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  1. Mine says 349 which is probably correct since match scoring moved over to Practiscore....... I guess I like to shoot matches
  2. Yes on the 140's. For the 170mm big stick I use the stock MBX follower.
  3. Nope and no other 2011 aftermarket base pads do it either.
  4. The base pad can eliminate over insertion IF the tube is short enough and the pad is tall enough that the top of the pad bottoms out on the bottom of the grip before it can be over inserted. Standard 1911 single stack magazines have a tang in the front of their base pad to do just that. But high cap 2011 style mags do not normally. Especially 140/155/170mm length tube competition magazines.
  5. The follower has nothing to do with over insertion. Over insertion is directly related to the mag catch shelf. If the leading edge of the mag catch shelf is tapered or ramped then you will always have the potential for over insertion. Most 2011 owners disable the slide lock function to minimize the negative effects on the gun when a magazine is over inserted. If the slide is locked back and you slam a magazine into the gun there is a very good chance that you will break the ejector prong off when the magazine over inserts.
  6. I have the exact same issue. A shielded safety and a custom welded wider beaver tail fixed the issue.
  7. Effective Knowledge that will improve your skills in a lasting manner isn't FREE. If you want to get good at shooting and fix your specific issues, that is usually best achieved by engaging in "Paid for" training. Invest in your skills properly and you will see effective results.
  8. Its too hard to keep track of which magazine has X amount of rounds on it or load/unload cycles. I am shooting several times a week and at that pace it has always worked out best if I simply replace all of the mag springs once every 3 - 4 months. I keep track of how long the mag springs are after each range session when I am cleaning the mags and if one is abnormally shorter than the rest, I will replace them all. Replacing magazine springs is cheap insurance and it makes zero sense to keep using a worn out spring until it starts causing feeding issues. Replacing springs costs less than a tank
  9. Developing loads without a chrono is like trying to drive across the country without a speedometer in your car and hoping that you are going the correct speed limit. Use the correct tools for the job. It will save you time and headache in the long run.
  10. Yes, the feed lips are the only thing you have to keep an eye on.
  11. The MBX Mags don't need "Tuned" to start off with. They simply work right out of the bag. As far as maintenance I have kept an eye on the feed lip width and readjust them back to spec (0.385" from back to front) when needed. But the feed lip width usually stays in spec more often than not. Its usually really hard drops onto concrete that can lead to the feed lips getting spread out.
  12. I agree with the above observation that there doesn't seem to be enough powder to cycle the slide fully. 3.7gr of powder with a 165gr bullet seems like a very light load. You should use a chrono to verify the velocity of the ammo. With 165's you should be at 1000 - 1050fps to make major power factor.
  13. The speed at which a ruling can be determined is important. If you are trying to make a call at a match as an RO you usually only have a few minutes to reference the rules in order to make a ruling call. You won't have the luxury to take hours during the match to find what you are looking for. The biggest challenge I see newer RO's have is actually finding the applicable rules within the rule book quickly. The more you study the structure of the rule book and know where specific rule scenarios are clumped together the faster you can find them. I prefer using a printed rule book mys
  14. Using a "B Class" performance mentality, that makes sense. If you want to perform fairly decent at club matches this mentality will usually work ok. At the top of this game, we are talking peak performance, the competitors winning National and World titles are not approaching the challenge in this manner. They are striving to shoot ALL of the points ALL of the time as fast as possible. They are not going into any stage with a mindset of "I can give away points on this stage because the hit factor is high". If they did, they would lose the stage because there will be another top com
  15. Did you actually measure the parallax Point of Aim / Point of Impact offset at distance? From my experience with the HS 510C the glass is actually really good and has minimal POA/POI shift due to parallax. Do some live fire testing with it to verify the actual parallax offset.
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