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  1. So that was the one and only opportunity to video your shooting? BS.... Get back on the range and capture the footage needed to diagnose your issues. I am not going to provide suggestions on fixing issues without proper evidence of what is going on. Without that it’s just a guessing game that causes confusion and wastes people’s time.
  2. Hi,


    I have a very small frame and hands in my 70 year old body.  I wish I had gorilla hands like some friends I shoot with. It can be a real chore to keep the thing flat.


    Would you happen to know the optimum angle for each hole?



    1. CHA-LEE


      I would suggest you ask a  gunsmith that already does “V” style popple holes. It’s not as simple as going to town on it with a drill press.

  3. As jack says we need to see the shooting from the left hand side. From what it looks like so far your support hand is the weak link.
  4. Hello,

    Great Idea! Thanks for responding.



  5. Why not use the existing rib cage slide cuts to put “V” pattern popple holes in the barrel?
  6. This response is exactly what I was pointing out in my prior post. Beggars can't be choosers. There is nothing "FREE" in this world, everything costs something. If the BE Forum decides on deploying ads, along with tiered paid membership levels that disables the ads at a certain level, then you can either choose to ignore whatever adds are displayed with your FREE membership or PAY for a higher level of membership that disables the adds.
  7. Beggars can't be choosers......... I am fine with whatever the BE Forum team decides to deploy in order to make the forum financially solvent. I think its unrealistic and unneeded to poll the forum membership to "Approve" what you can or can't deploy from a monetization or advertising perspective. All it will do is create more butt hurt for the people that have no skin in the game. For what its worth I think that ClangClang's proposal above sounds like the best proposition so far. This next comment may not be something people want to hear or accept but here it goes. Maybe the viable use case for forums like this is are over? Every tool or product has a viability life cycle. Maybe forums in general are ending their viable life cycle? I have noticed over the years on this forum and many others the gradual dilution of meaningful content produced by the membership. When I started frequenting this forum in 2008 there were a much higher percentage of members with a vested interest in producing solid content. That level of dedicated engagement and content creation has reduced considerably. These days members are too lazy to even use the search function to find answers to their questions. Then they get offended when you ask them if they even tried searching for their answer. I think this is due to the current societal expectation that everything should be spoon fed to people with very little effort invested for the person seeking the knowledge. To be totally honest, this ever growing "Spoon Feed Me" attitude is the primary reason why I have scaled back my engagement with this forum. I still do my best to provide meaningful content when I post. But the return on investment for those efforts is getting less and less. The depth of existing knowledge on this forum is vast and very helpful. It would be a shame to see all of that good content disappear. Maybe a "Cheaper" hosting solution would be to simply transition this content from a dynamic forum into a static searchable repository of information? Essentially becoming a Practical Shooting Wikipedia type of website. Or just say f*#k it and flip the switch off and enjoy your retirement.
  8. Given the range command sequence defined by the OP, the shooter is technically still under "Make Ready". AD's during Make Ready are clearly a DQ. Just because the "Are you ready" command was issued doesn't automatically transition the situation outside of the Make Ready state. Think of how many times you have seen it happen where a shooter is making ready and the RO thinks they are done and issue the "Are you ready" command only to get a declining response from the shooter because they are not finished with their Make Ready process. I will also point out that there is clearly a difference between a shot fired during a "False Start" scenario where the shooter is actively engaging a target vs cooking off a round randomly which also luckily still remains inside the berm but clearly didn't happen while engaging a target.
  9. Its all about personal preference in how you like the recoil impulse to "Feel". Just keep in mind that adding a consumable part to a gun requires additional maintenance and proactive replacement. For what its worth, I have seen more neglected shock buffs jam up guns at matches than cracked slides without them in 40 caliber major power factor guns.
  10. The extractor pinch depth is tuned by removing material from the "Bump" behind the extractor hook. You want enough pinch depth to cause the extractor to deflect slightly when a case is pushed under the extractor hook. The pinch force is tuned by using different weight extractor springs. When I was shooting EAA/Tanfo guns the stock extractor spring would last about 10K before getting too weak to extract reliably. Especially on 9mm where the rim of the case is much smaller. I switched to Wolff extra power extractor springs and this dramatically improved extraction reliability and the spring would last 50K or more. If the extractor has been tuned to the proper pinch depth and force you should be able to take a fully loaded round and a stripped slide then push the rim of the case up against the breach face in the "Firing" position. The round should be held up against the breach face by the extractor and you should be able to tap the slide down onto the table without the round dislodging. The tapping force needed is about the same you would use to knock on a door. I am sure all of this has already been covered for CZ platform guns here on this forum somewhere.
  11. Any level of anemic extraction with the red dot sight right behind the chamber is going to result in the case deflecting off of the sight back into the chamber area. You can verify this by taking the sight off the gun and shoot it. Do the stove pipes continue? What is the extraction consistency and trajectory of the empty cases? Video that stuff in slow motion with your cell phone.
  12. Extractor depth and pinch force needs to be tuned just like any other gun. You say that you "inspected" the extractor, what did you inspect? Unless you have the manufactures blue print drawing of the extractor to verify it was actually made correctly, I am not sure what you are going to "inspect" by looking at the extractor with a naked eye other than obvious damage.
  13. Swapping recoil springs to fix an extraction issue isn't the best strategy. Fix the extraction issue.
