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  1. Why would you order 10k bullets if you weren't damn sure they were the bullets you really want? Really? Buy a sample pack or a couple hundred or whatever and figure out whether you like them or not. Really?
  2. I tried them together some time ago. I did not like the combination. My recollection is that it made the GG trigger kit kinda glitchy but it was long enough ago that I can't really give you any solid feedback at this point. I can say that after I installed it I took about 5 trigger pulls and went straight to the work bench to take it out.
  3. Isn't the problem at the base of the case? If so then additional crimp isn't going to change anything at that location.
  4. ddc

    EDC x9

    There is the STI Staccato-C https://stiguns.com/product-lineup/staccato-c/ Or the DVC-C.
  5. hmmmm... interesting... I could imagine that certain powder formulations would be more damaging to the hoppers than others. Plus there could be variations in the plastic used by the different manufacturers. My experience is limited to Dillon hoppers and I haven't loaded any of the powders they mention.
  6. I have never heard of a hopper corroding and subsequently falling apart. They do get discolored as time goes by. I have 4 and they are from 3 to 5 years old for the oldest. All are discolored to some degree. The oldest probably has loaded at least 50K rounds and works just as well and looks exactly like the newest one with the exception that the hopper has more discoloration.
  7. Yes that is a good point which I conveniently overlooked. My scale is a Gem Pro 250 which "reads" to 100ths but doesn't actually measure that closely. They claim it measures to 0.001 grams which is approximately 0.015 grains. I would be happy if it actually measured to that.
  8. For 9mm that seems like a lot of variability. I'm on a 650 also and loading Action Pistol, Prima V, True Blue. For Action Pistol my target is 3.5 and 90% of the throws I check are between 3.45 and 3.55 and occasionally a slight bit more/less. True Blue is even better. It flows like sand in an hour glass. Your powder can have an impact. Ball powders like True Blue will tend to flow more consistently than stick or flake. I'm not using any "tricks". Just the standard 650 powder setup.
  9. So there is not that much difference between for example a Gray Gun's slicked up X5 (a rather racy Prod gun) and a slicked up 2011 with a SA trigger at whatever 1.x# trigger pull weight suits your fancy?
  10. And that is so true. When I started out I thought I was going to save money...looking back I just have to chuckle.
  11. Holy cow batman, I wasn't serious! Do you know what "lol" means?
  12. Actually the correct answer is: "Get both"... lol Get the 1100 to load your bulk 9mm. Get the 750 to load everything else. Set up your bullet/case feeders to swing both ways. (I love spending other people's money.)
  13. There are probably any number of ways at looking at whether one machine would be more appropriate than the other. One way to look at it is how many cartridges will you reload for, how many rounds per cartridge, will you be changing back and forth on a regular basis or only once or twice a year. Loading large amounts of a single cartridge tends to favor the 1050/1100. Loading smaller amounts of multiple cartridges tends to favor the 650/750. Exactly where that trade-off is depends on the individuals needs. Edit: And as TrackCage pointed out while I was typing my response it is cheaper to change calibers on a 650/750.
  14. What cartridges will you be reloading for? How many rounds per year for each of those?
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