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  1. I think the expression is “buy once, cry once.” The salesman told me that when my wife bought my my Mathews bow. That worked then too. I went with the Ruger since PCC is just something I am going to experiment with and really like shooting CO. If that were not the case I would have gotten a JP as well. I believe one should take their hobbies seriously. And, no I am not rich just spend my money on the “right” things
  2. I am both amazed and feeling lucky that this is a problem some places. At our club matches that go weekly from late April to mid October we have three or four out of five squads that usually shoot together and all share the work. We have a set-up team that comes in three hours early and does that work and thus gets to shoot for half price. That is about 6-10 individuals. In the match we have 2-4 RO’s on the squad and they do that work. Score keepers the same. The rest paste and reset - just what we do with sometimes people racing others to paste first. Even in area and sectionals matches staff do the RO and tablet but the squad pastes and if possible resets. Just the way we do it and I guess I didn’t think it was any different. On really hot days the Super Seniors are given a pass if they want it but that is it. Should not really be that big a deal - help out, shoot and have fun.
  3. I have used the Comptac for three seasons of CO for not problem. Also used it with M&P Core and Shadow 2 for CO with likewise no problems. Their products have worked very well for me.
  4. Found the test and that is exactly (at least according to NROI) the right answer - - referred to a pistol not PCC but don't think it would be any different. In the event that a competitor begins his attempt at the course of fire prematurely ("false start" prior to the issuance of the start signal) the Range Officer will, as soon as possible, stop and restart the competitor once the course of fire has been restored.
  5. This was a question on my RO test and I believe it was early start no DQ - have the test at my office so will check in the morning but I got it right so must have been it. Not PCC but shot before beep after make ready. Will get back on this.
  6. Actually this is close to a question I had on my RO test this year. and the right answer was no DQ early start
  7. I have had I guess a blessed optic life, DPP for three years, NP, this winter got SRO and after about 1,000 rounds things are not an issue. I have the DPP still on my backup so if one goes out I just swap slides that are both zeroed for both guns. DPP has been good (2.5) but the SRO is just that little bit better and faster (5)
  8. I have shot four matches and almost every day dry fire and still as bright as when I got it. Shooting the 5 moa. have heard some that run into battery cap problems not being tight enough but otherwise many of those I shoot with use the SRO and have not heard of any problems. Maybe you just got a bad one from the factory or maybe for now at least I am just lucky,
  9. Sort of a mixture although for club matches there is a squad that we try to make of 8 or so of the same people - mixed abilities from D-A and respectful and cooperative. I believe in absolute extra serious with safety and each stage endeavor to do the best I can but unless you are AMU or one of the 20 or so that do this full-time it is still just a game. I feel good when I shoot good and disappointed when I don't but at the end of the day any shooting is better than a day not shooting. Some when they have a bad run throw stuff, get overly serious on the wrong things and take the fun out of the event. Others have to argue every point of the COF, cheat (actually caught a guy taking pasters off a target to avoid a mike) and complaining about things that are trivial (again safety is never trivial). I did not start out shooting with friends (yet) but they became so when the stages were fun, everyone did work to help out (sometimes fighting to see who gets to paste first) and everyone doing their part and the better shooters helping out the less skilled as needed. Everyone has fun, respects and helps the other shooters and does their share of the work. May be different with others but that is my take. Good topic BTW that's what I really like about this forum.
  10. Substitute XDM for M&P and I am in the same boat. I started out on Glocks because that is all I really knew. The one day I picked up an XD at a gun show and it just “felt” right. I got my first, then additional, sold all my Glocks and now own about 9 or ten Springfield products. I first shot a 5” tactical through two seasons and then thought a CZ Shadow was the way to go. Did a year or so with that, had sear problems but most of all did not like the initial DA shot and well it was not my Springfield. Went to the 5.25 for production when it came out, sold the CZ and had a couple ok seasons. Then CO came out and at 70 the eyes are not what they used to be but no Springfield available so I bought a M&P custom milled for CO, put an RMR on and enjoyed the new challenge with my old eyes. Then Springfield finally came out with the OSP and bye bye M&P. Sold it with the magazines, upgraded trigger and got my money back to come home to my Springfield. Two seasons with that and then the itch for something different came up and I got caught up in the Shadow 2 press and excitement. Went to CGW and got a very sweet blaster, DPP milled, weight made and probably the nicest gun I own - but it is a nice gun but not my gun. After about 6 weeks of mixed results I went back to the XDM and for me I have come home. The point is, I am in the same minority that the thread started with regarding M&P. But when I teach shooting classes I tell my students, own what feels right for you and not what the hype or others results are saying. At my age I am now 72 and cannot match the speed of the younger shooters but my gun is very accurate, comfortable for me to use and fun. The CZ will be easy to sell, get my money back and move along. I really like CO and think that has added 5+ years to my shooting career. I got a late start but will shoot as long as my body and mind allow. Bottom line BE you SHOOT as part of you, in your own unique way.
  11. I did something along that line in CO. Was a rainy day so I kept the cover on my DPP until make ready and sight picture etc. I had an unloaded table start so just put the gun on the table, mag along side and got ready for the beep. Off it goes, slam the mag into the gun, bring it up on target and nothing to see since the cover was still on the DPP. Rip it off, regain dot and on with the show but I probably lost 3 seconds or more with that little brain fart. Lesson learned, sight picture with the dot all the time, cover in a safe place in my pocket and make sure “everything” is ready before I begin - including prep on an unloaded stage.
  12. Just wondering is any body using the new SRO on the optics ready XDM. I have been shooting the past two years with a DPP on that gun but just wondering how this new offering is working with the XDM. I read reports on the optic but nothing specific to the OSP. Any reports? Thanks in advance.
  13. I love mine and just am completing a full season. Not sure which model but the optics are soo good sometimes I forget to take them off. The customer service is the best I have ever seen and while I did not have to have any after the sale help, I am sure they would be there. Hell they didn’t even take my CC until I had a chance to shoot with them and then since it was two months before match season they told me if anything came up once my season started they would still do whatever was needed to make it right. I am far from rich but I don’t think that $369 for bifocal no line sports glass is all that bad. I spent twice for my Rudy’s and they had to put an insert in. Have shot day and into the evening and they work very well in all settings. Finally Brian was great to work with. Win all over
  14. Ok while we are on the topic of hammer down start one more question as a new S2 shooter. The rules say hammer down but does the first shot have to be from hammer down or could you in the draw cock the hammer and have the first shot in SA? I have tried this in practice with no apparent loss of time and no loss of control, but not in a match yet since I don't know if it is legal. Would not do all the time but more on tight first shots where the DA is a little more difficult to control without extensive practice. I know there are some good videos on YouTube about this DA shooting but see this as maybe a plan B if it is necessary? Again is this legal to do? Thanks
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