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  1. Well, what do you want out of the match? Assuming the quality of the matches themselves are approximately equal, do you want to compete and test your skills against a larger crowd, or would you prefer to socialize? That's how I would make my decision.
  2. That's a good point, but it is the way that they have said it should be done. Maybe PractiScore will add a "not for match score" option to entries.
  3. The way we do it, is if someone reshoots a classifier by choice (outside of a mandatory reshoot), we add another shooter entry and leave the original score. Both scores are uploaded to PractiScore and USPSA. So you end up with an extra entry for the shooter at the bottom of the results because they only shot 1 stage, and USPSA gets their activity fees.
  4. So what was the actual infraction? That would resolve this entire thread...
  5. I definitely agree with this, for major matches at least. Now local matches, your mileage may vary.
  6. Have you ever witnessed Bruce wells RO a stage? It's a treat
  7. I can offer a small comment on the live stream stuff - this is a whole new ballgame for them and so there's a lot of learning and figuring out hardware/software. They plan to improve on it, but it's just going to take them some time.
  8. Have you ever chronoed them back to back with regular SPP?
  9. I was really shocked at the way it was laid out for the 8 round guns on some of the stages. They were legal, but some of us had to do some funky things.
  10. I wonder if more people stayed than they were expecting, though it seemed like food was an issue during the whole match. I ended up bringing my own food after the first day to ensure I'd have something to eat (and be able to get it quickly to have time to police my stage).
  11. I shot and staffed it. Things I liked: I really like the CMP range, they just need to expand (if possible) the number of bays. A lot of the smaller stages were very interesting. I did enjoy some of the larger field courses, despite what I am going to say in the next section. Thinks I disliked: It felt like a number of stages were really geared towards 10 round vs 8 round divisions. They were legal, but it made things more annoying that they needed to be. Shooting box stages that aren't speed shoots are never acceptable at any level, in my opinion
  12. A (non-competitor) person I was talking to on Discord mentioned using a force gauge of some kind to check fall weight for poppers. That would be interesting - a spec/tolerance for fall weight, and then the RM or CRO can verify the popper at any time.
  13. Problem with item number 1 is how do you know how long it's been like that, to the point it caused an REF Item number 2 is intriguing - knock it over, then reset and calibrate. Eliminates the possibility of it being rocked back and then being sent over the edge (ie a light load from the shooter moving it then the calibration shot finishing the job). Note: I'm not trying to be negative, I'm genuinely interested in improving the process. It's just a difficult thing to solve.
  14. Falling plates can't really be used as activators (plus there's other issues - they can spin, the bases can lean if the ground isn't hard enough, and they create a lot more spall in my experience). Unless you mean poppers that aren't hinged and just sit on a base, which the cheap ones can have their own problems.
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