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  1. Agreed...Foot Fault per 7.2 7.2 Foot Faults A competitor who fires a shot while touching the ground outside the appropriate shooting box is considered to be faulting that box. Shots fired while faulting a box will result in a 3 second penalty for each shot that a fault occurs.
  2. I have a Rx pair of Aviator frames for the last two years. Happy to have real safety glasses with prescription lenses. Mr. Conley (Owner) is a stand up guy and gives back a ton to the shooting sports.
  3. COTA race in Austin has been rescheduled for November. Hopefully, you will not be contagious by then. I have been every year it has been in Austin. Not sure I can make a November race.
  4. The second run would be a new course of fire; so per the rules, you would still need to paint before the second run. With that being said, none of the three "local" official Steel Challenge matches I have available to me repaint between each course of fire. Hell, I went to one match where they didn't even paint between squads. And, they usually leave it up to the squad on the shooting order for folks with two guns.
  5. Currently shooting the 5.5" Buck Mark Lite.
  6. Browning Buck Mark. The Victory was not available when I was looking for a .22 pistol. So, it was between the Ruger and the Browning. The Buck Mark felt more balanced in my hand, so I went with it. After finding a local club that held .22 matches, my Buck Mark seemed to run as well or better than any of the other model pistols. So, I have stuck with them. Only thing I needed to do to make it a "race-gun" was change out the extractor as the only issue from the factory was an occasional stovepipe ~300 rounds. Switched out the extractor with a TANDEMKROSS "Eagle's Talon" extractor. Now, I may get a stovepipe every 2,000-3,000 rounds are so.
  7. Same. Changed my bookmark to the secured version, and it seems to be keeping me signed in.
  8. You may be thinking about the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park. They do require that you "successfully complete the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park safety class"; which when I was there, consisted of watching a short video.
  9. I do not believe it was the "largest ever". 250 Guns for the 2019 event in Practiscore. The last year (2017) that NSSF ran it, it had over 320 entries. Kudos to all those involved in hosting the match though. I have only heard positive things from this year's event. With the exponential growth of Steel Challenge (a very similar sport), why do you think we are not seeing the same growth in Rimfire Challenge? I try to support as many of the state level RCSA matches as I can, and was disappointed to learn that the Lone Star match (the only Sanctioned RCSA event in the whole state of Texas to my knowledge) will not be held this year.
  10. I am having the same issue of not being signed in when returning to the forum. I found that instead of signing in, all I had to do was click the " Brian Enos's Forums...Maku mozo!" header at the top of the page. Then it shows me signed in.
  11. AR_James

    BE Blog

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. I have really enjoyed the posts.
  12. The differences I see are that the firearm is in a case (trigger is covered), and there is an exception written into the rules. Sweeping or pointing the muzzle of a firearm at any part of any person’s body during the course of fire. If the firearm is in a case and not in the competitor’s hands, sweeping does not apply. Reaching forward of the muzzle of a cased firearm to close the case is not a sweeping infraction, provided the competitor’s hands are completely clear of the firearm itself.
  13. Thanks Gregg. Fiber optic, bright daylight, front sight more than an arms length away, and shooting glasses that only correct for distance vision. I still know I am losing time to the folks with better eyes due to the delay as my eyes refocus from the target to the sight, but I do the best I can.
  14. Agreed. I like the idea of the asterisk. I was able to make RFRI GM in 2018. Then re-earned it in 2019 after the peak times changed. Looks like I will need to up my game to re-earn it again in 2020. New goal may be to see how many times I can re-earn the classification. RFRI GM*2018 RFRI GM*2019
  15. Seems appropriate that some of the divisions peak times needed to be adjusted. It would be interesting to see how the peak times are calculated. Seeing as how there has been a significant change over the last two years in many of the divisions, both sides of the equation need to be adjusted to maintain balance. If you compete under the new peak times in 2020, I think you should be reclassified. For example, in 2018 RFRI peak time was 83.00. In 2020 it will be 74.00. So, if you were a 100% GM just two years ago, those same times in 2020 would have you at 89% which is a middle "M" class.
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