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  1. If you're worried about rust, what about wrapping it in something like this before you store it? https://www.rockler.com/zerust-no-rust-table-saw-cover
  2. Looks like March. I'd be interested in one but I'm sure they would be hard to find for a while.
  3. Yep. What we have in SE WI right now. 32/33 degrees and just slush falling from the sky. I'd rather it be highs of 30 so everything stays frozen as it's not too cold for an hour at the range.
  4. I'd agree with the range lawyer. I'm all for simple rules, but there are areas that are ambiguous that don't need to be, like the birdshot type.
  5. Could always sell the components but I wouldn't sell the gear. I'm probably on the crazier side as my wife and I are expecting our first and I'm just now getting into reloading. Plan is to load a ton before the kid is born to get me through summer and then sit down an hour here and there.
  6. This is why I no longer subscribe to any gun magazines, it became an entire magazine of advertising as none of the reviews ever said anything bad about whatever they were reviewing.
  7. I saw PSA had them in stock for about a minute. I'll wait for the hype to die down and then think about picking one up. For the cost of the .22 glock, I would rather buy a centerfire version.
  8. I have a ton of Glock oem mags, a couple with the Dawson extensions. If there is a GSSF match by you, go, they often sell 'used' mags cheap. I have a bunch of the Magpul 21 round mags, you can find them on sale for about 12 each.
  9. I have the competition Midway bag, had it for about 6 years now. Up until this past year I carried it but after I got into 3 gun I bought a folding wagon to haul all my gear. I also only paid like 40 bucks for it at the time, so I think it's a great bag for the money.
  10. I had federal ammo loaded where the casing was about 2mm longer than a standard 9mm case. Luckily it was only practice and got in an extra malfunction drill that day.
  11. I'm in the same spot as you, I have a g34 for 3 gun and shoot some outlaw matches with it. I'll eventually shoot limited minor and if I really wanted to go major, I have an xdm 40 I can use. I did just get a Dillon 550 and get it set up for 9mm and 40.
  12. I have an 4 ft shop light above my 550. Also realized that a mini mag light (and similar) fit perfectly in the center hole of the tool head. I have a few small freebie lights I've gotten that fit in that spot perfectly and were really bright. A couple wraps of tape and it's held in place.
  13. I found that this was exactly what I was doing, gripping hard and pushing down on my weak hand with my strong hand thumb. I practiced in dry fire drawing and transitioning with my strong thumb pointed upwards. During live fire, I would do the same thing as well as sort of 'wiggle' it around a little while shooting to help ingrain the thought of a relaxed thumb. Not sure if that's the best way, but it's what I did and seemed to work well for me.
  14. I agree with this. If I could get in and shoot a quick 3-4 hour match, I would be able to go more than once a month. I've left a match before after about 7 hours and still had a stage left...
  15. So I am/ was in the same boat as you. I shoot USPSA and 3 gun, looking to primarily load 9mm and 40, but branching out to a few others eventually. My plan is to end up with both a 550 and a 1050/1100. I wasn't in a huge rush, so I was waiting around to see which press I could find a great used deal on first, ended up being a 550. I like the simplicity of the 550 to learn on and the ability to pump out serious ammo of the 1100. Eventually I'll automate, so that's another win for the 1100. Conversions are a lot cheaper with the 550 so catridges I wasn't really planning to reload I may consider after I get the 1100. Initially, I wanted a 650 but felt that for not a lot more, I would be happier with the 1100 in the long run. From discussing the topic on here, seems like no one that has a 1050 regrets their decision but many with 650s with they had the bigger press.
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