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  1. Ditch the SRP's and use SPP, as for factory , Federal ammo would be my first choice. The actual material that the primers are made of is 1-2 thousandths thicker on the RP so it can handle the higher pressures that they develop. For some reason, the hollow factory firing pin for the 929 has always worked better for me in getting a reliable light trigger with 100% ignition, I think that it may be the shape of the firing pin nose or the fact that it is hollow [lighter?] and is more responsive. That's why we lightened the actual weight of our hammers isn't it? Now my 627 are totally different, I use Apex or TK extended firing pins in all of them and get 100% with Federal SPP.
  2. I think that your gun is too clean! LOL But really I have found Not to use any chemicals to clean the chambers. Just use a boresnake or brass brush. The Ti cylinder is quite porous let it build some carbon in there, it is like seasoning a cast iron pan to fill in the pores so food doesn't stick, I have found the Ti cylinder, seasoned works quite well. We have done this with 10-12 different 929's and it helped them all.
  3. Mine says 333, and I show 227 of these that I built and ran for my club.
  4. Dave Parker makes one that works, but you have machined off the nub of the barrel that the factory one used. This one mounts the same way so I think that you will have to maybe look for a different one. I think that Revolver supply is carrying them for Dave.
  5. mchapman


    I have ran a bunch of it in my 45 acp and my 9 mm and it worked well for me. You have to be on the upper end of the load range for it to work. For example if the load data is starting at 5.8gr and goes up to 6.8 I found the best results closer to 6.5 to 6.7 range not down by the 5.8 to 6.0.
  6. I don't think that they are nicer boxes any more, blue plastic vs gray plastic. No metal cases or wood presentation boxes just plain old plastic.
  7. mchapman

    S&W 929

    If you are wanting a Safariland, then I think that the 02 comp is the one that will work with the 929. I like the North Mountain 5 post that gives you 10 loaded moons. Another holder that is really good is the Johnson Precision Mag Rack with 8 posts.
  8. I think the modified comp lll are what you will find, The jeloaders are hard to find.
  9. Oh I fully understand that about the Federals, I was just trying to answering the OP's question is there any benefit to bobbing the hammer and I think with a bobbed hammer you can run a lighter trigger to still set off harder primers vs one with a spur still on. With the primer situation these days one may have to look at what ever is available.
  10. I think that the S&W 686/586 is the most common, some use the Model 66 and 19's, this is the one division that Colt and Ruger both have guns that can be used as well but there are other brands out there for less $ if you can find the supporting equipment for them , speedloaders and holsters.
  11. I would assume that all of of this was with fully seated Federal primers? How much would it change if you were to use harder CCI primers. I think that is where a bigger difference would show up in the pros or cons of bobbed or not.
  12. Down to the wire, those that are coming to shoot are going to have a great time, those who ain't coming, sucks to be you you're going to miss a fun match.
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