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  1. That's why i am so surprised at the accuracy.
  2. I'm gonna try scrubbing the barrel really well when I get a chance.
  3. Yeah as would I. I will try a lead remover to see if maybe there's just a lot of buildup.
  4. Pretty much exclusively Blue Bullets
  5. Not sure about now vs new, just don't remember. I'll have to test the other gun I have.
  6. Anyone know what the barrel life is on these guns? I've got somewhere north of 15k on one of mine, and I've noticed that the groups are quite bad compared to my basically brand new gun. The barrel slides forwards and backwards a fair mount in the slide, when I don't have a recoil spring installed. Is it time for a new barrel?
  7. Wasn't that JJ? I remember discussing that with the CRO when we got to that stage.
  8. I really enjoyed the match despite me not shooting well. The only issues I really had with the match besides the heat (not that anyone can control that, and it looked like they did an awesome job providing water at the range) was that they seemed to be short on RO's like last year, but not as bad, and some of the RO's didn't seem to know the rules or be willing to enforce them. But I thought the stages were fantastic, but I personally would have preferred to have some lower round count stages sprinkled in (shorts and mediums). Overall, I am very glad I went and had a great time.
  9. That guy should actually be helping the guy with the timer watch the shooter...
  10. USPSA at this point is a game. I see no point in trying to treat it as anything but a game, if you actually want to compete and not just use it as a personal skill test. VC therefore has its use in order to add another element to the game. If people would actually pay attention to what's going on, and read the rules, instead of just holding a timer or punching thing on the iPad/Nook, this wouldn't be an issue.
  11. I guess I can try a glock guide rod. I have a tungsten one I'd bought, but it was too long. I guess I can try to cut it down with a dremel.
  12. Are there any other companies making guide rods for the 5 inch guns, besides speed shooter specialties? I just got another gun set up but can't find any of the longer guide rods in stock anywhere. SSS has been out of stock for a while.
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