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  1. I have a 650 but haven't experienced any primer seating depth ssues that were not related to the seating ram mechanism backing out. That has happened twice in about six years. Although the 650 doesn't have any slick way of adjusting seating depth I have read of people using a shim somehow to increase the depth. Don't have any specific knowledge or links but my recollection is that the information is out there. Might be worth a search?
  2. The following can help: With a completely populated shell plate loosen the lock ring on your sizing/decapping die. At a minimum you need a case in station 1. Raise the ram/shellplate to maximum as during a normal stroke. Tighten the lockring on the sizing/decapping die.
  3. My M&P Pro CORE auto-forwarded from slide lock so consistently that I had started to depend upon it. Had to relearn to hit the slide release on my X5. My X5 will occasionally auto-forward but nothing like the M&P.
  4. Looks like right about 2" total length. Edited to add: probably more like 1 3/4" if you don't include the bolt head in the measurement. You might be able to go about 1/4" shorter before the the head starts to be an issue for the primer slide actuating mechanism.
  5. I'm not sure you need to do anything except chop the threads down to size. The following seems to be working fine on my machine. Ideally you'd use a bolt that wasn't quite so long but this is all I had to experiment with.
  6. Hello belus, I'm curious about the rationale behind using the different shellplates/shuttles for processing vs loading. Thanks!
  7. And if it isn't and you're not thinking then you've got a bit of a mess. Or so I've heard. Something like that would never happen to me. No way. Not in a million years. Heard it from a guy. Not me, no way.
  8. There is going to be another player. Their dies seem to be well regarded. No personal experience with either. https://fwarms.com/shop/reloading/pre-order-3-plate-for-dillon-super-1050-1100-cp2000-by-f-w-arms/
  9. arrgghh, for some reason I transposed 1/4"x20 into 10x24 between the time I read your post and then went to mcmaster/carr. yeah, that wouldn't work! lol...
  10. What about 92012A587? Seems close if I'm reading the table correctly: 10/24, 1/4" shoulder diameter, 1/2" shoulder length; 3/8" thread length
  11. I was wondering if that was going to fit in the Lee Universal Expander die. I thought the MBF die was almost too long. Now this is even longer.
  12. Snapping that pin (or bending it) is not uncommon. You might as well pick up some replacements unless you don't mind being offline while Lee ships you a new pin.
  13. Maybe this is old news; if so I apologize. 1. get the Udie (or any seating die) set for depth 2. then before you tighten the lock ring raise the shell plate with a case at that station until inserted in the die as during normal operation 3. THEN tighten the lock ring
  14. I'm actually a little bit sad to hear this although I will be hopeful it will all work out. I kind of liked Ammobot being the little guy who had created a bit of a cult like atmosphere surrounding the product. Along with a bunch of like minded third party contributors, Immortalbot, etc. Now they've been absorbed by the Borg.
  15. So we have a process and a set of dies that has been proven on your 650. But now we have two new variables: 1. RL1100 2. Udie Now things don't work. Both powder funnels accumulate crap. Because we have two variables we don't know which is the problem. Could be both. So eliminate one of the variables. the Udie. Set up the RL1100 so as to mimic as closely as possible the 650 set up using the Redding die. I'd go back to the MBF funnel also since that is what you used on the 650. See what happens. If everything works great then add the Udie. See what happens. If things fall apart then it seems it must be related to the Udie. Working with two variables at the same time is a surefire way to drive yourself up the wall.
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