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  1. I'm looking at 2 drop-in barrels for my M&P9 FS. They're full-size barrels from True Precision and Black List Industries. I've heard good things from both and True Precision barrels are all over Instagram. Has anyone used one or both of these barrels? I don't want to mess about with fitting and filing so the Apex is out.
  2. On Instagram he says it's a 24 in a reply to a comment. Probably done up by Agency as he's also sponsored by them and the SJC frameweight.
  3. So it turns out CZ uses 124 grain bullets and the hold at 25m is splitting the target in half. and the bullets hitting just above the front sight, from the factory. And that shooting 147gr bullets will have the bullets impact high and there's no definitive ratio of clicks and bullet movement. It's mostly all trial and error.
  4. I've just started shooting a CZ Shadow 2 (from 5 years with the M&P). I've seen that the S2's come with a 6 o'clock hold on them from the factory. Does this hold true for other owners? Do any S2 owners or anyone experienced with the HAJO rear sight know how many clicks to raise and lower the impact of the bullet? Like would it be 1 click = X" at 25 yards?
  5. If you're wanting names, Jerry Miculek, Julie Golob, Randi Rogers, Doug Koenig, and Brandon Wright. All part of the S&W stable of shooters. All have won with some incarnation of the M&P platform. Jerry, recently won the open division at a big 3-gun match using the M&P platform with I think a stock trigger. The other three have won Area/Sectional matches in their class/category. If you're looking towards the outside of competition shooting, Frank Proctor of Way of the Gun. He jumps platforms due to his role as a shooting instructor. But recently the M&P 2.0 is his flavor of the day. **insert unwarranted advice about shooting what you like here**
  6. HAHAHA. I'm like you, I don't clean often. Mostly it's just application of oil to the ramp, hood, and rails. I don't wipe down unless I'm not touching the gun for more than a week. Hence probably why I didn't notice it before either. But I communicated with a rep at S&W over their Live-chat and contact system. Communicating with S&W is much more efficient and was able to look at it. He said it's nothing to be concerned about.
  7. I've been shooting my M&P40 in Limited for about 2 years and about reaching 10K rounds. It's been a mix of factory .40 and major power factor reloads. I noticed something new while cleaning it. It looks like the barrel really wore down a piece of the breech face where the side of the barrel hood meets the breech? I've attached pics and didn't notice anything as far as function and accuracy. I'm not sure is this wear is normal. There were no shavings or metal dust that I noticed when I wiped down my gun. Is this type of wearing normal?
  8. Absolutely. I mean it wouldn't be all at once being that I only shoot one gun at a time. But, I don't roll my own and actually just dryfire and shoot matches. I was just gathering data on whether to actually go ahead and buy them because I'll have the versatility to play with spring weights.
  9. Thanks. I mean the WC barrel shoots well and the one dimple barrel in my 5" shoots fine. I just feel like I'm missing out on getting the APEX barrels.
  10. Nope. It's right on the line of 3" last time I took them out and braced my gun against a barricade wall.
  11. I searched through the forum and couldn't find an answer to this question. Please direct me if it has been addressed. Right now I'm shooting an M&P9 4.25" & 5". There's WC combat barrel in the FS (bought it the day of the APEX release *slaps self*) and the stock barrel with a single dimple. I've run SSS guide rods and ISMI springs and they both run fine. But I'm considering plugging in APEX barrels into both. Has anyone run aftermarket springs/guiderods in conjunction with the APEX barrels? The reason I ask is that the APEX barrels I know were designed to work with the stock spring. I just don't want to spend the money on a non-starter. Thanks!
  12. Nice. When you get a chance give us a review!
  13. I thought this thread was dead. I asked Troy. It's not legal.
  14. It's on his site too. But I'm not sure if he ships to the US I don't know anyone who has. http://www.ericgrauffelonlineshop.com/en/sights/337-fixed-rear-sight-aluminium.html
  15. I found this thread interesting, does anyoen know where to pick these up in the US or who could get them? http://www.tanfoglio.it/shop/accessori/ottiche-e-red-dot/tm010-tacca-di-mira-fissa-in-ergal.html
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