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  1. mchapman

    Moonclip Loaders?

    It is hard to beat the BMT for 38 spcl and short/long colt, Revolver Supply has a good moonclip loader as does TK Custom. The BMT for 9mm and 45 acp not quite as handy in my opinion. I have all of these and they all have their place depending which gun I am using and what moonclips.
  2. mchapman

    Need help identifying a firing pin

    My mistake I thought that it was apex sorry.
  3. mchapman

    Need help identifying a firing pin

    The one on the left is Apex the right is Cylinder and slide
  4. mchapman

    Back up gun?

    Use a 627 with short colts as your main gun and use a 929 as backup, If the 627 malfunctions shoot the short colts in the 929. Same ammo just a bit higher PF in my case.
  5. mchapman

    Loose Bullet

    If you are going to shoot these in a wheelgun, and not a rifle, you probably don't have to worry about bullet setback, you may have issues with bullet creep. Which in that case I would use a roll crimp instead. You have different forces in action in a revolver than a semi-auto.
  6. mchapman

    Is Revolver officially dead

    For the last 5 years I have almost exclusively shot a revolver at the matches I go to, and that is about 50 matches a year. 12 to 15 of them are Icore, at least 30 of them are USPSA, and the others are so type of steel matches along with a few outlaw [hosefest] type matches. At some of these I may be the only wheelgun there, some there may be 3-6 others, an yet others there may be 30. Now the higher amount of revo shooters are at the steel matches and of course the ICORE ones. But the thing I am trying to get at is I [me ] enjoy shooting my revolvers, I am not going to make a living at shooting and in fact most of you out there are better shooters than I am. I do this because it's fun, and I try to push myself to get better. Now some may say that I am not being very competitive with this approach, but I don't think that that is true. You beat me by 10 min. this time but next time if I try hard or practice more it may only be 9 min. As I look back at all of these matches that I have shot at I may not have been first but I have NEVER been last and that is a lot of bottom feeders that I have done better than. So is revolver dead, not for me, I have way too much fun with it.
  7. You know it's not too late to get signed up for this match, there are still a few spots open, as of right now we have 126 wheelguns signed up, looking like it might be one of the biggest REVOLVER match's this year. Come on out and play, 8 stages plus chrono. About 220 rounds and a man on man shoot off on Sunday.
  8. Just some of the sponsors for the SW REGIONAL REVOLVER CHAMPIONSHIP, I would like to thank all of them and would encourage everyone to support the companies that support us.
  9. I am planning on around 220 to 250 min. then you have the man on man shoot off and I think that you are taking Michael's class aren't you?
  10. mchapman

    .38 Short Colt pet loads?

    New Icore rules say that I have to have chronograph at regionals and at the IRC. So your next one will probably be at the SW REGIONAL in Mesquite, April 28th
  11. mchapman

    617 -Recommend sights and speed loaders

    Try these, I like them a lot. https://ds10speed.wordpress.com/ They also make them for the Ruger GP100 22 10 shot revolver.
  12. mchapman

    .38 Short Colt pet loads?

    158 plated not jacketed, along with 147-150 PC'd and HiTek in 38 short colt and 929 9mm.
  13. mchapman

    Casting for IPSC/USPSA

    Yes they are George, I've been using them for years.
  14. mchapman

    Where is everyone at?

    If you are shooting USPSA there really should never be a position that you have to shoot more than 8 shots to be a legal stage, but nothing says that you can't shoot more that 8 if you can see them from that position, it just means that you could have shot some of those from another vantage point. Now in ICORE there is no such requirement, I can build stages that you will have standing reloads the whole match if I wanted. You just can't or don't want to piss everyone off, you want them coming back.
  15. You need to get signed up on Practiscore, search Mesquite Mayhem on that site to find it. Or go to ICORE Web page and go to 2018 events. You will find the online sign up links there also.