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  1. I've always thought we will eventually just have a rifle, dot and no dot divisions. Not saying I agree with it, just where I think we will be in 5-10 years.
  2. Nice, I got my supplies a month ago to do it to my 17.4, I just haven't had time yet.
  3. I have some factory mags with dawson extensions as well as the magpul 21s that I've been running since they came out. Dawson's only come out at matches and training but the magpuls are run hard in local league shoots and 3gun and I've never had an issue with them. They are probably my most used magazines as I got them super cheap.
  4. I'd take a look at the 3d printed world and see if there is anything there. I second the sirt, I have one and its probably your best option at this point. Or just 3d print a whole glock and use that but you likely won't be able to practice mag changes.
  5. I don't think $150 off a new press is unfortunate, they don't have to give anything. And honestly with the backorders they could have easily cancelled the discount (although it looks like they scaled it back to only presses).
  6. Whose to say those aren't the people currently keeping the supply low? It's hard to tell what stage we are in, once I start seeing 12 gauge back on the shelves I'll know we at least turned the corner....
  7. Ordered a case from BBI on Tuesday, UPS shows delivery for tomorrow. Can't beat that!
  8. All this bullet talk made me buy another case. So I'll do my part to add to the current wait times....
  9. I talked to Mike at Jentra a bit about this and they should be releasing a gen 5 specific guide rod shortly. He said the gen 5s are a little longer than the gen 4s.
  10. Nice! I just got a line on nearly unlimited 6 gallon buckets so I'll be using those for long term storage and then smaller containers of what I'm going to reload this year.
  11. They don't go down in price until they get pretty old. My wife has a 2016 and when we were looking at uses you could get a 2014 with 50k miles for $2k less than new. Traded in her 08 with 130k miles and got $12k for trade in. We actually bought ours through the costco car program and saves a bit but it's hit or miss. I have a 2019 tundra and the costco deal was more that the local dealer was charging.
  12. I'm not running a light. I do have an olight on a different gun so I'll try with and without but unless you're going to run a gamer light I don't think it would matter much.
  13. I thought the numbers had to do with parents issued, which makes it all confusing as there is no order to the numbers.
  14. If you're trying to be cheap, I just flipped the back sight so it was black on a couple of my glocks and that was good enough. I just put the Timney alpha on my 34 and it's pretty nice for 150 and all stock parts.
  15. I'm looking at going the same thing. Going to put in some tungsten blocks in my gen 5 cavity and then putty and disks in the back straps as able. https://www.maximum-velocity.com/product/9-32-inch-tungsten-rod-3-5-ounces/ But this will likely only add 5 oz or so.
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