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  1. Thanks yall. I thought no but wanted to hear from others.
  2. All, I have had two very knowledgable MDs give opposing answers this evening so its to you all. - In Limited, can the butt of the gun, in holster, be below the the top of your belt legally.
  3. They are around the same price but are there any real pros and cons to them when compared?
  4. I ask as I would like some guidance as to m are the gun recoil differently. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  5. Heard it was a Faux paaaaaaa...... but its seems no different.
  6. Im not sure what you guys came up with but it was ok. Worked up a load. Anyone have crazy issues doing this?
  7. Atlas Titan N320: 4.65 gets 168K 1.185 to 1.19 Probably about 6k rounds through it.
  8. Knock down steel. I should have clarified. @iflyskyhigh , I am gonna try that bullet for sure in my 2011.
  9. Need you guys advice..... Was thinking of starting with a 100gr bullet and working that up before a 115gr and so on. Snappier but faster on target, yada, yada... But, if anyone here has any advice for me please bring it on as I can cut down costs and time. Thanks!
  10. Sooooooory. Been out. Cleared projects and zero reception makes for crap comms. FPS is just past major but some real hot wham. Decided to shelve the FP and use the bullets for something else. Thanks y'all for the help!
  11. Im at 1.115 ..... with 7.7 gr HS6 so far.
  12. Thanks. That Ogive and pressure......
  13. I searched and cant find anything but a Glock Major load. Anyone got anything as I have a STI and a ton of 124gr FP bullets. Thanks!
  14. I don’t really appeal to anyone’s authority El. And, ya ranger rick not hard to track.... you nailed it- no logic.
  15. I recall that too. It doesn’t make sense that the brand maker can but the competitor can not. If glock did the work to my gen 3 to upgrade it to a gen 5, under current logic, it would fly....... yes?
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