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  1. CHA-LEE

    HS-6 with 180 grain missouri caste bullets

    The most monkey proof (super hard to blow up your gun) powder I have used in 40 major is Winchester Super Target (WST). If you are new to reloading I would suggest starting with that powder as it’s readily available, fairly cheap, and almost impossible to screw it up with an over charge.
  2. CHA-LEE

    HS-6 with 180 grain missouri caste bullets

    Sell the HS-6 powser to an open shooter for 9 Major then buy the appropriate powder for your .40 Major load (WST, Win 231, N320, Tight Group, Prima SV, etc). Powder is cheap, use the correct powder for your loads verses trying to use us “free” powder that is the wrong burn rate.
  3. This forum has a mountain of threads on this very topic. Use the search function and find all of the answers you are looking for.
  4. CHA-LEE

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    The primary gripe from gunsmiths is that its a pain in the ass to fit new slides to frames that have an Accurail job done. The secondary gripe is the reliability of the rails when shooting a lot. I personally don't have any evidence of either gripe being valid as I don't have any accurail guns. The way I see it, if the slide and frame are fit properly the normal way it should last the service life of the gun. "Service Life" means something different to everyone. For example, my #1 Limited gun frame has over 100K on it at this point. In my mind that frame has reached a reasonable service life. That gun has also had 3 different slides and barrels on it through that time as well. At some point you simply have to call it quits and start over with fresh parts.
  5. CHA-LEE

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    I have thought about sending it off to get an Acurail job done by Doug Jones, but the price of doing that is about the same as simply replacing the frame and slide once you account for all the shipping and what not. That and most of the gunsmiths I talked to about doing Acurails said to avoid it like the plague. Realistically the frame on my #1 Limited blaster is already starting to crack at the slide lock pin lever notch, so the frame is on borrowed time as it is. I will be replacing the frame, slide and barrel on this blaster in the winter. Until then I am more than happy to try alternative methods to tighten up the frame to slide fit slop using the peening method.
  6. CHA-LEE

    Advantages and disadvantages of 155mm mags

    Did you cut coils off of year old 13 coil springs? If so I wouldn't expect that to work either. You need to cut NEW 13 coil springs to 12 coils.
  7. Yes and No. All competitors coming to the stage would need to be informed of the stage being thrown out and then give the shooters the option of shooting it for fun. They would also have to explain that all safety rules still apply while shooting the stage for fun so if they perform an unsafe action which results in a DQ then they are still DQed from the whole match. When faced with this reality a lot of the shooters will choose to not shoot the stage because they don't want to risk a DQ while "Playing" on a stage that doesn't count for the match. If half the squad chooses to skip shooting the stage then you are in the same squad log jam situation.
  8. CHA-LEE

    Effective Live Fire Training

    What drills you need to run depends on what you currently suck at. Doing random drills in hopes of getting better won't produce a very effective or lasting improvement. Step 1 is writing down all of the skills you know you suck at then select drills that will exercise those skills.
  9. This should be a good lesson for the stage designer, RO, CRO, RM and MD as that failure falls on all their shoulders. Stuff like that gets overlooked when everyone thinks someone else made sure it was good to go. As an MD myself I know that stages getting thrown out for stupid mistakes like that will completely derail the squad flow through the match. The match schedule is the job of the MD and ensuring legal stages are setup is the RM's job. Even at that I still give every single stage a thorough review and walk through when I am the MD because of the potential schedule risk. I hate to say it but obvious mistakes like that happen because people are lazy and expect everyone else to make sure things are done right.
  10. CHA-LEE

    Advantages and disadvantages of 155mm mags

    I guess I am the strange one in the group as I rarely use my 170's. The majority of the time I start with a 155 and reload to a 140. Or start with a 140 and reload to a 140. The only time I will use a 170 is if the stage allows for more than 26 rounds of non-stop blasting. If there is a step or two of non-shooting time its easy to throw in a reload as needed. I can usually cram 28 rounds into my 155 and its easily reloadable to that round count when I cut 1 coil off of the mag spring making it a 12 coil. There is no need to use a 13 coil spring in a 155 as all it does is consume more ammo real estate. With all that being said, I am a die hard Limited shooter who usually lives within the bounds of 20 round 140mm magazines. That is primarily why I feel comfortable with using the 140's and 155 mags in Open verses the really long 170's.
  11. CHA-LEE

