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  1. At major matches, I have two overlays attached to a lanyard I wear around my neck. Instant access!
  3. I've shot two matches with my JP GMR 13 using these extensions with zero problems. They have become my favorite.
  4. When I said the same locked case as the firearm, I was referring to the hardsided locked case the gun is in. I routinely ship both in the same suitcase.
  5. Whoa! Those boxes can’t be used to transport ammo on an airplane. Each round has to have an individual place separated from the other rounds in the box. Think factory ammo boxes, not bulk packed. Ammo can’t be shipped in the same locked case as the firearm is shipped in. Check with your airline’s baggage policies prior to showing up at the airport. I fly a lot to matches with guns and ammo and it’s easy, as long as you follow the rules.
  6. Extra shot is earned at the line of fire. Extra hit is earned at the target.
  7. Registration for this year’s IRC opens today in PractiScore.
  8. Thinking of replacing my stock handguard with something that’s lighter. Any recommendations?
  9. Looks like next year’s Area Six Championship has been moved from Florida to Oklahoma!
  10. Just bought a MBX mega extension. Holds 57 rounds. Ran flawless today at CFRPC USPSA Match.
  11. Want to blow your mind? Start talking about par time stages and total time scoring! LOL!
  12. That's it. Write good stage descriptions and all of these problems go away.
  13. ICORE has two types of courses of fire. Shots Limited or Shots Unlimited. It doesn't have any rules specifically governing steel challenge type stages. It has rules (6.6.10. Failure to hit a Stop Plate and Covering FTE's on a steel-only stage) that apply to steel challenge type stages, but doesn't have a rule governing what a steel challenge stage is. Find an example in the rules that allows throwing out the worst string. You won't. That being said, the BOD didn't want to enact rules to govern steel challenge type stages. The idea is to give Match Directors total control over them. You won't find a rule that says hitting the stop plate ends the string. You will find a rule that allows shooters to fire right up to the issuance of "If clear, close cylinder,holster". So what happens if a shooter missed a plate but hit the stop plate afterwards? Did the string stop when the stop plate was hit or can he take a makeup shot prior to "If clear, close cylinder, holster"? That's why the wording of Chapter 2 that covers the stage being explained by a complete written stage description is so important to these stages. I hope this explains my rationale more completely.
  14. Emphasis on written stage description. There are no other rules governing steel challenge type stages in ICORE. Match Directors have a free hand determining when the clock stops. They can choose when the plate is hit initially or at last shot.
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