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  1. Ran my new Glock for the first time in this past weekend IDPA match and ran into some small problem. When I loading and make ready the bullet would not feed into the chamber. This also was happening on some reloads. I am using a Lone Wolf barrel. Any suggestions.
  2. Hello all, I have just shot my first IDPA match with a Glock 34 I mostly shoot XD'S but this my first with a 34. I added a Zev competition spring kit and a Wolf barrel. The only reason I added the Wolf barrel is because I am using coated bullets. Is my question does the stock factory barrel work with coated bullets?
  3. Looking to purchase my first precision rifle and optics. My budget is around 3K. I am looking at the Ruger Precision Rifle in 6mm a Bergara or Savage 110 tactical, 10 BRS or other. I reload so that not is an issue. My other sport is I shoot IDPA and USPSA. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  4. You will see double with both eyes open. You will have trouble when you transition from one target to another.
  5. I read his book he quotes that he covers his left eye with tape but if he had to do it all over again we just would use his dominant eye which is his left eye.
  6. I was shooting from a holster. I think part of my post got missed. I have shot lefthanded only in IDPA matches. I have both lefthanded and righthanded holsters.
  7. Hello, everyone, I have a little problem and I discovered this after my first USPSA match. I can't shoot. ? I have put that in. I have been shooting IDPA and shot my first USPSA match a couple of weeks ago, a lot of plates and I was all over the place. I am left eye dominant and right-handed but I can also shoot left-handed. I have shot in some IDPA matches left-hand so I guess I am ambidextrous. Of course, gun handling is a little slower left-handed. The issue is I am more accurate left-handed than right. Should just do a lot of dry fire left-handed and make a permanent switch? I am shooting Glock 34 XD9 and XD40 Tactical and XDM 5.25 40. I have attached two pictures. I took four shows at each target one show represent 3yds 5yds 7yds and 10yds. The top is the is right-handed left eye and the one on the bottom is left-hand left eye. Note the right-hand is usually not that good. I have also done right right-hand which turn out the same as the right-hand left eye.
  8. Yep You are right. I had my video editing software open and was thinking frames per second. ?
  9. I just did the same thing today. SNS coated bullets powder WST 4.6gr major 180gr at 169380 fps and 140gr bullet at 142660 fps minor. The minor load worked great wasn't snappy.
  10. Thanks to all of the replies. I going to do some testing using 140gr 40 S&W for minor and 180gr for major using the same powder.
  11. I guess my question kind of got lost. I also shoot IDPA which mostly everyone shoots 9mm where I have used my XD and load minor to around 135PF. Would it smart to just load 40 for everything or use 9mm for production in USPSA and IDPA?
  12. I got a question about production. If all is shooting production minor are they competing against each other, not in limited 10 or limited correct?
  13. Well completed my first USPSA match using my XD9, I suck.? I don't understand the scoring but this %19.01 points 131.4789 times 294.26 possible % 18.13 A- 86 B- 0 C-29 D-12 M-18 NPM-0 NS-0. My main problem was the plates we were shooting between fifteen and twenty-five yards on average missing high I think, anyway I know what to practice on.
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