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  1. I guess you could call it a forbidden action, but I hate that rule and will never use it. The only other thing really is to throw the stage out for bad stage layout. I know people will cry it's only a local match, but local matches are where you learn the rules hopefully. People could still shoot it for no score. No DQ, no procedurals, no anything other than coming up with a better way to set things up. Yes, I have been outsmarted before when I have setup stages. I don't get mad, I just take it as a lesson learned and move on.
  2. How about score it as shot and take a big stick to the setup crew for not having the barrels set back farther? Either anchor the barrels or use a wall. Stage setup 101.
  3. Since local matches are my practice, I kind of was doing that. What rule would you use? It's not unsafe ammo and it made power factor.
  4. A couple of years back I was running a large batch of ammo that had some problems like squibs, light loads etc. I started carrying a squib rod in my back pocket since I was only using it at local matches. I was pretty good at taking the rod and jamming it into the ground and then putting the barrel over the rod and clearing the squib. Then I'd re-holster the squib rod, reload the gun and continue the stage. You can clear a hot gun without DQing yourself.
  5. I think the Nowlin cutter is just a shaft with a replaceable cutter. Use a lathe and make a new shaft and put the Nowlin cutter in it. That way you can make it as long as you need.
  6. Your postmaster is mistaken. That rule, that someone posted above was because people were changing the dimensions (as in the stuff really did not fit) of the box and taping the crap out of them. As long as the box does not poke out anywhere you are fine.
  7. Thanks, that would be great. Do you still have my email?
  8. OK, I managed to loose my instructions and need another copy like yesterday. Brazos can't get one to me until much later. Does anybody have the directions they can scan and email to me? Thanks.
  9. Fireant


    Ricky, I can fix that for you.
  10. It is not the ATF that requires it to go next day, it is the carrier that does. I see Loves2Shoot beat me to it.
  11. Fireant

    WSB. COF

    Since the WSB says before the last shot, you can only get 1 procedural. If you want it to be more, you have to have another way of doing it.
  12. So, with that thinking if a new shooter breaks the 180, you simply correct him and let him shoot on? You let him break the 180 as the RO correct? There are only certain commands we are allowed to say/give when we take the RO hat. I don't recall any of them being "hey buddy, put the safety on before you holster." The new shooter at your club may be an experienced shooter that just moved in and is expecting the actual commands. They are what they are for a reason(I shoot in a state with a lot of foreign shooters, so English is not always their first language) provide a safety briefing at the beginning, don't RO with a vengeance, and the let rule book be your guide.
  13. B_Seehawer really? What is different about a Level I and II match as it pertains to safety rules? Yes, I read the entire rule book several times before I ever attended my first match, did you?
  14. Thanks Sarge, I hate being called a rule Nazi for following the rule book. When I show up to a USPSA match I do so expecting the rules of that game to be followed and that includes the safety rules. My family and the families of everyone that shows up to shoot the match expect us to return home with the same number of holes in our bodies as we left with. I guess some of you have never watched helplessly as some new guy with questionable gear, a 1911 with a home trigger job, goes and does a speed load and holster fast enough to impress the best shooters out there only to have his shirt get caught up in the trigger and his fobus holster and put a round right down his thigh into the ground at your feet because the safety was off. Now tell me again how holstering a gun without the safety on is still safe.
  15. New shooter or experienced shooter, local match or major match it is still a DQ. We do not get to pick and choose when, where and for whom we apply the rules.
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