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  1. ddc

    SIG X Five rear sight

    My experience with Sig customer service is that their first line phone reps are very tightly constrained in what they can do or say. Discussing any possible product design modifications with them would be a waste of time. You'd have to go a lot farther up the ladder.
  2. ddc

    Sig P320x5 FO Insert Size

    hmmmm.... might have to try that. How does it affect your accuracy on the more distant targets?
  3. You can get replacement parts from the parent company "Battenfeld Technologies" https://www.btibrands.com/product/vibra-prime/ So if you mess up the tray you can get a replacement. Or set up two trays one for each primer type. Also: I just did a general google of the internet and got more hits on the VibraPrime and getting it to work than I could ever read in a day. So there is information out there if you need more data points. Good luck!
  4. ddc

    CBC Brass - NEVER AGAIN!

    Loading on a 650. I find them to be more resistant to sizing than most. But other than increased effort and slightly longer COL I haven't had any problems. If you have your press set up for something like Blazer and are loading jacketed bullets and then go to CBC and load coated bullets you might have to make some adjustments. You might have to increase the flare a bit. You might find your COL is a bit longer than you thought it was. Not my favorite brass but I'm not going to toss them either.
  5. Vibra Prime users seem to have varying degrees of success with the unit. Some have no problems; it just seems to work. Others report that after doing some work on the area around the exit port, removing flash, smoothing, etc. then the unit works. Then there are those who can't get it to work at all and toss it. I'm lucky 'cuz mine worked fine right out of the box. I'd buy it again but I know there are those who would not. PS: Mine works with CCI500 and S&B SPP. I haven't tried it with Winchesters.
  6. Can anybody remember a thread on the 1050 where someone who upgraded from a lesser machine was sorry they did so?
  7. ddc

    320 slide disassembly

    There are four parts to that assembly: extractor, extractor pin, extractor spring, extractor spring pin. The extractor pin transfers force from the extractor spring to the extractor. If that pin or the spring was broken/defective so that no force was applied then the extractor would wiggle like that. I'm trying to visualize how anything broken in that area would prevent the extractor spring pin from being depressed. Perhaps if a small bit of spring broke off and is jammed between the spring pin and the channel it rides in....just guessing here...
  8. ddc

    9mm reloading problems

    I'm curious if the standard Lee sizing die would have also worked. I'm not suggesting you go out and buy one and do the experiment! lol... Just a thought I had... Actually now that I type this I don't think any sizer other than the RCBS was ever tried was it? So we don't know that the U-die was absolutely necessary to solve the problem. Only that the original sizer was not adequate. Possibly defective.
  9. ddc

    320 slide disassembly

    It takes a fair amount of pressure to depress the head of that pin. I use a roll pin punch as the small ball at the end fits into the recess in the pin and reduces slippage possibilities. (No hammer necessary, just hand pressure!) If it is truly locked up then that sounds like something is broken internally binding it up. You might try working in some light weight lubricant from the extractor end of the mechanism. If it was just extremely dry in there that might help break things loose.
  10. ddc

    P320x5 or....

    Out with the old. In with the new. I'm curious what the changes will be other than that the slide cut-out will allow Delta Point Pro mounting... I hope.
  11. ddc

    COL differences

    And to some of use there is more going on than those two concerns. Yes, bullet shape has a big impact. However if you discount the effect that brass has on COL then you are missing something. Way too many people to disregard have observed that brass has an effect on COL. Not all brass is created equal. Some cases are more "stiff" than others. More resistant to belling and more resistant to bullet insertion. Some brass is "softer". CBC brass is known for being "stiff". Blazer is known to be "softer". Try an experiment: 1. Sort out a bunch of brass by headstamp and keep the CBC brass in one pile and Blazer brass in another. I'd suggest at least 20 cases of each. 2. Load 'em up. 3. Measure the COL of each run.
  12. Well... be careful here...I might be misunderstanding the suggestion and I can't argue with positive results but... I've had two occasions where the primer punch unscrewed far enough to leave high primers. Didn't notice it until I had way too many... I'm just guessing here cuz I've never dealt with this exact problem but it seems to me that the primary issue might be somewhere else and shimming the primer punch is just masking a better solution. However if the primer punch is indeed the culprit then that is definitely a problem that Dillon should deal with. That would be either a defect or something has broke or worn beyond tolerance.
  13. I'm going to try to remember that little trick... thanks.
  14. ddc

    SIG P320 +5 Basepads

    There can be some interference when the follower is pushed down to the point where the lower parts of the follower hit the transition between the mag tube and the base pad. A little gentle beveling of that part of the follower was necessary on just about every mag I installed those base pads on.
  15. The plastic tube that came with mine was very stiff. Hard to mate the two tubes together. More than once I fumbled it and ended up with primers all over the floor. Then I saw a reference someplace (probably here on benos) to just sticking the Dillon tube in the handle. Worked like a charm.