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  1. I don't remember the thread pitch but I went to the local Ace Hardware and found some allen wrench head screws just had to shorten them a little bit. Just take the stirrup with you. The screw for the rubber grip is larger and will not fit in the wood grips. The stirrup will fit but is not actually made for the wood grip. Go to Ace Hardware, Lowe's or Menard's and get stainless screw to fit stirrup that came with wood grip.
  2. Consistency with the holster and feeling comfortable with the holster you have is the key. I have tried many holsters and the fastest I found (can' t recall the brand) but it was fast. So fast the revolver wanted to jump out on its own sometimes. So fast is not the key in my opinion but consistency is and speed will come with consistency. So if you are have problems with the draw not coming out and holding up every once in awhile then adjust the position of your holster and make sure you draw the same every time.
  3. Right now Mike Homm and I have it on our list but haven’t signed up yet.
  4. That is what I use on all my iron sight revolvers
  5. If you don’t want to remove one of the little teats just put rounds in 1, 2, 3 and 4. Then you are putting 1 round in at a time. Then follow up with 5, 6, 7 and 8. A lot easier to remove one teat.
  6. revoman

    625 JM

    No problem with mine
  7. revoman

    S&W TR8 ?

    I did not do the work myself and I have never removed a barrel. You might put a shout-out to Tool Guy he would be able to answer your questions.
  8. revoman

    S&W TR8 ?

    http://pinnaclehighperformance.com/revolver-work-2/ This is who did my work
  9. revoman

    S&W TR8 ?

    Somewhat like this
  10. You can remove one of the pieces of metal that put the rounds in and also the side that takes them out. Then you are only putting 1 round in or out at a time it makes it easier.
  11. No problem that’s what revolver people do is help each other.
  12. Back in the beginning of the IRC they had Snubby class and most shot Open Snubby. Not a lot but some. I was going to shoot it as a second gun and built a 586 l-comp with a first generation Bushnell Holosight. The sight was as long as the barrel. Then it along with the original format and the shoot off went by the wayside. To make all these a new division would not be in the best interest but to make them classes to be recognized and only shot as a second gun could be fun.
  13. Sorry to hear he was a true competitor and will be missed.
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