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  1. I am curious, did you guys get up one morning and swap hats? It appears that you are both 180 from a year ago. Here is the thread here on enos i am making reference to.
  2. I am putting this out there so you can put it on your calendar for next year.
  3. Jason right here is your answer if you want to be classified for the match. If you don't care, sign up as unclassified and just shoot the match as long as your membership is currant.
  4. No this one has the "Benz" chamber. Maybe a mistake but there was not a choice that I was aware of, it is supposed to be a tighter throat. I have found one thing that I dislike about the gun is the flush mag release. I think I will try and find an extended one that I can find and reach easier. Any ideas along those lines?
  5. Just acquired a Magnum Research Switchbolt Lite 22Lr, So far it runs really well. I have run about 50 plus of Rem. Golden's, 50+ Tbolts, 100 Blazer 40gr. 100 Fed. 36gr HPs in the red box another 100 of Fed. 36 hps blue box, 50 Fed. 40 gr lrn and 100 CCI clean-- Red and Green 40gr. and only had one FTF with one of the T-Bolts. Mounted a C-MORE railway on it with a 8moa. and the rifle weighs only 3lbs and 12ozs. I am more than pleased with how this gun has performed so far.
  6. Here you go Jason, https://www.gunbroker.com/item/866223059 https://www.gunbroker.com/item/865611084 two different ones.
  7. I know that it can be frustrating, I am having issues with my 610 also. Having light strikes, have to have a heavy trigger pull, but the cylinder also will lock up after a shot sometimes. I have tried different lengths of firing pins springs and checked endplay. I am real close to just boxing it up and sending it to Joe at MOJO to see if he can find what I am missing.
  8. I would think that if you mixed up large rifle primers instead of large pistol primers, you would have had high primers on the loaded shells. The LR are the same dia. but are thicker than the LP ones. Right off I can't remember exactly but .010 to .015 is what I am thinking. Small rifle and small pistol are the same dimensions, but the small rifle have harder cups to handle the higher pressures that are found in rifles.
  9. Not sure about if the site is down or not, but if you are not current on your dues it usually won't show your classifiers until your dues are up to date. I don't believe that they ever go away, you just can't see them till you are current.
  10. You won't know if you don't post it !
  11. If you are using rounds like the ones in your OP the loaded moonclips, you may want to look at finding and using a different profiled bullet. If you go to a round nose instead of the flat point or truncated one pictured, I think that you will find the round nose will help improve your speed of reloads if that is something you are trying to do.
  12. Joe at MOJO Custom Guns can make you a barrel and install it if he doesn't already have one sitting there.
  13. We might cut the size of it down IF someone ever collects the $500 bounty on it, came close this time, missed it by 1.97 But no cigar.
  14. Same time, same place, same weekend next year in 2021.
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