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  1. I've hd one for a while and highly recommend it.
  2. This may be one of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard for a competitive shooter.
  3. CZ Custom almost ALWAYS beats their promise date. Just got a S2 cut for an SRO and got it back almost two weeks ahead of schedule.
  4. there are several that will work. Google is your friend.
  5. Been running two SRO's on on two Shadow 1's for a couple of years with zero problems. Currently have a S2 at CZ Custom getting milled and a third SRO mounted. Hope everything works out for you, and also hope the mentioned issues are flukes!
  6. There are several IDPA matches and even more USPSA matches every month here in the greater Phoenix, AZ area, and many shooters participate in both disciplines. Some regularly, some occasionally. This includes some of the top shooters in the country. While USPSA is certainly more popular, and individuals certainly have their preferences, when one can perform at or near the level of those top shooters, it doesn't seem to make much of a difference whether it is IDPA or USPSA . . . . . they are going to excel. I'm a senior citizen with limited skill, and I personally prefer IDPA matches. And ironically, it doesn't seem to make much of a difference whether it is IDPA or USPSA that I shoot . . . . . I'm going to strive to continuously improve my performance, but I'm never going to be described as someone who "excels" in those matches. So . . . . try them both. If you find you prefer one or the other, go with that one. Both have things about them that will improve one's shooting skills. Don't overthink it. Enjoy yourself.
  7. Thanks for this feedback. I would certainly be interested in a report depicting your findings after you run the drills you mentioned on the clock. In retrospect, I wish I had run drills with iron sights prior to using optic sights so I could use that data to compare to "post-optic" iron sight performance.
  8. Thanks for this feedback. I completely agree that it has been my shift to a target focus that has created this ability to acquire focus on iron sights faster than I previously experienced. But it is certainly nice to hear that theory supported by someone else.
  9. I have been shooting a Shadow 1 with a 5 MOA dot in an SRO optic for the past year. Had very little optic experience on a pistol prior to that. I was surprised to learn that from the very beginning, I had very little difficulty in learning to acquire the dot upon presentation of the pistol. I'm sure the larger window had a lot to do with it, but the challenges I expected when transitioning from iron to optic sights simply never happened. But the thing that I surely never expected . . . . . after a period of six months of shooting optic sights exclusively, I shot a couple of matches with an identical Shadow 1 pistol, sans optic. To me, it seemed that I was able to pick up my front iron sight and consistently break my first shot in less time than I had before using the optic sight. In the beginning, I decided it was just my imagination, and I didn't mention it to anyone. I started shooting about 1/4 of my matches with iron sights for the next couple of months, and during that time, I had three or four experienced shooters who I had been shooting with for years make completely unsolicited observations that they thought I was faster from the holster to the first shot with iron sights than I had ever been since they had been shooting with me. I guess that confirms that it isn't my imagination. But . . . . I have NOT tested this on the clock. That will be my next step. In any event, I found it interesting.
  10. Another endorsement for Stuart and the gang at CZC. It just doesn't get any better when it comes to great customer service. Stuart is an absolutely unique individual. Alway patient, terrific listening skills, honest answers to all your questions, and extremely knowledgeable! CZC has done several pistols for me, and currently I have a Shadow 2 in their shop for direct milling and installation of a Trijicon SRO.
  11. Similar results as AHI 2011's: 1.165 Glock, CZ, 1911's: 1.140
  12. It doesn't meet your criteria of 15 round capacity or being optic ready, but I'll just mention it for the sake of discussion: I have a CZ RAMI. It is the safety model. Gun built by Cajun Gun Works (Pro Package). They milled the slide and installed a Holosun 507K X2 red dot optic. I haven't had it that long, but I really like it so far. Chunky, but not too heavy, and the pistol just seems to shoot more accurately than I ever expected. The optic has been trouble free. I also compete with CZ Shadow pistols. I also have a CZ Shadowline Compact, which, other than not being already milled to accept optics comes even closer to your described criteria. Those particular pistols are pretty rare, and so far I can't bring myself to machining the slide. But as I grow older, I may have to do it anyway so I can mount an optic on it.
  13. You have the correct attitude. Been there, (doing) that. 73 1/2 years old, and in the past four years: Plantar fasciatis surgery Cataract surgery Open heart surgery Double pneumonia Spine surgery Sleep apnea Cancer Still shooting an average of six matches per month. Against the wind, brother. Against the wind.
  14. I also cut the stuff off all the powder measures I use on both my 550's and use the springs. Probably not the case today, but about 4-5 years ago I was in the Dillon store in Scottsdale, AZ and asked the employee behind the counter how I might find some spare springs. He opened a drawer below the counter and handed me three or four of them and told me they were "on the house". As I said, it's pretty likely those days are far gone.
  15. I carry a CZ RAMI with a Holosun 507K. Work done by Cajun Gun Works. Have only carried it a couple of months now, but I have had zero issues with it to date.
  16. Well, I wasn't aware I needed to be vigilant about "leaving openings" when trying to help someone. I made an attempt to provide an example of the wide variability in available CZ pistols when I recommended to the OP to provide more specifics. Silly me . . . . I thought it would help him. Little did I realize that there would be Forum Members (including members of admin) looking for opportunities to "drive trucks though openings" in their eagerness to call someone out that was well-intentioned. Mission accomplished, I guess. I made the post. You saw an opening and drove a truck through it, and followed up by warning me that it could likely happen again. Not real sure what that accomplished on behalf of the OP, though.
  17. Nobody, hopefully. I thought it was obvious I was pointing out to the OP that simply asking for help in determining which CZ to buy, it made it difficult to offer help without further information. If he was looking for an EDC gun, it narrows down the list of options that might be suggested. And if he was looking for a competition gun, it offers another suite of selections, depending on the sport and the division. OP: Which CZ should I buy? Forum Member: Buy a Checkmate, because it is a cool gun! OP: This is for EDC, will one of those fit in an IWB holster? OP: Which CZ should I buy? Forum Member: Buy a RAMI, because they really shoot well. OP: Is that gun legal in Limited Division? Because I'm using it for competition. Get my drift, now?
  18. What is the intended purpose of the pistol you wish to purchase? That will help narrow down your selection process considerably. For example, there's a significant difference in available features (and cost) between a CZ Checkmate and a CZ P-10C. If you're looking for an EDC gun, the Checkmate probably be the pistol to buy, and if you want to shoot competition in USPSA matches in Open Division, I wouldn't recommend the P-10C!
  19. For competition, I would recommend the Trijicon SRO. For EDC, the Trijicon RMR might be a better choice.
  20. I can't . . . . sorry.
  21. I live in AZ. I wouldn't (and don't) wear ANY vest on the street. But when required in the course description I wear my 10 year-old 5.11 vest. I shoot a CZ Shadow I with a Trijicon SRO optic on it. And I download the 18-round magazines to ten as required by the IDPA rules. I don't do that on the street, either. But they have divisions in IDPA that allow a competitor to carry a more street-pertinent pistol, and anyone can shoot from a concealment garment of their choice (such as a tee shirt) as long as the garment fits the rule criteria. It's true that when interpreted literally, some of these changes in IDPA might "go against" Founding Concepts. But CO (Carry Optics) is the fastest growing division in IDPA today, so a lot of folks seem to be okay that the Founding Concepts have been "adjusted". I won't even bring up PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) division!!
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