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  1. If you are not loading to the MAX every time , you should expect 20 to 30 times of use before failing. A lot depends on how much you are flaring the case mouth, if you flare a lot expect them to fail sooner.
  2. Nothing is legal there, it's all illegal!!!LOL
  3. I have done this, but I don't think that I'm going to stay with it. Using the same charge and switching from a 150 gr. to a 115, made a really soft shooting load. The draw back is that it showed me that I was not calling my shots, but was waiting to hear the steel ring. Thus all of my stage times went up. I know that to be competitive you can't wait to hear the ring. So I will go back to the 150's and work on calling my hits.
  4. I have and use one of the competition 02 holsters. I use it with my S&W 686, and my 617 and then switch and use it with my Ruger GP100 10 shot 22 and al three work well in that holster. These are all 6 inch guns.
  5. Pat you already have that option, but it just doesn't make any difference in scoring for ICORE LOL
  6. Well you need to run all of that FM past a magnet, since they are not making stepped anymore they have some that is brass washed steel cases.
  7. Jason use the 230's. The reload ease is more than worth it in my opinion . They just fall in, so major scoring and a bit faster reloads help close the distance when competing against 8 shot minor in USPSA.
  8. Matt you may want to try the moons you already have that you are using for your Federal 38 brass, I have found that they work well with my short colt brass.
  9. Raptor Engineering and Allchin Gun Parts both make one.
  10. What about unsportsman like conduct? I would think that would apply.
  11. How many times does someone have a squib and have to go to the safe table with a rod and remove the stuck projectile? I have seen that many times and they are not DQ'd.
  12. I used a tapered piece of wood that gradually got thicker at the end and the friction stops it. The wood is narrower than the wheel base of the skateboard. I had a weight attached to the trip cable, held in place with a pin, when you open the window the pin was pulled and the weight dropped releasing the latch.
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