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  1. I believe these are a step in the right direction. They are really just small field courses, and as such, better represent the required skills of a real match. I hope more come soon. Having said that, the actual drawings and construction notes leave a bit to be desired. The issues are somewhat minor but as an example in 19-02 it says "NS are 'point to point' at the A zone letter." What exactly does point to point mean? If you line up some of the corners (points?) of the IPSC targets, the A zone perf marking is completely covered and then some. The 18-XX classifiers did a great job as showing exactly how to create partials both with hard cover and no-shoots. I Miss That Kind Of Clarity (aka 18-09). Sorry, i couldn't resist! But, thank you for the new classifers, USPSA!
  2. Rule 4.1.3 specifically disallows a no-shoot to have a hole through which another target must be engaged. You have to have a non-scoring border on any paper no-shoot target ( It would be legal to build a window out of multiple no-shoot targets to provide the same effect but it would require 4 no-shoot targets to be completely legal. If you cut one no-shoot down the middle and make two pieces, you still have edges that don't have a non-scoring border, so use 4 to be legal.
  3. If you have concerns about battery life with either sight, just change the battery before every match, and use that one for practice until the next match. I buy in bulk (50 at a time) from https://www.batteryjunction.com/cr2032.html for $0.65 each and always look for the frequent 10+% discount on everything to reduce the price even further. They usually come 5 to a card and you can always share with your fellow shooters when they are in need! At that price, you are only looking at the equivalent of 5 or 6 rounds of reloaded ammo. For the record, I leave my RTS2 sights on for the entire match and only turn it off at the end of the day. And, I have had issues with older RTS2 sights but the V4s seems to be OK, for me at least.
  4. Do you find the cases fall into the Frankford trays with the round holes easier than the square hole trays seen in the video? I have used the square hole trays mostly because they are free if you look in the waste bins at most any range, and the cases fall in extremely easily, when you move up one size from what you are sorting/inspecting.
  5. I am sure this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpkUnUqMo8U&t=2s) has been seen by lots of the reloaders in this forum, but for those relatively new, it is worth watching. It's not so much from the counting aspect but for the sorting process. I use two trays instead of the one with plywood described in the video but the idea is the same. For rapid manual sorting, you just can't beat this method. I start with one tray marked with a red sharpie and look in all the cases that are facing up and cull out the stepped cases. The importance of getting these cases out for those shooting 9 major was drive home recently when a stepped case slipped through the sorting and separated in the chamber (see picture). Thankfully, it was just during practice, so no harm done. The separation was so perfect, it looked like it was done on a lathe. Once I look IN the cases, I check any cases that are facing down for NATO brass and other undesirable stamps. Once I remove those, I flip the whole tray into another tray (marked in green) and do the same again. Once checked, they go into a tub for cleaned, and now sorted, brass. The green tray lets me know I have done both sides. I can do 50 pieces in about 30-60 seconds depending on how many cases get rejected. This is the best way I have found for looking at both ends of the 9mm cases before they make it into the press. Feeding your press the best possible brass will go a long way towards eliminating stoppages.
  6. Let me know if you don't get registered.
  7. Yes, the match says closed but you need to enter the code you received to access the registration page. Are you seeing the box that says to enter the registration code? Is is below the box that says Registration is closed. If you don't have a code, you can't register yet.
  8. As the Section Coordinator for Mississippi, I had the unpleasant task of telling 7 people they weren't going to get a slot in the 2018 Nationals Optics match. The demand for slots far exceeded our allocation of just four for this match. The mix of disappointed people includes some who have competed at the Nationals before along with numerous Area and Sectional matches, and some who are relatively new to the sport, who just want to see what's its like at the biggest match our sport has to offer. If you are an SC for another state and have slots that will go unused, and would be willing to donate your unused slots, we would be forever in your debt. If you can help out, send me a PM. Thanks...
  9. Interesting. I am the Section Coordinator for Mississippi and have had shooters register for all three matches successfully.
  10. I had not considered this to be a target but I'll go with that anyway. How about using black tape to mark hard cover instead? There is no penalty other than a miss if the edge of the tape is not broken. I am sure that someone will miss the port and find the wood. I want that to be a penalty at least by calling it a miss. Hard cover doesn't have to have a non-scoring border, nor does it have to be a target. The last resort is to split 2 no-shoot targets down the middle vertically and put the pieces on each side of the port with the non-scoring edge along the port side. That takes only 6 targets, instead of 12.
  11. I have been unable to find anything in the rule book that forbids the use of white duct tape to mark the edges of a port in a wall as a no shoot. The stage shown below (Level 1 match) requires shooters to engage targets from at least 4 feet behind the wall and at rather severe angles. I do not want to attach 4 no-shoot targets to each port but instead, want to line the inside and edges of each port with white duct tape and indicate in the WSB that the tape is no-shoot. Rule 4.1.3 starts by saying "No-shoots must be clearly marked or be of a single color different from scoring targets." To me, this seems to allow white tape to be used as a no-shoot. Any thoughts on legality of this?
  12. Or buy three and get them for $40 each. You just can't beat that deal if you need to equip a club with more modern tablets. The Nook served its purpose, now upgrade to a real tablet. Our club has used several versions and they work great. The latest model is great for the money. And if one get destroyed, its no great loss. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/ref=pe_3174990_245647810_pe_img1_reftag/?ASIN=B01J94SWWU
  13. USPSA has posted a notice about the Open/L10 match weather effects from Matthew on their Facebook page. Best to read it directly, so I won't copy it here.
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