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  1. So my perspective is as a new 3 Gunner who started this year and shot 3 local matches. I've shot local pistol leagues and some USPSA off and on for 3-4 years and got into 3 gun based on some urging for some of the people I shoot pistol league with. For the first match, my goal was to spend as little as possible to see if I liked it and I took my AR I already had, my Glock setup from pistol league and my Benelli Nova duck gun. I put an AR mag in my back pocket and shotgun shells in an old molle pouch attached to my gun belt. I was told by many ahead of the match that they would bring gear that I could borrow but still wanted to bring my own stuff just in case. At the first match, I ended up borrowing a taccom shell carrier and a m3k to use. Had a blast and got hooked and have since bought an affinity 3 and built out a 3 gun cart. But my initial out of pocket was essentially nothing as I already had all 3 guns. I was slow, clunky, made mistakes but didn't DQ and that was my sole goal for my first match, well that and having fun. I think the cost argument for new shooters is a little weak because if you really want to shoot 3 gun, you can do it on a budget. I think the biggest thing that kept me from doing it for years was I didn't know anyone who did. But then our club built out new bays and started holding matches. I think having a Facebook group or similar where you can invite new shooters as well as have older ones there that may be able to help fill in the gaps for missing gear is big. Probably the reason I went the first time because everyone was so welcoming and nearly everyone offered up gear for me to borrow or try out before I started buying stuff. If we want to grow the sport, everyone needs to introduce a new shooters to 3 gun and offer up gear and mentor them. It's an intimidating thing to get into for most people but having a little push may be all they need.
  2. Depending on price, I would probably pick one up. Would be nice for new shooters to pick up before using one of myany Glocks.
  3. I'd be interested in one as well.
  4. I used to use freedom but don't like them anymore as their prices aren't that good and what I need is usually out of stock. I usually watch for rebates throughout the year. Federal just had one and 9mm was 12.6 cents a round and 40 was 18.1. when these rebates come out I usually max them out to build my stock for the summer. I'm kicking around reloading but ammo is so cheap right now. I am saving my brass and keeping an eye out for reloading deals.
  5. I feel like it helps quiet all the background noise in my head. Things that don't matter at a point in time but you are still thinking about. I haven't looked around online for programs and whatnot but for me just focusing on breathing helps. I can say it's helped with my golf game a bit as I've changed my pre shot routine to focus solely on breathing for 5-10 seconds before I go to hit my shot.
  6. I'm looking at the same project. Will plan on using 36, figured could lightly hit with a file if too rough.
  7. I'd be right there with you. Dillon, support your loyal customers. *hint hint*
  8. Ill wear my normal shoes with wool socks as well. If it's sloppy, I'll wear my keens that are goretex lined.
  9. I don't necessarily agree with you. Do you think the QB coaches for Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers are better than them? I think some people have a skill in breaking down talent and how to improve. Not saying she does, but I wouldn't use her skill as a big mark against her.
  10. Maybe they are mostly sold out of 1050s. I keep hearing that it's a manufacturing issue. Most likely they can't get it made for the cost they want it to be made at.
  11. At 30% off, I think it would hold me over until the 1100 comes out in 2 years.
  12. Talked to Dillon today via chat, said they are looking at after the 1st of the year at this point. I asked 'what year' but didn't get an answer to that one.
  13. Mindfulness is the hot item in business now. My work actually is big on pushing meditation and other things to clear your mind to help you focus. I'm sure there was some consultant selling something but it seems to work. What I do is just try to focus only on my breathing and nothing else for 10 minutes or so. If your mind wanders, bring it back. I feel like my mind needs to be recentered and work towards ignoring all other distractions.
  14. After covering the basics of having good, well run stages, I value my time the most. Don't waste my time by not starting promptly, having significant delays during the day, or run way past when it's supposed to be done. I want to get in, shoot and have fun, and get out. As for the prize table, I agree that they should be a random draw. Of course honor top places with trophies and some cash if you can afford it, but have the prize table for every one else. I don't got to matches because of the prize tables but it's sure nice to get something. I golf as well in a lot of outings and charity fundraisers and I see this to be very similar. Sure, the top golfers are honored with a trophy and usually some gift cards but the prizes are given out randomly. Side question, I'm assuming for the most part the people winning are already sponsored, do they even care about the prizes other than the resale value?
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