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  1. I plan on trying it eventually when I get the swager for 223. Hopefully someone does it first and puts together a parts list / guide
  2. Blue Bullets worked the best for me but I still had some leading/fouling in 9mm/40 no mater how much I tweaked my dies and were careful. I eventually just said effffit and switched to jacketed. RMR for example is only $10/k more for great FMJ's. I only shoot around 8k a year so it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
  3. The logo on the mag extensions are his logo so I'm guessing his belt.
  4. I preordered one from Titan last night so we'll see how it is. Mainly will be using it for depriming 9mm and 223 before wet tumbling and maybe for sizing/swaging 223. I bought the full kit but realized it doesn't come with the case collator only the tubes so I will have to order that.
  5. Welcome! If you're interested in getting some shooting this winter they are running indoor matches at Trex in Belleville.
  6. I have one of their lowers and it has been great. Couple guys at my club run their uppers aswell and they are pretty nice. One is on the verge of GM in Steel Challenge with his. I wouldn't hesitate to get one if they run them on sale again...they are often out of stock however.
  7. Ya that is what I'm a little concerned about, thinking about changing out my C-More Railway for the 510 and adding the offset dot which is going to increase the weight enough. Max does have a picture on his page of it...it's quite goofy looking but hey...if it works
  8. For the PCC'ers running offset dots what dot are you running? Optic/MOA? I am seriously considering adding one for next year, there are occasions almost every match around me that there are some really hard leans that cause me to take too many extra shots, step out of bound and worst of all get a foot fault (happened on Sunday to me). I'm not tall at all so that probably contributes to it being more of an issue. I asked Max on FB what he thought about the Holosun HS407CO or one of those other sized dots and he recommended the HS510C (which I have seen in some pictures he runs offset) for the larger window size. I value his opinion and he is a damn fine shooter, but not sure what to do. So what do you guys run?
  9. I will have to grab a few to try out. Use them for 24-26 rd stages so there is still plenty of extra. Save my MBX mini stick for the larger stages.
  10. About 10k through my PSA Lower/Taccom ULW upper. Firing pin broke at about 600-700 rounds, replaced it and been good since then. Knock On Wood
  11. Same here...I didn't realize that was there till this thread. After today I need to drop 1.37 sec to make master in PCCO. Hopefully the last match of year at my club I can do it.
  12. edg5 I've also started shooting at local matches, mainly to update our clubs site and I enjoy it as well. I've wanted a DSLR for awhile as I've always been interested in photography however I'm too busy shooting sooooo I combined both I shoot in burst mode on my old Canon T3i and have decent results. Shooting in aperture priority mode and just pay attention to that and the ISO to make sure the shutter speed is high enough. This picture of Vogel was from 2 weeks ago, 1/1250 and the shells are pretty clear. (link to fullsize so you can zoom in)
  13. Just a quick update, I shot a 2gun match yesterday with the gun and trigger was working well. I did however have the slide stop pin work it's way partly out during a stage...it still shot fine. So I went to safe table and knocked it back in not thinking about the spring...doh Next and last stage gun was a single shot Trigger honestly is satisfactory enough and I don't feel at this time that dropping a bunch of money into the trigger is a worth while investment. I was still able to put together decent splits and make the longer shots (dot sure helped) at easily my skill level.
  14. Sniperboy...I changed the connector and we have success! Though I rocketed a spring cup across the basement in the process changing the striker springs around so I had to rob one from my 35. With the OEM - / 3.5 connector whatever you want to call it and the OEM trigger spring it resets just fine with both the 4lb and 5lb striker spring. It wouldn't work the heavier trigger spring for whatever reason. I had planned on waiting till tomorrow or Saturday but I'm impatient and didn't want to be wondering till the time I had to do it. I like how the Ghost breaks slightly more but this definitely feels better overall than the Ghost since I have to use stock springs. Thanks everyone for the team work. I'll find out how it does in live fire on Sunday at a 2gun match...however I'm not expecting any issues since it was operating just not safely before.
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