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  1. At least they deliver to your house . I have to pick mine up at the post office. Because my postal carrier has restrictions, i was told and even then i had boxes thorn open .
  2. I shot this gun . It is was so sweet now I want one my self .
  3. Yup . It would be a bling bling bang bang .
  4. It is an antique finish . I think u should have it gold plated with some fake diamonds on the grip. U can have the pump my gun look.
  5. Looks like an old style holster . Was legal back then and it is still legal now .
  6. I shoot RN in my pcc . For the build up on the comp I use an ultrasound cleaner and just lower the comp and the top of the barrel in the cleaning solution.
  7. Keltech is a good pcc for plinking we have people shooting them at my club. I think with some modifications it's not a bad pcc.
  8. I would rather deal with the 80s poo next to rap . That is crap . And I feel your pain . I tell my wife there's no need for singing we have surround sound .
  9. I run a flat faced CMC trigger . No issues.
  10. There are a lot of parts for the Ruger pc I would recommend to replace the extractor with one sold by Mcarbo . It should eliminate extraction problems . They also sell a trigger kit .
  11. Well I say pay attention boy I say pay attention. Says the pot to the kettle.
  12. My advice is speak up . Let them know they need to help reset . But only if they are physical capable. That is a call u have to make .
  13. I use one in my PCC, it is a great trigger .breaks clean reliable. Great company to deal with .
  14. I use a Safariland 014 . For my MC limited with Phoenix trinity classic SS grip,the holster is solid no complaints.
  15. I use a soldering iron . I can be more precise with that and form the fiber ends better.
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