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  1. Ok while we are on the topic of hammer down start one more question as a new S2 shooter. The rules say hammer down but does the first shot have to be from hammer down or could you in the draw cock the hammer and have the first shot in SA? I have tried this in practice with no apparent loss of time and no loss of control, but not in a match yet since I don't know if it is legal. Would not do all the time but more on tight first shots where the DA is a little more difficult to control without extensive practice. I know there are some good videos on YouTube about this DA shooting but see this as maybe a plan B if it is necessary? Again is this legal to do? Thanks
  2. I may be oversimplifying but how about just turn on the damn dot - should not be that big of a deal. Takes a second or two. Also good argument for taking a sight picture during make ready - last season I had an unloaded start - it was a rainy day so I had been keeping the optic cover on until make ready - which on the unloaded start on barrel failed to do. So, buzzer goes off, I slam the mag into the gun and move to the first target bring up my gun with the cover still on - so, rip it off, back on target and run the stage, Learned that even in that situation I should follow the pattern that I have. I use a DPP which has instant on with movement so I don’t shut off until the end of the match. I have seen many co and open shooters do this and they realize it and turn on the optic and continue. Interesting thread though and appreciate the input from everyone. One of the fun things with this sport that other than the absolute of safety lots of ways to look and learn.
  3. Especially the coffee - and yes you can print and use it as however you would like and it looks like printing out the final scored test is better this year - first time I have done that and will help in study and fine tuning throughout the year. Now if my new gun would just come in...... life would be even better - should be soon though.
  4. I have been an RO since 2011 - while I have passed every time it took a lot of time even with the open book. The initial open book even with the “open book” took me over three hours with multiple monitors and a good search engine - but I got 95% so worth the time. Tonight I did the “new and improved? RO test.” It is now up from 10 to 20 and I think 90% requirement. For the first time you can print out the test and do/review prior to going live. I have lots of college and a PhD but even year until I get the pass it is stressful - but necessary and a good review prior to the season beginning. Our first match is March 23 so getting closer and doing the test got me even more psyched. Back to the test 100% but 157 minutes to do. Few bends and turns on this years edition but if you think through the question and take your time it is very doable and a good measure. Good luck with the class.
  5. I did the exact same things several years ago at an area match - with my left hand tied to a cable for that part of the stage. After I looked at the round and damn they sure look a lot alike. Cured me of picking up random ammo off the ground or even my own if I don't see it hit the ground specifically
  6. gunshrink

    My S2 modified for CO

    I am thinking of doing the same thing - same DPP etc. this season is more than half done so plenty of time once it is done for next year or maybe some indoor winter stuff - so, that said: How long gettinging beginning to end and (also important) how much after all the dust settled did the entire work cost minus the cost of the optic but gun and all modifications. Want to know what I am going to have to sell, how many classes I have to teach and what other sources of funding do I need to look at. A friend of mine just bought a gun to get set for CO from CGW and said 12 weeks about and around $2,000 (or so). Thanks
  7. And one more for the DPP for two years now step up from the RMR
  8. Yes - the last round went off and ejected, new round fed but not completely back into battery - i think. All I know is that the trigger felt like it does when I am field stripping and taking off the slide.
  9. I am shooting the optic version of the XDM that is sort of a “Franklin” gun - upper came with the milled slide, lower custom is from work done for my backup production gun by Canyon Creek. All of last year not a problem - about 2,000 rounds through with no problems until now. Today is a 200 or so round match this only happened three times but that is maybe three times too many. I would pull the trigger, the gun would fire and the trigger would not reset (or something but it was dead). I rack the slide and back in business but time lost is time lost. One of the people on my squad approached me and asked if I was using factory ammo - which I am 147 Federal American Eagle - have used that for several years with no problem. He said that my shot almost sounded like a squib - distinctly different than my other shots. He correctly called the three times that this happened so not just someone’s imagination. So, any thoughts? This gun until now has been flawless so this happening is a concern. Anyone out there who knows a whole lot more than me have any thoughts or experiences. Sure would appreciate the help. Thank you.
  10. I had the PAC 3 timer and as long as traditional USPSA with pistols no problem. Then for rimfire rifles it was a problem. Same thing for the folks with PCC - switched to the CED 7000 and problem solved. I think it is the most sensitive one out there which for the long guns is a big help. I did not like the rechargeable battery at first either but found that while it drops to half it will get you through a five stage match with a 12 person squad with no problem. If you need some self assurance there is an attachment you can get with battery backup that uses AAA battery and you are back in business. That said in two years or so I have never had to use it. That even went for 7 stage matches. Good luck and have fun.
  11. Yes I have seen it twice with no leeway to the call.
  12. I have a OSP on a Canyon Creek lower and it works fine - four matches fine anyway - the lower has the Canyon Creek magic with the grip and trigger etc. The upper has the RMR - on that point though I hade to buy an entire new gun with the OSP and swap out Springfield is not really open to sharing - now I have a backup production gun and a pretty good XDm for CO.
  13. I am using a comp-tac holster for CO in USPSA - seems to work well and no problem with the optic fitting in. http://www.comp-tac.com/
  14. Thre is a club in Pine Island that is still shooting on Wednesday night for five more weeks with Wednesday night being set this week. Too bad you just got here we have been shooting since May. But, come on down goes 6-9 shooters meeting at 5:30 - we are about an hour from where you are off of Hwy 52S. http://www.piwpsc.org Hope to see you maybe or if not we begin in May but also have a match the end of October on a Saturday - look at the club calendar Good luck
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