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  1. Carry Optics box is the same box for SSP and CDP. There's a cutout along the top of the box to accommodate the optic. I don't have a Glock 34 to test in the box. However, I can say that my Sig P320 Legion with a Springer "IDPA" magwell. fits the box and makes weight with a Sig Romeo3 optic. I use the OEM "Legion" magazines with the Legion Henning basepads.
  2. I picked up a bit of Shooters World Clean Shot. It is my first time using this particular powder. I had to increase the charge quite a bit to get my velocities to match what others are reporting. Yes I know things will vary from one firearm to another, but these numbers seemed way off the mark... Using a 9mm P320 Legion X5 with OEM barrel - 10 shot test groups over the chrono. Hornady FMJ 115gr @ 1.150 with 4.6gr Clean Shot : Average: 1105 Pf: 127 SD: 10 Blue Bullet 135TC @ 1.125 with 3.8gr Clean Shot Average: 991 Pf: 133 SD: 12 Everglades 147 JHP @ 1.110 with 3.7gr Clean Shot Average: 877 Pf: 128 SD: 10 Does this powder suffer from a wide lot-to-lot variation?
  3. Thank you for maintaining this excellent product.
  4. I've recently inherited an IPDA club and I'm working through the administrative requirements. I'd like to start uploading match results and of course the classifier results. I've reviewed the "FAQ" and have the batch upload template. I'm curious... is there a more directly way to crosswalk an export from Practiscore into IDPA?
  5. Thanks for the info Galun ! I recently started working on loads for my MBX 14" PCC. Up to this point I've been content running my handgun loads which is a Blue 135gr TC with Sport Pistol. I've made the decision to start shooting the PCC more often so I guess it's time to pony up the resources and develop a load for it. I was following another thread on this forum and landed on Power Pistol using it with a 115gr FMJ. Since I have a bigger stash of Sport Pistol, I can see doing some testing with ASP in the not so distant future. Up to this point, the only real testing I did was compare the accuracy of plated, coated, and jacketed bullets (all 124gr) from the PCC. The jacketed had the best 25 yard group - not surprising. The issue (today) is sourcing exactly the bullet I want in the quantity i need. I started by working up from a load I found elsewhere in the BENOS forums. The result is pushing more toward what you are finding; 5gr of PP. It definitely generates enough noise at the muzzle; a shot timer should have no problem picking it up. The recoil pulse is a little shaky but that's probably a matter of stance/grip technique. While looking around for information about the PCC recoil pulse, I ran across this article; https://jprifles.com/document_pdfs/PCC Load Development Article.pdf They show some data using some pretty popular powders - they obscure the powder name probably to make their lawyers happy. They also talk a bit about the combo of bullet weight and powder burn rate.
  6. I'm with the OP. Looking for some real world feedback from folks that have tried ASP with 200gr bullets. @Dwbsig mentions a charge, do you have any chrono data? How did that charge run the gun? Does it leave the gun a sooty mess?
  7. Khaot1c

    Legion accuracy

    Try 3.8 - 4.0 grains of ASP with a Rockey Mountain Reloaders 124 JHP. That load has done quite well in my PPQ SF, P320 M17/M18, and Gen5 G17 with OEM barrel. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  8. How close to Power Pistol is Silhouette? I've had really good luck with PP in slightly lighter bullets. Curious if you would have enough case volume to get a 147 to 1100 though.
  9. Gen 5 Glocks have surprisingly short throats. When I had a polymer PPQ Q5 Match, that was my plunk test barrel for "universal" ammo. Now that the Q5 match is gone I use a Gen5 barrel. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  10. http://www.competitionelectronics.com/product/prochrono-dlx/ Amazon and a few other vendors carry it. Use an app on your phone or tablet to collect your data. Save and share your data in PDF format. I also use a spreadsheet to keep the loads that do the best. One "tab" at the bottom for every caliber. Be sure to include the gun or barrel that you used when you ran the test. LibreOffice has a great FREE spreadsheet if you don't have Microsoft Excel Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  11. I recommend BOOKS, plural. When picking a starting point, I find it helpful to have 2 or even 3 sources to pull from. I have the Hornady 10th Edition, Lyman's 50th Anniversary , and a Sierra Edition 5, 7th print. You can get a wide array of RECOMMENDATIONS from folks here, but your particular loads will always perform differently due to many different factors. ** My opinion, but not participating at majors isn't really a good reason for NOT using a chrono. If you're investing the money to make your own ammo, why not equip yourself with ALL of the tools necessary? A chrono will tell you more than if you're meeting the rules of a particular division's power factor. While that is important (even at local matches) it's not nearly as helpful as the data you'll gather and use as you increase your reloading knowledge and experience. The magazines are the Achilles heel of the 2011 platform. You picked some very good ones to run - I have had ZERO issues with my MBX magazines and my Atlas Nemesis. Bullet profile means just as much. Not all round nose is created equally. To that end, I run NOTHING plated anymore. I'll use Blue Bullets, Precision Delta jacketed or Rocky Mountain Reloaders jacketed or Jacket Hollow points. Hornady HAP is another favorite. I also prefer a 125/135 bullet in 9mm. Blue Bullets are good but even they cannot match the repeated precision of a quality jacketed bullet.
  12. From what I've read, the primer is crimped to ensure a spent primer doesn't get ejected from the case. An ejected primer could cause a malfunction if it were to interfere with the action of the firearm. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  13. In my testing; FMJs ALWAYS produced the best groups and have the least problems at the press and with the gun. Admittedly, I've switched from coated to FMJ and back again, too many times. Some of that depends on availability with my favorite vendors and some of it my own indecision and maybe to an extent trying to be budget conscious. However, the fact remains that FMJs ALWAYS have better performance. I've totally given up on plated bullets. Don't even consider than an option anymore. If i need to save money, I buy coated. When i want max performance I get jacketed.
  14. Just get Blue Bullets and don't look back. Load em, shoot em, rinse and repeat. That will allow you to Worry about your practice and not your ammo. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  15. Titegroup will probably be the most popular powder. 4.0 grains with a 124/125 FMJ Or 3.1/3.2 grains with a 147 FMJ Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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