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  1. Full sized poppers have their place, at least for me, as activators if I want a slower fall.
  2. I am running latest iOS version but it has not yet been updated. Entered manually. On a side note, 19-04 is nothing like I remember from hi cap Nationals. Much smaller based on the diagram and after setup. It's a 2 position stage now and not a 3 position like it was in st George.
  3. Thanks. I just wasn't sure if Practiscore was going to be a headache or not.
  4. Are we able to run the new classifiers yet? I think I can get it to work in classifier despite them not being added, but I am not sure if they are live yet where we can actually run them and post scores.
  5. Bagellord

    P320 X5 Thread

    A CO gun will have more felt recoil, but properly tuned and with a good grip the dot movement is going to be effectively the same. An open gun is sharper and more violent, but less felt recoil.
  6. We started running a free introduction class every month to let people come out and try shooting steel challenge and USPSA without the idea of it being a match looming over them. We Emphasize the safety rules, and teach them the basic rules they need to know (how the match works, range commands, scoring, etc). it seems to be helping slowly but surely. I think next I'll ask local gun shops if they'll let me know flyers about it.
  7. And they are the Shooter's Connection brand, not like target barn or something like that?
  8. One thing that's very important to me is having enough RO's on each stage. I have shot a few majors where they were very short staffed and it really sucks the fun out of things. At a major match, competitors should NEVER be handling the tablet or writing in scores.
  9. Fear/intimidation seems to be a big factor. If anyone figures out how to fix that I am all ears. I hope the class will help.
  10. We do offer first time shooters free first match, and club members get a discount. I think a lot of it, being in the South, is holding our matches on Sunday.
  11. Running a range is no easy task, just based on the glimpses I have had into it from the guy who runs the range I am a member at (and compete at). Especially if you are a one man show like he is, but even ranges with a lot of staff have issues.
  12. How do you guys draw in more shooters to your matches? We scraped by this summer with around 30 or so shooters per match (we do two per month), with mostly the same faces at every match. I want to try to get back to higher numbers, more shooters, and I just cannot seem to figure out how to get people to come out and shoot. We're located in Dothan, Alabama. I am working on getting an introduction to competitive shooting class going each month (first class is supposed to be tomorrow, but the weather may ruin that), to try and draw in new people from the club and surrounding area.
  13. That's why i am so surprised at the accuracy.
  14. I'm gonna try scrubbing the barrel really well when I get a chance.
  15. Yeah as would I. I will try a lead remover to see if maybe there's just a lot of buildup.
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