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  1. Call TK Custom they might do it and try Pinnacle Custom. I can’t remember the place but it is some where in Texas I had a Ruger 45LC that all the chambers were different and he cut them all to the same. If I think of the name I will send it to you
  2. I now have on mine Alchin 90 degree mount. The lowest one out there
  3. Pinnacle Custom will build whatever you want
  4. Simple fix on the white outline use a magic marker or sight black
  5. I find that most of the loads I use in 38 short colt reach power factor with shorter oal. Try the Tightgroup at 2.9 and oal at1.160. My load I use is 3.4 VV320 and oal at 1.180 power factor 132. 160 coated bullet using different brands
  6. Can I get a picture of the bobbed hammer
  7. If I was you I would go back to sporting clays as your revolver pattern looks like a shotgun pattern. In fact I think a shotgun pattern is actually tighter.
  8. If you are doing this then you are jerking the trigger instead of pulling.
  9. Are you gripping with your strong hand or weak hand? I find that if I grip with my weak hand my groups are smaller than if I grip with both strong and weak at the same time. Also if I only grip with my strong hand and just place my weak hand over my strong hand my groups are still larger. This works for me.
  10. I will let you know in about a week
  11. Buy the new Ruger 8 shot 9mm and with the steel cylinder should not have a problem.
  12. How were you reading your scale and where was the decimal point?
  13. 147 grain bullet VV N320 3.9 grains 978 fps according to their books. If he was using grams and was thinking .310 was 3.1 grains that put him at 4.9 grains. This would give him a compressed load. This is what he had to do as the formula I used early filled up the case and half my powder pan.
  14. Works out to 3.1 x 15.432 = 47.8 grains. I don’t think you could put that much in a 9mm case.
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