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  1. Can anyone confirm that the alloy pads for the Tripp Research 10mm 9 round mags will work with the Dawson Gapless Ice Magwell?
  2. Personally i retire props that cause that sort of issue. Which is why we haven't used a Polish plat rack in over a year at my matches
  3. I will check them out. Is there any way to do a magwell? Edit: by magwell I mean something flared to help with easier reloads
  4. So currently I have a standard AR-15 lower that I SBRed some years back, it's mainly served as my home defense rifle. It's a normal Aero 556 lower. I kinda would like to build a PCC upper for it, not least because of the new 2-gun nationals in June. So, is this a wise idea, vs buying a dedicated lower/rifle? Or is it viable to run a conversion block and a 9mm upper?
  5. I have found that lack of ammo is already hurting our local match participation. I think it's going to have a negative effect long term because people are going to cut back somewhat if not entirely on shooting, find another hobby, and just never come back.
  6. The reason the rule is written that way is to remove the "but was it loaded or not" from the RO's list of things to watch.
  7. Central Alabama gun club. This is not confirmed or set in stone however.
  8. Current rumor is that it will be in Montgomery. CMP will not be hosting it again.
  9. One of them was run at classic nationals, and they probably used production HF's to guess for L10/SS/Revo. For PCC, probably CO or Open based?
  10. Bagellord


    Thanks, but that is for the housing itself, not the actual spring.
  11. Bagellord


    I am really, really sorry to resurrect such an old thread. But... how in the world do you change the mainspring on a Mk III? I bought a new one from Ruger hoping to solve some ignition issues (already changed the firing pin) with Eley Force ammo, but I cannot figure out how to take the mainspring out of the housing.
  12. It would be nice for expectations regarding reset to be spelled out in the rulebook, so that people who are truly not helping with reset are punished appropriately. One of my friends at A6 this year was behind a squad where 4-5 shooters simply refused to help reset, even when staff told them to.
  13. Pretty sure it's legal, as long as the original gun is started life as is on the production list.
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