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  1. I will be attending several majors in Texas in 2021 (Dragons Cup, Henry's Cup, Texas Open). I accept your challenge.
  2. And you know this about "A lot of the top guys.....bla bla bla bla" because you have tasked them with going full retard on a stage and seeing what the stage time ends up being? Or are you just guessing because they don't do it at majors because they know its not an effective way of winning matches? The next time you attend a major match bring a stack of $100 dollar bills and challenge any of the top shooters to knock SECONDS off of their match stage run for $100. Then tell them that hits are optional as well. Be prepared to go broke buddy.
  3. I am not saying KC isn't talented. He is. But his "Style" of shooting where hits are optional is exactly what keeps him from winning consistently. His "Style" of shooting also puts a higher priority on being fast which results in his stage times being faster in general. You wanted to know how he can produce stage times several seconds faster than most everyone else. I am providing the exact answer in how that is possible. You may not like that answer, but the facts are the facts.
  4. Most shooters can usually finish stages faster when you sling lead in the general direction of targets and hits are optional. There is no magic to it. Look at his hit quality or lack of it and it tells the story clearly. If he gets lucky and hooks up then its a stage win nobody can touch. If he doesn't hook up then its a dumpster fire. You can't win a national title with dumpster fires.
  5. If anyone thinks that the top shooters in this game don't want to shoot ALL of the points on EVERY stage they are gravely mistaken. At the top of the game all of the top shooters are running nearly identical stage times. The only way they can separate themselves from everyone else is by shooting more points then the next guy. This strategy for winning national titles has been deployed more often than not since this game was started back in the 70's.
  6. HyperFire triggers give you some tuning options that others don't. The extra hammer springs used to "lighten" the trigger pull can also be used to tune bolt carrier speed. This is done by increasing or decreasing the hammer spring tension when the hammer is forward. More spring tension = slowing the bolt down. This is important on blow back style PCC's. The other thing that you can easily adjust is the trigger return spring tension by bending the trigger return spring legs. Increasing the trigger return spring tension helps push your finger forward after the hammer has dropped which usually mi
  7. Call USPSA and have them spoon feed you everything you need to run a match. This will be just about the only time USPSA will have the ability to justify their endless fees.
  8. Why can't you figure this stuff out yourself?
  9. If you have two completely different guns exhibiting the exact same issue then its likely an ammo issue. Check out the below thread I started that describes how to assess the proper OAL of your ammo based on how it impacts the barrel feed ramp and what to do in order to fix it. If the OAL isn't the correct length then it will cause "clunky" feeding which will take a lot of force out of the forward movement of the slide to feed the round and push the rim up under the extractor. This is especially important with an Open gun using a super light recoil spring like you are doing.
  10. For what its worth, I used to use AFTEC's in all of my guns then switched to the EGW HD extractors. To me, the EGW HD Extractors are easier to fit and they retain their tension much longer than a standard extractor. Just remember that if you are currently using an AFTEC, the Firing Pin Stop shouldn't be reused with a Standard or EGW HD extractor because its been rounded on the edges. When using a standard or EGW HD extractor you need a tight no movement fit between the FPS and Extractor in order to keep it from moving around. A Standard or EGW HD extractor will also require the hook depth, ang
  11. I am yet to use an AFTEC that didn't require fitting of the hook depth to ensure proper function. A tell tail sign that an AFTEC hook depth isn't right is when people take one spring out and it starts working. That works for a while then they will eventually break an ear off of the spring capture cup. the AFTEC was designed to always use both springs and yes it also requires proper fitting of the extractor hook to ensure reliable brass rim engagement. The back end of the AFTEC where it engages the firing pin stop needs to be fitted properly to allow in/out movement but no clocking movement. I
  12. You can swap your holster due to the far exception scenario from a stage design perspective or simply chalk it up to a lesson learned and keep using your existing holster. In USPSA stages 99% of the time we draw the gun immediately after the buzzer goes off so having a friction free holster is more important than maximum retention. Multi Gun matches are a different story as there are many times when you are running around on the clock with a holstered pistol. Most of the time those guys are using legit captive hooded retention holsters. You could have tackled this stages prop manip
  13. My current pick is the SIG Romeo3 XL for Open with a 6MOA dot. The features that set it apart from the rest for me is the wide range of brightness settings, size of the glass, very little distortion in the glass on the edges and very little parallax.
  14. The OP has not responded to any of the comments in this thread. I think all of you have been played since this thing is three pages in already and no response.
  15. Better keep digging on your research of the SRO. There have been many people who thought that the SRO was going to be the next best thing then ended up dumping it after experiencing its unique issues (Double Dot in certain lighting conditions & distortion at the edges of the glass). The SRO's may "Live" longer or be made in the USA, but that in itself doesn't make it the best optic on the market for a competition gun.
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