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  1. I tried this in a couple of guns after reading this thread. In a tso the tanfoglio sear spring added a tiny bit to the pull weight but did give the trigger pull a more definitive wall and a slightly more crisp break. An overall improvement for my trigger preferences. Second gun, 75B with a cz comp hammer and 13 lb recoil spring, this combination is already significantly better than the factory parts that come in this gun but the sa doesn’t have a very defined wall and the break is good but isn’t all that crisp maybe a 7/10 on my subjective crispiness scale. After the four coil ta
  2. it’s an indicator that the gun is undersprung. The problem that you can run into with an undersprung recoil system is battering of the slide and frame like Ronemus was seeing with his gun and talked about in his post earlier. As far as my gun goes, I think that it’s sprung properly for the typical factory whimp loaded 38 super that you find on store shelves today.
  3. Thank you guys. This is exactly the information I needed. I’ll give it a try
  4. Both great pistols. If there is one thing I hate about the Shadow 2, its the tri top slide. Even for really experienced shooters that slide can be a bugger to deal with even more so than the older czs. That is a deal breaker for me. The tanfoglio pistols really do have a much better slide profile. In my opinion the advantages of the shadow 2 out of the box is the fiber optic front sight, and a somewhat better but still not great trigger pulls. With the added cost of the shadow 2, tri top slide, plus the fact that they both could use some trigger work anyway, I went with the tanfoglio i
  5. Hi I have two tanfoglio pistols, an elite match 38 super and a limited pro 9mm. I have a couple of questions. The 38 super really slings the empty brass when I shoot real 38 super through it. I’m talking between 20-25 feet. The 9mm is way less maybe 5-10 feet. They feel like they have the same weight recoil springs. I’d like to replace the recoil spring in the 38 with a heavier one more appropriate to its chambering. With the pistols assembled, both barrels measure about 4.9” measuring from the breechface to the end of the muzzle. First question,
  6. I’m interested in this topic too. I’m probably the friend you’re referring to with similar issues. You and I have talked about this problem. I’m getting malfunctions like yours and also some that look a bit different than yours. I have five mags. Two with CZC extensions for 140mm length plus the czc springs and followers for 21 rd capacity. Two with the factory orange base plate and czc springs and followers for 18 capacity, and one with factory spring and follower with orange base plate for stock 17 rd capacity. The four upgraded magazines worked fine for maybe 2000 rds tota
  7. A cz 75 in 9mm with the 22 Kadet top end. This platform would be very conducive to practicing the skills needed for action shooting and when he’s ready slap on the 9mm top end, change mags and he’s competing.
  8. I’m a new forum member. I’ve shot competition at my local club for the last several years somewhat casually and have started to get into uspsa more the last couple of years. I’d like to interact with the many experienced forum members and try to learn some things that will be helpful. Thanks Stan
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