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  1. I think you miss spelled Prima-Donna Bottom Feeders.
  2. So just what exactly does that have to do with lazy shooters, or your willingness to help?
  3. Na it's for your holster or belt.
  4. A different gun than the one with the worn hammer stud?
  5. Jason, if the ES that you are refering to is IDPA I don't have a clue as to their rules are , but I use my 38 spcl. brass for my use in steel challenge or when not having to reload on the clock. I am using the inexpensive, .20 thick moonclips and don't worry about sorting the brass for headstamp.. It really doesn't really matter if there is some wobble since I not in a hurry to reload.. Doing this it allows me to have my SC loads and not put extra wear on my short colts and good moonclips.
  6. Please read the answer in relationship with the quote it was attached to. A reason to have a moonclip checker is so that you are not breaking any of the uspsa/icore rules or any other place that operates as a cold range. The OP asked why it would be more useful than to just use the gun.
  7. If you happen to need to check loaded moonclips while at a match, you won't be DQ'd for handling a gun with ammo when you're not at the make ready position.
  8. I have been using the amazon 8 inch Fires, You can adjust the font size and the screen brightness, have been pretty durable and reasonable prices for them catch them on sale for 50 each and the battery lasts for the whole match, you can also get cheap usb battery back ups at wally world for 5-10 bucks if you think you need then. Ours are 3 to 4 years old so far.
  9. Jason if you have not sent it back yet, you may want to get a hold of Joe Leinenger at MOJO CUSTOM GUNS he does the best repairs on broken hammer/trigger studs, he is reasonable and has a good turn around if he does it. Might think about it since Smith is charging also.
  10. mchapman

    ES score?

    On the matches that I checked the ES match the NS totals.
  11. Brad, just ship it UPS, just email Nathan to see what address he wants you to send it to. natecarmike@yahoo.com
  12. Just going to put this out here, registration is open now. https://practiscore.com/world-revolver-championship/register?fbclid=IwAR14tJTQ7M6zB2ybnDFmILcd-umyTw4P6hr6aeYczru8Rp5pA9AyiWZnxWo
  13. Yes Jason this is a new production, I just didn't like the feel of it with a full underlug, way heavier than my 686 full lug 6inch. Plus now this one I can still use one of the same holsters that I already use with a couple other guns.
  14. Not sure what you are using for reloading,but you may want to get some type of light to be able to see that you have powder in all cases or a powder cop die. Another thing is to try a bulkier powder that fills the case a bit more so that you can see and tell if it has powder or to much.
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