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  1. And that's people bidding it up, not someone 'gouging.' Prices are relative.
  2. I'm in the same boat, I have plenty and won't sell any because I know a resupply isn't coming soon. But if someone came up and offered you $500 per k as your stated price above and you sold them, it's the price both of you agreed on and we willing to pay/accept. For someone who wasn't prepared, they may be more than willing to pay $125 for primers vs not having any. It's still cheaper than factory and allows them to keep reloading vs having their equipment sit idle and spend the winter knitting vs reloading. Right now if I ran out of primers, I would hate it but I would pay the goi
  3. That was 8 years ago, when primers where cheaper. Again, all things are relative. We gripe about $125 per k but that could be cheap compared to prices 6 months from now. Frankly, it's supply and demand. If price ceilings are set, we have shortages like we have now. These were set by companies when all this started as they would get a bad rap if they raised prices but if they would have we probably wouldn't see the shortages and price hikes we have now. Maybe if companies doubled the prices of primers people wouldn't have hoarded more than they need. And all
  4. I got into reloading this past year on a 550 and it's been good enough for me. Plan was to cut my teeth on 9mm (at the time it was still cheap) and move on from there to 40, 380, 223. I've loaded nealy 1k rounds now and it's been a learning experience for sure. Eventually I plan to get a bigger press as components become available again and I can go back to shooting more. My plan has been to get a 550 and an Evo/1100 for my large run calibers as well as the swage option. I would suggest getting some books now and watching some videos. If you have brass, you could start cleaning tha
  5. I mean, they could just stop holding matches. Or double the fees if you don't tear down.... These matches are run by volunteers who get paid nothing, stop complaining about helping or go and only shoot majors where you're not expected to help but the fees are significantly more.
  6. It's lead vs steel, it should have no impact on your barrel. Lead is much softer than the steel and the bullet will smash down to fit the barrel long before the barrel will be impacted. And since we're talking coated vs fmjs, coated bullets have less friction on barrels and should have less of an impact.
  7. BBI is shipping within a week and those are .356. order the UPS packs and those will be there by the end of next week. You can order the blues you know that work and play with the BBIs until then.
  8. I haven't seen any in over a month. Think it's going to be a long time before we see them regularly.
  9. That's what I thought, just started watching that one.
  10. Take out the powder bar and see if the screw moves it. I believe the small bar goes to 15 grains so if it's wide open it will overflow a case. When I got my 550 I moved the small bar nearly closed and slowly opened it until I hit the number I was looking for.
  11. I made some 2x4 ones with the cheap furring strips for the up rights. I want to say each leg is 2 feet. I want to say 2 2x4s made 3 sets along with a handful of furring strips. Might have cost me 10 bucks for everything a few years ago. If you think 2 feet is too short, drill some holes in the legs so you can stake them into the ground. I build all my target stands that way and I've done this for the regular stands, plate rack and swinger I built.
  12. I started reloading this year and bought as much primers and powder as I could. I have 2-3 years worth, maybe more if matches start getting cancelled as everyone else runs out of ammo/components.
  13. My original USPS case that I ordered sat in Alamo, TN for about 3 weeks and left there late Monday and arrived in perfect condition today. So even with all the USPS issues I still received the case of 125s in a little over 3 weeks when every other manufacturer I see is 2 months plus. But if ordering from BBI just skip the hassle and get one of the UPS cases. I don't think there is any price difference and they actually ship fast for now.
  14. If you're still looking at a shotgun, give some consideration to the franchi over the stoeger. I picked up a franchi last year because I couldnt find a m3k but the franchi is a much better gun for only a little bit more. Pretty much the poor man's Benelli.
  15. From what I was seeing on GunBroker, it wasn't so much gouging as the prices getting bid up really high. I just saw 9mm ads locally on Armslist for a buck a round and a bunch for 80 cents now. Still a lot cheaper to reload even with inflated primer prices as it would still only be like 25 cents a round. I passed on primers earlier this year, holding out for CCIs and regret it now. I was lucky enough to score some earlier but I just hope the news of a year or more till we see any meaningful stock is wrong..
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