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  1. My opinion: no more equipment rule changes for the next 3 years. I'd love to extend that to all rule changes, but there are some things that could be good changes (popper calibration, in the opinion of some, for example). Revolver needs to stay, if we are going to continue to have revolvers in the sport. Revolvers are simply too different from any other gun in the sport to be combined with any other division. L10/SS - if we were going to get rid of one, get rid of single stack and fold it into L10. That way the largest number of guns are covered. IMO L10 only exists to make sure that Low Cap nationals fills up (these days).
  2. It better not... I bet a lot of clubs simply won't recognize the division. I do not want to deal with 22's not knocking steel over, and I bet a lot of people feel the same way.
  3. The rule (10.5.9) specifically calls out loading, reloading, and unloading. Definitions copy pasted below (unloading not relevant to this discussion). At the time you lower the hammer, you are not loading or reloading the gun. Loading: The insertion of ammunition into a firearm. Loading is completed when ammunition is inserted, firearm is in battery (slide forward or cylinder closed and ready to fire), and the competitor’s hand has been removed from the magazine or other loading device (except as may occur during establishing a normal grip on the firearm) Reloading: Revolver -Empty the cylinder, insert new ammunition, and close the cylinder or loading gate. Self-loader -Remove magazine, insert a different magazine, and return the firearm to battery (slide closed), and the competitor’s hand removed from the magazine. For the purposes of this definition, a magazine/speed-loading device retrieved from the range floor is considered a new source of ammunition.
  4. Would you really DQ someone for lowering the hammer without using the decocker?
  5. Dothan Gun Club will have a match on Sunday, https://practiscore.com/dgc-uspsa-08-22-21/register
  6. That's why I always leave a little more than necessary visible when I set them.
  7. This is one of those things where common sense needs to prevail. it's very clear that the rule is meant for things like bullets being stuck in the barrel, or if the competitor somehow got dirt or mud stuck in the barrel. A stuck case was clearly not intended to be part of that rule.
  8. I got this response from NROI, regarding the visibility. The plates have to be fully visible from some point of in the CoF, which is what I thought.
  9. It's a fun target. I like it, I just need to figure out the hard cover.
  10. This says a lot more about your character than the person wearing the shirt.
  11. So this came up over the weekend. My club has a swinger with two plates on it, from Red Stitch Targets. I was trying to use hard cover plates to hide the plates when set, but not be disappearing. I went into the rulebook to see how much of the plate has to be visible for it to not be disappearing. I could not find anything. The closest thing was for poppers (50% for peppers, 100% for minis). The plates I was using are 8 inch plates, so my thought process was it needed to be 100%. Anyone have any idea?
  12. If you left handed folk would just be normal it wouldn't a problem! Jk jk. You make a very good point though.
  13. Bagellord


    There is a really simple solution to this debate over function fire bays. Ask NROI/HQ how they reconcile it and go about it.
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