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  1. Ahi My cut on the slide is a direct mount for a vortex viper. I would like to add a base plate to put in between the slide and optic in hopes that I will not have to send in the optic for repair.
  2. Good Morning I shoot USPSA matches using a CZ Shadow 2, with the slide cut for specifically for a Vortex Viper. The viper is attached directly to the slide, no bas plate or attachment between the slide and optic. Since I started using this setup in May, I have had to send in the optic 4 times due to the dot going out. I recently ordered a base plate from Ben Stoeger's pro shop that I though would fit, until i received it, and it doesn't fit. Because, like I said, the cut, is for a Vortex Viper. I went to the company who cut the slide and asked if they had a base plate for such an a
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