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  1. No nerve hit here as people who know me know I am a nice guy. You can’t be that bad a guy as you are from Texas and that is where my wife is from. If you don’t like revolver that’s cool just shoot what you shoot and enjoy. ✌
  2. It is 99.9% not %99.9 and I have never shot IDPA but I imagine they still have to hit the A-zone or is it a spray and pray also?
  3. To me that implies that 99.9% can’t shoot revolvers because it might be to hard to win by spray and pray and actually hit the A-Zone if they know what that is.
  4. You have the right mind set to be a revolver shooter. If you can master a 5 to 6 lb double action trigger and hit all A’s just think what that will do for you shooting a 1 to 2 lb single action. Revolver makes you watch your sights as it is not just a touch and go but a pull through until it breaks. Where are you located at?
  5. I shoot an open revolver in open division in USPSA and you may ask why and I say because I can. I also shoot open and limited in ICORE. Do I own autos and the answer is yes but I prefer to shoot revolvers. I like to shoot and my choice of firearms is revolver. I not like others on here who belittle revolver and revolver shooters have realized that I do this for fun and sport and I am not a key board want to be Pro shooter. Yes they may be M or GM rank in their division but do they earn a living from the shooting sport. Without knowing them personally I would probably say not and if so I apologize. Pro and top shooters usually do not get on these forms to criticize others on their choice of firearm. So if you want to shoot revolver and are not all tied up in the final standings on who beat who and how many showed up for each division let the cylinder turn, enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy. If you do want to see how you stack up against other revolver shooters there is always USPSA Revolver Nationals and the IRC. Where wheel men show up with wheel guns to have the most fun with the most friendly shooters you will ever meet. ✌
  6. I was going to say the same thing but was going to add that you get extra parts thrown in for free.
  7. You can also do as some people do and make a spacer to hold the post out and as you put the moon clips on it slides down. Saves you from having to hold the post out with one hand and loading the moon clips with the other. If you practice enough and have the spacers you can load 4 moon clips at one time. See if you can do that with a Speed-e-rack
  8. Here is a picture and it does not slow you down from a table load as you load 2 moon clips at a time on each post
  9. I load weak hand so on the left side of the sever I have two North Mountain Moon Clip holders for that reason. To load the James Austin Moon Clip Server off a table would take to long. Some people put plastic dividers between the moon clips I just put the lip of each moon clip on top of the one next to it. In other words I put the first moon clip in then I set the next one in with the lip on top of the first one till I have all 6 clips in.
  10. I also have the moon clip server and it works with 6 & 8 moon clips and with all ammo from .357 to Short Colts.
  11. What do we do to get our prize if we were random draw.
  12. Direct from Starline $157.00 per 1000 free shipping. This will last you a lifetime.
  13. Fill your primer cups on your dummy rounds with rubber dip. The stuff you use to coat tool handles with. I am sure there are other ideas out there that other people use. I have four dry fire moon clips I use and all eight rounds have the rubber in them. I have used these for at least the last 30 years give or take a couple and no broken firing pins here. I just figured it was common knowledge that you fix the dummy rounds to support the firing pin on revolvers. By the way TK Custom is top notch and I would recommend to anyone. Dean Gomez
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