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  1. These from Dave Parker are what I use on all of my competition revos.
  2. MR switchbolt and tactical innovations are the only two I know of, other that TK has a rail adapter that has the left side handle.
  3. Just 80 miles NE on Interstate 15 is Mesquite Nevada, we have a club there that shoots Icore on the 2nd Saturday and USPSA on Sunday, then on the 3rd weekend on Sunday is all 8 stages of Steel Challenge, on the 4th weekend we have USPSA on both Saturday and Sunday. The matches are usually 5 stages including a classifier round count were about 150 but now we are trying to keep them around 100-110, match fees are $25 start time is 1st shots at 9 am Nevada time. The club name is MESQUITE MAYHEM SHOOTERS SOCIETY and all of our matches can be found on Practiscore and we are on MeWe and Facebook.
  4. Here is a sneak peek at one of the stages for the REVOLVER CLASSIC TIGHT+U+TURN+X_23f603a7 (1).pdf
  5. This is coming up quick and snail mail is slow, so you may want to get going if you're planning on shooting this fun match.
  6. I have and it won't open up. without service or wifi, or I'm doing something wrong with it, I'm tech challenged.
  7. So do I we don't have cell service half the time at our range, so the phone app doesn't work for me.
  8. I would have to agree with you about this, it was/is my experience with them.
  9. Don't know what your smoking but you might ought to cut back a bit, it's causing you to hallucinate..
  10. You could move here, we have ICORE matches every month, along with SCSA, and USPSA. Just saying, convenient.
  11. https://practiscore.com/mesquite-mayhem-revolver-classic-2021/register
  12. Because they know that you guys would cry about it for weeks if not months if they even thought about doing that. And yes I do get your tongue and cheek response.
  13. I can think of three guns like that! Vic, Kirby, and Billy. and there are probably more I'm not aware of.
  14. Or others in your division. Otherwise why have divisions? Let's all just shoot heads up with whatever you brought if HOA meant something.
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