thinking of shooting the IDPA matches. They have a morning and afternoon session and you can shoot both. I plan on shooting my Glock 26 in CCP to get more practice with my carry gun wearing normal attire...then gamer it up the other session. Probably will shoot Carry Optics with my Glock 17 (I'd love to shoot PCC as that is what I shoot in Steel Challenge and USPSA but how I see some IDPA matches are designed they look like they would suck with PCC). Looking for belt and vest suggestions. I don't want to spend a fortune on some $100 vest but willing to spend some money (say $60ish or less if possible). I've seen a lot of suggestions for the Shooters Connection IDPA belt and IDPA even links to it so I should be legal there but really stuck on the vest. Also is there any issue using a 34/35 holster for my 17? I also have a 35 I could shoot in SSP with downloaded ammo as it doesn't have much done to it or shoot it in ESP with my KKM conversion barrel if I ever chose to do so.
  12. Taccom Extreme Bolt (it was a complete ULW upper that I bought) on a PSA lower.
  13. I have one of the earlier ULW with about 15k through it, it has the smaller ramp not the newer style. I've had no issues running RMR 124gr JHP through it and it's an awfully blunt tipped bullet. Tim/Taccom are great! I have been tempted to try out another barrel they have just to see if I like it. I wish they had the older style 13/16 barrel as I don't care for the looks of the newer ones.
  14. The 124gr MPR's are an excellent bullet. I show them as $276 for 3k and there are 5% off codes out there. Glad I got 6k at end of last year.
  15. Will do. I used to run a regular Lee FL die and had no issues. I got a smoking deal on a RCBS SB set from Amazon a year or two ago for $20 so switched to that. Honestly can't tell much difference besides a little more force to resize. Function was always fine with Lee but the added piece of mind is nice. Now to acquire a 223 conversion kit for the 650. Will try trimmer in turret press for now whenever die shows up.
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