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  1. Baffle strikes is absolute ******it. Recoil springs do not affect the orientation of the bullet in the barrel.
  2. Would also add that if you decide the F/O isn't bright enough, it's very easy to replace with a pair of nail clippers and a lighter - pick whichever sets you like better, the fit the brightness you like.
  3. The number one difference between the Berry's and the Hornady's is that the Hornady's are jacketed and the Berry's are plated. Different bonding process, Jacketed will hold up to velocity better. The L7A1 Hirtenberger ammo that Mil/LEO were using were running well in excess of 1400 fps, which is past most plated/coated. If you do run a can, Chevro is right, make sure you can either take the can apart or run something without an exposed base.
  4. Shot Everglades for a while when I was getting my press and load worked out. Open 9mm Major 124s ran like a freight train, Major 147s had constant feeding problems. As with open guns, ymmv.
  5. Mine arrived Friday and I ordered it in December.
  6. Out of curiosity, are you having any issues with compression?
  7. Out of curiosity, do you have a source for this? Would like to read TGO's thoughts on the subject.
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