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  1. I BELIEVE THAT IT IS 10.2.4 PLUS penalty per shot. I have shot that with a six shot revolver and have to reload to get the first 8 hits THEN reload again for the second set of 8 hits and obviously with another reload to get that done.
  2. So to put this information all together, there will be and 8 stage Steel Challenge match with 200+ rounds on Friday the 13 th, An 8 stage Revolver match with around 200 rounds, A 36 round side match on Saturday the 14 th. Plus as was mentioned in some other posts about our infamous "DO YOU LIKE STEEL" stage will have some cash payouts, $500 to the first person to "zero" the stage, if no one does then $250 to who gets the best time over all on the stage, $125 to who ever ends up in the middle of the list of stage scores and a drawing for $50 from a list of names that did not finish the stage. So what I am saying is this is going to be a lot of fun shooting for that weekend, What are you waiting for sign up and come play. https://practiscore.com/mesquite-mayhem-revolver-classic-2020/register https://practiscore.com/mesquite-mayhem-steel-challenge-match-march-13/register
  3. We are going to add a modified Bowling Pin Side Match after the main match on Saturday. Here is how we plan on running that. $5 entry fee, can enter twice if you want. Must shoot the gun you used in the main match. Two divisions; Iron Sight, and Optic Sight. Match will have three [3] strings, one at 10 yards, one at 15 yards and one at 20 yards. These will be par time strings, to be determined later. Limited to 12 rounds per string, so 36 rounds total. Each string will have six [6] bowling pins that you try to knock off the table. Scoring= Pins off of table = 5 points Pins knocked over = 3 points Bullets left over = 1 point There will be a shoot-off for ties 50/50 payout for each division winner plus a special award to each division winner. All of this will take place while we are cooking and tabulating the scores from the main match.
  4. I don't think that most of you are looking at or seeing the whole picture when comparing some of these matches. This match in particular in the past , when it was at RIO, had way more revo shooters signed up because they could shoot revo on one day and while they are there shoot SS the next two days or vise versa This year with the move to Calli. every one shoots the same day. So you pick your poison in what you want to do. Now I know that this is about USPSA and revolvers, but as a side note we have run several ICORE matches here, 2 regionals and one IRC and we had a good turnout. 118 shooters in the first regional, 145 shooters in the second regional and 196 shooters at the IRC. So I really don't know what gives out there, I guess that they don't want to play in USPSA with the wheelies. I do and I enjoy it. One other mention that there were no revo shooters at area 2, and I think that could be attributed to the fact that they never even let revolvers sign up in the revolver division.
  5. I will agree with you about the extra shot, plus the fact that most Taurus revos have ported barrels and no place to play in most of the gun games we partake in.
  6. Steve, yours is not the only one, mine is just like yours pictured and it has run great since I got it and did a bit of work that I knew would need to be done to it.
  7. I don't quite agree with all of what you said, in particular the case part. If the shooter is using a buggy or cart, I don't think that the gun has to be cased. It must be flagged and mounted in the buggy parked and pointing to the berm, at or by the PCC area, and can be carried muzzle up or down up to the line or when done shooting the stage after meeting all of the stage ROs if finished unload and show clear hammer down and flag. I may be mistaken about this, but don't think so or I misunderstood what you meant.
  8. I don't think it is available from them anymore. I believe that you will have to get one from Speed Beez, just like Pat mentioned
  9. Would anyone know where I can find or purchase a standard or factory mag release for a S&W Victory 22? I can't seem to find one. I keep hitting the oversized one that is on my gun and dropping the mag. I know if I modify my grip it won't be an issue but I would still like to change it out for a stock one.
  10. I don't think it would be as competitive as a shorter barrel and lighter pistol, Matt if you want to try it out sign up for steel challenge on March 13th when you and Hannibal sign up and shoot the Revolver Classic on the 14th of March. Your welcome to give it a try.
  11. If you are not going to compete with the revolver and want one just to play with, or if you want to use it for a carry gun or on the night stand, you may want to look at the S&W 986, which is as said by others here a 7 shot moonclipped gun, BUT that model is available in a 2 inch barrel also.
  12. This is what we have been using. We don't usually get too cold, but we have shot down to 28 F and it sticks. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009AFEN0O/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. These are the two I use.
  14. Doesn't the Burris have a lifetime warranty? I personally like the C-More railway and the slideride.
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