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  1. This is one of the reasons I held on to my Lee Classic Turret press after I got my 650. Load development is a little more straightforward, at least for me anyway, and then after I've got it dialed in I just have to replicate it on the 650.
  2. ddc

    Prima sv for 9 major

    Wild assed guess having never contemplated this before now... My gut reaction is that Prima SV is on the faster side of the spectrum for 9mm minor. Therefore it would be even more to the faster side for 9mm major. And I'm going to guess more than a little too fast. Curious to see what others think.
  3. Yep! The ammo I want to shoot plus some cool stuff to play with. 650 vs. 550... 650 vs. LNL... 650 vs. 1050... 1050 vs. Mark 7... I just wish I had more time.
  4. Hello, Contemplating an Evolution... I have no concerns about the Mr. Bulletfeeder side of the equation. But I'm curious about the casefeeder. How many of these are actually out there at this point in time? Positive/Negative reviews? Any comparison to Hornady or Dillon? Thanks!
  5. Just ordered it. Start reading this weekend hopefully...
  6. ddc

    Mark7 Evolution

    If you don't have the primer collator then how do you feed the primer system? Conventional primer tubes?
  7. Isn't this more than likely a primer related problem? Probably a press related primer seating problem? The chance that it is powder related has to be way low.
  8. ddc

    My Procedure to ladder test reloads.

    Very interesting. I am going to do some testing with shorter OAL. Question: When you get to the point where you have selected a charge weight for accuracy and then start reducing OAL have you found a rough rule of thumb as to how velocity changes with each length decrement? Thanks.
  9. ddc

    Favorite coated 147gr?

    I've loaded both Blue Bullets and Ibejihead in 147 coated. At the range I could see no obvious difference.
  10. I started with the 3.25 load. Cycled the gun ok but ejection was rather anemic. Bumped it up to 3.45/3.50 and getting ejection pattern closer to baseline. Still feels a little light. Hoping to chrono this weekend. Edited to add: This is with a Springer guide rod and 13# spring.
  11. ddc

    Trigger kits back in stock

    You are probably referring to my post over on Sig Talk. I tried both together, i.e. Apex trigger bar and GG Pelt2 kit. This is what I posted: "My experience with the GG Pelt2 trigger kit plus the Apex bar was not positive. I thought the GG kit provided a very good trigger with a nice break and a positive reset. I just this morning added the Apex bar to the mix and the break and reset are not nearly as defined. In particular the reset is mushy. Plus there were at least one annoying click during trigger pull. Took it out and re-installed and no change. I've now removed it and will be putting it up for sale." With respect to "mushy" reset: The Pelt2 reset is a distinct aural and tactile "click". Added the Apex trigger bar and both were much less defined. I'm not sure why I used the term "mushy" but at this point the experience is far enough in the past that I can't give much more feedback on that issue. I can say for sure that I wasted no time un-installing the Apex bar. I've never tried the bar with a stock X5 so I can't address that configuration.
  12. ddc

    Post upgrade x5 Disconnect wear

    I have an X5 with approximately 2,000 rounds through it. It came from the factory with the upgrade. I can see a hint of silver showing through the black finish at that location. However I don't see anything close to what appears to be going on with your gun.
  13. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    I only have a bathroom scale for weighing so accuracy will not be exceptional, lol... But it says my X5, with magazine and with Springer tungsten guide rod but without magwell is right at 2 pounds, sometimes 2.1. So probably a little over 2 pounds. So maybe 33 oz? My 5" M&P weighed in at around 25 oz. at the last equipment check (including empty magazine) as I recall. The X5 is noticeably heavier.
  14. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    Exactly my experience also.
  15. ddc

    92 FS Barrel slugged

    A couple of you guys have used the term: "driving the gun". And I've heard the term elsewhere as well. But... I don't really know what that means.