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  1. That's part of the reason we do our match setup the day before with a smaller crew.
  2. If you're there early, and they need the help, you should pitch in to help. I can say with almost 100% certainty that the folks doing the setup are well aware of you walking through and not helping, and there's probably some judging going on.
  3. The reason that advice (focus on points, be safe) is given because most of us have seen a brand new shooter trying to shoot too quickly and do something unsafe by mistake (ie they throw 2 shots on a target, realize they missed as they leave the position, then lead with the gun coming back and break 180). The reason that I personally recommend limited to new shooters is to reduce the number of magazines required (not everyone shows up with 5 mags, I've seen folks turn up with 2 15 round mags, luckily we can usually scrounge extras) and the number of reloads they have to do (another potential for unsafe action). The key point that some folks leave out is: shoot slow and accurate for your first couple of matches and then work on turning up the speed, and potentially shoot a different division. Get some experience under your belt and then start cranking it up.
  4. Registration for Dothan's Endless Summer Blast is now open! The match will take place on Saturday October 10th. It's a level 1 match, 10 stages (say around 300 rounds, stages are TBD). Lunch is provided, and there's a prize drawing after the match! Cost is $100, and you (or your delegate) must be present to win prizes. https://practiscore.com/2020-endless-summer-blast/register
  5. (speaking for USPSA) - under what rule?
  6. USPSA is not really a spectator friendly sport, because without a lot of editing or commentary you can't tell what's going on unless you know what to look for. Maybe a channel/group that provides that could build more interest.
  7. As fun as that might be... I intend to take it seriously.
  8. I use powerpoint for mine - i can strip out our club info and post it up if you want. We have it set up to print onto a letter sized piece of paper.
  9. Ha! Out of curiosity, how common is arbitration these days? I have not been around that long, but the closest I've seen was at a sectional a few years ago, but that was avoided.
  10. Good to know. I will give that chapter another read. In the pre-class materials they have several arbitration scenarios spelled out.
  11. Like the title says, I am going to be attending a CRO course soon. I've been an RO for a year and a half or so, only worked two majors, but I am the Steel Challenge MD for my club and I have been helping to run our USPSA matches for the past two years. Prior to COVID, I had planned on working at least two majors this year but both of those got pushed to the fall. Still planning to work them (including classic nats). Anyone have any pointers or advice going into a CRO course?
  12. Full sized poppers have their place, at least for me, as activators if I want a slower fall.
  13. I am running latest iOS version but it has not yet been updated. Entered manually. On a side note, 19-04 is nothing like I remember from hi cap Nationals. Much smaller based on the diagram and after setup. It's a 2 position stage now and not a 3 position like it was in st George.
  14. Thanks. I just wasn't sure if Practiscore was going to be a headache or not.
  15. Are we able to run the new classifiers yet? I think I can get it to work in classifier despite them not being added, but I am not sure if they are live yet where we can actually run them and post scores.
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