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  1. IV loaded a ton of those cases without any problems so far. I’m also loading 147 gr Bullets. Hope my luck doesn’t change though. I do segregate CBC brass as I have nothing but problems with that
  2. Did he not keep the original part? If not you could check CZ Custom or possibly Cajun Gun Works.
  3. On my CO S2 (slide mounted red dot) I realized when I over lube the gun I have the same problem. I just simply started using less lube, and none on the barrel near the ejection port. I found that to be the worst location to put lube when using an optic. I also found that I only the issue for 2-3 stages or so if I do overlube it. If I see it on one stage I’ll take down the gun and remove some lube before the next one.
  4. I used Brazos for a while. Had many problems like listed here. Inconsistent sprue was annoying but not detrimental imo. Got a batch of 45 RNLG and there was basically no coating in the LG when I asked them about it they said that was normal. Sent me a new bag after I continued complaining and there was more of the same. Had maybe 1 bullet that was only a half bullet in every other case or so. I can understand missing a little mess up like that, but how can they let a product that looks like that out the door? all in all, I did not get terrible leading and I got really good accuracy o
  5. I was thinking the same thing. This happened to me when I first bought my TSO
  6. ahh makes sense. I was confused that someone on here didn't have that knowledge. Makes more sense now haha
  7. Thanks for your wealth of CZ knowledge as usual George
  8. Agreed with everyone above. It’s loaded until it’s lost or splits during reloading.
  9. I may have gotten a little OCD while doing it lol. But, I got them all working for now. Let just hope they stay like that for a while. Hopefully they won’t require constant tuning?
  10. CZ is the firearm manufacturer, CZC is a completely separate custom shop that has absolutely nothing to do with CZ except that they specialize in parts for their guns
  11. Ok... so after about 30 minutes of bending and taking the spring apart 10 times I finally got one of my mags to work without stripping the follower out on an empty chamber. There still is no lock open on an empty chamber but I didn’t expect that to work anyways. I have grams followers and Hennings base pads on my S2 mags that I have never had a problem with. The next time I need to buy springs and followers I will 100% be going with grams. Just not worth selling these to buy the grams at this point. I do like the way the CZC base pads come off compared to the hennings, but
  12. Thanks, I’ll try that on my lunch break today. Best part about this work from home crap haha.
  13. I bought a used TSO (40 ca) and it came with CZC base pads, and I’m assuming CZC springs and followers as well. I have been having lots of problems with the followers in these mags. They do not sin in the magazine correctly and when the gun is empty the slide catches on the follower and rips it out of the magazine, thus jamming up the gun and forcing me to forcibly pull the magazine out of the gun. I tried to call CZC but they apparently don’t have phone support for stuff like this and their automated message said to send an email which I did last Tuesday/Wednesday with no response
  14. RMR has 124 JHP for 10.2 cents each. They have about a 2 month wait I think though. Never heard a bad thing about their bullets. Could be worth getting in line Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Thanks for the help. So it seems like you’re suggestion more bell and to make sure the bullet is going in straight? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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