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  1. I used a tapered piece of wood that gradually got thicker at the end and the friction stops it. The wood is narrower than the wheel base of the skateboard. I had a weight attached to the trip cable, held in place with a pin, when you open the window the pin was pulled and the weight dropped releasing the latch.
  2. Speed is determined by how steep and how high the incline is to begin with.
  3. The track I built has 2 inch side boards. The extra horizontal wheels act as bumper guides. The weight is to add momentum and to be heavy enough so the target stays upright. It will handle a bit of wind and not tip over.
  4. I built one with a steel trolley using in-line skate wheels and a 40 foot wood track on an incline. Here are a couple of pictures of the trolley and the target holder along with the release hook. I made the target holder wide enough to use two targets and you could have it charge you and shoot with out shooting the track up.
  5. mchapman

    hogue grips

    Mike, what would happen if you just had it done while you were down here stateside and took it home already done?
  6. If you look back up at post from May 4 from revoman, he is telling you about the one for rimmed cases and is suggesting that you may want to remove one of the two teats that load two at a time to make it easier for you.
  7. mchapman

    hogue grips

    Mike, just replace it with an Apex or TK hammer.
  8. Maybe they'll just ban targets that aren't visible before activation. I've seen that before.
  9. Well it looks like we are going to have 3 new divisions. I hope that the shooter with the 22 will be ok taking FTE and mikes on non-activated targets.
  10. There are a lot of different and fun targets to shoot at in matches. That's one reason that I like to go to different clubs and try targets that I haven't had a chance to try yet. And they all can be shot with a wheelgun, it just might be a bit harder but we came to shoot didn't we?
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