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  1. Right, because the entire sport isn’t worth the investment as a result of people like you.
  2. Why would anyone want to get into a business where the people participating in it are so toxic and don’t even believe in what they are doing? Fear and insecurity don’t make a good customer base. It’s not that you guys have the only boring amateur sport, it’s that the business environment is obviously not conducive due to the mentality of the average participant involved. In this thread alone, we have three people representing firearm’s or gear manufacturers who love cheap advertising, many insecure retired people who don’t want their “hobby” to amount to anything that could take the spotlight off of them, and a couple toxic posters who would be just as well served by the Doodie Project. Also, to be clear, it is boring to watch most of you shoot. It’s not boring to watch the real competitors shoot.
  3. Lol, auto racing is so boring. Have you ever sat in the stands? Thank god they sell beer.
  4. I believe he’s talking about the width of additional metal that is left under where the dust cover was removed when it was stroked. If it isn’t low enough - it can impact the barrel and keep the gun from cycling the length of the stroke. This is all part of doing the stroke correctly and making sure the new guide rod dust cover surface is impacting the frame in the appropriate place. It isn’t hard, as long as you keep an eye out for what the gun is doing when you pull the slide back - making sure it is using the whole length of the cut you just made. And, check for appropriate impact on the slide and frame after work is done. From the pics, I don’t believe the OP’s gun will have an issue - it looks like the cut was low enough. But you should always have an appropriate gunsmith do this work yadda yadda yadda.
  5. Older manufacturing processes left voids and grooves in the barrel that would cause drastic leading (especially with older, inconsistent hardness lead ammo - or modern Remington lead garbage) and actually lead to failure of barrels if they weren’t cleaned. Newer manufacturing processes don’t, at least not that I’ve seen.
  6. Whoops!

    Carry Optic

    Yes. I’ve seen a slide mounted RMR stop working as a result of recoil, but for the most part they are amazing. I’ve never seen anyone break a Holosun 407 or 507 and it’s what I currently use. I’m sure it’s happened???
  7. As has been alluded to - Major is a bad powder for minor loads. Way too much unburnt powder, which, in my experience, actually does cause reliability issues. As for the tuning question - Use the lightest recoil spring that you can tune your gun for - (it’s possible to tune a 2011 to use a recoil spring that is lighter than 6 pounds, but you have to put in the work). Use the lightest hammer spring that sets off your ammo. Use the slowest powder that burns consistently in your open gun. Work the load up around minimums. The manufacturer never really tuned your gun - they put in a combination of springs that worked most often with factory ammo when their manufacturing tolerances were taken into account. There’s a lot of progress to be made on an individual platform that a manufacturer can’t make on every gun sold.
  8. Sorry I didn’t have time to reply earlier. First, don’t think the answers are going to be impossible before trying to find them. Ask the people actually doing it. Try a survey. Most things can be fixed. Everything in business can be fixed. Personally, I would not have any squads with more than 10 people. Rather that means making more matches, or building new ranges - it’s doable. Hard - no doubt about it. But doable. And if we convinced the manufacturers to start throwing money around - it would get a lot easier. Let me draw another parallel - automotive manufacturers spend 100’s of millions of dollars a year racing cars they don’t even sell. Because they know the competition sells cars, even if it’s hard to show that ROI.
  9. This is easiest to address in survey form. Ask the other people in the club why they aren’t doing USPSA and what we can do to encourage them to compete.
  10. I said sporting bodies, not sports. Name some of the sporting bodies that run events with any of those and classify their highest level competitors, and then lets do a direct comparison. Before the thread gets closed, I’d like to add: I’ve RO’d more matches than I can remember. I never once thought I should get a prize for doing that and always appreciated the people who make USPSA a sport. You can’t have a sport without competition.
  11. That doesn’t make mathematical sense.
  12. I’m sorry the people you shoot with are too lazy to make more matches. I can show you how to easily negotiate that with ranges if you need help. That being said, they would also be more likely to help with that if there were more financial incentive. On top of that, I just looked up matches in the area of several people in this thread who said they’re always full. I found multiple matches with openings. They weren’t all USPSA, but part of a smart growth strategy would be converting non-USPSA matches. Print media is advertising for everyone who walks by it in the store. As long as stores have magazine shelves, It is not dead. There is a large part of the market which has not been captured yet, and I can give you business contact for the Vice President of advertising at SEMA if you need help figuring it out. So much short-sightedness. That isn’t currently causing any plagues in our country, right?
  13. Don’t try to sabotage something without your real name. I’d like to know where your interest lies. Corporations are centralized planning. The firearms companies don’t allow each factory to work for themselves or source equipment for themselves. The PGA Tour isn’t run by a different entity at every event held. This is one of the only major sporting bodies in the US that basically says “OK event planners, you do you after you fill out the appropriate paperwork.” But, it is obvious that as a result of this, some event planners have grown to love that power. What they fail to realize is that sometimes, by giving up a little power . . . You can gain a whole lot more. And sometimes . . . That’s better for everyone involved at the competitor and organizational level. Now of course a lot of people would hate this effort - aka anyone currently getting free or cheap advertising. Anyone celebrating being the center of attention at local matches. Anyone who wants status quo and doesn’t have to work. But, we need to reward the people who work hard to make this sport what it really is.
  14. You left out the key part of the equation - the speed of the swinger.
  15. CZ style performs the best. 2 lb or less single action with minimal reset. Not a ginormous slide like the Sig. Not a long reset striker fired like the Canik. Can function with a light recoil spring like a 1911. Personally prefer the Stock II because of the availability, ease of fitment of Unica parts, and squared trigger guard. Also like that the Stock II doesn’t put as much weight out front as the Shadow. Can’t say enough good things about Holosun - but if you’re not worried about drop durability and have plenty of bucks to spend - SRO. If you get a Stock II, add a Hennings steel trijicon mount, add a Holosun 407c, and add Unica trigger parts - I don’t think you’ll ever be wanting for anything else and will be in around $1400 for a 2 pound single action that repeatedly goes bang. Just don’t forget to add the extra power extractor spring. I also like the SSI Nitro Fin.
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