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  1. I use the standard Dillon Dies
  2. I have been testing the Atlas 9mm/38SC 140mm mags for a while now in my 38SC Open gun and they run flawlessly. I just got the 170mm Atlas mags and so far, they are running great just like the 140's. I switched out the Grams follower with a TTI Thin follower and can get 29+1 in the Atlas 170. If I really hammer the rounds in there I can cram 30 rounds in the 170 Atlas tube using the TTI Thin follower. But with that setup there is so much upward pressure on the slide when the mag is seated that the slide barely cycles on the first shot. So, technically you can cram 30 rounds in there using "MAN THUMBS" but its too tight to cycle reliably when firing the first shot. I also want to point out that my testing and capacity is based on using 38SC brass that has been roll sized and I don't use undersize dies in my press. Basically put, the brass sidewall is straight which promotes consistent stacking on top of one another and smooth sliding across one another while feeding. If you are not roll sizing your brass then getting 29 rounds in there is going to be difficult. A slight belly at the base of the case on non-roll sized brass adds up a lot over 29 rounds when they are all stacked on top of one another. Not too many people consider that when they struggle to get the claimed mag capacity. Lastly, the feed lip/tube hardness on the Atlas mags is great. The feed lips hold their shape and don't spread apart easily when dropped. Unlike the new Gen2 STI tubes which flex and bend easily. Atlas has put a lot of effort into ensuring that the steel of the tubes is the correct thickness and hardness so it maintains its shape properly. They also put a lot of work into tuning the feed lip width and internal tube dimensions correctly from the start. So you don't have to "Tune" the mags after you get them. Simply pull them out of the bag, load them up, and enjoy.
  3. Option 4 - Keep your 650 as is and ask your fellow shooters to come and help you reload. If you are only need 12K - 14K loaded that can easily be done in a weekend with a few buddies taking turns behind the press. You would spend a lot less in beer and pizza with this option.
  4. The primary reason why "The Pro's" don't get on forums like this is that they would rather spend their time honing their skills than trying to justify their stance or process to a bunch of people who will never put in the amount of work needed to really understand why things need to be done a certain way for success. I can't fault them for avoiding the online howler monkey show and focusing their efforts elsewhere.
  5. Here is a good analogy of your situation...... You can probably run blind folded across a busy highway several times before getting hit. But eventually you will get hit. Its not a matter of "IF" you will get hit, its only a matter of "WHEN" you will get hit. Running an Open Glock is the same scenario. If you are shooting Minor ammo, then you don't even need a comp on the gun because there isn't enough gas generated to run the comp. A good analogy for this is "Let me put a wheelie bar on the back of my stock Honda Civic to keep it from popping a wheelie". Never mind that its front wheel drive or that it will never have enough Horsepower to make a wheelie bar even come into play.
  6. For the Original Poster, I wanted to point out that trying to achieve the goal of balancing the recoil spring weight & ammo load so that the slide only cycles far enough to eject the round but not bottom out on the frame in the full back position is a waste of time. All Semi Auto pistols are designed to have the slide bottom out on the frame every time the slide cycles. You actually need the slide to bottom out on the frame fairly hard to ensure reliable feeding of the next round because that ensures the proper Back/Forward slide velocity and momentum is achieved.
  7. It was the KC era of Team Glock and sure he won some matches with that abomination of an Open gun but he also lost many as well due to its unreliability. I personally seen him lose several major matches because that thing wouldn't run. I will put it this way....... NOBODY at the top of this game is going to risk their match performance trying to make an Open Glock work. There is an endless cycle of shade tree mechanics that think they can make an Open Glock work until they waste enough money and ruin enough matches because they don't work. I just think its funny that people keep trying to make them work.
  8. Good luck getting an Open Glock to function reliably........ Even "Team Glock" couldn't make it happen with unlimited resources.
  9. In a progressive press there will ALWAYS be a minimal amount of OAL variance because the shell plate itself needs to be loose enough to rotate. The type of bullet you use also comes into play when measuring OAL because the tip of the bullets can vary from one round to the next. This is especially true for coated or hollow point bullets. Lastly, there will also be a slight variance in the angle the bullet is pushed into the case. If the bullet is seated when it is slightly tilted the OAL will not be the same as a bullet that is seated straight. I use coated 40cal 180gr Gallant Bullets with mixed head stamp brass. My target OAL is 1.165. I just measured the OAL of 10 different rounds picked randomly from my last reloading session and the Max/Min OAL was 1.1650 - 1.1675. So the limited sample that I measured only had an OAL variance of 0.0025. This is also with what I would consider fairly inconsistent thickness or layering of the coating which is typical of just about any coated bullet.
  10. The way that kit is setup you don't "Have To" thread all of your tool heads. Its not an all or nothing thing. Just thread the tool heads for the calibers you are seeing OAL variance in and use the standard Dillon tool head retainer pins for the rest of the calibers. I also want to point out that if you are worried about investing $50 in a press upgrade then you are playing the wrong game.
  11. I used the OEM Dillon Tool Head with the conventional die locking nuts. There is enough wiggle room in the shell plate for the brass to shift around if needed.
  12. If you are good enough to put two bullets in the same hole, then you are also good enough to spread them apart. Its also a good reminder that you are probably shooting too slow for the given target difficulty. A fist size hit displacement on two aggressive shots is usually a good indicator that you are shooting at the proper aggressive pace. I too have had perfect doubles that ended up as misses during a match and after reviewing video footage afterwards shows both bullets hitting the exact same spot on the target or berm. If there isn't evidence of two hits on the target that an overlay can distinguish, I don't question it because its pointless. In every one of these situations, when I reviewed the footage my shooting pace was slower than it should have been for that target. As I said above, if I was shooting that target with the proper aggression, then it would have spread out the hits. Lesson learned, don't shoot like a wimp.
  13. Thumb Rest + Weapon Light = Not going to happen with a Kydex style holster.
  14. The biggest variable on a Dillon press that will effect OAL when the shell plate is full vs not, is the actual tool head. I used to see OAL variance in my ammo depending on how many stations were full in the shell plate. Nothing dramatically different, but different. That all stopped when I installed the Unique Tek Dillon Tool Head Clamp kit. This kit basically locks the tool head into the frame of the press so it can't shift around while loading. After installing this kit all of my OAL variance issues went away. I listed a link below to this kit. I have no direct affiliation with Unique Tek. I simply use products that are great and this is one of them. https://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1230
  15. A lot of shooters with poor grip angles are essentially shooting Strong Hand only because their support hand CAN'T do the job it needs to do. That is a bitter pill to swallow for most when they hear it.
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