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  1. No issues in 9 and 40 (only pistol cals I own/load). I notice they seem to size slightly easier but don't last quite as long. Wouldn't buy a batch of them but use them if I pick them up.
  2. I'm running them in my Glock 35 with stock barrel at 1.14" when I hit 1.145" I was starting to hit the lands. 4.3-4 of TG. Haven't chronoed yet but thinking I will be 170-175. Hope to in 2 weeks but have shot 1k of them so far and they shoot pretty good. I get some fouling the first 1" or so of the barrel then its pretty clean after that. I'm attributing that to the TG burning so hot. Have 8lbs of TG left then I want to try out Sport Pistol.
  3. I will chime in as I just tried my KKM 40 - 9 barrel last night in my 35. I'm running a 15lb recoil spring for 40 on a solid guide rod. Granted I only ran about 75 rounds through it last night really quick the ejection seemed pretty weak with 147gr 130pf loads. They all ejected fine but seemed like the brass was barely getting out of the gun and the slide was running relatively slow. Should I pick up a 13lb spring when I run 9? I will be doing more testing in a couple weeks to see if I really need it but just an observation on a really small sample of loads. But the barrel shot great and the recoil was so minimal especially since I have a 4oz magwell and the stainless steel guide rod. Used factory and Magpul mags.
  4. I bought the 35 as I am primarily focusing on USPSA Limited this year but will still be shooting some 3gun and Steel Challenge. I opted for different color basepads from TTI in addition the KKM conversion barrel I have on the way is a different color to help keep things sorted out. We'll see if the wrong ammo in the range bag ever bites me in the ass. If your main focus is 3gun I'd definitely just get the 34.
  5. I haven't loaded any 77gr, just 55 and 62gr but TAC meters like water. It's an extremely fine ball powder.
  6. How would you suggest I check the striker dragging out? The plunger spring is nice and straight. Currently it has the reduced power in there.
  7. I went through some tips that dskinsler83 offered up and it didn't fix the issue I was having. Though he was extremely helpful. I swapped back the stock striker spring and it's resetting correctly now. While I had it out I also tried the stock minus connector and had same issue. So right now I just have the reduced power plunger and Ghost connector. Trigger isn't very great. Going to give it a shot and might just get a trigger kit. Like I said before I might try a 4.5 or 5lb striker spring at some point.
  8. The brass juice guys are you still depriming before tumbling without pins? I take it no issues if you don't and run them in a dehydrator to get them dry real quick? Worried about stuck primers.
  9. Thanks. I just went down to my bench and dry fired the gun a few times. I noticed what was actually happening. The trigger safety won't reset all the way when the trigger is pulled and held back. When you cycle the slide the trigger goes about 95% of the way forward but the trigger safety is stuck. If you push the trigger forward it resets the safety fully. Like I said earlier I will go back to stock striker spring and see if that fixes it. Otherwise the Ghost Connector will have to be swapped out for the OEM minus connector leaving only the reduced power safety plunger spring. If that isn't satisfactory for me I might get one of the Glock Triggers or Zev Fulcrum triggers since all the parts are already mated and tuned to work together. Though it's $150ish bucks I rather not spend.
  10. Well I shot it today in a match and was having reset issues again. Not as bad as with the Ghost trigger spring but still bad. I might not have noticed it at the range in those first 100 rounds as I was shooting slow to test different loads. We had a couple of speed style shoots and it was not keeping up what so ever. It seemed to reset almost in 2 stages. I think I will go back to stock striker spring for now. Once I put an order together somewhere I will try a couple of different spring weights or just say screw it and run it stock (minus the connector and plunger spring). What is the stock striker weight?
  11. Well I hosed out the lower with a lot of CLP and gave it a good scrubbing with a toothbrush. Was able to get everything squeaky clean but the trigger group. It is much better than it was but could stand a lil more TLC. I also gave the upper and BCG a good cleaning....it needed it too. I will probably pull the trigger at some point soon and keep a better eye on things. I don't plan on shooting a ton of PCC this year probably only Steel Challenge once a month.
  12. Yah I guess I wasn't looking at the lower too much...might explain the few issues I had on the last stage of the last match of 2018. Has 3 rounds that didn't quite cycle right (guess it could have been ammo too). Going to clean it up the best I can with CLP...if that doesn't do the job I'll have to grab a can of brake cleaner tomorrow. Thanks
  13. So I took my PCC apart last night and realized how absolutely filthy the lower is, magwell and trigger pocket has a lot of powder residue in it and dust. I shot probably about 5-6k out of it last year without cleaning it much other than the bolt and a bore snake now and then. How should I go about cleaning the lower out? Spray CLP all over and whip it down? Not sure. Thanks
  14. Got 200 loaded up last night with what we'll call 4.35gr of TG. It was throwing between 4.3 and 4.4. We'll see how they do on Sunday during a match. Interested in seeing what kind of fouling I get. I've only used coated in 9mm before and gave up on them as the fouling was pretty bad, though I think it was a combination of the barrel (it was tumbling just about everything I shot through it including factory) and having a hard time keeping them at .356 or larger without the brass swaging them down.
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