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  1. Also note that many people, myself included, remove the ratchet mechanism.
  2. I believe that most of these aftermarket "upgrades" are often not necessary and may as you found out introduce problems. Most issues can be solved by proper adjustment and a good cleaning especially if it has been a while. Can a particular problem benefit from an aftermarket solution? Sure, but I'd exhaust the cleaning and adjustment possibilities first.
  3. Cuz, the path the "feed spring" takes from collator to the bullet feeder die can have a bearing on how the die operates. The issue is that the lateral pressure that the spring puts on the die can result in erratic operation. The more vertical you can get that spring, especially the last few inches before the die, the better it will operate. Alternatively there are aftermarket solutions involving a spring which helps ensure the die retracts to it's lowest position on every cycle. The issue seems to be somewhat die dependent. I have one die that is very forgiving and I have one that needs assistance.
  4. As does the Lee die. (And as has been pointed out both are currently available at Midway. That situation may not last forever.)
  5. Not fun. So you're thinking that using the hold down created a situation that caused the blow up?
  6. When you say "significant quantities" what does that mean exactly?
  7. Pretty much what you suspect. The additional resistance of a full shell plate, mostly from the sizing die, is resulting in a hair more distance between shell plate and tool head. Also be aware you will see differences based upon head stamps. For example if you set up your tool head with a bunch of Blazer brass and then change over to S&B or CBC don't be surprised if you OAL grows a bit.
  8. In theory you don't have to bolt down an automated press. However you will almost for sure need to run it using the manual arm on occasion when you are clearing up problems and for other reasons as well. If whatever the base the automation is mounted on is not bolted down you'll have problems. At least that is true for the Ammobot. Perhaps the Mk7 is different but I'd be surprised.
  9. I'm stand up also. At 37" I think you are right in the sweet spot without a riser. I'm 5'10" and mine is mounted at 38" but 37" would work a little better I think. I wouldn't want mine any higher than it already is.
  10. How high is your bench? Were you planning on a direct mount or raising it a bit?
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