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  1. Use the lead remover cloth . Test.on a small spot first . I use it on my guns never harmed the finish on any of them .
  2. I use Lucas now . But I have used Weapons shield, Brownells extreme , Wilson, and Mobile 1 . Non of those have let me down .
  3. I use an AceCase rifle case I can fit my double mag in the side pouch and my regular 32 rnd mags in the mag carriers. I can also fit a squib rod in the case also.
  4. I flip and catch it when I can if it drops on the ground I will pick it up . I mark my ammo so I know its mine . With PCC I just cup my hand over the ejection port .
  5. I use a Hornady Lock and Load digital scale with no issues. I started with an RCBS 10/10 beam scale it was fine I just wanted to up grade . What ever scale you decide I recommend u buy a set of check weights .
  6. Thanks for sharing this helpful tip. When I had this happen to me I got lucky and had the next round helped pull out the stuck brass. The bullet wedged it self around the brass in the chamber I cleared when I pulled on the charging handle . Now I'm going to carry a 223 brass with me . Thanks.
  7. Yes u can upgrade for 295.00 and that is just for the chassis. U will have to buy a grip and a stock .When ypu are done it would total more than 350.00 for a carbine that sells for 499.00 . Something to think about.
  8. I have never experienced something like this again . And you are correct u always have the shooter unload and show clear and holster . To call range is clear . Before u start on why u stopped the shooter .
  9. The second the ro yelled stop he began arguing the 180 break . The RO followed the commands . And repeated the unload command . There was no discussion .You weren't there . The RO handle it fine . Also I can't say I ever experienced anything close to this since . And I ROed some matches .
  10. Did the range have any rules requiring eye and earprotection? Most do but that does not mean people will follow those rules . I tell them a story of someone who was a bystander at a shotgun match who got hit in the face with a clay bird target . They had go to the emergency room to remove the clay bird shrapnel. I tried to warn the individual to always ware glasses,but it didn't take .
  11. A shooter arguing a 180 DQ with an RO with a loaded gun in his hand .
  12. I would not have DQed him . USPSA we shoot freestyle.
  13. I seen the tap bit used did not damage the chamber or the barrel . The first time I experienced this problem I used a 40 cal bore brush to remove the brass it came out fine . The second time the next round jammed around the brass piece and I was able to eject both . Found the eject round and brass ring after I finished the stage . That was when I decided to remove alk the step down brass when I reload .
  14. Use a tap bit . Insert buy hand slowly and u can pull the stuck brass piece out . Go to a hardware store with a spent piece of brass to see what size tap bot u need to buy and go from there. I learned this trick from a shooter at one of my club matches.Also keep a look out on step down brass in the future.
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