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  1. I am sorry that I did not read post 13 and 20 more closely. I see now that the spring had somehow worked it’s way out of the trigger and jammed between the rebound and the trigger. Maybe a new spring might help as either end might be to short to stay in place when continuous cycling of the trigger. Bad thing about just ordering that spring the shipping will cost the same or more that the spring.
  2. I am pretty sure that spring does not go there. You should not even be able to see it if installed correctly. Should be inside the trigger.
  3. Would this not be the same as people pinning the grip safety on a SS. All my competition revolvers are Carmonized so I do not have any hammer spurs or parts of the hammer that sticks out past the frame. I remove the flag so it will not become an issue during a match. In my carry revolvers I only polish the insides as if I ever have to use it which I hope I never do. I do not want some anti gun lawyer saying that I specifically worked on the trigger to make the revolver more deadly and that I did it with intention. One of my revolvers has been that way since 1997 and it has been dropped and
  4. In all my competition revolvers I have removed the flag to eliminate the possibility of it hanging up. In my carry revolvers I have worked on the flag like Toolguy suggested. Myself I see no need for the flag in a competition revolver.
  5. With the new woke and cancel culture. I will put on a match and the entry fee will be $100. You can send me the $100 and I will send you a score card showing that you were DQ’d. This should make you feel better about yourself and you no longer have to feel bad about not being DQ’d in the past. I could use some help naming the match and spreading the word. I will donate half of the entry fees to Brian Enos Forms. ✌
  6. I know I sent a MO for an AR and it was going to Connecticut and it took like 2 weeks and I even paid for 3 day delivery. Thanks for the tip on the hammer
  7. Where did you get your hammer. Also the release has not shown up yet in the mail
  8. I will help you out and see how it fits my GP100. I also want to compare it to the release that I put on mine. I will PM you with my address.
  9. Remember “Rare Guns” are only worth what someone is willing to pay you for it.
  10. Looks like a copy of North Mountain
  11. For the right price I could be tempted to sell my 38 Super cylinder or my cylinder cut to 38 short colt length.
  12. My revolvers run 6.5 lbs with the same scale. Trigger jobs done by Pinnacle were at 6.5 and this measure them at 6.5
  13. Looks like it came out in 2018.
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