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  1. Got a fastfire 3 and it just fit the angled mount. Didn’t get to test it out yet as I had to use the scope since the goats were a little too far for the dot. Cmore will be sold soon I hope. Thanks for the input
  2. That could work- if i put it in front of the scope. Was hoping to keep it at the rear of the scope mount if at all possible though, and I don't have enough rail space to put two short ones on there.
  3. From Lee's bulge buster instructions: "The Lee Bulge Buster Kit restores free function of rimless cases that have low base bulges. Low base bulges usually occur from chambers that do not fully support the cartridge or cases resized in carbide dies from manufacturers other than Lee. These show a noticeable stop ring near the base. You will most likely find cases with these problems in mixed range brass. Do not use the Bulge Buster Kit to reload for the 40 S&W Glock or similar guns with chambers that do not fully support the cartridge due to the intrusion of the feed ramp." I know that I would have quite a few range pickup brass reloads that won't fit in my Wilson(or Dillon, I can't remember) case gauge while using the dillon 3 die set. The bulge buster fixed the problem, but it does take a good while to run a few hundred empty cases/loaded rounds through it.
  4. Is there such a thing as a 45 degree mount to use a cmore railway for a back up hunting sight? I haven't found anything long enough. Thanks
  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLEPXAV2e1FfAF-NDP6jq5Q If everything lines up (patterning, POA vs POI etc) buy/rent a shotkam or tactacam and see where you are missing. If the camera is mounted to your barrel, it can also show you how erratic your swing is.
  6. No, flurry is more of a fun, fast paced game. In flurry trap, the trapper holds down the fire button, and targets come out every 2-3 seconds. We usually have a team of two shooting 20 targets while only loading one shell at a time. You have to load quick. For sporting clays, we set up a 5 stand and have one, two, or three shooters. Basically the same as trap except that you load two shells and we have the targets thrown from 6-8 different traps every 3-4 seconds. You would need one of the mtx8 or similar controllers from ez pull Inc.
  7. I think only browning has the ring on their ds chokes. I believe briley makes the Midas and Diana invector plus chokes for browning, not sure on the ds. I haven’t used my factory chokes but I heard the same thing about them being a lot more open than the others.
  8. Annie Oakley events are fun with some money on the line. Sporting and 5 stand is what I mostly shoot now. Been shooting trap off and on for 6 years. If your club throws a flurry type of game, that’s the most fun. We can set up 8 traps and program a menu to throw up to 75 Targets with a set amount of time in between.
  9. Couldn''t tell the difference in accuracy with cannelure/non cannelure in both uppers- one is a WOA 18" barrel and the other is a budget $300 (scope included) 223 wylde bull barrel 20" upper. I would say go with the cheaper one
  10. Has to be better than the wolf primers.. I used some SP about 6 years ago and had no issues. Haven’t seen it on any shelves here since then.
  11. My Dillon was great when it was in new condition. Fast forward 50000 rounds and the powder measure spills about 20gr every 100 reloads. Ended up getting a well used pw 800b and it works so much better, but a lot slower
  12. Naka16


    For practice, full over full. For competition I use the same. If im going to miss, it won't be Because of the wrong choke. I like 1oz #8 or #9 at 1200fps. More shot the better and 9's will break em from the 22 yard line as well.
  13. Depending on where you are, J&S wholesale in CA. I think it's at least a half pallet minimum, but shipping is free to some of the western states. What exact loads are you looking for? Also, does it have to be Fiocchi? IMHO, Aguila and Kemen are every bit as good and could be a little cheaper.
  14. Get it while it's cheap.. I have the first model that they came out with in 32". Works great for me. I mostly shoot trap, sporting every once in awhile. I have 23000 rds through it without any issues other than the ejector retaining pins threading themselves loose. Cleaned it and installed with blue loctite and it hasn't done it again.
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