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  1. It is an Aftec and seems to hold a round pretty firmly when I check it.
  2. Been having some of these lately, 5 instances over 1500 rounds. Happens when clean or dirty. All rounds case gauged, 9mm makes minor PF, 7lb recoil spring. Anyone have any theories as to what is causing this problem?
  3. Had the same problem with the VersaMax Competition. Inside was cerkoted and dragging the rim of the shell like that, tried all the fixes as well. Finally fixed it when I replaced the carrier dog spring with a benelli spring and polished the inside down to the metal and took off all he cerakote finish.
  4. PCCpalooza Where: Universal Shooting Academy Frostproof, FL The day after Nationals, Sunday October 9, we will be holding a PCC only match. We will be using 8 stages from the USPSA Handgun Nationals. One day match, 8 squads of 10-12. We will be using Match Sign Up for pre registration. $45, lunch included Sign Up: http://www.matchsignup.org/match/default.php?matchid=871
  5. Awesome match, can't wait to shoot it again next year! Very well ran and organized. Thanks Howard!
  6. You'll hav bro excuse my ignorance. Is that similar to these or more like the finish on a standard bolt? Have you done any mags, wondering how slick the finish is?
  7. Anybody on the forum do Xylan or black nitride coating? If not, who do you recomm me? Need to do a muzzle brake and 3 STI magazine bodies. Thanks
  8. Took care of my versa max today. Slugs were a foot high at 70 yards, now dead on. Wacked that sucker over a railroad tie.
  9. OK, been loading match 223 for awhile now and looking to get into hoser 223 and 9mm. Only want to pay the Hazmat once, so want to make sure I get this right. I have no experience with these, just seemed to be the consensus for what Im doing. Please let me know what you think. AR w/RCA lightweight BCG and AR Gold trigger, for hoser 223 going to run 55gr ~2600fps out of 16" barrel: Ramshot TAC and CCI #41 primers Glock 34 9mm w/ lightweight striker: Titegroup and Winchester small pistol primers
  10. My versa max has the same issue, haven't figured it out
  11. Have ran freedom reman through it, no problems with the JP springs. Never ran JP PCC but recoil is significantly less in MPX than other blowback AR 9MM.
  12. Replaced the trigger springs in my MPX with the light version from JP, noticeably lighter pull
  13. Hard to beat chameleon if you are looking for a load two chest rig/ belt.
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