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  1. My daa belt used to sag midway through a match. Switched to a nerd inner belt with the daa outer and have been perfect since. Full size open gun with 3 mags on belt. Often times I have just the gun on while waiting to shoot. Get the mags when I’m next shooter.
  2. I’ve been shooting Everglades 124 9major for past year. 3000 rd through my Limcat without issue. I need to order more actually since I don’t reload. Gonna order some of the 147 also to try. The 147 from Atlanta arms is amazing and noticeably softer but also pricey compared to Everglades. Hoping the Everglades 147 is similar
  3. The charging handle came with a rubber cover thing. I ended up taking it off while shooting it. It was very loosely fit
  4. Got it in Thursday. Put in a Taccom buffer with the factory spring, mil spec buffer tube, stock and grip. First 15 rounds had issues. After that the next 90 shells were flawless in all mags (19,9,5) Next up is trigger and compensator. any suggestions for heat shield on the rail? I’ve seen Taccom is working on one and others have used paracord wrap.
  5. When I had my czechmate I ran Everglades, Atlanta, and teklead 9major before picking up a Limcat open gun. All ran perfect through the czechmate. I did have to ream the czechmate barrels a little though imo Atlanta ammo ran the best in both the czechmate as well as my Limcat. But the cost is also higher. I stick to Everglades since I don’t plan on reloading any time soon
  6. Interested in this also. Especially for classes/training. Back when I was shopping for plate Carrie, condor was one of the companies I was looking at
  7. I don’t reload my own ammo yet so he suggested I send what I was going to be shooting (Everglades and Atlanta arms). He didn’t think it was necessary to check the mags either since they were brand new mbx. But when I had a limited gun built I was using gen 1 Sti mags with taran parts. He did end up having to tune those to proper specs. Which he did at no charge
  8. Ah gotcha. If you’re having one built Johnny suggest sending him the mags to tune to each gun. Would also help if you told him what your ammo specs are or even send him a sample. Either way they are great guys to deal with and will go out of their way to make sure your gun works. You won’t be disappointed with a Limcat!
  9. Mine has been 100% reliable with mbx mags. Even eats up off the shelf 9mm ammo without a spring change. Ive honestly never heard of a Limcat having reliability issues unless it was caused by mag or ammo. Do you mind sharing what you heard?
  10. I did it with a gen 4 34. Sjc frame mount. Lone wolf barrel with carver 3 port. Iirc it had a 9 or 10 lb spring (this was about 4 years ago) to cycle minor ammo. It ran major ok but had to ream the barrel out a little. Really felt the major ammo through the frame. Also the recoil would make the mag drop for some odd reason at least 2 times per match. But when it was in minor configuration it was a blast to shoot. When I figured out I wanted to shoot open I broke it down and sold it and got a czechmate and then finally a 2011 Limcat
  11. Same thing happened to one of my red dots. Ended up just drilling the screw head out til it snapped. And then used pliers to remove the rest of the screw from mount. I’ve tried using those screw extractor bits. I’ve followed all video instructions but they seem to not work for me
  12. I run that ammo through my Limcat beastcat. Functions flawlessly, accurate and makes PF. Only other ammo that I like besides reloading is Atlanta arms 9 majors
  13. Can’t help you with the battery issue but when I sent my Romeo 5 in I got it back in 3 weeks
  14. Limcat makes some nice ones. I haven’t personally tried them due to price but the guys I know that run them love them. I personally use daa racemasters
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