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  1. The Williams girls don't seem to have much trouble with it. They've still got faster reloads than most shooters.
  2. I'm going to be using my PPQ 5" M2 for production soon, and while playing around with setups I discovered that the SS guide rod and ISMI spring from my Gen 3 Glock 17 will fit and seem to function fine in the gun. Upon doing some research, however, it seems like people are split on whether this is appropriate for the gun, and some suggest just buying the $40 PPQ-specific guide rod. For a cheapass like me, is there any downside to just running one of the many Gen 3 Glock setups I have in my parts box?
  3. Test 1- normal Test 2- dead trigger Test 3- dead trigger PPQ M2 5", no modifications. Performed test by pulling the slide back to create about 1/8" of space between slide and breech.
  4. @GregInAtl It adjusts your point of impact. Hope this gets you sorted out.
  5. Xanatos903

    ZEV OZ9

    So this is gambling... with guns? And your post sounds like a straight-up advertisement for the place. What are the chances you're affiliated with them and are astroturfing?
  6. Anyone notice the Open version in the video at 0:55?
  7. 1. Yeah, definitely bump the OAL down a bit to run in Glock mags, especially if you're running any sort of extension. 2. I was running a large-frame extended mag release on mine, and it led to exactly the problem you're mentioning so don't do that. I eventually settled on just the Glock OEM extended mag release for small-frame guns. It's a tad proud, and only requires me to slightly break my grip to give it a positive push. 3. Nope, you can run without the plate without any trouble. It's not going to remove a lot of weight, but it will reduce it some.
  8. Xanatos903

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    Lots of stuff to break down here. 1. It's not the thickness of the barrel you have to worry about with 9major, it's chamber support for the brass. Pretty much all aftermarket Glock barrels will have decent enough chamber support to run 9major. I ran a Lone Wolf barrel that Kneelingatlas throated for me to accommodate longer loads. 2. Open Glocks can be okay and locally competitive, but they're always going to be a compromise vs a 2011. I get the hesitation to spend the money on a 2011, but I would recommend thinking of the Glock as simply a way to get your feet wet in Open without having to drop a bunch of money first. 3. I'm sure someone has. 9mm conversion barrels have been around for a while, and I personally have several thousand minor loads through my G22 conversion barrel without trouble. 4. Yep, it's totally legal. 5. 9major isn't terrible to load, you just have to pick a good powder and work up a load using caution. Have you thought about just making it into a .40 open gun? Plenty of people have done so with decent results.
  9. The weight was the problem with another buddy who was having the same problem with his G35. It was basically a pump action Glock because it would have this malfunction almost every shot. I think what's happening is that it's deforming the nose of the frame enough that it drags on the recoil spring and bushing as the gun cycles, dramatically slowing the slide down.
  10. I started with 10 yards because that's the distance that most targets are at for my local matches, then I bumped it out to 25 yards after shooting a major match and realizing it's harder to apply holdovers on long targets than on close ones.
  11. What's your load? I found that with light 147gr loads I occasionally had failures to eject like you're describing. Bumping up the powder by a couple tenths fixed it. The tough reloads are not something that you can really fix unfortunately. I got to the point where if I knew I was going to have to do a reload on a classifier or at a monster match, I'd plan my stage around having to do a reload to a partially-loaded mag. I'd recommend getting a big stick and just never having to reload except on classifiers
  12. I think I'm probably the closest to running a Taccom without a handguard, but I still put my hand out there. The meaning of the WSB is the same.
  13. I'd guess it's not a problem with the DPP. It's likely either an issue with your mount, or user error. Just to make sure, you're trying to zero the dot with the gun canted over so your 45° optic is on top, right? If so, it's time to take off that mount and double check everything. The picatinny clamp on some of the cheaper mounts can be a little wonky sometimes and not always clamp straight on. I'd double check that it seems to be engaging properly. One thing you can do is take it off, remount it ensuring that it clamps on properly, torque it down to the right spec, and then try to boresight it by placing your primary dot on an object at the end of a hallway, and then moving the offset dot to that same object without moving the gun. It takes some coordination and a vise definitely helps, but this is what I did to make sure my offset would work when I first mounted it.
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