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  1. I don't think the Acme one works anymore, tried to use it last month but it didn't work.
  2. There's a place locally selling 9mm for 80 cents per round. Glad I got into reloading when I did.
  3. I mounted my 550 to a scrap piece of wood I had and I clamp the front to an old desk and stack my bullets on the back of the board to keep it from moving. It's not the best set up but it allows me to unclamp and move it when I need to work on my guns as the desk doubles as a cleaning/tinkering space. I do plan on building a bench eventually but I've been playing around with different heights to see what's most comfortable.
  4. Maybe try a ratchet? https://www.ratchetingbuckles.com/type/1-00-buckles-straps/
  5. It's the idea of training one muscle group without the compensating side can cause injury. I know about this from weightlifting but didn't think about the hands and forearms this way. I bought some grippers a week or so ago and in researching them the general consensus was to train with rubber bands too. I don't have the set of bands, I just went into my desk drawer and tried a few until I found one with enough resistance. Now for ever rep I do on the grippers I do one with the rubber band.
  6. Yep, saw that this morning, I wonder how much the increase is going to be. From the sounds of it it shouldn't be that much.
  7. I'd agree that $5 a year is fine and most would pay it, but it would start a slow downward spiral if the only way to access the info was to pay for it. Sure, existing members would pay but it would be hard to get anyone new to join. Then the existing members will start falling off as well as life gets in the way. Then more will leave as there will start to be a lack of content. And then the forums will finally be closed down. I'm all for banner ads over member fees with the exception of a yearly ad free membership. Anything other than that will inevitably cause the forums to die. Companies pay big for targeted ads and I feel like these forums are perfect for most of the shooting/reloading companies.
  8. I'm thinking that was stepped on and tore open by the looks of how the brass is bent inwards.
  9. Man, you really pulled this one from the archives...
  10. Another thing to check out is GSSF matches if there are any in your area. I work/shoot the local one every year and they usually have good prices on mags too.
  11. Some places are still sold out here There was a news story with people waiting outside Costco on Saturday for an hour before they opened to buy TP and then waiting in lines for hours as the store emptied out. Only to have it restocked on Monday....
  12. I would tend to agree. People won't pay to sign up and paying members will slowly drop off. Anyways to sell 3rd party ads?
  13. State of Wisconsin is regulating any gathering or more than 10 people so all matches look to be closed. I shoot at a private range so I'm hoping they won't just close the range as I want to get out and test some reloads this weekend.
  14. People are in full freakout mode right now and that includes shooters. I've got plenty of factory ammo as I've been maxing out the rebates companies have been offering every year but since I'm just getting into reloading I'm going to be short on components until this dies down in a while.
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