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  1. Either way, the teams of people I work with, both in creating and interpreting regulations, would very clearly interpret that the note on internal and external safeties remaining functional only applies to throating and polishing of components. There is a way regulations are interpreted in America. If people want to try and write requirements, in America, they should do it appropriately, as Americans. This is a whole field of study. It needs to remain consistent so that rules can be consistently applied. There’s a simple way to do this. Make th
  2. Actually, in this case, it is extremely clear that USPSA does not require the internal safeties - by the way the book is written. As a result of the part of the book talking about internal small parts. If DNROI intends for the rule to be interpreted any other way - his book needs to be rewritten. IPSC requires all internal safeties to remain functional.
  3. With regard to polishing and throating - read the header for 21.1. I design regulations for a living - the way they read is that subtext to a header applies to the header. In this case, that header is polishing and throating. If it applied to everything - there would be no need for another section that says external safeties must remain functional.
  4. 21.1 is specifically with regard to throating and polishing. So, if you polish the fpb to the point where it no longer works, but keep it in the gun, you are violating that section. However, removal of safeties is covered by 21.5 and 22.1 - and those sections state that only external safeties can not be removed. The reason the polishing aspect is not allowed is because of the safety hazards (or even competitive advantage) it could create in some platforms by adjusting the safety mechanism to do something other than intended.
  5. At least you can use the short sticks if nothing else. I’m in a similar boat - just got a brand new dot and mount two days ago....
  6. If the mag is the root cause, it would be extremely unusual for the ammunition to get that far into the chamber consistently. At that point in the feed cycle, there are only two things that could even possibly be stopping it - the width of the front of the brass or the extractor.
  7. That happened with me as well with my Tanfoglio. The 170’s are more sensitive to extractor fitment than the shorter mags. In my case, It was a slight fitment issue with the extractor that led to the failures when it was only the 170 causing them. The end of my hook was just a little too close to my breechface and sitting at just slightly the wrong angle. Ran perfectly fine with shorter mags, failed with one 170 - I can only surmise because of the additional variabilities in tension as a result of having to run through a taller stack. Your
  8. I haven’t seen a single Leadstar in the DFW area run reliably. All the JP’s appear to run reliably. I run a Brekke Custom / Smoke Composites front end and it is awesome. The rest of the parts don’t matter much - the barrel and hand guard are what slow people down because they are the furthest from the point of rotation and ergonomically are the hardest to support.
  9. This is easy. Definitely too much extractor tension. Open guns running major need just the right amount - just barely allowing the slide to fully cycle with a lighter recoil spring. If the slide cycles too easily, the extractor doesn’t have enough tension for consistent extraction. Putting in a heavier recoil spring makes it easier to tune, but affects the recoil characteristics to the point where they aren’t ideal. Check out the pics of the first and second gun. That exact point in the slide travel is where the top of the neck in the brass tri
  10. Got ahold of one - would be an amazingly good solution - if the dot were brighter. It’s too dim, even with a fresh battery installed.
  11. Team 144 on Facebook just told me they are and have a picture of one on a DVC Open. Looks like a potential Max alternative - I’ll give it a shot.
  12. Weird indeed. I literally bumped into a pole while walking, barely felt the bump. Could have something to do with the shape difference between the MAX and XL. Max should theoretically be a more durably shaped lens because it will distribute shock more evenly around the circumference.
  13. Looks like it might be RTS, anyone know for sure?
  14. I bumped into a post while walking with my holstered gun yesterday. I thought nothing of it until I looked at the Romeo 3 XL. Don’t even think about drop safe . . . It isn’t even walk safe. This is the second one, first one died because it allowed water in.
  15. Yeah, I’d like to do this myself. Very little info that isn’t arbitrary on the custom manufacturer’s.
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