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  1. Why would you think that the match fees would not go up if a lunch is provided? ANY thing that is added to a match has a cost to It in time, or materials or actual money, and usually it's all three. Some may not find value in it, but many others do. That is where it is up to the MD to determine if the added cost is worth it or not.
  2. CHA-LEE, one thing that I haven't seen mentioned is to have a nice "match" hotel or two that will give shooters a break on lodging. A couple of other things you could look at is the snack carts with fresh fruit, nuts crackers and such seem to go over really well. As far as water at every stage is a good idea, but I would go with the small bottles, we have so much waste with the bigger, normal size ones, they get one or two swallows and put it down and walk off or forget which was theirs. Igloo water coolers would be less expensive but a lot of people won't use them and prefer individual bottles. I like the random draw for prize tables if you have one. Order of finish of main divisions get trophies or awards, and as a side note to those, I think that a lot of people who usually win these would like the award or trophy to be something that is actually usable and not just another something for the mantle or the box in the closet.
  3. This is just to show you folks of what we have available here in Mesquite, NV.
  4. Would it make any difference if the WSB said engage all targets from within the shooting area? Asking for a friend. LOL
  5. No he had two of them in the alfa zone.
  6. My question is if you have a shooter engage and hit a target from an extreme angle, and it creates an enlarged hole, does 9.5.5 apply? An example is shooting a 9mm and the hole is 9mm X 1 1/2 inch long. I am thinking that 9.5.5 will not apply since the shot is not a ricochet or splatter. Others thoughts?
  7. We are going to shoot all 8 stages of Steel Challenge on Friday the 13th, so I'm hoping that you all can get here a day early and shoot that as well as the Classic Match. Here is the Practiscore link for the steel match. https://practiscore.com/mesquite-mayhem-steel-challenge-match-march-13/register
  8. Well that was the one question that I missed, I know that all centerfire are drawn from a holster, but I was thinking that 3.2.3 may apply. I guess I was wrong.
  9. To those using a victory with a red dot which dot are you using and do you think that the size and weight of the dot make any differences?
  10. What was the question? every test is different, they are supposed to be randomly generated for each test.
  11. And just how did you get or find the link to download the pdf file?
  12. Well, I just went through this course and passed it, but I think that there are still issues with it. It is set up just like testing for RO's in uspsa with the exception that with the organization being to cheap to provide printed rule books they expect you to download it to your phone or something. USPSA does have the app to download, I can't find anything to down load the "NEW" steel challenge rule book to any type of phone or tablet, maybe it's beyond me. The next thing is that I question some of there grading or marking questions right or wrong, case in point question is it ok to use a suppressor in PCC, I answered no and cite rule # A4.1 that is wrong according to them, they say the correct rule is H9. I think this is one of the times multiple rules answer the question. The next is more than likely my fault when entering a rule such as H9.5 is marked wrong when they want H9 5, AND while I'm at it they will give you a letter so that you can go get 2 copies of uspsa and scsa rule books printed professionally , jeez quit changing the rules so much and just print us the rule books to be included with our membership.
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