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  1. These tips are all surprisingly accurate!! Though I think the range food is decent.....for range food. Except that one time the burger meat wasn't cooked. lol As far as hauling ammo, you can ship to the range. Universal Shooting Academy Your Name / LoCap Nats 4330 Hwy 630 E Frostproof, FL 33843 I try to keep up with social media, I have fallen off Enos. Will try to get more active here again. But we have a metric S ton of matches and I do my best to keep information flow going. Follow Universal on FB and you can always hit me direct with questions. SmittyFL@Gmail.com
  2. Still room on Saturday in the match. You don't want to miss this!!
  3. We are at about 145 entries currently. Would love another 20 or 25 more. If y'all could spread the word for me and trump up the match a bit in your revolving circles.....ha!! get it?!?! I'd appreciate. I think we have some cool stages put together. Prize table is coming together. Have quite a few guns....though some of them are square. Food vender is pretty solid, full on staff, looking to put on a good show for the shooters. Weather is looking good as well. 'Cool' front has come in, hope it's here to stay but we've been 70's to low 80's this week...pretty nice. Let me know if you have any questions, starting the build tomorrow. Shannon
  4. Hey gang, I'm late getting this up on Enos but The Monster Match is the last weekend in October as always. Registration is open, stages and schedule posted to The Monster Match website. 8 Stages, 400+ rounds. It will be epic as always...and I have a little something special for the steel stage as usual. It's getting harder to one up myself but I've got at least one more in me. We have plenty of room on Saturday, Sunday is about full. Get signed up soon and help spread the word please! Shannon
  5. No shoot off, that's a boiler plate range diagram. Yes on 11, 1 sec deduction for X ring hits. Squad schedule is posted also. Virtual match book will be up first of the week. Mon or Tues. http://www.universalshootingacademy.com/matches/2016-international-revolver-championship/
  6. We do not carry that caliber at the range. I would recommend walmart (anywhere), Bass Pro/Cabellas (Orlando, Tampa), or Rural King (Lake Wales). Finished the USPSA Nationals (in a hurricane no less). Focusing on Monster and IRC now. Will have many updates on web and fb this week. Stages to post first of next week. Have most ideas in my head, just need to get them on paper. Hope to have some cool stages you will enjoy.
  7. I thought it was cool. We did it because it's kind of the 3 marks of practical shooting history in my opinion. We started from the leatherslap days of who has the fastest draw. The classic hands up against a single opponent Bill Drill, and of course the storied El Presidente. (though this one was 12 yards) Everyone talks on the internet about how good they are at these exercises....I'm sure most practice them regularly. Thought it would be cool to see the best in the world under National pressure throw down on them. We couldn't do 3 strings as steel has to be comstock and the others are virginia. Plus that wouldn't have published draw times which I think is cool.
  8. Just winding down from a long ass day. We changed over the stages pretty much as planned. Made some modifications to some Max Traps and other movers we thought would give us trouble in the weather. Worked long on squadding changes with those we know aren't coming, have a ton of contingencies on scheduling based on listening to the people that have no idea what they are talking about on the news. We are as prepared as I think we can be and plan for an exciting match that will forever be talked about. Hope everyone has a good match, I'm hitting the rack......early start.
  9. If you mention Universal Shooting Academy the HI Express in Lake Wales will give you their 'best' rate. Green Gables in Lake Wales is an option if your budget is tight. It's clean but no frills. Sight in / Warm Up range will be available. Stages will be posted to our website by the 17th. I expect the round count around 350 as mentioned.
  10. Thanks for getting this up Brad. I'll pick 8 stages from the Nationals. Likely all large field courses. We have trophies for the winners, Subway catering for lunch, probably an adult beverage for after the match. I often hate myself for doing things like this after 10 days setting up for Nationals and 6 days shooting and running it but what the hell. We're a shootin range ain't we? I think it will be fun. Will be my first USPSA match with the PCC. Come on out!! Match limited to 96 shooters.
  11. Hi Gang, Sorry I haven't been around here much, crazy season here with all the big events coming in. We've been working all week on the stages and all but 1 are complete. We'll finish that one today. Took me 2 days just to hook up all the moving targets. Holy cow are there a lot of moving targets. Painter is coming in today to make it look pretty. Then I have to put in start positions. Troy will probably hang targets tomorrow for the first final walkthrough and stage vetting. I think the stages are pretty good, some options, plenty of accuracy, few speed shoots and timing stages. And.....plenty of movers. I'll try to get some pictures up today on our and/or Nationals facebook and I'll try to pop back in before the Open match.
  12. When I got the match I started asking any and all revo shooters I knew. At local matches, at majors and through email. The first thing 80% of them said was to not have Far to Near. Most followed up with the same basic thing you said, that the whole match pretty much came down to that stage and you might as well only have that stage to decide the winner. That's the reason anyway....trying to make the crowd happy. I can attest though that it will still be an accuracy intensive match with X count mattering. As well as some fun, exciting stages. That's the plan anyway. Hope you can make it.
  13. Also, also. I will be at Single Stack and Revolver Nationals this week. If anyone there has any thoughts, ideas, comments, etc. please flag me down and let me know. Shooting SS on Saturday and Revo on Sunday.
  14. If anyone has any insight, ideas, hook ups or contacts for sponsor and prize table donations I would love to hear them. I have a contact from ICORE that is going to assist me and I have many contacts in the industry. But always good to expand your network when you can and I'm sure many here know companies associated with revolvers and revolver shooters I may not be aware of. It all goes back to the shooter so anything you guys can do will benefit the shooters. Thanks!
  15. Hey you crazy wheelgunners!! I should have chimed in here earlier but just haven't made the time. I will be the MD for the IRC this year and we are happy to have it at USA! I just completed a lot of updates to the website including opening registration this morning. You can find lots more info here: http://www.universalshootingacademy.com/matches/2016-international-revolver-championship/ Some highlights: 12-15 stages Schedule options are All Day Friday OR all day Sat, half day Sunday. Plan is to finish shooting by noon on Sunday. Food, beer, awards, prize table to follow and be wrapped up NLT 3pm. No Near to Far Standards Steel challenge and action steel type stages Many large field courses A couple surprises No shoot off Marc Weir is the Range Master and is handling staff. If you are interested in working the match the info is on the website. We will have a 4 stage classifier match on Thursday. Details to come. There will be an RO Class Thursday afternoon at the range. Details to come. Match T-shirt, lunch on the days you shoot, and goodie bag included with entry. Guess that's it for now. I'll try to pop back in here frequently but be sure to follow our website and facebook for latest information. Shannon
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