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Found 81 results

  1. Yes it's that time again.... Better early ...So we can line up our vacation days for us worker bees... Kindly Post 2020 Matches here... So far we have: 2020 Bul Open Saturday Jan 11 2020 - Sunday Jan 12 2020 Visit http://www.matchsignup.org/match/default.php?matchid=1821 2020 Western State Single Stack Championship, 2/22/2020-2/23/2020 https://practiscore.com/western-states-single-stack-revolver-championship-2020/register 2020 Georgia State Steel Match held at Griffin Gun Club, March 6/7 is the . https://www.practiscore.com/georgia-state-steel-match-2020/register Phoenix PCC Challenge!! Sunday March 8 2020 https://practiscore.com/phoenix-pcc-challenge/register 2020 Alabama Sectional Match March 20-22, Talladega, AL https://practiscore.com/tps-uspsa-at-cmp-alabama-sectional-mar-20-21-22-2020/register 2020 GLOCK 2020 Area 6 Championship, Thursday Mar 26 2020 - Sunday Mar 29 2020 http://www.matchsignup.org/match/default.php?matchid=1835 http://www.matchsignup.org/match/default.php?matchid=1854 2020 Hawaii State USPSA 28-29March https://practiscore.com/mppl-2020-hawaii-state-uspsa-championship-clone/register 2020 USPSA Revolver/L10 Nationals Sponsored by Ruger, May 3 in Talladega, AL 2020 Limcat Custom & Precision Delta Mississippi Classic 14-17 May 2020 https://practiscore.com/2020-limcat-custom-and-precision-delta-mississippi-classic/register 2020 The Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship, May 20-24 in Talladega, AL https://practiscore.com/world-speed-shooting-championship-2020/register 2020 Sig Sauer Oklahoma Section Championship June 19-20, 2020 https://practiscore.com/2020-oklahoma-section-championship/register 2020 Illinois Sectional presented by SNS Casting , 8/28-30, 2020 https://practiscore.com/2020-illinois-sectional-presented-by-sns-casting-1/register 2020 Walther Arms Area 4 Championship 16-20 Sep 2020 https://practiscore.com/2020-walther-arms-area-4-championship/register
  2. looking for a 2011 in 9mm would like it to be IDPA legal. so far looked at the STI Eagle 5.0 and it appears that the STI maurauder is IDPA legal . ESP class anyway. any ones that I am missing ?
  3. So I've been kicking this around for some time now and I think I'm at the point where I'm going to do it. I carry. I carry everyday. I carry everywhere I am legally allowed to carry. I shoot my carry gun ... occasionally. Actually, I get some rounds through it somewhat frequently. Just last weekend I shot my new carry gun to insure it's all dialed in. I was shooting it out to 20 yards and was doing ok. Reality is I was shooting about 7 inch groups or so with the new carry gun at 20 yards. Probably 5 inches consistent with the flyer or two that would grow it to 7 or 8 inches. Anyhow, it just got me to thinking, I should shoot a match with my EDC rig. Now, I carry appendix and that won't fly but everything else should work. I could do my IWB holster (4:00 position) and IWB mag pouch and just have the second mag in my pocket JIC. I wouldn't do this consistently - I like the competition side of things too much - but I think occasionally running the EDC rig better covers me for if I every do need to use it. Just wondering if anyone has shot a few matches with their true EDC rig and what the experiences were like. I'm shooting my new Sig P365 and the ten round capacity is actually pretty beneficial for this situation alone. Thanks in advance! Jack
  4. I have always been a fan of the m&p line and would like to get into some competative shooting. I am military and tend to move around a bit and don't want to close the door on particular classes. Is it possible to get one pistol that can do major and minor without getting out of production or service pistol class? I have thought about a long slide m&p 40 core and dropping in a 9 barrel, but I think this maybe prohibited. Thanks for the pointers. I do reload, but 9mm bullets are more economical than 40s and I give up mag capacity.
  5. Just getting set up to journal my thoughts and results for upcoming matches. will include video in the future. looking forward to any advice given. thanks,
  6. I have read that the M&P full size 4.25" barrel can fit in the IDPA CCP box. The main issue would be the height dimension, which is limited to 5.375" for the box. S&W specs the M&P full at 5.5" height. Obviously since it is smaller than the other specs like length I imagine it could tilt a little bit to fit, but I'm not sure. Has anyone tried fitting it in a CCP box? I also read that people have used 10 round magazines and shaved down the baseplates to make it fit (I don't have any 10 round mags but I assume they are used because the bottom of the full sized's 10 round mags doesn't actually touch the mag spring and can be shaved without consequence). Would shaving down the takedown tool's base also be necessary? Sorry, I suck and can't hack it in SSP so I need to shoot a full sized gun in the mouse gun division . Just don't want to get a FTDR or w/e if I shot the gun in the wrong division.
