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  1. I love their 124 MPR JHP's...I hope they have a good Black Friday deal again. I have loaded all of them up already. They shoot lights out in my PCC.
  2. Great I will fit right in there LOL Will decide what I want to do. I might just slap in a spareOEM sight if the empty rear sight channel if it bothers me...will see once the slide shows up next week.
  3. What about back up irons? Putting together a Gen3 with a Brownells RMR slide and will be using the Holosun 507c...maybe the SRO eventually. Was thinking about blacked out suppressor height sights from Ameriglo.
  4. JohnnyD

    downside to MOS?

    I'm trying to decide on building a Gen3 stripped frame up for Carry Optics with Brownells slide or buying a complete MOS. The Gen3 route would be slightly cheaper and have the sturdier mount but can't make up my mind. Probably going to go 507C or SRO if I feel like splurging.
  5. I need to try this, I run a ULW upper with their Xtreme bolt and the 3 stage. Running 124gr reloads at 135PF....should see how it responds.
  6. I have the Gen4 version on my 35. The pins on TTI's do hit the plug on the inside but they work fine. Usually I just push the pin about half way out so it doesn't hit and I've dropped a lot of mags and the pads have never moved. I had no issues installing, took me all of about 1 minute.
  7. I can get 20 but not reloadable...you really have to slam it in hard. I always tug on mag to make sure it seated all the way. This is in my Gen4 35.
  8. I have about 6k on my PSA lower with the 243G and ULW upper.
  9. I'm running a Hyperfire 3G and have had no issues with pins walking and the holes seem fine. Not sure they are always needed but I could be wrong.
  10. This...I run same but am using a PSA lower.
  11. I couldn't get decent groups out of their 124gr in my PCC either. Switched to RMR 124gr JHP which isn't much more and groups at 50 were same size or better at 25 yards.
  12. I have a PSA Billet Glock lower with a Hyperfire 3G trigger in it. The milspec is okay, I can hit it pretty quick but looking for something with ambi controls for classifiers and just something in general faster to disengage. Don't want to spend a ton but want to make sure I get something solid and proven. I've got the itch to start shooting PCC again in USPSA and not just Steel Challenge after shooting limited so far this year.
  13. JohnnyD

    Glock In limited

    I have the same magwell on my 35. The TTI's work. The pin does hit the plug if you have it flush with the bottom of the basepad. If you push the pin slightly down so it's sticking out the bottom it doesn't hit. Either way they work and work well.
  14. I highly suggest starting out with FMJ or quality thicker plated bullets. Coated lead works well but die adjustments are even more critical and is just another hurdle to overcome. I started out with FMJ, then plated, then my own cast lead, then to coated, back to plated. Have been using coated in 40 this year with success. Once the 4k plated rounds are loaded up I will be going back to coated with Sport Pistol.
  15. Wish this would work for 223....I don't care so much about 9mm or 40 brass.
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