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  1. I was able to buy 2 cases of each 12 ga and 20 online but they came out to about $11 a box shipped. It was steep and painful but I need to get some practice in for hunting. But last week I was at the local Walmart and for the first time in like a year I saw ammo. They had 3 of those 100 round boxes of AA with a 3 box limit and scooped them up. Cost was $32/100 rounds which for AA I thought was pretty good. I have seem ammo starting to flow in a little more locally but the prices on most are up compared to even last summer. And with inflation looking like it's starting to take off, I doubt we will ever see the low prices again. A few of them local ranges still have decent prices but only allow you to buy if you are shooting there.
  2. Maybe the marketing team is waiting until closer to the release rather than teasing a product that doesn't get released for a year.
  3. The reloading discord has a dillon rep, he is saying 8-9 months for dies at this point.
  4. Gritty crime drama on HBO Max. Short 7 episode miniseries and one of the better shows I've seen in a while.
  5. I'll take a look. This was with a Dawson extension. I can fit 23 but it won't cycle and gets locked up like halfway back. Pretty much why I've been running pmags since I can get 21 rounds for $12 vs 22 rounds for $50.
  6. I luckily learned that in practice last week. Can fit 23 but won't cycle.
  7. I believe the lee 9mm seating die also crimps. Midwayusa has(had) a bunch of individual 9mm dies along with free shipping.
  8. Locally participation in WI has fallen off a bit. 3gun is pretty much dead as people can't get shotgun ammo or don't want to shoot so much. Matches have participation but the matches have open slots up until match day. The local Tuesday night pistol league which used to be packed all night and even had to be expanded into Wednesday is now around 40-45 people with many complaining about too high of a round count. The year started off with strong attendance but is trailing off. Most figured the ammo situation would be better in a few months and when they didn't happen they scaled back participation. I also think the people dropping off were the casual competitors who only bought ammo on the way to the range vs stocking up. Most the guys I shoot with have been through a few shortages now and we're prepared. I will say, shooting on smaller squads with less waiting around has been a welcomed change.
  9. How much weight are they? Thinking I could probably 3d print something with holes for some bullets and a little handle.
  10. You going to review it? If so I'll wait to watch it. I finally got around to picking up Get to Work so I'm working through that now.
  11. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/range-time-book Interesting concept of a book full of drills but that each drill had a corresponding video you can watch to see how it's executed as well as some tips and tricks from the looks of it.
  12. I think Natchez has or had the press and accessories listed as well as press but shows out of stock. I want to say the feeders were like $250 each. It will definitely change the market a bit if it works well and has a good track record for a few years.
  13. I'm curious to this one as well. It seems like everything is A la cart so not sure what the savings will really be once you start adding options. May be worth picking up since I can 3d print a case and bullet feeder for it.
  14. I use the prochrono DLX as well, I like all the data hitting my phone real time while I'm shooting to make sure shots are registering and whatnot. It's my first Chrono and really easy to use. Set up a string with your details, shoot the string, and store it for later reference.
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