  7. I keep reading posts about how the Stock 3 is overweight for IDPA which is 43oz. so I went and got a lightened guide rod from Patriot Defense, a fiber front sight from Dawson, and some G10 Thin Grips by LOK Grips, and a digital scale. Mine is a 10mm and was actually under 43oz stock at 42.6oz https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EbL-KFQa-pdImcARp0q0fm8Brma22GAMs4OfPMWffo8NIQ?e=LBSvvi The magazine is an extra 3.35oz https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/Ear9HrOeZGBLk4Jw0_QwiukBzIwfSyDTCjJwaxlGGQwBnA?e=4pmQCg The G10 Thin Grips by LOK Grips actually weigh more than the stock grips but have much better grip. https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EbL-KFQa-pdImcARp0q0fm8Brma22GAMs4OfPMWffo8NIQ?e=l7fKT7 https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EQM6jxuxqz5JkScKIM8bH04BIqKHOI-9B8G9JSfTq5N9LA?e=c2d2fc and the new total weight comes in at 42.60oz. https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EU1jCaGUBdhLvGl4DPyH-lcBB1COXL5gnDmaKm-KQasQuQ?e=JQ7qLu The only thing i can figure is that when the Stock 3 is 9mm then it is overweight. David.
  8. The Silver Dollar IDPA Championship. Saturday April 27, 2019. 12 Stages, 200+ Rnds, level 4 match, Wichita Falls, TX, 110.00 entry, web page: silverdollaridpachamp.com signup online at https://practiscore.com/silver-dollar-idpa-championship-1518/register Limited slots on Friday with staff
  9. Hello everybody, Is there somebody from the SF area that knows if there are any shooting range (public or private) where it's possible to properly train for IPSC (or any action pistol sports like IDPA, USPSA) ? With properly I mean, private bay, possibility to place targets, use of holsters and no rate of fire restrictions. Thanks!
  10. South East Idaho Practical Shooters is hosting the Inaugural Idaho PCC Championship. Two PCC matches in one, you can shoot under USPSA rules or IDPA rules. Six to 8 stages depending upon attendance, the match fee is $40 and includes lunch. This is a trophy match, recognizing only PCC. Other divisions are welcome to shoot but be aware that there will be some distance shots, and stages geared for the PCC. Registration is online at practiscore.com, or the following link: https://practiscore.com/inaugural-idaho-pcc-championship-uspsa/register Match is saturday, September 29, 2018 at Idaho Falls, ID
  11. South East Idaho Practical Shooters is hosting the Inaugural Idaho PCC Championship. Two PCC matches in one, you can shoot under USPSA rules or IDPA rules. Six to 8 stages depending upon attendance, the match fee is $40 and includes lunch. This is a trophy match, recognizing only PCC. Other divisions are welcome to shoot but be aware that there will be some distance shots, and stages geared for the PCC. Registration is online at practiscore.com, or the following link: https://practiscore.com/inaugural-idaho-pcc-championship-idpa/register Match is Sept 29, 2018 at Idaho Falls, ID, starting at 12:30pm.
  12. Glock part #8794 is an extended magazine catch for small frame Gen4 and Gen5 Glock pistols, e.g. G34 Gen4. As far as I can tell, it is NOT stock on any standard factory configuration. Therefore, it would not appear be legal in SSP according to rule "Magazine releases, slide stops, safety levers, de-cocking levers, hammers, and triggers, that are stock on one SSP legal firearm may be used on another SSP legal firearm from the same manufacturer provided they are drop in replacements. Parts in this list must come factory installed on standard production firearms. Special parts that are available installed only from a factory custom shop are not eligible in SSP.” The extended mag catch for Gen3 Glocks (#1981) is legal for all Glocks in SSP because it is stock on Gen3 G34 and G35. However, the stock part on Gen4 G34/35 is #7534, i.e. the standard mag catch for all Gen4 Glocks. It is not clear that #8794 is stock on any standard factory model.Does anyone have any hard info regarding the legality of this part in SSP?
  13. Background:I want to get into competition shooting with USPSA and IDPA (both are local for me). I am a little overwhelmed by the gun categories nuances--especially IDPA. Currently, I have a S/A XDS in 9mm (my carry gun) and an EAA/Tanfoglio Witness Full Size in 10mm. I absolutely LOVE shooting my Witness, but I think competition shooting in 10mm would get really expensive, really quickly.Question:Can anyone tell me if the Witness P Match and P Match Pro are legal for USPSA or IDPA, and in which categories? I think they are really sexy and would love to give one a try. However, I do not see either on the USPSA production gun list, and it appears from the specs on EAA's site that they would BARELY fit into the IDPA box. Links:http://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns/witness-p-match-tanfoglio-404http://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns/witness-p-match-pro-tanfoglio-410Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello everyone, beginner competitive shooter from Italy here. I've shot some IDPA (SSP Master) and about to shoot IPSC. Brian's book totally changed my way of shooting, as I guess happened to everyone in here
  15. Hello everyone, I'm a competitive shooter on a long business trip to Santa Clara. Due to state regulations I can't rent a gun, so I fear my marksmanship will perish . I'm wondering if there's any shooting group that maybe I can join for a refreshment. Thanks everybody!
  16. Gundad73

