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  1. Lol, where's the "like" button?
  2. https://nroi.org/ro-best-practices/ro-position-and-the-180/
  3. Not to mention that you can't mandate reloads on a long course even at a club match.
  4. Unlike Poppers, metal plates are not subject to calibration or calibration challenges. If a scoring metal plate has been hit but fails to fall or overturn, the Range Officer shall declare range equipment failure and order the competitor to reshoot the course of fire, after the faulty plate has been rectified. A plate that has been hit more than once and falls or overturns before a Range Officer can stop the competitor, will be scored as hit and there will be no reshoot issued. As to the squib, IMO, the RO had made the decision to stop the shooter
  5. It took a bit to find it but a ruling from a few years ago reads: If a competitor's gun is partially dislodged from his holster while outside a COF, and the competitor "traps" the gun in the holster (trigger not exposed), he may do so without penalty. The competitor should immediately proceed to a safety area and address any necessary equipment issues. If the competitor's gun has left the holster (trigger is exposed), the gun must be treated as dropped. Even if the competitor is able to "trap" the gun before it falls to the ground, he must safely and securely lower the gun to the ground in ac
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