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  1. I think that is a good idea. Although your current volume may work with a 550 if you should get back to your original volume (and possibly increase at some point) then the 650/750 is a much better option. There are a number of online purchase options other than Dillon. One that comes to mind is Bobcat Armament. They are quick to respond to questions. Can't go wrong with Dillon.
  2. What volume are you shooting? That makes a difference on what machines may or may not be appropriate.
  3. Unfortunately that pricing is right up there with gunbroker. Edited: Ok, my math sucks, not as bad as gunbroker. Sorry.
  4. She "seems reluctant"... Hmmm, well if she is shooting up some of that ammo then you might have a legitimate question. Otherwise I can pretty much guarantee there is more resistance than what it "seems". If her response was anything less than "you've got to be f'n kidding me" she was just being nice.
  5. I'd call Dawson. My experience is that you explain what you are looking to do and then they are very helpful in finding a solution.
  6. The ammobot facebook group has the following pic:
  7. The two most recent occurrences were with S&B during loading. That brass had previously gone through a processing pass where it was decapped and sized. I don't recall there being any issues during that initial processing.
  8. I've experienced this also although a little less frequently. It has happened a couple times this week though. Maybe twice in 500 rounds. It is annoying for sure.
  9. Mark, The Lee die mikes approx .835 at the knurling and clears the primer bracket. The Lyman M mikes approx .885 at the knurling and does not. I'd be curious to see what the Redding number is. Thanks!
  10. Thanks very much. Out of town guests so hopefully tomorrow I can look at it at some point. I'll have to refresh my memory exactly where the issue was; it's been a while.
  11. Has anybody tried the Redding Expanding Die in station 4, the priming station, on the CNC Shooter tool head? I'm wondering if there would be interference with the primer lever arm bracket. The Lyman M-die hits the bracket unless the bracket is relieved a bit.
  12. I tried the 18 inch dildo. It was very heavy. Slowed me down too much. 12 inches works a lot better.
  13. You just slap the mag on the magnet. Don't have to look or feel for the opening. Sort of a gross motor function vs. fine motor function kind of thing.
  14. I'm no statistics expert by any stretch but it's always bothered me that the 25 round classifier seems like a very small sample size compared to either 72 or 90. Seems like it would be easier to go "zero or hero" with it. I know people who have classified EX with it who would most likely be just strong SS with either of the longer courses.
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