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  1. mchapman

    Midwest ICORE Regional

    How do you know for sure when that match is going to be Pat? I emailed John and haven't heard back from him yet. IF the Rocky Mtn . Regional is the next weekend, stay a bit longer and shoot it also, it's always been a fun match.
  2. mchapman


    A long with this match on Saturday we are planning on having a 6 stage STEEL CHALLENGE MATCH on the next day Sunday March 24th same starting times, you can shoot two different guns and there will be something there for lunch. Match fees will be $30 for the first gun and $10 for the second.
  3. mchapman

    sight in distance?

    WOW, talk about thread drift.
  4. mchapman

    9mm six shot moonclip checker

    George at Revolver Supply has had the .040 moonclips for a few years, I got some from him 2-3 years ago at Berry's Steel Match, they will not work with all brass but I have 1-2000 9's that do work well, but I have to use the moonclip tool to put them in, then I have other brass that is to tight to work with the .040, but they work great with the .035's and I can moon them by hand, but still have to use a demooner to remove them. MickeyScuba the clips that you got at IRC I believe are Ranch Products, I have some of those also that I use for practice and Steel Challenge where I don't have to load on the clock.
  5. mchapman

    Comp-iii Modification

    Here is the Ace Hardware part number and some pics of the container at Ace.
  6. mchapman

    sight in distance?

    When setting your rifle up for SC What distance do you sight in your Red Dots when using them on RFRO ? Is this a different distance than say you were using a PCCO?
  7. I have and use the Berry's case sorter, You start out with it set small, [tight] that allows the 9mm to fall through then dump those into a bucket, the larger ones are still inside of the tumbler, then you open the grates up to allow the 40's to fall through, then dump them into a bucket. Now open the sorter up and what you have left is the 45's. That being said .380's and 38super will be together, then you will get some 9mm nesting inside of the 40's, with 45's there may be some nesting of 9's and 40's, but they just fall right out. It save a lot of time if you are doing a few buckets of mixed brass but you will still have to do some hand sorting.
  8. mchapman

    Effects of altitude on power factor?

    Other than a powder being temperature sensitive, the main thing that will effect the power factor is barometric pressure, altitude has very little to do with it in my experiance. I go from 8600 ft down to 1500 and if the barometer is the same the PF is the same.
  9. mchapman

    38 Spcl. Load for USPSA minor

    I guess to me that is really subjective, I run a dry bore snake through my barrel and cylinders and wipe down the out side about every 600 to 1000 rounds,, I have used be-86 in 45 acp, 38 spcl., 9mm, 38 short colt and 40 s&w all with good results, so far I've used about 36 pounds of it and plan on continuing.
  10. mchapman

    38 Spcl. Load for USPSA minor

    Like someone said that each gun is it's own thing, I use 150 grain coated .358 dia. with 4.6 grains of BE-86, set at OAL 1.445, in my 4 inch 627 Pro I get 129 PF with that combination, using the same combination in my 627 5 inch I only get 122 PF, slight differences in dimensions forcing cone/cylinder, bore cause the differences.
  11. mchapman

    Winchester small pistol primer issue

    I have seen primers set to deep crushing the compound and rendering the primer useless, I have also seen them not fully seated and show a light strike and the second time it is seated and goes bang, but I have seen light strikes on primers and it has fractured the priming compound in the primer, like crushing does and makes it useless. Not saying that was what happened in your case, but it's something that does happen a lot and people call it out as bad primers. Every brand can have some issues, they are not 100% perfect all of the time.
  12. mchapman

    Manufacturers of 38 Short Colt Brass

    MikeyScuba, what powder and charge weight are you using?
  13. mchapman

    Comp-iii Modification

    No I don't but I will check and see if I can find out next week some time
  14. We use Amazon HD8's and Fires as well as we have a few Ipads that can be used for our matches, I had always be told to have at least one of each because if one had a glitch that the other more than likely would not have the same issue. I prefer to build and upload all of my matches on the Android's, and they also have some programing on them that the Ipad does not. such as the chrono stage. I use these for USPSA, ICORE, and SCSA matches. One thing that I would suggest is to use one as your master, and do not use it out on the match to score if possible.