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  1. Check out the Canik Forum. There is a lot of informatiom. http://canikfanatik.com/
  2. Check out the Canik Fanatik forum. https://canikfanatikforum.com/
  3. I use it in my Shadow 2 and no problems. But I did take it out of my TSO .40.
  4. AzDanMan

    TSO Magazines

    Thanks everyone for your knowledge. I checked the base pads without the springs and they look OK. So, while I had the magazines apart I did a good cleaning on everything and sprayed a little dry lube inside the mags. I will see what happens after range time.
  5. AzDanMan

    TSO Magazines

    On one of the mags with the Springer basepads that what loaded to 19 rounds the follower got stuck at the bottom of the mag. When I did a reload in a competition the rounds where just rattling loose.
  6. AzDanMan

    TSO Magazines

    I have the TSO in .40 and I love it. I have 4 magazines and 2 with Springer Precision 140mm basepads. I have had a few problems with them getting stuck when I load to 19 rounds. What are the best springs and followers for the .40 magazines? I have looked at some websites and it doesn't specify for CZ TSO .40 so I haven't ordered any. Any and all help is appreciated.
  7. I have used Black Dot Ammunition in my CZ TSO .40 and it shoots really good. I'm going to order 9mm for my Shadow 2.
  8. I finally received a reply from CZ-USA. Here is what they said. "These are common marks that are from the fitment of the firearm being tight to make the firearm as accurate as possible. You should not be concerned with these marks as they do not cause any malfunctions with the firearm." I'm thinking of taking it to a local gunsmith and see what he thinks.
  9. I am getting ready to start reloading in 40 S&W. I am a newbie. Which bullets should I use? I am leaning toward FMJ. All suggestions are appreciated.
  10. I purchased a Tactical Sport Orange 2 weeks ago. I finally had a chance to take it out and shoot her. I only shot 80 rounds. I got her home to clean and I noticed these marks. I cleaned her before taking her out. What do you guys think? I sent an email to CZ-USA warranty over a week ago asking them about it but have yet to receive an answer.
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