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    The quest in finding the optimal shooting glasses prescription continues. I ordered some cheap safety glasses in +0.50, +0.75, +1.0, and +1.50 diopters. These came in late last week and I was able to test them out in dry fire last night. I was testing these different power glasses out in less than optimal indoor lighting to see what the focal difference was. The best test of these glasses seemed to be a sight presentation scenario that didn’t allow my eyes to change focus quickly to the sights. I would start at a low ready position then punch the gun out aggressively then drop the hammer for a single shot then immediately lower the gun again. While doing this aggressive mount, dismount of the gun I would observe how clear the front sight looked during the temporary presentation. With the +0.50 glasses both the front and rear sights were slightly blurry with the front sight being slightly less blurry. The +0.75 glasses produced a pretty crisp front sight with a little less blurry rear notch. The +1.0 glasses flip flopped the focal clarity between the front sight and rear notch where the rear notch was crisp and the front sight was slightly blurry. Lastly the +1.50 glasses made the rear notch very clear and crisp and the front sight was very blurry. This testing has proven that the optimal setup for me right now is the +0.75 diopter glasses. This is good because that is what I got made for the Lens Crafters glasses. These cheap safety glasses at different powers are an easy way to test the different powers cheaply. The one issue I seen with them is a much higher parallax effect as you look through different parts of the lens. The Lens Crafters glasses don’t have this parallax effect which makes sense because the prescription is centered on my eyes. If you want to check out these cheap safety glasses you can find them at the below website. http://www.safetyglassesinc.com/Reader-Safety-Glasses/ After I was done playing with different glasses I busted out the #1 Limited blaster and went at beating on the frame rails while using the Brownells Peening plates. The frame rail peening plate kit that I got has plates in thicknesses starting at 0.110” and goes up to 0.120”. When I measured the slide rails they are currently at 0.108” so even the smallest plate is 0.002” too thick to completely eliminate the vertical slop. I went to work on the frame rails using the 0.110” plate and was able to get all four rails evenly beat down to that height. Using the plate also allowed the frame rails to get squished outwards slightly which took out some more side to side slop. When all of the frame rail beating was done the slide to frame fit was still a little sloppy in both directions but it was much better than before. Since all four rails were lowered to 0.110” evenly it should at least maintain that same level of “Sloppy” for a while. An extensive amount of live fire is needed to see if this slop reducing job will hold up or not.
  12. CHA-LEE

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    This past weekend I headed down to Montrose Colorado for a mini motorcycle and blasting weekend getaway with the wife and a few friends. I rode my KTM 1190 Adventure R motorcycle down there while following the wife in our 4Runner. I got rained on a three different times while riding down there but the wet stuff was separated by enough sun that I was able to get fully dried out between rain events. On Friday we took the motorcycles up and over Engineer and Cinnamon Passes with a lunch break in between. Wrestling the big KTM 1190 up those trails was fun and a little sketchy at times. The KTM 1190 is totally capable of handling pretty gnarly trails but it also takes a lot of effort while wielding that 525lb beast. All told I rode almost 200 miles that day with much of that being 1st gear trail work. I was worn out by the end of that day and my hands were toast. The good news is that I didn’t crash or lay the bike down through that long day of riding. I didn’t see any one else with a big adventure bike on those trials and I was a little proud of that. All of the other Motorcycle riders had much smaller dirt bikes or smaller displacement dual sport bikes. I guess nobody else was either stupid or brave enough to take their big adventure bikes up and over those passes that day. My grip strength was toast after that long day of riding and I didn’t trust it to ride again on Saturday. Instead of riding on Saturday I decided to shoot the local Montrose USPSA match. They setup 5 fun stages to shoot and they had about 20 shooters. This gave me a chance to test out the +0.75 shooting glasses and my #1 Limited blaster some more. The new shooting glasses worked great. The direction of the shooting berms put most of the targets in a shadow condition which was a great test for these new glasses. I was able to call my shots very well while still being able to see the targets good as well. The #1 Limited blaster ran without any issues which was good as well. The total bummer for the match was my ruined grip strength from the ride the day before. I had to use maximum effort grip pressure to barely produce enough strength to manage the recoil. Even with that the gun was muzzle flipping a lot more than I was used to which lead to a couple of D’s and a Miss while trying to shoot aggressively. Note to self, don’t do a crazy MC ride the day before a match. Either way, it was fun to shoot with some new people and test out a few things during the process. On Sunday we headed back home after a great couple of days playing in the mountains. On the ride home I got caught in a solid rain storm for the last 100 miles of the trip. This was a soggy ride getting home but it wasn’t horrible. This week I am going to do some more work on my #1 Limited blaster. I got the Brownells frame rail peening plates late last week so I am going to try using those to fully tighten up the slide to frame fit. We will see how that goes. Beyond that I am not going to be able to do much shooting related stuff this week. I am heading out for a European Cruise vacation with the wife on Thursday and wont be back until the 31st. This past weekend was my last chance to do any shooting until August. Hopefully this long break from shooting will be a good thing.
  13. CHA-LEE

    Organizing and marking springs

    A file will likely work as well but it would be harder and take longer to make several nicks on each spring. The main problem with labeling springs with tape or other removable materials is that once the label is removed you don't know what the spring rate it is. You have to remember the spring rate and this can be problematic, especially if you are doing spring testing and you have several different ones laying around without labels on them. Doing the nicks on the end of the springs permanently marks them so you always know what weight each spring is.
  14. Early on in my ROing experience I would give shooters safety Warnings either during or after their stage run. But I quickly realized that warnings go in one ear and out the other. You could warn the same people many times stage after stage and they could keep doing it because there wasn't a tangible penalty for their actions. People don't learn until the punishment for their infraction is real and finite. These days I don't give warnings and simply stop and DQ the shooter when they break the safety rules. They may get pissed and throw a tantrum like a 2 year old but it really doesn't matter because they did it to themselves. I am simply there to let them know how they broke the safety rules after its all done. As an MD I always like to tell my customers "Every stage provides the opportunity to make the wrong decision". This usually gets a chuckle from most then it sinks in that their match destiny is 100% in their hands based on their decisions.
  15. CHA-LEE

    Organizing and marking springs

    I use a dremel cutoff wheel to put nicks on the end of the spring to tally the pound rating. For example, a 15lb recoil spring will have 5 nicks and a 10lb recoil spring will have 1 nick.