  14. The past couple of weekends have been really busy from a guns and gear perspective. It started with doing some red dot testing and sighting in on my Competition AR setup for Limited division. I replaced the 2 MOA MRO Red dot with an EOTech EXPS2. The EXPS2 I got has a 1 MOA dot in the center with a 60 MOA Circle around the dot. I sighted the EXPS2 in at 200 yards and the small 1 MOA center dot made shooting groups at 200 yards much easier. Even though I liked the smaller 1 MOA center dot I didn’t like the 60 MOA Circle. I also didn’t like the Lower 1/3rd co-witness height of the optic. My cheek weld would result in the dot being at the bottom of the glass most of the time which was annoying. I swapped the Magpul MOE stock for an ACS and that helped with generating a more consistent cheek weld, but it didn’t help raise my head much. Since the EXPS2 was too tall and I didn’t like the distracting 60 MOA circle I decided to get an XPS2 with only a 1 MOA center dot. The XPS2 is at a lower full co-witness height which results in the dot being in the center of the glass when punch the gun up aggressively and build my cheek weld. Another trip out to the range was needed to get the XPS2 sighted in at 200 yards. I really like the XPS2 sight height combined with the ACS stock. It’s pretty hard to screw up my cheek weld position that results in the dot not being in the center of the glass. I got to test out the new XPS2 sight / ACS Stock setup in the monthly carbine match on Saturday and it worked great. I got a consistent cheek weld any time the gun was between my face and the target. The dot was also in the middle of the glass most of the time, even though we are forced into a bunch of funky shooting positions. The thing that I really liked is the highly adjustable dot brightness levels on the XPS2. I could max it out and it would make the dot look 2 – 3 MOA in size for fast blasting, or I could turn it way down to make it a super crisp 1 MOA size for the 100/200 yard steel. Or use a brightness level somewhere in the middle for the varied distance targets in the field courses. I know that EOTech has gotten a bad rap for it’s past issues with zero variances in different temps. I also haven’t tested for POI shift in different temps. I have tested the POI variance based on dot offset within the glass to see how much parallax it has and it’s not much. My testing showed about a 6 inch shift at 200 yards with the dot at the extreme edges of the glass. This POI shift due to parallax is WAY less than the MRO I took off the gun. So far this XPS2 sight is head and shoulders better than the MRO in many different competition biased aspects (Parallax, brightness settings, dot size). We will see how it does long term. Right now I think I got my Limited division AR as tricked out as it’s going to get. The biggest performance variable with it right now is my ability to use it effectively. I need to put some serious time behind this gun to learn my limits at all distances. This is something I haven’t had time to do as my live fire practice has been fully dedicated to pistol stuff. I am not sure how or when I am going to find time to get some dedicated AR live fire training jammed into my busy schedule. I may have to settle with simply being a carbine “Tourist” since I really can’t dedicate a bunch of practice to it right now. The next project I have been working on is building my own 10mm Single Stack 1911. I have always wanted a 10mm blaster and figured that building my own would be a fun project. This 10mm 1911 will only be used for target shooting and will never be legal for competition. With that in mind I decided to build it “HEAVY” by using a full dust cover frame, full length unique style slide, and a bull barrel. I have been waiting for my JEM 1911 frame to come in for a few months and finally got it a couple of weeks ago. I have put about 10 hours into the build so far and have gotten the frame/slide/barrel fit completed. This was all done with hand tools so it was slow going while fitting these primary components. The next step in the process is to machine the slide for sights, flat top, and cocking serrations. I want to get the slide machining done before I start working on the trigger job and ancillary stuff which won’t take too long to finalize. I am not sure when I will have the time to get the slide machining done as I will have to borrow some time on a friends mill. I am considering this project about half complete at this point though. I will keep chipping away at it as I have free time and hopefully get it finished before the summer major match schedule kicks in. The last project I am working on is getting my Atlas Chaos Open gun tuned up and a load figured out. I got my Atlas Chaos last week and had a chance to do a little bit of testing with it over this past weekend. On Saturday I was able to get it sighted in and chrono three different powders. To start off with I am using 124gr bullets with AA#7, Shooters World Major Pistol, and VV N105 powders. I set all three loads to start off with 9.7 grains of powder and that produced a 170 Power Factor for the AA#7. But it was too much powder for the Major Pistol and N105 as they resulted in 175 and 185 PF respectively. The AA#7 powder feels sharp and concussive in comparison to the other two powders even though the others were too hot. I need to reduce the powder drop on the other two powders to somewhere in the 9.x range so that they are also in the 170 PF range. Once I figure out the 170 PF drop for the other two powders then I can do some better comparison testing between them. I also got a chance to test out a couple different Hammer/Spring weight setups to help optimize the slide velocity. I started out with a 17lb hammer spring then switched to a 20lb then a 23lb. The 23lb seems to minimize the slide velocity to a manageable level so that it bottoming out on the frame doesn’t produce excessive muzzle flip. I also put a 7lb variable recoil spring in the gun and that helped reduce the muzzle wobble as the slide snapped back forward. With the current AA#7 load and this 23/lb spring setup it produces very little muzzle flip and the muzzle returns directly back to level once the slide snaps forward. I can likely optimize this spring setup some more but I am going to wait until I settle on a powder to use first. There are at least 5 different powders I want to test out in this gun so it’s going to take me a while to settle on a load. I also need to get this bad boy over to Long’s Shadow Holster so they can make a custom Kydex holster for it. I will get all of this stuff done eventually and I am looking forward to putting this open gun through its paces at local matches. With all of this stuff in the works along with my major matches and training classes coming up soon it’s a busy time for the Big Panda right now.
  15. Have you reached out to USPSA with your displeasure about the recent rule changes or ideas for doing polls for future rule changes? Take this up with USPSA directly and hopefully they will have the time to explain why these changes have been deployed. Whining about it on a forum isn't going to do anything about changing their minds. I also want to point out that USPSA has always deployed rule changes in a dictator fashion. If you don't like how that is done you can always choose to not shoot USPSA matches and switch to a different type of practical shooting match that doesn't use USPSA rules or polices.
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