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  1. I was looking at the loads with the 125 grain Berry’s bullets on their diameter.
  2. Like everything in life it is only worth what someone is willing to pay you for it and what you are willing to let it go for. Everything I own is not for sale but it can be bought ✌
  3. From what I have heard is if you are going to shoot in 929 resize with 9mm dies
  4. That is why I always have shot revolver and the few time I shot SS I think my trigger on my SS was also at 6.5 lbs. People laughed because I purposely had to pull trigger. LOL
  5. Glad I could contribute and you are right it does happen to a lot of people but not everyone and if it does happen to you learn from it. But try not to put yourself in that situation to start with. ✌
  6. No it doesn’t
  7. DAA for S&W N frame fits the Super GP 100
  8. Try 2 Alpha Bullets out of Burlington IA. I shoot both the Bayou and 2 Alpha 160 grain profile is the same. Let John know what size you want and tell him Dean Gomez sent you. You won’t get a better price for mentioning my name but he might charge you more
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