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  1. Funny contrast between the two last comments.
  2. My local match has 90 shooters and 5 stages. I don't want any more new shooters lol, I'm already skipping matches because I don't feel like being out there for 8 hours.
  3. I've been super pleased with my T/CR22. It has been reliable out of the box, and is good enough that I made GM in RFRI in two matches with it. Not too shabby for a <$350 gun. Throw a red dot on there, get familiar with the division, then upgrade the stock, trigger, and barrel if you want to down the road. The Wiland arms stuff looks awesome, and falls at just the right price point.
  4. Are they making the X5 Legion in .40 yet?
  5. I would have preferred that there be no weight limit established, since as MikeBurgess mentioned and you proved, it gives people a target to shoot for. USPSA obviously didn't consult me before they started these waves of rule changes to Prod and Poor Open. I view allowing frame weights as antithetical to the idea of a "carry optics" gun, like a compensator or a *thumb rest [generic]*. Now here's where I get hung up- imagine someone could replace internal parts with tungsten parts to take a Glock up to 59oz. Should that be prohibited like a frame weight? I'd say yes, but it would h
  6. Until you realize you can hit M or GM. There are already two divisions where people can make (mostly) unlimited modifications to their guns. Why should we further blur the lines between Poor Open and Open?
  7. Well the original rules for CO didn't allow huge slide cuts like S2 shooters needed. I think moaning about how one's Glock isn't competitive should be rewarded with a ban that is only lifted once you prove you've taken a training course, or made at least 6 trips to the range for practice.
  8. That's what I was afraid of. Maybe once CZ-USA is open again I'll call them and see if I can get a warranty claim on the barrel. I can't imagine it's supposed to allow the brass to expand that much.
  9. You'll have to explain the necking- I'm not familiar with the term. The cases drop into my CZ chamber, but do not with any other pistols.
  10. Anyone else seeing problems with bulged brass from their P-10F? These loads were 145pf- too hot? The chamber on mine is pretty generous, and even this bulged case drops back in. After resizing, it causes this crease/fold on the brass and I toss any like it to be on the safe side. It's a pain when 50% of the cases fired from the CZ have this.
  11. Gotta do what you've gotta do to save money. Saving a few cents doesn't sound like much if you only shoot 1k rounds a year, but what about when you shoot 10k-15k? More? If you save $0.05 per round and shoot 10k per year, you're saving $500. If you buy brass for $0.03/ea, that's $300 gone that you could have saved by spending 15 minutes at the end of a range day. I'll gladly give myself something satisfying to do in my free time that actually saves me some money.
  12. Any reason why you didn't leave the red return spring in?
  13. Is it a new gun? Mine took a couple weeks of dryfire to break in. It's much better now.
  14. The Williams girls don't seem to have much trouble with it. They've still got faster reloads than most shooters.
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