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  1. JohnnyD

    Glock In limited

    I have the same magwell on my 35. The TTI's work. The pin does hit the plug if you have it flush with the bottom of the basepad. If you push the pin slightly down so it's sticking out the bottom it doesn't hit. Either way they work and work well.
  2. I highly suggest starting out with FMJ or quality thicker plated bullets. Coated lead works well but die adjustments are even more critical and is just another hurdle to overcome. I started out with FMJ, then plated, then my own cast lead, then to coated, back to plated. Have been using coated in 40 this year with success. Once the 4k plated rounds are loaded up I will be going back to coated with Sport Pistol.
  3. Wish this would work for 223....I don't care so much about 9mm or 40 brass.
  4. I use the home made Dillon style case lube. I spray a bunch in one of those $1 plastic shoe boxes. Dump a bunch of brass in and stir the brass around. Dump in feeder. I don't bother to clean it off for pistol.
  5. Looks like the few times I tumbled with walnut with no polish added. Should work fine.
  6. JohnnyD

    22LR Conversions?

    Does anyone have a 22 conversion for their Glock? I've been thinking about picking up one for my Gen4 35 to use for Steel Challenge and some practice that doesn't really need the recoil. Are they reliable enough for Steel Challenge once you find the ammo it likes? I usually shoot CCI Blazer or CCI SV in my Ruger 10/22 for Steel Challenge. I do have a Ghost Ultimate Connector in my 35...I realize I might have to swap this out to an OEM minus connector with a polish job. I see that Advantage Arms and Tacsol make them (with AA being a little more popular).
  7. I started shooting a Glock 35 in Limited at the beginning of the year. At first I wasn't honestly so sure how I was going to like it, but now that I've started shooting it a few matches I really have started liking it. I shot PCC all of last year and my pistol skills went down the crapper. Yesterday shot a local match and its feeling much more comfortable every time I take it out. Glock 35 Gen4 : TTI Sights Glock Store Big Mouth Magwell - 4oz NDZ Stainless Guide Rod with 15lb Ghost Connector TTI Basepads (20+1 start, 19 re-loadable) Also have a KKM 9mm conversion barrel that is working great so far, will put probably 150 through it tomorrow at Steel Challenge practice. I tried using some of the springs in the Ghost kit and I didn't have any luck with the gun functioning correctly, I think I need a lightened striker if I want to use all the springs.
  8. I currently have 6 - OEM 40 mags with TTI basepads. However I recently purchased a KKM 9mm conversion barrel for my Glock 35 and will be taking 3 of the extensions off those mags to use for Steel Challenge and 3 gun...however now that I think about it I might just leave those mags as is and try one of these out. I would be fine with 1 or 2 - 23rd mags and the rest could be 21rd PMAGs which run great in the gun so far. I need something in the 140mm range as seating 17rd mags with the large magwell I have is a pain and not something that can be done fast on the clock.
  9. I am interested as well. I will say their 223 PMAG extension on a 40rd PMAG with stock spring works great. I haven't shot it a ton as my 3gun shooting has been on the slow side but I has been 100% so far. I wouldn't mind grabbing one to use to have one or 2 more mags with extensions for 40 in case one mag gets super dirty at a match so I don't have to clean. Sure beats paying $45 for another TTI basepad.
  10. chenault Couple of questions that might help to narrow things down. 1) Have you pulled a few bullets down and measured them to make sure they are still .356 in multiple spots? Do you have a ring from the crimp that is cutting through the coating? 2) What powder are you using? I tried using Titegroup and Blue Bullets several years ago in 9, couldn't get the leading down enough to be satisfied. Moved back to plated in 9. Currently loading Blue Bullets in 40 with TG. I get some leading near the breach but it really thins out the farther it goes down the barrel. I'm hoping to be able to get my hands on some Sport Pistol powder soon to see if that helps with the fouling. Once I'm done with the 5k Xtremes I have I will be giving coated lead a shot again in 9mm.
  11. I know this is an old post but will chime in a bit. Running the Taccom complete ULW upper with their 3 stage buffer system on a PSA lower with a trigger swap. Around 8k through the gun, 2k 124gr Xtreme Plated and 6k RMR 124gr JHP. I have had 0 issues with the JHP in mine. They are loaded quite short (1.06" OAL) and feed just fine. Accuracy is exceptional. Group size at 50 yards was smaller than group at 25 with the Xtremes. I just picked my PCC up for the first time since last year today for a Steel Challenge match. I really missed shooting it but if I continue shooting it my pistol skills are going to suffer even more . I shot PCC all of last year and my pistol skills these first few matches was down right terrible. Though I love it so much I might just pick it back up and make it my main USPSA gun.
  12. Thanks both of you. I think ideally I would like the block on a dedicated build. I'm still leaning toward the key on this rifle so I don't have to molest it and it can go back to stock when I/if I put together a dedicated upper.
  13. Has anyone run one of these or a similar lightweight BCG with the RCA adjustable gas key installed? Was thinking about buying the carrier without bolt and using the bolt that is currently in the rifle so they mate up well. I was shooting 3gun pretty regularly but with schedule changes I won't be shooting more than 1 or 2 matches this year till the end of the season. Thinking about adding one of these before I shoot a match at end of next month. Right now I'm shooting a basic mid length PSA upper on a lower I built. A little apprehensive about taking my PSA upper apart and swapping the gas block....or am I over thinking things? I've built a couple of lowers but haven't messed around with building or modifying uppers yet. If my shooting availability stays the same next year I probably will be shooting 2 matches a month (USPSA on the other 2 weekends) so I might build a dedicated upper for that.
  14. Fenix Ammo is good stuff. If I didn't reload I'd probably buy from them. I have shot some of their 9mm I have won / been given samples at matches. They are local to me and Justin is a common face at 3gun, USPSA and IDPA matches in the area.
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