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  1. The 2019 Endless Summer Blast is coming up soon at Dothan Gun Club, in Dothan, Alabama! This is a 10 stage level 1 match with prizes and free lunch. It's the match director's way of thanking the shooters who come to our local matches. Registration link is here: https://practiscore.com/2019-endless-summer-blast/register Dan will be giving away 1 gun for every 10 shooters, on top of other prizes. Cost is $100 and includes lunch.
  2. Then I would go with the PCC. Just make sure you have a bag that is easy to get the rifle in and out of without sweeping yourself or breaking the 180, and that you have a chamber flag.
  3. I'd say they are equal assuming you already have the correct equipment for each. Which do you feel more comfortable with?
  4. We use iPad mini's with otterbox cases. They seem to do alright as long as you protect them from the sun. We have some sunshades that are branded with practiscore that are great for that.
  5. Timer holders, ha! That's sadly way too true.
  6. Wait which hobby are we talking about here?
  7. You don't get the best two (or whatever the case may be) shots, the RO's have to determine which holes were created by shooting through the hard cover, and ignore those -
  8. Because the steel is no longer available to shoot from the correct position whereas the paper is.
  9. Bagellord

    .380 ACP

    What's worse than 380 is 9x18 mak! I had a handful of those make their way into a reloading session and I didn't catch them until case gauging time. Little bastards!
  10. What extra rules did they want?
  11. A local rule cannot result in a DQ from the match (that is not already covered in the rulebook). However, the shooter can be asked to leave and zero any remaining stages.
  12. We haven't been using the check-in feature. Looks like I'll probably just have to export the shooters list and the match results, and then use some Excel magic to drop the folks who no showed. Thanks for the help!
  13. Thanks for the feedback. After shooting it over the weekend and noticing no difference, I am going to sell it to a friend who has a Glock that can use it, he's got the factory guide rod in it now I believe. So maybe it'll be worth it for him.
  14. Apologies! This is for USPSA matches on the iOS app.
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