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  1. I just chrono'd my newly built PCC with TACCOM's ULW barrel. I was surprised that even with only 5 inches of rifling the PCC was significantly faster than my G17 with the same loads. I expected it to be "a shade" faster but not the level i saw. Dont have exact numbers to post as im at work.
  2. Second for TACCOM. I have their ULW barrel, BCG and buffer system paired with an Angstadt Arms Upper and Lower and its flawless. I am very happy with it. Just got the new clean out rod so i can run coated bullets as well.
  3. Has anyone else experienced their 550b spilling loaded rounds coming out of station 4? This problem just started over the last 6 months or so and has gotten progressively worse. It happens mostly with 9mm, seldom with 40 and 45. When i rotate the shell plate the loaded round will hit the kickout wire but completely miss the chute down to the bin and land on the floor. Some folks on FB told me to index more aggressively but that seems to only make the round hit the floor faster. I have visually inspected everything and it looks kosher. I noticed that the kickout wire had raised up a littl
  4. https://safishing.com/product-category/face-shield/ These. They're cheap, very effective and multi-use. I use them at hot shooting matches, fishing, ice fishing, etc. Always have one in the shooting bag, boat, tackle box, truck, etc. Take it off before you stop for a soft drink on the way home or people will think you're going to rob them!
  5. Will brake cleaner harm a Cerakote finish? Ive always used Simple Green and super hot water to clean my stuff but it takes a lot of scrubbing - especially when I'm using Slide Glide. Brake cleaner sounds a lot easier.......
  6. Last fall I had a local smith build a CK Arms Limited gun. Its pretty close to some of the builds you see on Freedom's site: CK steel grip, CK frame and slide, KKM barrel, EGW small parts and Infinity Long Flat trigger. I freaking love that pistol. I have a great smith who specializes in 2011 builds and does amazing work but the CK arms components he worked with were first rate. If you're looking for opinions on current quality of CK stuff - I'm very impressed with mine.
  7. There are times I like dry-firing too. I agree that its also cathartic and a nice way to wind down, productively, at the end of the day. But, there are other nights when I'm on the couch with my wife, the cat and a cold beer when I really don't want to. Its those times that discipline kicks in and I just go down stairs, open the safe and get busy. My current goal is 4-5 times a week focusing on things I suck at or improving skills I'm good at. To meet that goal - sometimes I gotta force it. Once I get started, I'm just fine. Getting started is discipline.
  8. I've been to Steve's shop when I picked up my gun last fall. You going to get one of those mills like he has?
  9. I get your point, but have to go with Jake on this one. I am pretty involved with High School Wrestling. No one WANTS to come to practice and drill/condition the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas. Its OK to hate it. The kids have the discipline and desire to show up and go all-out because they know of the payoff on tournament/dual day AND they fear the humiliation of a bad loss when the horses come to town. I think dry fire is much the same way. Its ok to not like it - just get in a habit and do it.
  10. ^^^^^^^^What Moto said x10. I agree ROs have to be a stickler on rules and the book, but damn we can get hung up on some minor crap. It can suck the fun/enjoyment out of this sport for everyone involved.
  11. Make A in Limited and SSTK Place in the money at 2 local Majors Attend 1 out of state Major with son Catch a 40" pike
  12. Up till now I have shot SSTK almost exclusively (have a sweet Limited gun on the way that will change that soon). Admittedly, there aren't many of us but the ones that shoot it regularly are overwhelmingly 45. The current SSTK boss at most of the matches I shoot runs a Trojan 9 mm..........but he just likes 9mm. Not sure he owns a 45. I get the convenience of using one load for Lim and SSTK but price isn't that big of a deal. For reloaders, over the course of buying 10k bullets the difference between 40 and 45 comes to about 70 bucks; for 9 mm I am guessing it would be about 90
  13. I'm a B class SS dude shooting a 1999 vintage SA Loaded. I ran it for a couple years and, when it started to get a little wonky, I had a local smith fit a new Kart barrel/bushing and do a trigger job with all EGW parts. That upgrade cost me about 750 and I paid 650 for the gun new in 1999. After the upgrade, the gun shoots lights out and will hold its own with all the Baers,, Wilsons and other custom jobs on the range. And I don't cringe when I see the holster wear or it gets dinged up on a prop. Presently, I am holding the gun back from A class or higher - not the other way around.
  14. 5.0 grains of WST under a 180 grain blue bullet loaded to 1.20 runs about 172 in my son's High Performance Edge
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