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  1. I would contact SnS great bullet company. I'm pretty sure they can work with you .
  2. At the least I would recommend a VQ extractor and a VQ sear . The extractor is self explanatory . The sear will improve your trigger pull and break at a minimal cost .
  3. I use Rock River Arms mags in my pcc the mags have a metal follower and slick finish . I would look at your magazine springs also check your follower see if it's damaged.
  4. I would try a Ruger 22/45 . You can pick it up at a reasonable price . And u can modify with a little effort. Parts are easy to come by .
  5. RIP . He was a class act, old school all the way . God Bless
  6. The RO who gave the Make ready dropped the ball . Before he allowed the shooter to leave the shooting box he should have followed procedure and issued and unload and show clear . And holster . The RO running the shooter is in charge of the shooter .
  7. laz2011


    No, DQ means you are done for the match.
  8. Generally we replaced targets every 3 squads at level 2 and 3 matches. But on some targets it is a judgement call for the RO . If he can't see the scoring line it should be replaced .
  9. If you worried about using a lighter and you have a soldering iron u can use that to install the fiber optic also.
  10. I started in the early 90s those where the 3 different division they had at matches .
  11. We had open, limited and revolver.
  12. I hope this thread is meant to be a joke . USPSA has come a long way from the 3 division I had to choose from when I started.
  13. I would look in to a Ruger PC9 or a Keltech Sub 2000 . I have seen both guns used around my area . Great shooters with a little upgrade they run well.
  14. I used Wilson synthetic when I started years ago . Switched to Wepon shield and now I use Lucas . Never had a problem with either .
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