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  1. My only thought would be if the gun is short stroking possibly. I would try a lighter recoil spring (think I use an 11lb iirc) or maybe some slightly hotter ammo? Your load might be right in the edge and those are on the low side of powder drop are just a little too light. I shout about 15k rounds in my S2 in 12 months and only had one misfeed in that time that I can remember.
  2. Really, as long as you can pull the handle you should be good to go. However, I personally keep about 2-3 feet in between my presses simply for ease of placing a bullet box or box of cases or a case gauge or whatever else on the bench next to it so that there is still a little room to work with. If you have a different area of your bench you do that on you could probably get away with a little less but I like to work right next to the press I’m loading on at the time. Hope this helps
  3. I’m using the DAA race master also mostly because I used it for my previous set up and only needed to change the insert for it to work.
  4. I recently spoke with Mark at carne, he is running about 6 month lead time as of my conversation about 3 weeks ago. I was going to go with him if I had a new gun built, but wanted to shoot the gun this year and will be planning better for next season. I couldn’t find what I was looking for on the used market for a while, but ended up getting a used Honcho for an ok price. IV only shot about 300 rounds through it so far with only 30 being 9 major (ladder test) so I can’t give an in depth report yet but so far so good.
  5. Sorry about that Chuck. Thanks for the help I had seen the second thread, but it was overtaken with SWMP discussion so I thought it could be better to create a new thread and include HS 6 which wasn’t included in the other one.
  6. Hello everyone, I should be receiving my new to me Honcho in a day or two I was going to load up a couple test loads to chrono when it comes in. I currently have 8# of HS-6 and 8# of AA7 and a buddy who said I could possibly test some of his SWMP. I will be using PD 124 JHP. I already load data from one person as a reference, but just looking for a couple other opinions to see what works for everyone else. Thanks in advance guys.
  7. I agree with Sarge on 1, 2, and 3. My bench also wobbles and I see that every now and then too. although, with the bullet feeder I found more in-depth tuning basically eliminated upside down Bullets. I now take extra time when switching Bullets to make sure it is set 100%. 4. one shot is amazing and I won’t reload pistol brass without it ever again. 5. I agree, when using coated Bullets I do not bother taking the lube off. When using plated/jacketed I fill a spray bottle with isopropyl alcohol, lay the rounds on an old beach towel, and give a couple sprays of the alcohol and rub in the towel. Takes the lube off of hundreds of cases in a matter of a minute or two. 6. I make my own lanolin/alcohol lube for rifle cases. Like Sarge I also do a quick tumble in walnut media after reaizing, but before loading. After 5-10k cases I find the media absorbs too much lube and needs to be tossed otherwise you get media stuck in your cases and it’s a pia. 7. Unlike a lot of guys, I do a visual inspection of ALL my brass before loading. Checking for stepped cases and bad headstamps. I toss CBC, Maxxtech, sumbro, ammo inc, and basically anything I don’t recognize (after tons of 5 gal buckets you figure out which need to be tossed haha). I like to be able step up to the press with brass that is 100% ready to go and I won’t have problems with. WIN I found to be good brass for the most part, and agree you shouldn’t be having problems that one. 8. I think that you can notice some difference in failures when going from .356 to .355. I noticed a huge difference in failure rate when going from .357 coated Bullets down to .355. Especially with thicker brass like SB. With .357 that was the most prevalent failed headstamp. I found crimp was really important when using larger sized Bullets. 9. I had an LNL and had absolutely nothing but problems with it. I do not miss it! I enjoy my 750, and my 1050 even more. I now use my 750 for processing pistol brass and loading rifle. I use my 1050 only for loading pistol. I found the 1050 to also be very tight inbetween the dies, so if that is your biggest problem, the 1050 likely won’t solve it. The LNL did make it much easier to access your dies and is the only thing I miss about it but was not worth the other problems I had. If you had started on the LNL I’d say stick it out for a while, but you wouldn’t like switching to it from the Dillon in my opinion.
  8. Thanks teros. Again it might boil down to pushing too many bullets out the door, and hopefully by the time I need to order more all this crap is over. Wont stop me from ordering more, I was just wondering if it was common or not because I know some profiles are harder to produce than others and I could always get my barrel reamed to accept longer RN bullets.
  9. sorry, that may have been the wrong way to word it. I meant they weren’t concerned with the bullets condition, as in they don’t see it as a problem. I do appreciate them taking the time to respond and let me know what they thought especially when I know how busy they are right now. I have no problem if this is just something that happens to this profile, which is what I was wondering. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a manufacturing defect that they were unaware of and that I was going to have problems with. I just might take that into account and choose a different profile next time I order. I’m slightly upset my Bullets have exposed lead on them, but if they say they are good to load and I shouldn’t get leading then I’m fine with that. That’s all I was trying to determine. Hope that all makes more sense
  10. Blue seems unconcerned with the issue. I will start loading some up and see what the results are. As long as there isn’t excessive leading I’ll be happy.
  11. I’m sending an email this afternoon. Just for kicks I opened one more box today and it was fine. I’ll report back with what they say when I hear back from them.
  12. Thanks GMB, I totally understand that. They’re pumping out so many bullets and trying to keep everyone happy its not surprising. Probably cutting time off curing or something to decrease production time. But this is not normal for their Bullets then?
  13. I placed a couple orders for a couple cases with Blue over the past few months while I worked through the remaining bullets I had. I had shot ~1000 about a year ago, but they were RN and needed to be loaded too short for my S2, so I went with FP instead. I know so many people use them without issue, and I didnt have any issues with the ones I shot so I placed orders for 4 cases. I finally got through my remaining bullets and went to start loading some of the Blues today and found that tons of my bullets had the coating starting to chip off and that I could easily chip small portions of the coating off with my finger nail. Both near the bevel base, and at the FP edge. There were a few that even chipped off at the bearing surface. I checked 4 different batch numbers and to a certain degree all batches had that issue. I had also ordered 200gr 40 and those bullets did not have that problem in ~1500 bullets. So, is this a common thing with Blues and the rest of the coating is strong enough that people dont get leading? or did I just happen a couple bad batches of bullets? That could be understandable during these crazy times with how many bullets their moving. I plan to reach out to BB depending on the response here. If its common I wont waste my time, but if not Ill send them an email. Any input is appreciated
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