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  1. Xanatos903

    pcc starts

    I think I'm probably the closest to running a Taccom without a handguard, but I still put my hand out there. The meaning of the WSB is the same.
  2. Xanatos903

    trouble adjusting 45 deg dot

    I'd guess it's not a problem with the DPP. It's likely either an issue with your mount, or user error. Just to make sure, you're trying to zero the dot with the gun canted over so your 45° optic is on top, right? If so, it's time to take off that mount and double check everything. The picatinny clamp on some of the cheaper mounts can be a little wonky sometimes and not always clamp straight on. I'd double check that it seems to be engaging properly. One thing you can do is take it off, remount it ensuring that it clamps on properly, torque it down to the right spec, and then try to boresight it by placing your primary dot on an object at the end of a hallway, and then moving the offset dot to that same object without moving the gun. It takes some coordination and a vise definitely helps, but this is what I did to make sure my offset would work when I first mounted it.
  3. Xanatos903

    Custom Glock slide milling

    Polymer Performance in San Antonio is putting out good work. The owner is willing to work with people on custom builds too if you have an idea you really want.
  4. Xanatos903

    Preferred 9mm plated bullet?

    I shot many thousands of rounds of RMR plated 124gr RN through my Open gun. Fairly accurate, didn't leave any leading or deposits in the barrel or comp. And when there's a sale going on, you can often get them for ~8.1cpr.
  5. I think it's absurd that IPSC decided to break Production Optics into two separate divisions because polymer guns supposedly aren't competitive. Look at what the top finishers from this year's nats were shooting. It's the Indian, not the arrow.
  6. Xanatos903

    Zev Pro FLAT faced trigger

    If you're looking for a cheaper solution, I have a Kinetitech in my G34 that I'm happy with. Breaks very close to vertical, and has an similar shape to the Zev without the little bump on the bottom. With a - connector and a spring set it gives a very nice rolling break.
  7. Xanatos903

    G34 accuracy with light recoil springs

    I'm surprised nobody has asked whether you've tried different loads. Even out of a pistol at short range, not all loads are created equal.
  8. Xanatos903

    Base pads for production

    https://www.amazon.com/Extended-Brass-Magazine-Plate-glock/dp/B01MCYZAQJ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1542715026&sr=8-2&keywords=brass+base+pad Get yourself some bling and extra weight! Just be aware that I have no idea if these will fit in the box.
  9. Xanatos903

    G34 gen4 mos slight issue

    I had some luck changing to a lighter recoil spring. I run a 13lb spring on my 34mos, and a buddy suggested going even lower to 11lbs
  10. Xanatos903

    CFE and FMJ/Coated

    I'm amazed you're possibly making PF with 3.9gr. I'm like the poster above and need almost 5gr to make PF out of my G34 with a 124.
  11. Xanatos903

    Glock 34/35 holster for production USPSA

    So I can't edit my post above, but I'm actually going to backtrack on my statement above. The issue was actually with my belt. I discovered that when I held the belt to prevent flex, the holster actually drew quite nicely. The problem was that the belt would flex, cocking the holster off to the side, and prevent a smooth draw straight up. After changing to a DAA belt and making sure it's tight on my waist, the problem seems to have gone away. I think I'll be happy with this holster for a while.
  12. Xanatos903

    Glock 34/35 holster for production USPSA

    I've had the Ghost holster for about a week and dryfired with it for about 30 mins per day. It is hot garbage. If I smash my hand down into it to get a high grip, it almost locks onto the gun and requires a very snappy pull to release- not exactly conducive to a smooth draw. With scoop draw it's kind of meh. I've backed out the retention screws to where they're just hanging on by half a thread and it doesn't help. I'm going to call them today and ask for a refund.
  13. Xanatos903

    PCC laser on target at start

    I'm way into PCC, so I'm not advocating for this as a way to single them out and punish them. You might remember me as the PCC shooter in your squad at the Space City Challenge who slipped on mud and DQ'd earlier this year. In the same way that turn and draw, sitting, and hands on "X" starts offer variety and challenge, I think this is a good start position. It's not exclusionary to anyone because it's not a physically difficult start position.
  14. Xanatos903

    PCC laser on target at start

    I'm all for just making all stages bill drills of varying distance with PCCs starting aiming down the sights at the target.
  15. Xanatos903

    PCC laser on target at start

    There's a better explanation. After thinking about it, equalization between divisions is unnecessary. It does, however, provide a challenge to PCC shooters.