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  1. I'm running a hybrid system. I havea DAA belt and made an adapter to use the els brackets on the belt for 3 gun. So far it's worked great and doesn't have any movement. So far I think it's the best of both worlds.
  2. I run the magpuls and have probably 1k rounds through each of my 5 mags. I bought them from PSA for 12 each and figured I couldn't go wrong at that price and so far I haven't had a single issue.
  3. Cabelas has been overpriced for years, I can't remember the last time I've shopped there and I have a store 30 min away.
  4. I just read through this all today, great info here Sean. Really, thanks for putting this together.
  5. Pretty much the same as mine except I don't put the strip across the entire center, I just have it right on the end. Was a poor college student when I made them and this way saves me about 45 cents in lumber lol
  6. I've made a couple out of 2x4s, single legs with the center of the 'H' having 2 with a during strip for the spacer. I've used them for years without any issues and they tend to not blow over either.
  7. Compete with g17 or as of recently g34. Carry a g26 or a kahr cw380 if I'm going to pocket carry
  8. This was some great advice. I haven't shot a USPSA match yet but I've done club matches and some 3 gun and always thought speed with a few misses was fine as it's all about speed right. Right? Well I was wrong. After a few really fast stages with no shoots and misses ending up with 0 points, I finally realized it was better to slow down and get my hits.
  9. This is what I do. All dirty brass goes into a 5 gal bucket, all cleaned goes into the Costco containers. They stack nicely and I like being able to see how full they are. I don't even reload yet, just stocking up on brass for when that day comes.
  10. New here so take this for what it's worth but I would look at some stability exercises. I started training with bosu ball squats and single leg body weight squats and it helps my movement a lot. Helps with your stability as we as showing any weakness in your legs i.e. pushing off with left vs right leg. I started doing this in physical therapy after the Army destroyed my knees and it helps with knee pain as well as my overall movement.
  11. How has the m3k been working for you? I'm hoping to shoot my first 3 gun match next month and plan to bring along my Benelli Nova duck gun for my first match as a few guys already told me I can just use theirs if they come. I figured I would use one of their m2s to start with but probably cant swing one to buy so I'm looking at a m3k with the hopes that in a few years I'll have the funds for a m2.
  12. Hi all. Just dipping my toes into the competition waters. Shoot in weekly lite competition at my local club but looking to step up to USPSA and/or 3 gun. Came here for the great info. Was a previous member when I had considered reloading years ago and remembered how knowledgeable everyone here was. Scott
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