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  1. revoman

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    Just a caution on copyright if Speed-e-Rack has a patent on the design.
  2. revoman

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    I guess my reference would be what I have been told about Bullseye but then again I have never tried it. Out of all the powders I have tried VV burns cleaner than the rest. ✌?
  3. revoman

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    I think the VV 320 will burn cleaner. Have never tried Bullseye
  4. Was the last shot recorded on the timer?
  5. revoman

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    James Austin's moon clip server is also something to consider along with 2 of the North Mountain single posts.
  6. revoman

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    I have enough to go through a match that way I can check through the cylinder on my revolver. I had some that would go through the moon clip checker but would not go in the cylinder. If it is a two day match I load for the first day and then at the hotel load for the next day. At a match you cannot check using your revolver cylinder as you probably already know.
  7. revoman

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    160 coated bullets 3.4 grains VV320 seated 1.185. PF of 132
  8. revoman

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    What is minor in IPSC?
  9. revoman

    627 vs. 929

    TK Custom for moon clips and tell them it is for 38 Short Colt Starline Brass.
  10. That’s what I thought thanks for the clarification.
  11. If the magazines are empty is it not okay to practice reloads being that no ammo was handled?
  12. A 4 to 6 lb double action pull is still the 4 to 6 lb with a steel or titanium cylinder.
  13. That is always the lamest saying.
  14. revoman

    Thoughts on increasing membership/clubs

    I shoot USPSA open at my local match with my open revolver 2 times a month and then I travel 160 miles one way for an ICORE match. If you like shooting revolver you will shoot it where ever you can. I do not care about my finish at my local USPSA match as I just use it for practice and to put rounds down range. Every once and awhile I do place higher than all but the PCC. ? Sure makes those open shooters look silly. Shoot it where you can and just enjoy.
  15. revoman

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    What ever came of the 929?