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  1. My advice is speak up . Let them know they need to help reset . But only if they are physical capable. That is a call u have to make .
  2. I use one in my PCC, it is a great trigger .breaks clean reliable. Great company to deal with .
  3. I use a Safariland 014 . For my MC limited with Phoenix trinity classic SS grip,the holster is solid no complaints.
  4. I use a soldering iron . I can be more precise with that and form the fiber ends better.
  5. If you stop your stage run because you sneezed. I would score the stage as shot . If. You where a shooting budy Then I would make fun of you . I ROed a lot of matches I have never came across this .
  6. Ahh no pics, what are u talking about video from at least 3 angles. And a pig roast afterwards.
  7. Please tell me you are not planning to dress up like a samurai and chop watermelons and water bottles on video. Invest in band aids lots of them grasshopper. Nice sword .
  8. He does have a pattern I have his magwell and it is a nice one . U might have to do some final fitting .
  9. I think Aftec is worth the money. I use them in my guns .
  10. When does he expect to be done with retooling. Do you know?
  11. Does anyone know what is going on with Grams they are not responding to orders on there website? What would be a good alternative for a spring and follower kit that would match Grams ? Thank you .
  12. Take a look at Dawson mags those work well with a Dawson ice magwell .
  13. My Springfield Armory 1911 9mm stainless steel Loaded runs just fine with out any issues. I use Dawson mags .
  14. J Earl Griffin passed away this past Sunday Feb 16th . J lived in Springfield Illinois he was 61 . I use to shoot him at Benchrest, Sparta, ARPC and C.A.P.S. which use to be Lefthanders shooting club . J was a good man always willing to lend a hand to anyone that needed . Going to miss him . May he rest in peace.
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