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  1. Would love to get some private classes but since my wife isn't interested in USPSA it's a hard sell on taking vacation to go there. That being said, I am looking at the insider program he has as it seems like a good deal since it comes with a free monthly call. I've been trying to find someone who is in it but can't so I'm probably just going to sign up.
  2. I don't think limited will die next year, but it's definitely declining and maybe 5 years behind production? I'm of the opinion, right or wrong, that limited is hanging on because of all the money spent on 2011s and once those people burnout their guns or sell them there won't be many people left in limited. But again, it's just seems like people are moving between divisions and not so much pulling new shooters. Locally PC and CO make up most of the shooters with a handful in open and limited but that's falling off. The serious limited shooters I know have since dumped their 2011s for CZ in CO. Small sample but in looking at the other numbers posted here, it doesn't seem to be an outlier.
  3. But I mean, that's kinda the point. I think we need to stop thinking of production as a division for starters and just think of it as a locap division. A new shooter can come in shooting open, it's not going to matter as they need to shoot a few times to figure out if they like the sport and want to commit the money to gear. So tweaking production doesn't really accomplish anything unless you have fond memories of shooting production. It's dying out but frankly so is limited so are we going to have a conversation about saying limited next year?
  4. So I guess the real question should be, would changing the rules in the production division just shift shooters back from other divisions or bring in new shooters? It seems like right now the USPSA leadership is just moving around chairs at the table and not really getting new members (not saying that's good or bad to get new members). I really don't see the point in changing production rules just to get some people back from carry optics.
  5. So I started reloading a couple years on a 550 that I got for a good price used. Loading primarily 9mm for USPSA, I can crank out about 400-500 rounds an hour with ease. But I'm looking to crank out ammo and eventually ended up with an old RL1050, which was the plan all along. In talking with a lot of people, the 1050/550 combo is hard to beat if you reload a lot of different calibers. The swage on the bigger press is what sold me as I also shoot 3gun and need to process a lot of 223. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the blue presses. They all serve a purpose and the question really becomes a time vs money argument for how much time you want to spend reloading.
  6. As a guy who has a SE 1-8, it is a POS but it's a decent entry level scope. I got mine brand new with mount for about $250 and it served as the gateway scope to enter 3gun. After zeroing it, it broke and was sent back to vortex who supposedly fixed it. After my first match it broke again and was sent back and replaced with a new one and has been fine for the 2 years since then. But I've borrowed a gun with a razor 1-6 and it's night and day difference. The glass is so much clearer and the fov is better that it's no comparison. It's sort of like comparing a ford fiesta to a Corvette, sure it's the same company but 2 completely different products.
  7. I like his stuff, listen to his podcast as well. I've thought about joining the Anderson Insider subscription as well but for whatever reason haven't yet.
  8. Yeah, natchez has had them for a few days in a row last week but the only place I've seen that's been limit 10, most are 1 or 2. Going rate online seems to be mid 70s plus hazmat and shipping, locally I've seen them for about 60 when I've found them. If I didn't already have enough for next season I would have snatched up the 10k but I'm really hoping prices fall as demand hopefully eases.
  9. This is what I did as well. Opening for inner belt should match where the opening on outer belt is on your body. There is no need for the inner belt to overlap as it's only there to go thought the loops and keep the outer belt attached.
  10. I'll take some pictures as I start, right now it's just some rough framing that the previous owner did. I will say when we were buying a house 5 years ago we looked at 2 that had safe rooms. They used precast concrete for the garage and build the safe room under that by pouring the basement walls to close off that area as well. One was sealed off completely besides running electrical and the other just had a handful of small 4x12 in openings on the top and bottom of the walls to allow running electrical and airflow, I would suggest doing that. As an fyi, I'm looking at building an external garage with a precast floor and it adds about 10k to the cost in addition to all the concrete for the walls and basement floor. For stick framing out an existing room, I've seen pictures of metal strapping, essentially turning the room into an 1800s prison or putting rebar horizontally in the walls to slow down breaking in. I am considering rebar and maybe cement board walls but it will only slow, not stop, someone who is motivated.
  11. I was getting them from summit city for 5.2 cents and ordered a case of 135s for 5.5 cents when they had a good sale this past summer. But it looks like they raised their prices 10-15% since then so it's closer to 6 cents now. I was able to get a 10% mil discount and then use a 10% coupon code to get down that far. Glad I ordered more than I needed this past summer. I think lead prices are only going up so I try to but a case every month or so.
  12. I'm getting coated 124s for around 5 cents a pop, hard to go lower than that. Reloading my 9mm for about 11 cents right now. It's not much more expensive if you don't shoot a lot but 2 cents more a bullet is nearly a 20% increase in costs for me.
  13. Our house has an unfinished basement with random reloading gear scattered around here and there. I have a solid bench that my presses are mounted to, a desk for gunsmithing, and some shelves storing all the extras. The basement has an awkward space, based on my plans to finish the basement, that I'm making into a reloading room. The space is approximately 9x12 feet with an attached closet space of 3x6 feet with it deeper than wide. Ceiling is 7'6 for about 3/4 of the space and 9' for the rest. I already have a set of old kitchen cabinets to add to that space and plan to frame up with 2x4s and use 3/4" plywood walls. Looking to add some sort of internal security door as well. I'll run probably two separate circuits for outlets and one for lighting. Planning to sound proof with insulation to knock down on some of the noise. I'm contemplating a french cleat system but with current plywood prices I may skip that or just do a small wall. I have the ability to build it out as I like and I'm curious as to what others have done or wish they would have done. I've reviewed tons of pictures but most focus on the bench and not building out a dedicated reloading/gun room. Planning to buy the lumber and materials this fall and build out as a winter project.
  14. If you're planning to stay in limited, I'd move to major sooner than later if you want to be competitive. I shoot limited minor/production with my 3gun rig and carry optics with another gun. I know I'm not competitive in limited minor, it's just practice and to have fun. I used to shoot limited with an XDm that I already had but switched to 9mm about 8 years ago to save on ammo costs as I only shot factory ammo. Now that I'm reloading I did pick up gear to load 40 so I'll likely dabble in major again but for me I can shoot way more 9mm than 40 for the same price.
  15. I'm all for outlaw matches that allow 22s but allowing them as part of a USPSA match completely changes the stages to conform to 22 ammo. Local club runs a weekly league and allows 22s and in the last year I've only seen one person show up with a 22. Not sure there is as big of a demand for it as is perceived. Most of the 22 shooters are shooting steel challenge.
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