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  1. I've had my VP9-B for a couple of months, and it's only seen light range use, until yesterday. Brought the VP9-B and its Longshadow holster to the range to start working on some IDPA style drills. The pistol was running great until it wasn't. While trying to insert a mag I was met with a very odd crunchy feeling. Removed the mag and it was followed by the plate/mechanism that is supposed to hold the mag release in place. Of course with that piece out, the mag release/button slid right out. Ok, range trip over! Came home to research what the heck just happened. I can't find any online chatter about it. I did find a YouTube video from an HK'er that describes how to reverse the magazine release. Following that, I should be able to re-insert the mechanism. My first try didn't go as smoothly as the pro-staffers (probably edited) demonstration. I'll try again later with fresh eyes and less frustration. Has anyone else experienced this? Has it happened to the same pistol more than once?
  2. My first experience with Syntech was with the 45AUTO 230gr. I was shooting a GSSF and didn't have enough of my own stuff to make it through 2 divisions (heavy metal with Gen4-21 and Major Sub with 30S). So, i used the Syntech in the 21 and ran my stuff in the 30S. That's exactly the thing you want to do right? Use a scored match to shoot unknown ammo? It's 'just' GSSF and it worked out fine. POA/POI shift wasn't enough to matter and it cycled the gun with a very comfortable recoil pulse. Fast forward a couple of years and I have a few boxes of the 150 grain 9mm Syntech on the shelf to try out. I'm also interested in getting my hands on some Sytntech PCC to run in my MBX rifle. I'm currently in the middle of load development and would to compare to other 'specialized' ammunition. Is there some sort of connection between "official USPSA endorsed ammo" and the chrono checks at majors?
  3. Add me to the list in favor of a 180gr Blue Bullet with Sport Pistol. I used up my Federal Primers and switched to Winchester SP. The SD remained in the single digits and Winchesters are usually easy to find. for what it's worth - I use Remington 1 1/2 primers for 9mm minor loads. They achieve single digit SD and though I did have to adjust the charge. Down actually - seems Rem primers burn a little hotter. These primers have warnings about using them in 40S&W loads which is why I went with Winchester.
  4. Curious what you don't like about HP38/Win231? I'm currently using HP38/231 in my 40 Limited Gun (Atlas Nemesis 2011) running 165gr Zero FPs. My complaint with HP38 is the same with Titegroup - those powders burn VERY hot. I've recently tried Sport Pistol from Alliant. It's got a LOT of promise with 180gr FMJs and Coated bullets.
  5. My expectations are probably most of the problem. I had not shot the PCC from a solid rest up to this point. IF we can call the lead sled 'placed' on a table without any weights in the tray - a solid rest. I'm running an 8MOA dot in the C-more and the dot covered the entire 'sticker' that I was using as a point of aim on the target. Being fairly novice in the shooting sports, I compared this group to what I have seen in my rifle calibers. All things considered, I guess this is pretty acceptable. It did get me thinking about 'group testing' the pistol loads, and what would be necessary to do that. Naturally, the ransom rest comes to mind. Given the requirements for action pistol shooting and my level of effort to this point - the money would be better spent on more materials to make practice/range ammo and refine skills. At some point, it will probably be necessary to jump in the rabbit hole and chase those tighter groups. However, I don't think I'm there, yet.
  6. So, I've learned a lot about myself during this Practical Shooting adventure. Number one among them, my OCD has no bounds and it is only kept in check my ADD. For that reason, I have NOT used a ransom rest. Even though I surf over to their website and start pricing them EVERY TIME I see someone post results obtained by using one. Add to that my latest adventure this weekending. I put my PCC into a lead sled to zero a new optic @ 25 yards. Seeing the group size (about 1 inch) was enough to start the "how can I improve this?" train of thought. I spent the whole drive home lamenting over what I had just accomplished. If my PCC is "that bad" then my pistol loads must be atrocious. And the only way to find out.....
  7. So the 'new' Clays makes that much difference.... Is there a 'quick' way to tell 'which' Clays I have?
  8. I run 5.4 of 231 under a 165gr Bayou Bullet at 1.150 OAL for a 172Pf in a 5" Atlas Nemesis KKM barrel Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  9. Was blasting away with my STI Trojan at the range yesterday and..... The barrel bushing broke. Obviously, the top half remained in the slide but the lower portion is gone. So now I'm researching replacements. Sure, I'll contact STI and see what can be done through warranty channels, but i'm curious... How much fitting is required in replacing the bushing myself?
  10. None yet. Wanted to decide on a load first Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. Business trip was cut short - so I took advantage of the time to run the chrono yesterday. The results are in Microsoft EXCEL format and attached here. I put my results from the 9mm runs in the 9mm thread. I tested 165 Bayou Bullet, 165 Blue Bullet, and 180 Blue Bullet in a STI DVC Limited with OEM bbl. I used Winchester once fired brass and Winchester small pistol primers. You can see the different bullets in tabs across the bottom of the sheet. Sport Pistol - DVC - 165Bayou 165_180 Blue.xlsx
  12. I finally got out to the range with the Chrono yesterday. The results are in Microsoft EXCEL format and attached here. These are the 9mm loads, I'll put the 40 loads in that thread. I tested 125gr BBI and 135gr Blue Bullet through a CZ P10C and STI Eagle 5" - both with OEM barrel. Brass was RP once fired and Remington 1 1/2 primer. Each pistol is saved as its own file and the bullets are split across tabs at the bottom. Sport Pistol - Eagle (125BBI 135Blue).xlsx Sport Pistol CZP10C (125BBI 135Blue).xlsx
  13. I have made ladder loads for various bullet/weight combos in 40 and 9mm with Sport Pistol. The issue has been finding time to shoot them over the chrono. I hope to shoot them and conduct the data reduction sometime between 27 October and 4 November. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  14. I was given info that Remington primers were a decent #2 to Federal when soft primers were needed. A Glock I have with ZEV internals chokes with S&B primers (4 out of 10 will light strike) but will show 100% reliability with 1 1/2 Remington Primers.
  15. Made an order for sport pistol today. Powder valley still has it in 8# jugs. Will do some ladders in 40 and 9mm. I'm pretty content running 165gr bullets in Limited Major. I like a faster moving bullet for those movers. Same principle in my 9mm load. Run 124s for the higher velocity. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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