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  1. I don't know if this is a good price these days, haven't bought factory ammo for quite a while: https://palmettostatearmory.com/9mm-124gr-fmj-blazer-brass.html $8.99. $7.99 after rebate. Free shipping for 20+.
  2. The timer has a two year warranty. If you are out of warranty they will fix for 1/2 current retail. My display started to get rather dark and they replaced it but I was within the warranty period.
  3. ddc

    X5 Rumor?

    And I thought I had read that the DPP and the RTS2 had the same footprint. I've never verified that in the slightest but now I'm curious.
  4. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    I have a bit of the astigmatism problem also. With some RDS it looks sort of like two dots very close to each other. With others there is a elongation or tail or what seems to me to be an excessive amount of starburst. I've noticed it the least with the Leupold Delta Point Pro 2.5 MOA dot compared to the other RDS I've looked through. At lower brightness settings I almost don't notice it.
  5. I have this vague memory of the "pivot foot discussions" that I guess I've tried to suppress...lol The 2013 rulebook was in effect when I started competitive shooting so I had nothing to compare it to but it sure raised my eyebrows on any number of occasions. IMHO IDPA has really done themselves a disservice with the way they've handled the rulebook.
  6. ddc

    P320 X5 Thread

    The RHT holster is great for USPSA/IDPA and other similar "action pistol" type events. I don't know if it would be the best choice for 3 gun. I don't shoot that but my understanding is that those guys often use something with a more active retention system. I'm curious what the 3 gun guys will say about that.
  7. I'd love to explain but every time I think about it my head explodes. Hopefully somebody will be along shortly who can keep it together.
  8. If you have used the alignment tool before then you know that the only "adjustment" (I use that term loosely) you can do comes from rotating the platform against the "slop" inherent in the two mounting bolts. There is not a lot of movement available and tightening the bolts tends to move the platform back to its inherent neutral location which is likely a little different location from where it needs to be for the priming ram to be centered. It can be a little frustrating getting it aligned. You have to torque on the platform to keep it aligned as you tighten down the mounting bolts.
  9. ddc

    9mm light loads

    Thanks for the data. (and it just needs to work for me; she has a Shield with her own load)
  10. ddc

    9mm light loads

    Not Titegroup so disregard if that is important. I did some download experimenting with Sport Pistol and a Ruger LC9s for a bug gun match. No chrono data but the following experience: RMR 124 Plated RN (I don't know if they produce these anymore; I think they are moving to jacketed) OAL was 1.120/1.125 3.2 grains: Gun cycled for me but not for my wife. I assume limp wristing for her issues. 3.3 grains: Gun cycled for me and better but not 100% for my wife. I used the 3.3 grain load for the match and had no problems. I think it even knocked steel over. I might try 3.2 next time. I'm going to WAG the power factor at about 110 to 115; I'd be curious to see if anybody had any hard data in this range.
  11. That is exactly why I bought one.
  12. wow... in this case a picture is truly worth a thousand words... I never would have guessed...
  13. I've got my 650 boxed up for a move along with all my data but my recollection is that if I was set to 3.25 then the vast majority of my throws would be between 3.20 and 3.30 so a total spread of 0.1 or probably just a bit more. So 0.13 would be ok but I think perhaps a bit more than I was getting with the Dillon. I could be wrong and it will be a while before I can actually test out how close my memory is to what is actually happening.
  14. So not only is the throw weight speed dependent but the spread increases with speed as well. The spread of 0.130 (WAC data 1000/min) is not a total disaster but the spread of 0.222 (WAC data 2200/min) would bother me. I wonder if the spread is throw weight dependent. In other words if the average throw for WAC was around 3.4 at 1000/min (instead of 6.8) would the spread be around 0.065 instead of 0.130? That would work for me as I'm shooting minor PF and 3.4 would be close to what I throw depending upon exactly which powder we're talking about.
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