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  1. It comes and goes. A couple weeks ago I could find CCIs but now nothing, before that I found Winchester. Just keep checking and when they come back in stock buy what you can as it usually doesn't stay in stock for more than a day or 2.
  2. I've never used the wipes before but I've been in a battery factory and they used d-lead hand soap during the mandatory hand wash after changing out of protective gear. They had it in gallon size pump bottles and would probably lean towards that over wipes. Right now I just use hand wipes at the range and the wash my hand with gojo and then hand soap when I get home.
  3. Not sure if this works as I don't have the collator but this is what I use on my table saw and it works wonders. https://www.amazon.com/Glidecote-V207501-Woodworking-Aerosol-Lubricant/dp/B07THDZB5N It leaves the surface slick without any residue. Spray it on, wait a bit, and then wipe it off.
  4. So one rule change would be to always require unload and show clear anytime someone goes downrange. A pistol when holstered is one thing but as we've seen it's easy for a pcc to drift around.
  5. You could put t track into the bench and mount the press on a board that would secure to the bench with the t track. That way if you had to mess with the casefeeder you could just pull down the press. Could also use t nuts if you wanted a cheaper options. I mount a vice to my workbench with t nuts and it's rock solid.
  6. So I mounted my 550 on a large piece of particle board I had and clamped the front down on a desk and stacked my extra bullets up behind it and it's rock solid for me. I'll eventually build a dedicated bench but haven't had time.
  7. Any special spray bottle needed and is it just liquid lanolin? Read this this morning and was at Walmart and they had a 4 pack of iso heet for a buck on clearance so I figured I would try this out.
  8. Luckily I mainly shoot with people I know and we all pitch in. And everyone who is a deadbeat is known. Some feign old age and bad knees but after the range is cleared they are running to steal the brass on the ground. For 3 gun, the MD had issues with tear down and clean up and instituted a ban for everyone in a squad if their final stage was not broken down and cleaned up and encouraged people to notify him of anyone who refused to help. This works because the matches are sold out, but I could see how this wouldn't help smaller clubs.
  9. FYI Natchez has some CCIs in stock right now for a good price.
  10. Been running the pmags for years without any issue. 21 rounds for less than 15 each is about as cheap as you can get, just wish they made them for 40s. I run dawson extensions as well and like them a lot. Easy to take part and clean out your mags and are reasonably priced. For a glock, I have a hard time justifying MBX mags and the mags would cost more than the gun.
  11. So here is a concrete suggestion as I watch the only sport on TV, golf. Why not run a match like golf, 4 rounds with only the weekend rounds that everyone cares about and what's televised. Let's say you run 10 bays, on the first day you shoot half and on the second the other half then there is a 'cut' to reduce the number of shooters for the weekend matches that would be streamed. The same 10 bays are used but slightly tweak the stages similar to golf moving around the hole placement. This would allow a lot of people the chance at a strong run and at the very least the competitors would shoot 2 days. I would also suggest as mentioned above that all sponsorships should be handled by nation and support flowing from the top down. This way it's not like 1 club is getting sponsored by a big company for 5k but another club has a similar sponsorship that only got 1k because they had a low ask. National could ask for like 50k and then sent out banners and what not to smaller clubs as part of the deal and kick some of that money down to the clubs. Not saying local companies can't sponsor local matches but it gives national some leverage on going after larger companies knowing they aren't hit up by 50 other clubs. I could see a marketing play to get big manufacturers to donate equipment to smaller clubs as sort of a new competitor loaner system. I know of a few people that are interested in competing that don't want to shell out the money for gear without knowing. Maybe get Glock or S&W to donate a gun, mags, and some gear and loan it out. The appeal would be a new competitor uses their equipment first and may be more likely to buy what is familiar to them. But no to a public magazine, gun mags are mostly garbage now since they are nothing more than advertisements and articles that pretend to be anything but an advertisement.
  12. Why not set out to start your own league since USPSA isn't going to change? Set up the rules to allow for more tv friendly courses of fire and millon dollar prizes.
  13. If you're serious, find a good lawyer, CPA, and insurance agent at the very least. It's going to be big money to get that started correctly. I think there may be a hobby rule to the FFL if you make less than like 10 guns a year. Might want to start with gunsmith work to get your name out there and maybe wear a 'jersey' to any matches you attend and show off your guns there.
  14. Since a lot of these questions end up getting stuck on what should go in what division, I say only have one open division. A sort of 'run what you got' kind of a thing. Or run an irons division and an optic/dot division and call it good. But it really just depends on if you want people to have fun at a club level or if you want to run majors in the future. If it's just about getting people to participate, I'd follow what Frankly says and just simplify the rules as much as possible and the biggest questions are usually around divisions. If it's about running majors with decent prizes, then you'll need a rule book that only lawyers can accurately interpret.
  15. I'm not sure the argument is to add shooters but moreso show companies that USPSA can drive sales. Similar to advertising on hunting shows, 'I couldn't have done this without X companies bow, Y companies camo and I got there with Z companies truck.' So now you apply this to USPSA and show a run and have some commentary on how great this gun performs, how consistent these mag pouches are, comfortable those pants are etc. Then maybe some armchair warriors see it and want to buy the gear, that eventually just sits on a shelf. Is this possible, maybe. Is it likely to happen, no. There is so much content out there for people to watch that it's a huge uphill battle. And the points about USPSA being confusing to viewers is an understatement. People are going to have no idea what is going on unless it really gets dumbed down to popping balloons and knocking over steel. Let's for argument sale that USPSA ends up on tv, all it takes is a handful of people complaining to the broadcaster and it's all over, banished from TV for life.
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