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  1. Howdy y'all- I have a 18" 308 and I am stocked up: Varget, 175 TMK's, Lapua brass, Fed primers. Want to tune the load to the gun so what's the 'magic method' or progression y'all think is good? Also... Do you guys hand load for 223? Whats the powder funnel to use like on a 1050? I am stocked up on 8208, 77gr TMKs, Lapua, fed, yada, yada...... Thanks in advance and I will share my results as both guns a re decked out JPs. Campbell
  2. Norone

    Need a link to the .355/56/57 debate...

    Ha! Thanks man. I will do so.
  3. Norone

    Need a link to the .355/56/57 debate...

    If there's no info links do you guys have opinions? Better results from 356-7 or 355?
  4. Hey y'all, Running molys at 147gr in a Glock 34 with a KKM barrel. I could swear the larger 356-7 are more accurate. Seems this way in my G35 with 200's at major. Anyone have a link or info on this worn out debate? Thanks!
  5. Norone

    .40 220gn loads

    I ran coated 220s for a spell and liked them a lot but.... but, they got squibalicious is pursuit to softer recoil. Had a recoil floor to overcome then there was a accuracy issue too, 200s now as 180s make me cry.
  6. Norone

    Brass wall

    I am totally sure its been rehashed over and over. Bt out of curiosity, Has one brass brand stood out to you guys- thicker, more consistent, etc.... ? Thanks.
  7. So here is where I am to date. Kind of interesting too__ I asked a big time pro about my dilemma and he as very candid and insightful. Why he used certain sights for certain matches. It helped a lot. For Nationas he would do a 110 or 125 front and a 135-145 rear window. But on steel matches like a 110 front and 150 rear window. Bianchi was different too. There was more to it but that was the jist. So, I went to a .100 front first to play with and it has helped a lot. Its pretty 'lonely' out there when I see it through my "Dremel/Jameson" .146 rear window. But acquisition for speed is in line finally: first half of El Prez down to 2.00 with few Cs, 1.13-1.20 draws on poppers at 55 yards, 17 yard plate rack draws down to 1.12, etc.... But, Stoegers 2 head shots at 25 yards in 2.00 was dodgey. Was making time, got it twice out of 15-18 trys. But I saw misses were 90% left/right. That rear window is wiiiiiiiide. Going to try a .140 rear. The 10-8. I just wonder if it will be tall enough as its not adjustable. We will see.......
  8. Aiden Totally Awesome Aiden. Thank you!
  9. Both actually. Don't like that too skinny 'for accuracy only' type thing but, what is the happy mix? .100 front with .130 rear? or .115 and .150? Just wondered others opinions and findings so I do t have to spend a ton.
  10. New to STI from Glocking and my 5" has a Novak cut. Give me some leads on so quality stuff if y'all can. Bare in mind, ran Vogels on my G35 and did better than I am doing with the current skinny/shallow set on my STI. Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks.
  11. Norone

    Colt Competition sight dimensions

    Im following this...... I have a 5" STI for Limited I need to find the happy arrangement of dimensions myself.
  12. Norone

    200 grain 40 Major loads

    Glock 35, KKM Barrel, Vogel rear, Warren front, 7k rounds on the barrel________ 200gr Poly coated with 3.6gr N320 at 1.130-3 gets me 168K ........ Best I got for me at 25y is 4"ash 200gr Hornady XTP with 4.3gr N320 1.130-3 gets me 168K ........ Got me a rounded 3" at 25y 220gr Moly coated with 3.2gr N320 is 785FPS and squib-a-licious so if you do it it must be 1.130 and minimum 800fps with the afore mentioned gear. Im still searching for the 200gr Poly perfect OAL and crimp though.
  13. Norone

    Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Had a smith and metals buddy take all they could. Front strap has areas that can be taken in and rounded more. Lots under the trigger guard. Full pin on the back strap and ground flush. The width is anther matter but being addressed. And yes, I am being creative with skateboard tape, epoxy, and "half grips". Give me til next Tues for pics. Its a spare project gun. But.... Underwood has my interest piqued!
  14. Norone

    Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    New to RIA and had my 2011TAC 40 grip reduced for my small hands. Helped a little. Anyone else had reduction work on the frame?
  15. Norone

    favorite bbi 180 and 200 major load

    My 6" Glock KKM barrel- N320, Fed or Win primer, 200gr BBI...... Starline new brass s 3.8- Win once fired nickel is 3.7, to make 168,100 .... Go figure.