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  1. It looks like the extractor is hitting the top edge of the cutout
  2. The disconnector in the slide is jamming down this trips the trigger bar. I would put a stock plunger with a stock spring in it, it should cure it and doesnt change the trigger pull a lot
  3. Different hammers also have major effects to the actual unlocking process. Not all hammers have the same geometry as far as the force when closed and when cocked. Ed Brown, EGW etc all have different locations for the strut pin. This changes the fulcrum, add the FPS and hammer spring weight and there are many different results.
  4. I was the guy who ran the steel matches in Missouri for over 10 years. The issue I had at the time was there wasnt a classification system. So what drives the new shooters in USPSA is the classifier system, With no system at the time what was in it for our shooters, nothing ! Also with steel challenge are the stages, shooting the same 8 stages are boring to most, we had at the time 32 different stages that provides variety and interest. Jim who runs the west coast steel is an old friend and they have mixed up the stages and its much better.
  5. Clark Custom used to make an offset firing pin bushing kit, It had 2 drills and a bushing with an offset hole to get the firing pin moved back to center. I have done a few with the kit and it worked well. I looked on there site but couldnt find the kit, They may still have them, Not for the faint of heart though, has to be done in a mill
  6. Mill a flat in it. then it will have a positive stop
  7. It can be done , I have a 15 degree cutter that fits in the bore of the comp, most gunsmiths can do it
  8. The air dry is for High temp only, it cures with the heat of operation you have to beadblast with a very coarse grit and its a 1 pass coating. it doesnt like multi coats. the parts are small enough for almost any oven I do suppressors with the high temp and its a 5 day cure . The lower and upper need to be totally blasted and de greased. Keep the hardner ratio very low for a flat finish and high for a semi gloss.
  9. The left leg spring controls the sear, the center of the spring controls take up Bend the left leg of the spring forward
  10. Usually the hook breaking off is caused by hitting the barrel
  11. The trigger needs to just float in the frame , sometimes at the rear of the bow the metal frame will not have enough clearance and bind the bow, you may have to remove material at the rear top of the bow to clear the frame. There is a mandrel for the bow that makes sure the trigger face and the bow are square also
  12. 0.040 to 060 would work, its a dovetail i do 060 on rackers all the time
  13. All 3 can be done the bottom 2 with normal narrow cuts the top with a shallow cut chelly's will work with some narrowing of the racker Rick
  14. Well I have used WST for over 15 years for 9mm 4.5 with a 125lrn is a good load 5.2 with MG 115 fmj is a sweet load the plated bullets are all junk in 9mm they are even softer than cast so usually are not very accurate I wouldnt have an issue shooting them as you loaded them but they prob wont be very accurate 4.5 would prob work better but get some real bullets , either cast or jacketed , plated are not the way to go Rick
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