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  1. revoman

    38 Super Extractor

    I met him one time in Kansas City a long time ago when ICORE was first getting started and I was there trying to promote ICORE. This would have been in the early or mid 90’s.
  2. revoman

    38 Super Extractor

    Thanks for the replies I will pass that on.
  3. revoman

    38 Super Extractor

    Asking for a friend. What other extractor will fit and work on a 8 shot 38 Super?
  4. revoman


    If the shooter racks his slide and a round fails to chamber and the RO and shooter do not recognize this. Is this grounds for a reshoot as in my mind it would be the same as the shooter not loading a round. I think the shooter owns it either way and no reshoot.
  5. revoman

    What’s the polite way to pick up brass?

    After reading 65 post on this subject I have come to this conclusion. We should eliminate all divisions except for revolver and they have to be moon clipped. All brass is usually picked up by one person before the scoring is completed and they even still have time to help paste and reset. Have you ever noticed that when you do have a revolver squad at a match they always seem to be waiting on the auto guys in front of them due to trying to police the brass spread everywhere. In reality all kidding aside (maybe) if you have a buddy you shoot with have him or her pick up your mags and what brass they can while your stage is being scored and if you are not one of shooters who have to see every target and piece of steel help pick up your brass at that time. When I shoot an auto this is how I do it and if a target has a questionable hit the RO will call you over to look at it anyway. Do I get all my brass back, no but I get the majority of it back. A little lost brass here and there should not break you cause if it does you my friend are in the wrong sport.
  6. Yes it does and I forgot to add the the barrel is 38 super .356. Work done by Pinnacle [Mark Hartshorne] Will keep them in the X-ring on ICORE targets at 50 yds. Last year had a 38 Super cylinder fitted to it and a .357 cylinder cut the same length as the 38 Super cylinder. The 38 Short Colt cylinder when cut removed all throats in the cylinder and even though the revolver shot great it got dirty fast. Switching to the .357 cylinder it stays cleaner now and still shoots accurate. I have not tried the 38 Super cylinder on it. I shoot .358 coated 160 grain on top of 3.4 VV N320 seated at 1.185 power factor of 132.
  7. Cylinder cut back to 38 Short Colt length. Barrel has comp and 3 poppel holes. Total length of barrel is 6 1/2”. This is a 627, 8 shot.
  8. revoman

    Trigger Job Question

    Wow never heard of that before.
  9. revoman

    Trigger Job Question

    Let me get this straight. You had fired the round once and then reload the empty case with bullet only and left the spent primer in. Then the primer fired again when struck.
  10. revoman

    Trigger Job Question

    I am not an expert but I don’t think that is possible. But I could be wrong.
  11. revoman

    Trigger Job Question

    Are you saying the primer had been fired and then fired again.
  12. revoman

    Trigger Job Question

    Fill primer pockets with silicone or liquid rubber. All my dry fire practice ammunition has this and the black color verifies that it is my practice ammunition. Has worked for years and I have never changed the factory firing pin. This revolver has at least 20 to 30 thousand rounds through it probably even more.
  13. revoman

    2019 Rocky Mountain Regional

    It is posted on the ICORE web page
  14. revoman

    2019 Rocky Mountain Regional

    Eaton Colorado it is at a range about 10 miles north of Greeley Colorado. The range is called Weld County Gun Range I think. I have been there a number of times and I can’t remember. The match has been held there for the last 20 years maybe even a couple of more. There was a couple of years it was held in Garden City KS.