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  1. How to tell if it's a nitride barrel? Have a new Shadow 2 with 2% extraction failures. Extractor tension seems normal, certainly no less than on my Shadow 1 with zero extraction issues. Wondering if to start with polishing chamber or extractor / extractor spring. An extractor fix on a new gun seems rather like a workaround of an underlying problem.
  2. I would take a look at the chamber. Maybe it needs some polishing.
  3. The German magazine Caliber tested the S2 Orange in Feb. 2020. 10 shot groups at 25 meters from a Ransom rest. Groups averaged 55 mm (2.2''). Geco bulk ammo was 51 mm, just over 2''. Can't recall Shadow 2 results but the same Geco stuff gave them 60 mm (2.4'') with a Shadow 1 a few years back. The Orange does not seem that much of an improvement in mechanical accuracy.
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