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  1. @rowdyb I struggle with swingers and ended up building one out of scrap 2x4s I had. I made it to use standard 1 in weights and can change the weight to make it swing faster or slower. Just watching and visualizing the target moving and the path it takes and the pause at the top end of the arc helped me a lot. I'm all about visualization and imaging what success looks like. @Flea, I would just dry fire twice as much as you are or more (hopefully you are) and go to the range just to work on recoil Management. Indoor ranges have a lot of restrictions so there likely aren
  2. This. BBI I believe is still shipping same week, I picked up 2 cases this past fall and the bullets perform as they should. I only shoot outside so smoke doesn't bother me but I can't say I've noticed any more than any other reloads. I've been mainly using 231 but have some sport pistol and aa2 coming up next.
  3. Yeah, the cheapest part of shooting a lot is buying the gear. I usually spend 2-3k a year in ammo/components alone so dropping 3k on a press doesn't seem that bad. I think with the 300 in price increases to the 1050/1100 in the past 2 years puts the press in an even more awkward spot as it's closing in on an Evo price and getting further away from a 750.
  4. I know you can buy a stripped down Evo, or at least you could last year but with covid who knows. My plan is to get one without the casefeeder and print my own along with a bullet feeder. I'm just in no hurry so I'll wait for everything to calm down a bit.
  5. This is what I did in the 2012 shortages. Got out of the army the year before so didn't have a stockpile and ended up taking up bow hunting. But I've learned from that and I'm pretty well off right now but still keep my eyes open.
  6. I've had my 34.5 for 2 years now with now obvious wear marks but my kydex holster is pretty loose around the slide. I would put a piece of blue painters tape on both sides of your slide and see how tight it is in the holster. If that's not tight, maybe contact glock and see what's up? They have good customer service so maybe they can hook you up. If not, head over to one of those tacticool forums and sell it for 3x the cost for the battle worn finish.
  7. When I was in the Army we ran a lot of drills from Kyle Lambs book Green Eyes and Black Rifles. There is a lot in there for setting up your gear and different drills to do. Not sure how much translates to 3 gun as I haven't opened up my book in probably 10 years but I'm planning on rereading it soon ahead of the shooting season.
  8. Filament is cheap. Just go on Thingiverse and look around at stuff. You will find a lot of crap to print you dont really need and a few useful things. So far I've had my printer about a month and made some stuff for my 550 like the pin tabs, primer cup thing to help with run away primers, primer filler tube ends for the aluminum tubing I bought, bin barriers, and the primer tube filler This primer filler I made works great but required a little tweaking of the files. I have like 300 things saved on Thingiverse I plan to print as well. I'm in the middle of making a dry b
  9. It's mostly plug and play once you get it built and leveled. Leveling is a pita but once you understand how to do it it's not that bad.
  10. So I picked up an creality CR10 V2 3d printer for 370 which is pretty nice and has a bigger bed for printing. First big thing I printed was a primer tube filler based on Thingiverse plans. I got enough parts to build 2 of them for 30 bucks which included spending 12 on a wall adapter vs a 9v battery. Plastics for 2 is about 3 bucks of that 30. I will say the motor and switches I got off Amazon are a lot more powerful than a vibraprime. Same thing for a casefeeder or bullet feeder. You can buy parts that work fine for probably about 100 bucks or you can spend more for stronger motor
  11. My 34 and 17 both love those BBI 125s.
  12. Yeah, it's more of a chat thing but there are a bunch of files on a google drive. I printed a primer tube filler from plans on Thingiverse and designed the filler end myself. I just need a press bigger than a 550 so I can make the bullet and case feeder. I've considered making them now just because I feel like it and having the brass and bullets drop into something flat just so I can grab them in the correct orientation.
  13. https://discord.gg/reloading I got a 3d printer after getting sucked into the reloading discord and spending some time in the 3d printing channel.
  14. Jump on the reloading discord channel, there is soooo much info on this there. Most of the newer designs are based on what the guys over at castboolits are coming up with.
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