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  1. It is not due to a mechanical design flaw, it is on purpose, it saves s&w time and money by not having to fit the screw to the crane by using the plunger with spring. It's ALL about the $$$ they used to be solid.
  2. I have not checked recently, but Apple tablets had the programing to do shotguns but android did not. You do not want to get any wet, but they have been used successfully for a lot of wet matches around the country. The screen won't recognize your finger as well when wet. Sync them where you have wifi or use your phone as a hot spot, set a tablet at each station, when done with match bring them back together and re sync and you're done.
  3. CONGRATULATIONS TO Michael, Alexander, James and Josh for winning their divisions at the IRC !!!!!!!!!
  4. We have allowed two guns at our major matches under the following conditions; Must be in different divisions, no discounted price, they are both full price and therefore both are able to win awards and walk the prize table. Can't shoot them the same day, we have you shoot one with the staff and the other in the main match. Trophies are in order of finish, and on some matches we have included cash in order of finish, and the prize table is random. This has worked for us and like they say YMMV.
  5. Here is the room link and code for this match. https://secure.mesquitegaming.com/CGI-BIN/lansaweb?procfun+rn+resnet+CBL+funcparms+UP(A2560):;1MMR20;;;;?/
  6. mchapman

    929 Info

    I believe that 9146gt's name is tom. Joe IS who you want to talk with at MOJO CUSTOM GUNS. He is the owner and the smith there. He does great work.
  7. Here is the link that will be available OCT. 1 to sign up https://practiscore.com/mesquite-mayhem-revolver-classic-2020/register
  8. I will do that for practice and local matches, but I still demoon all partial full moons and then load the moons full with fresh ammo, [stuff that hasn't been in the gun while other rounds have been fired] just because I don't want to risk bullet creep happening during a major match.
  9. On the cast boolit site there is a guy by the name of Smoke that sells the powder. General price is a vout $15 a pound, but you can coat 10,000 with one pound. Another place is powder by the pound, and eastwoods. You want to get the powders that you can "shake and bake" with so you don't have to buy a spray gun. harbor freight has the powder cheaper but it is too coarse to stick and cover as well. http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?252509-VS-Hi-Quality-Powdercoating-Powder-For-sale
  10. To me PCing is easy and faster for me, I cast them, shake them in a plastic bottle with the powder coat powder, dump them out on a screen to separate the extra powder then dump them on a tray covered with non-stick foil, put in toaster oven for 20 min. at 400 degrees, remove cool and size, then load them up and shoot.
  11. Jason, I believe that the smoke you were seeing is coming from the Alox and any other wax lube you may have been using. Switch to powdercoated and most of that smoke will go away. With the right powders for PC, you can shake and bake your own cast bullets almost as easy as using the tumble lube and you won't have the build up of wax in your seating die.
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