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  1. It's number 24 on the burn chart. burn-rate-color1.pdf
  2. There is a modification that some are doing. It involves to drill and tap a set screw in the disk at the outside of the hole. Then you can screw the set screw in to lower the volume.
  3. I am new to reloading and have a question. Can a bullet be reseated after it has been crimped? Like from 1.125 to 1.122 and then crimped again. What issues can come from doing this? Thanks for all advice and knowledge you can give.
  4. DG Bullets sells a 125 CN BB NLG bullet. I know you asked for 124 but just thought I would put this out there.
  5. Great information. Do you think you will be testing DG Bullets? In 9mm and .40 S&W?
  6. I am going to use Cleanshot and CFE Pistol. Does any one have a starting load? I will be shooting these out of my CZ Shadow2.
  7. What is the views of Shooters World Clean Shot? I am gonna start reloading and this is all I could find in 1 lb bottle. I am gonna start loading .40 for my TSO.
  8. AzDanMan

    Shadow 2 extractor

    I need to clean the extractor. Which way do I remove the pin? From the bottom up or the top down.
  9. Check out the Canik Forum. There is a lot of informatiom. http://canikfanatik.com/
  10. Check out the Canik Fanatik forum. https://canikfanatikforum.com/
  11. I use it in my Shadow 2 and no problems. But I did take it out of my TSO .40.
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