    Competition CZ help

    I want to shoot both IDPA and USPSA with a CZ. which CZ is best for that?
  17. I have been shooting competition for 2 years. i am IDPA SSP expert and production B in USPSA. It's crazy that I just heard about Brian Enos through a shooting buddy but it sounds like his Zen approach is totally my philosophy. So I am joining this forum to find like minded shooters! Please reach out and I would love to talk Zen shooting:)
  18. DowTom

    Epoxy + grit

    New guy here. Question, I know stippling bumps you out of ssp. But does adding the epoxy and grit from hobby lobby do the same? Or is it considered like grip tape
  19. The Sara Spa Rod and Gun Club in Greenfield, NY (a few miles outside of Saratoga) is hosting a sanctioned IDPA match for the first time in ~15 years, and registration just opened this weekend. Battle of Saratoga - IDPA Tier 3 - 2018 11 stages (2 low light/no light), 180 round count, many guns and other items coming from sponsors, this is going to be a great match, and we're very excited. If you like pop ups, lean outs, clamshells, charging targets, steel, swingers, cascade, drop turns, and lots of options for shooting stages, this is a match for you.
  20. New to the forum, not new to shooting. Always looking for more places to shoot. That is when I make the time to hit a match. I've been mostly shooting USPSA, but have on the occasion shot some IDPA, and 3-Gun, and zombie shoots down in KY. For USPSA I typically run a Metro Arms MAC1911 classic .45 in L10, and a CZ scorpion in PCC. Any other shooting its mostly been a CZ P09, Bushmaster ACR, and a KSG.
  21. We'd been having horrid weather lately, super hot and humid. Weather broke into the low 80's and lower humidity and people really came out to the match, 52 of them! The didn't anticipate a big match but it all worked out.
  22. Does anyone out there have a stock 3 chambered in 45acp? Curious to know the weight of one and see if I can make it IDPA CDP legal (needs to be under 43oz) which I believe can be obtained. Would also like to make it SSP legal for the sake of being able to interchange parts parts off of it and remain legal.
  23. Hello, A quick question that I couldn't find addressed in the rule book. Is it legal to change holsters within a match assuming they're both IDPA legal? Reason I ask is I like to shoot normal stages that require concealment from the IWB holster I EDC the pistol with. However on standards stages where there is no concealment required I'd like to switch to an IDPA legal OWB holster. Would this be allowed or not assuming I went to a safe table and followed all safety procedures for changing the equipment? Thanks.
  24. I own a full size 1911 made by Wilson Combat. It is a 5" model and in 9mm caliber. Currently, WC is installing one of their WC "Bulletproof" magazine wells (integral to the MS housing). Fitting of the well to the pistol is required. Here is my question: When the mag well is fitted and installed, will the pistol fir in the IDPA pistol box for ESP Division? No other modifications or additions have been performed to the pistol. Thanks!
  25. Due to Norco, CA matches still being shutdown, no USPSA matches are around this weekend. I figured I'd try to shoot IDPA this coming Saturday. I will be using an HK VP9 with my OWB CCW holster, and have a couple of standard belt mag holders and a vest, so should be good to go from an equipment standpoint. With a 4.09" barrel I can shoot either CCP or SSP. I am leaning towards CCP. I gather I would be fine with the 25 rounds allowed seeing that most a stage will have is 18 rounds. Any other opinions? My match tactics, feel free to give additional pointers please. -- I will not try to practice a new skill set (reload with retention) as I am doing this to just have a bit of weekend live fire (my range day is Wednesdays) so intend to do "emergency reloads" only. -- I will take the extra tenth of a second or so on targets when I feel necessary, so I don't have points/seconds down. -- I will refrain from air gunning the stage prior to shooting it ( will have to think hard on this one to not do it out of habit ). Will be interesting to see how I place. Anything else?
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