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  1. I seen the tap bit used did not damage the chamber or the barrel . The first time I experienced this problem I used a 40 cal bore brush to remove the brass it came out fine . The second time the next round jammed around the brass piece and I was able to eject both . Found the eject round and brass ring after I finished the stage . That was when I decided to remove alk the step down brass when I reload .
  2. Use a tap bit . Insert buy hand slowly and u can pull the stuck brass piece out . Go to a hardware store with a spent piece of brass to see what size tap bot u need to buy and go from there. I learned this trick from a shooter at one of my club matches.Also keep a look out on step down brass in the future.
  3. That is not stainless it is chromed. It is a nice gun .
  4. I have dealt with H&M they do great work . I would not worry .
  5. Score the stage as is . If he stops he stops. Do we give a reshoot if he gets a brass down his shirt? No . And I have seen that happen . After we stopped laughing he was scored as is .
  6. Also know by FTC Friedheim tool . Does anyone have experience with this cleaning system. Is it worth the money ? Does the machine last ?
  7. Thank you . My friends will enjoy .
  8. Please where can I buy these jelly beans. Funny story .
  9. I learned not to use a mag after It hit the ground, even if it just fell out of my mag pouch. And I also learned not to put my mags back in my mag pouch after a run. I take them back to my bag to check and reload . There is nothing like pulling an empty mag or a partial full mag out of your mag pouch in the middle of a stage .
  10. This is nothing to worry about. The parts will wear in ,in time and the smell goes away. U can always use a strong smelling oil to mask it . Just shoot it . Good luck.
  11. The point of showing clear is to make sure the gun is unloaded. If I'm handed a firearm by a friend or at a store I will still check my self . Remember all guns are loaded until u check it your self . Never assume.
  12. There is an upgrade on the Ruger website for the mag release that extends it closer to the trigger.
  13. I would recommend a Ruger MK IV Hunter . Ruger makes a great product lots of after market parts . U can run one out of the box .Or Put as little as 40 bucks to improve trigger and up grade the extractor. Or sky is the limit on what u can do .
  14. I agree . I think it is a great rifle . But there is room for improvement.
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