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  1. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    Now that both the regular X5 and the legion X5 are production/co legal I'm wondering about the legality of putting the legion grip on a regular X5. Would it be considered: a. a regular X5 that is overweight for it's division therefore illegal b. the grip changes it into a legion X5 that is ok weightwise and therefore legal c. not legal due to some other conflict with either production and/or co rules
  2. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    I had a very similar problem with my rear sight. One of the "wings" of the flathead screw fractured completely off. Then last week on my other X5 the entire top half of the rear sight notch assembly (the portion that moves laterally) disappeared. I'm wondering if that assembly is manufactured in two parts? The bottom half which interfaces with the windage screw is what remained. It almost looked like someone to a mill to the top of the rear sight and ground it down about half way.
  3. I'm curious what it is about the RL that makes it a better machine? I've heard this before but am not familiar with either as my Dillon experience is with a 650.
  4. For those who have experience with both a Mk7 and a 1050: How has the extra two stations affected your process? Are they a big deal for you or something that is just nice to have and you could have gotten by with 8? My experience is limited to the five stations on a 650. Thanks
  5. That's too bad. I'm tempted to pick one up in case my 250 craps out at some point. I'm pretty sure that if I pick one up then my 250 will last forever. If I don't it will probably die about the time all the back stock has been sold.
  6. Any feedback as far as comparing the 300 to the older model 250?
  7. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    I did one with a little Dremel work and that worked. Then I tried it on another without any Dremeling and added as much epoxy as I could to make the grip larger. I like it better with the larger grip but that is purely personal preference, hand size, etc.
  8. It looks like their support forum is dead? I'm getting a "this community is not available" page when I attempt to go there. My Evo is still in the box due to selling a house, buying a house, moving the house... blah, blah, blah... I'm actually considering selling it as is and getting an RL1100... maybe I'm just in a grumpy mood today...
  9. I just went through this exact issue. Called Dillon. They sent a new locator and it has fixed 90% of the problem. It still launches a case every once in a while. I'll try putting some grease under the guide as Sarge suggested.
  10. Tried that first before I posted. Thanks.
  11. My wife and I have our own practiscore accounts. She has had absolutely no luck logging into PS for several days now. Keeps getting: "whoops, looks like something went wrong" During that period of time I had no problems logging into PS. Now this evening I'm having the same problem "whoops, etc....." Are we just lucky or are others experiencing similar?
  12. I've been using this scheme for years. Always meant to get a case feeder but this works well enough that I never took the plunge. I load up enough tubes to get a 500 round run. Works for me. Still going to get a case feeder someday. Tubes from a place called TAP Plastics, Bellevue WA: TAP Plastics But they have a number of other storefronts. I think these are 5/8" OD x 1/2" ID; seems like that would be sloppy fit for 9mm but works just fine.
  13. It seems you would be giving up some flexibility by going to one Mk7 as opposed to two 1050s. Also the two 1050s give you some redundancy should one of them go down. I could see going from a single 1050 to a single Mk7 just because of the coolness and the extra stations would be nice. But going from two 1050s to a single Mk7... that is not as obvious a good move to my mind.
  14. I agree, I forgot that 9major is it's own special animal that doesn't really exist as far as the load manuals are concerned. Still, perusing a couple of load manuals for the general reloading information provided would be time well spent for someone new.
  15. I have no experience loading or shooting 9major. However from a general reloading background I would suggest: 1. You are new to reloading 2. You have a factory load that you are happy with 3. You can buy the same bullet the factory load uses 4. I would try to find out what powder the factory load uses and either use that or research the closest available substitute 5. Consider using the factory load parameters as a starting point... i.e. COL, crimp, etc. 6. With respect to #5: Check out a couple or three load manuals to ensure that using the factory parameters isn't sending you into the deep end of the pool right off the bat. 7. Research the concept of starting low and working up your load I'd also suggest that starting your reloading career it's nice if you can find a mentor. I would think that is especially true if you are starting with a 9major load from the getgo.
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