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  1. Myself I think the Far and Near Standards should be at every IRC.
  2. The Far and Near Standards have not been at the IRC for a few years. The reason I think is that a lot of people complained that it was too hard and you could be having a great match and then the Far and Near could move your final standings up or down significantly.
  3. They usually have a classifier match the day before the IRC so people can get classified before the match.
  4. I would let you but I live in Iowa. Tell you what if you buy one and you don’t think it was worth the money I will buy it from you. But make sure it is for 8 round 38 Super as that is what I need.
  5. I have one of the original 6 1/2” 610 10mm. I bought it after the first run came out and people were scrambling to get them. Then the interest in them bottomed out and you could pick them up for a little of nothing. I don’t want you all to feel bad but when I got my 6 1/2 and 5” I paid $275 each. I still have the 6 1/2 but the 5” is long gone as somebody made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
  6. Around $1100 to $1400 if you find the right buyer who is buying to collect. If not maybe $900 to $1000. But the bottom line is what is someone willing to pay for it. It seems the V-Comp in .357 demands more money.
  7. Dirty brass is tumbled in corn cob media then loaded on Dillon 650 extra pressure when seating primer. No problems so far and that is after thousands of rounds over the last 25 years or close to that. I can't exactly remember when I bought my first 650. Revolver goes bang every time with Federal primers and all autos with Winchester. Do what makes you feel good when seating primers but all the other extra steps are unnecessary in my opinion. Revolver is at 6 1/2 lbs on DA.
  8. I am still contemplating on the match and if I shoot it will probably be on Friday
  9. Sorry thought you meant a 625 45 ACP. So it would be Limited, Senior and Unclassified
  10. Limited 6, Senior, Unclassified remember power factor is 120 minimum.
  11. Yes you can but you have to be a member to shoot a regional or the IRC.
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