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  1. xagent

    Hi I have one of the PCC PSA short chamber barrels.  Did you do your own reaming or had somebody do it?  I'm from Culpeper, VA.

    1. Mig


      Sharpshooters in Lorton, VA opened up the throat on the barrel, took about 2mins. while I waited, ask for the manager Tim B.  Think the chamber/throat cutter tool is about $60-$80, if you wanted to buy one.

    2. xagent


      Cool, what did that run?


    3. Mig


      Don't remember

  2. Had the same issue with my Faxon barrel and got the same response from them on the PTG reamer. Ran a throating reamer as the chamber itself was good and the problems were fixed. If I had to do over again I would choose the JP barrel as I'm running their bolt. Found this posting from cking and its worth noting again: "Problem isn't a short chamber it is a short freebore/lead, drop a round in the barrel it should stop on case and spin freely if not, you bullet is hitting the rifling, Use a Clymer 9mm reamer it has a long lead freebore, careful to use a reamer stop you don't want to cut the
  3. So sorry for your loss - thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
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