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  1. Nice. I've been looking at jumping right to a 1050 for my first press. Been looking on the used market but if I can't find a good deal ill just wait for the 1100.
  2. Could always just do a 50 yard Sprint before it's your turn. That's what I do during training. Our practice bays are 50x50 yards so I usually do at least a 25 yard sprint to get my heart rate elevated and then start the course of fire I'm practicing. Nothing like a 40 yard sprint to try to shoot the plate rack at 10 yards. Try that 5 times in a row.
  3. Was it priority? Ive shipped 70 lb boxes from HI to WI and it was 75 bucks with USPS for the cheapest method. You can't buy that one online, it's only in the post office. And yeah, there are corporate USPS rates for small businesses and the big guys negotiate even lower rates.
  4. Yep, been there done that. I now carry a beach towel to cover my guns, works amazing without having to wear a glove....
  5. I was at a local gssf match and saw a guy wearing golf gloves. Seems like a possibility but a small one at that. the only time I've worn gloves shooting was when I was in the army training and some officer told us we had to wear them, otherwise I hate wearing gloves.
  6. Great to hear, hopefully you'll be back at it next year in full force. I actually ended up with a Franchi Affinity 3 as I couldn't find a m3k in stock anywhere this past summer. Added a +6 tube and it has been running great. A little more expensive but not a whole lot more than an m3k. I've shot two 3 gun matches with it and sporting clays 5 times. I love the double take at my 'over and under' gun.
  7. Same here. Too bad they don't just run production and a P10 like they do in limited. Don't punish the whole country for the stupidity of a few States.
  8. You don't have to go crazy with a belt rig. I picked up a bargain bin Glock holster and double mag pouch setup from a LGS for about 25 in total. Bought a nice DAA belt to throw it on as a stiff belt makes all the difference. Since then, I just kept my eyes open for great deals on used gear. One of the reasons why I shoot Glock is there is just a ton of gear on the new and used market for a good price. I even just picked up a ton of Glock mags at the last GSSF match the club had. LE trade ins that look brand new for 10 each. The sport only has to be as expensive as you decide to make it. Now 3 gun, that's a different story....
  9. I think that will be my route. Waiting for a good used deal on either to pop up.
  10. I often save large pieces of cardboard and print some targets to staple on there. Otherwise, I try to grab the targets after USPSA or 3 gun matches, the no shoots are usually still good.
  11. I prefer to shoot with people I know and feel I shoot better when I'm shooting with friends that are better than me. It is an all day event with about 10 minutes of me shooting so I'd rather hang out with people I know and meet a few new ones as well.
  12. Anyone every try a variable speed router outlet? https://www.harborfreight.com/router-speed-control-43060.html Not sure if it would work or not but seems like the cheapest way to try.
  13. Nothing about this forum is cheap. Everytime I turn around I seem to be spending at least 200 bucks on something....
  14. That's the plan as of now, but most of them are running cheaper setups that I know so finding someone with a 1050 has been a little challenging. Right now I'm just keeping my eye out on any deals and will jump on a 550 or a 1050 if it comes up. I'd rather just skip the 650 as I don't see the price difference as that significant. I do like the idea of having both for odd stuff like my 380 or a 45 if I ever get one. If you don't buy it, let me know if he will ship it haha
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