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  1. ddc

    Mark7 Evolution

    Do you mean "why" am I sorting my brass or "what" am I using to sort my brass? Assuming it is "why"... well because not all brass is created equal. There are some problematic headstamps out there. Ammoload, FM, and some others have an interior step that nobody likes. CBC is thicker and stiffer, requires fiddling with your dies. etc. etc.
  2. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    How much weight is added to the grip alone. i.e. no slug; just the bare grip.? And is the slug heavier than the stock Sig weight?
  3. ddc

    Sport Pistol Powder opinions? A year later

    That's a good point. I had forgotten about that. I only have experience with one batch number so can't comment other than that was a topic of conversation not too long ago. Something to be aware of if you are a Prima V user though; thanks for the reminder.
  4. ddc

    Sport Pistol Powder opinions? A year later

    I've gone back and forth between SP and Prima V. I can't tell the difference when loaded to the same power factor. I'm using up the last of my Prima V and after it's gone will stick with SP from now on. Not necessarily because I like SP better but it seems that the availability of Prima V comes and goes.
  5. ddc

    P320 triggers - Talk me through my options

    With respect to overtravel... both Apex and GG limit overtravel by providing a thin tube that the trigger stop pin fits through. That in effect increases the diameter of the trigger stop pin. I've wondered if that is something that could be done by the user. You would have to find the correct sized tube of course. Possibly more trouble than it is worth and if this is a carry gun perhaps not a great idea to do that sort of experimentation. Just a thought...
  6. Not sure exactly what your situation is: It sounds like you are using separate dies for seating and crimping? If so then if the seating die was set up correctly then it should not have been crimping also. It may be that originally the seating die was not setup correctly but now, after your adjustments, it is. You mention shaving brass. The initial thought is the flare is not sufficient. Are you loading brass plated? Or brass jacketed? Flaring is much more critical with plated. You almost have to try to shave brass off of jacketed bullets. Also with respect to the FCD: Can you give more info on that the "mess" is exactly? I'm not sure the "mess" is related to the sizing or FCD dies. More likely the flare is at fault.
  7. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    I'm using the 13# Wolff that Springer Precision sells along with the tungsten guide rod. Shooting 147 jacketed at that PF (130-135). Mine is straight; not variable. I've seen a lot of posts with people using 12# to 14# springs for similar PF with this gun.
  8. ddc

    X5 front sight height

    The forum has a "feature" that searches posts for possible interest in a product and if it finds one it will create a hot link to a web site (such as Brownell's) which may have that product or some such nonsense. I don't think it works very well at all. I find it irritating and after I visited several sights and realized it was a waste of time I now just try to ignore it.
  9. ddc

    CZ S2 to X5

    Not on an X5 but every time I pulled my optic (M&P Pro Core) and then put it back on I had to re-zero. Others have been more lucky. I have no idea how platform dependent this might be. All I can say is I ended up with one gun set up for Production and one gun set up for CO and left them that way.
  10. KSM2? I did a quick google but just got hits on coffee grinders and Klipsch Audio...lol!
  11. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    There was a significant difference on my X5. The Pelt2 trigger got my trigger down to a little over 4 pounds. The entire comp kit has my trigger at 2.75 pounds.
  12. ddc

    Introducing: Project Nemesis

    If I wanted to go that route I'd probably gamble the $60 or whatever it is and try to cut it down myself. I wouldn't do all the other stuff they are talking about; just cut down the frame and stipple the grip.
  13. ddc

    Gray Guns/Boresight Solutions "X-Compact" grip module

    Wow...is it just me or is that price shockingly high?
  14. I don't have any experience with A#2 but it appears to be close in burn rate to other powders often used for 9mm minor. I'm curious how it compares to 320, Tightgroup, Prima V or Sport Pistol in the real world. And beg, borrow or steal a chrono. Otherwise you are just guessing.