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  1. I have been using a Bladetech for years, the speed beez is really similar to it. On an other note Hogue makes a custom one for the 929 that I picked up and am using since last fall and it really works great, I like the release a lot better on it than the cr's and AA ones.
  2. I use and rotate about 4000, but one use that I have for the many thousand 38 spcls. is to load them up with a good light steel challenge load and use them doing that. You are not loading on the clock and you are still getting some trigger time on your wheelgun.
  3. Have it done now , why wait. Get it fixed the way you want and then start using it.
  4. I have seen cases where they did not stroke the ejector far enough for the spent brass to clear and fall out, then it was released and the brass was slightly cocked and the under side of the ejector bit into the brass, binding it and then watching them hit the ejector several more times to get it to clear. To solve that problem if that is what it is, stroke the ejector ALL the way so that the brass clears the cylinder.
  5. Chris , Lee has a 38 short colt die set that has a roll crimp die. I use that for my short colts and my 9mm for my 929, not a heavy roll crimp just a slight one and it works for both with no adjustment.
  6. mchapman

    Scoring system

    Anything out side of the Alpha zone adds time to the time you shot the stage in, A=0, B=1, C=2, and a mike is 5, these are seconds that are added to you time.. Now you add all of your stage times and whom ever has the lowest time in your division wins.
  7. At the range I manage we are a USPSA, SCSA, and ICORE club, we have all three types of matches a month and have slowly got a few new Revo shooters. We have been fortunate enough to have held several large Revo matches and several large USPSA/IPSC matches. At one of our larger matches I had loaned out 4 of my wheelguns to new Revo shooters to get them interested and shoot the match. Three of them are taking up wheelguns, maybe not as their main interest,,, but enough to shoot our local matches with them. Now I don't have any answers to the problem of getting a lot of growth in the revolver community, but the biggest thing that I see is that there is too much stuff out there competing for the same people who have limited resources and it's just to easy to say I will go to place A and shoot this gun and I will stay home next weekend and not go to your match because of time or money. And by the way I have been shooting my revolver only in all three of these types of matches for at least 5 years, my auto feel severly neglected.
  8. A recent good example of that just happened at the Western States Revo Match, using round numbers 50 wheelguns, out of those 5 Optic shooters, so 10%. I don't know that it would change a lot in other areas because that area in particular has a rather large contingent of ICORE and SASS shooters as well as USPSA Revo guys. I would have expected more Open wheel guns to come and play.
  9. I haven't been able to convince you to come and shoot for 4 larger two day matches in the last couple of years.
  10. I have used the metal stands and I've had some complaints that they heard it ring when hitting the stand and no evidence of a hit on the plate, so we now use 2x4s.
  11. It sure does, it works great if you have 38 sc to spare.
  12. All of my guns are 5 1/2 to 6 lbs. and set to run Fed. sp. With that said I have no issues using or running Fed. spMag. primers I have been using them in my loads for steel challenge and they work fine. I am seating them on my progressive also.
  13. I would go for a larger moa for steel challenge. I've been thinking of switching and trying the Leupold 7.5 triangle.to use on the pistol.
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