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  1. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    I've used the "bigger blob" technique and it helps me but I've wondered about going to something that uses a 0.060" rod as well. I wonder if there is enough meat on the factory front sight to allow it to be drilled out.
  2. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    The behavior you describe about the slide not going all the way forward: That only happens on mine (two X5s) if I'm not careful to pull the slide fully to the rear and then let go smartly taking care to not ride the slide forward even just a little bit. Any interference and the slide will not go fully into battery. They have both behaved that way since new regardless of recoil spring weight. This is not the first time I've heard this mentioned; fairly common observation as far as I can tell. Never had a problem with light primer strikes. Both of mine have GG kits with Springer tungsten rods and use 13# springs. Regarding not being able to dryfire: When I installed my kits one X5 worked fine. The other wouldn't reset when I racked the slide. Emailed GG and they suggested my gun might be on the edge of tolerance. Take the kits out and swap them. So I swapped the two kits and now both guns worked fine. The crazy thing is I then swapped the kits into the gun they were originally installed in and both guns continued to work. No problems since then after tens of thousands of rounds. So just the tiniest hitch somewhere in the sear reset process that went away almost immediately after I cycled the slides several times. How new is your gun and how new is the GG kit?
  3. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    I haven't had the interference problem you describe on the X5 but have had it on another gun. Very annoying and performance hindering. I did replace the mag release with the Springer extended and am happy I did. It is much easier to reach and depress the release without rotating my grip. I really like it; wouldn't want to shoot without it.
  4. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    Hey, I got it! lol... That is probably the lowest I have seen published as far as I can remember. Where on the trigger are you pulling from?
  5. To me that is a strange sequence of events. Combined with the apparent multiple slippages of the 1100 release makes me wonder if there is some fundamental issue with the 1100 that required a re-design? However that would also be curious since it is more of an evolution of an existing product as opposed to a blank sheet new product. There are a few 1100s out in the wild apparently in the hands of third parties such as Ammobot and others. They are all very positive about the machine. Very curious....
  6. So in a good year I get to shoot one upper level match. Perhaps a single sectional. No nationals. Maybe the level 1 matches don't matter to you but they sure as hell matter to me.
  7. That makes a lot of sense. Perhaps that is why when I'm expecting for example a Blazer Brass case to provide a lesser amount of resistance it can surprise me. Maybe that particular case was work hardened.
  8. ddc

    Tungsten grip module,,,

    My original X5 weight had a thin rubber "snubber" strip on the back I'm guessing to provide a little friction to help hold it in place. Does the legion weight have that same rubber strip?
  9. I see OAL being at least somewhat of a function of the effort it takes to resize. I sort headstamps and if I an loading Blazer Brass which sizes relatively easily I will get on average a slightly shorter OAL than if I'm loading CBC which is one of the headstamps which provides the most resistance to sizing. Whether that resistance is due to different metallurgy or different case wall thickness I have not investigated. Edit to add: So to finish my thought that I apparently got sidetracked from...the resistance to sizing a case is indicative of the its resistance to seating a bullet into that case and therefore the longer OAL.
  10. Interesting. So no swapping FCUs without swapping the striker along with it?
  11. I emailed Dillon and told them that I was just as awesome as you are. They haven't responded yet. Perhaps their email is down? sigh...I suspect I won't get a free 1100 either.
  12. I think some of you guys are confusing the "kks" who is the OP with Kilough Shooting Sports who is referenced in the THR thread. I would assume that if Kilough Shooting Sports chose to post here and was going to use a three letter acronym for their screen name that it might be "kss". "bds" from THR is a legit and long time poster over there who typically takes a measured approach to shooting and reloading. I read his posts with interest. If he were to start posting here as well that would not be a bad thing.
  13. That's great. I'm going to bet that does the trick. Interesting how much difference it can make in just who your rep is on any given phone call. I've had similar experiences. The vast majority have been positive but there have been a couple of clunkers over the years.
  14. Yeah I don't buy that at all. That's news to all that use mixed range brass. I'd call back and talk to a different agent.
  15. ddc

    Fault lines?

    Whether or not this apparently tribal interpretation of the fault line rules is actually legal or illegal... If that is the way the match wants to do it in contrast to the way 99% of the rest of the USPSA/IDPA world does it (and there are quite a few crossover shooters for both) then that seems quite foolish to me.
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