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  1. Look towards a PW for loading shotshells. Dillon was great, but PW 800+ or whatever the new one is is a great machine. I haven’t been about to sell my Dillon with case feeder for $500 here in the islands. I was even including 1-1/2 bags of shot, 3 bags of wads, 1000 primers and 1/4 jug of powder. its actually cheaper for us to bring in Aguila or Winchester super target shells than it is to reload due to the shipping costs built into the components.
  2. just be careful if you shoot fitasc. I don’t think spreader shells are allowed.
  3. It’s way better than the original wheely bird too. If you don’t mind spending 500-700 the atlas patriot 50 or at50 is a very good machine for the price. Get it when they have the 10% off sales.
  4. I wouldn’t rule out having it threaded for screw in chokes. Or are the barrels too thin for such work to be done?
  5. And if you are shooting trap, it’s a lot louder for the shooters next to you.
  6. Yes I still shoot one eyed. I just couldn’t figure out how to shoot left handed. For sporting clays I locate the target with both eyes and close the left eye just before the shot so that I don’t see two birds. Ideally I’d like to shoot with both eyes open- just not enough time to figure it out between shoots that really count here.
  7. Must be that toxic sweat... lol. Not sure why the Arnettes lasted over 10 years used almost daily without being cared for. Talking with a Randolph rep, he said something to do with lens coating that some manufacturers use
  8. I purchased ranger phantoms from LM lenses. Best investment in eye protection so far. $250 for a 5 lens set. Had many oakleys, but they all started to peel on the inside of lens.
  9. Porting only makes cleaning harder. As stated, gun fit is key.
  10. Sporting clays is the hardest of the three but by far the most fun. I started out as a one eyed trap shooter, right handed but very left eye dominant. You’ll get that first 25 soon, and all the rest will follow. I can tell you the first 25 is all mental. Shoot a registered event or practice with a scorekeeper and don’t count in your head. The books and videos all help to a certain point. I watch and read them when I can’t sleep. Happy Thanksgiving.
  11. Anyone else have the lens “peeling” issues with Oakley? I had a pair of Bolle glasses that didn’t last more than a weekend before it started to peel on the inside. And it wasn’t caused by a scratch. Every Oakley pair I owned had this issue: tombstones, radar, flak jacket, polarized, prism, photochromic, non polarized, etc. I’ve owned a pair of arnette polarized glasses that were used daily and it didn’t have this issue. Switched to ranger phantoms which have been great(clay target shooting).
  12. You could try a body die to size the loaded rounds. I’ve had to do it for some out of spec reloads for my 6.5 Grendel. Just be careful and go slow..
  13. Got a fastfire 3 and it just fit the angled mount. Didn’t get to test it out yet as I had to use the scope since the goats were a little too far for the dot. Cmore will be sold soon I hope. Thanks for the input
  14. That could work- if i put it in front of the scope. Was hoping to keep it at the rear of the scope mount if at all possible though, and I don't have enough rail space to put two short ones on there.
  15. From Lee's bulge buster instructions: "The Lee Bulge Buster Kit restores free function of rimless cases that have low base bulges. Low base bulges usually occur from chambers that do not fully support the cartridge or cases resized in carbide dies from manufacturers other than Lee. These show a noticeable stop ring near the base. You will most likely find cases with these problems in mixed range brass. Do not use the Bulge Buster Kit to reload for the 40 S&W Glock or similar guns with chambers that do not fully support the cartridge due to the intrusion of the feed ramp."
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