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  1. 3N38 is denser and faster burning than N105 so you get more powder in the same case volume as well as higher velocity with 3N38. N105 burns slower than 3N38 so you will reach a maximum amount of powder burned before the bullet leaves the barrel sooner. When cooking up crazy velocity hand loaded ammo its best to consult the SAAMI spec's for maximum pressures and velocities. You can fit a crap ton of powder in a 10mm case which dramatically increases the chance of a KABOOOOOM if you use too much or the wrong burn rate powder. Its all fun and games until you blow up your favorite blaster.
  2. Did you give the instructor an honest review of the class afterwards? As an instructor myself getting honest feedback is key to making future classes better. 26 students with 1 instructor is crazy. That situation is very sketchy from a safety perspective alone. Much less not having enough bandwidth to give each student some one on one instruction which will actually help fix some issues. The reality is, that the shooting community is small and the word about a poor training product gets around. As a paying customer you are entitled to voice your opinion openly about their product. I know that I myself have attended a few classes over the years that resulted in a "Buyer Beware" warning for anyone that asked me about those specific classes.
  3. I opened up a google search and input "aftec extractor instructions" and the TOP result is the link listed blow which is the exact document that was posted by another person here via pictures. http://allthehowards.com/pistol/sti_extractor/aftec instruction sheet.pdf If you are not willing to do super simple research on your own that literally takes less than 10 seconds to perform then YES you are being lazy. You instead wasted your time and everyone else's time by starting this thread in the first place because you wanted someone else to spoon feed you an answer. To me, that is a clear definition of what a "LAZY PERSON" does. Please enlighten me and everyone else on this forum on how your inability to help yourself is not considered being Lazy. I also want to point out that I am simply pointing out the facts of YOUR actions. If you don't want to be called out as being "Lazy" then stop doing "Lazy" stuff and wasting other peoples time.
  4. How about following the very detailed instructions provided with it???? Why do people have to make things hard than it has to be by being lazy?
  5. I am obviously interested in the Blue Tooth feature for linkage to scoring tablets. This is primarily for club match use. My club is looking to replace all of our aging shot timers (Currently a mixture of Pocket Pro & Pocket Pro II timers) with blue tooth versions in order to take advantage of that in scoring. Their robust screen, case and use of 9V Battery makes this type of shot timer perfect for club match use were the timers are used by random people and get exposed to unknown rough handling or weather conditions. All of these different type and vintage shot timers we currently have produce different volume and warbling "BEEP" sounds as well which drives me nuts. I want all of the shot timers to produce the same volume, warble and duration of "BEEP" so its a consistent experience for my shooters. For my personal use, I prefer the physical layout and Menu structure of the Pocket Pro II. Being able to clip it onto my left hand pocket and having the screen facing upwards and buttons facing outwards makes reviewing times, splits, transitions or changing Par time settings fast and efficient. The features the current Pocket Pro II doesn't have, which I think are important and I regularly use in other timers, is the Multi-Par feature and ability to review historical strings of fire. I use the Multi-Par feature in dry fire regularly on the AMG Commander or CED 7000. I also use the historical strings of fire feature on the CED 7000 once in a while in practice if I am hammering on a quick drill back to back a bunch of times. Lastly, Competition Electronics is a HUGE supporter of the practical shooting sports. They sponsor a tremendous amount of events every year and their dedication to supporting the general shooting community is awesome. I prefer to support the companies that support the shooting sports. I don't have any official or unofficial partnership or arrangement with Competition Electronics either. I am simply a valued customer that likes to use great products that WORK and recognize the support level specific companies invest into the shooting sports.
  6. Do you happen to know when the Pro Timer BT will be made available to the masses? I went to the Competition Electronics website and its not even listed or mentioned on there.
  7. I pulled together the below video about using Match Video footage to do skill assessment and build a training process around it. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  8. Its not a chamber depth issue. Its a rifling lands depth issue. This is especially true with coated bullets where the physical shape of the bullet nose my vary slightly from one to the next. Its rare for a barrel to have the chamber depth cut wrong. It is common for the rifle lands depth to be cut too shallow. Both of these have to be cut to the correct depth when fitting a new barrel. If whoever fit the barrel cut the chamber depth but skipped the lands depth, then they only did half of the job.
  9. You need to get the rifling throated/reamed deeper to move lands forward. Any competent 1911/2011 gunsmith will have a throating reamer. Don't confuse this with a chamber reamer as that is not what I am talking about.
  10. A multi Par Time function allows you to set multiple beeps at different times during the same overall par time. Here is an example. Lets say that you have a drill that is 4.5 seconds long, like shooting the El Presedente. You could setup a multi par to beep every time a sub component of the drill is completed. Such as this... 1st Beep is the Start, 2nd Beep at 1 second to confirm end of draw stroke, 3rd beep at 2.25 seconds to mark the last shot before the reload, 4th beep at 3.25 seconds to mark the completion of the reload and first shot after reload, then 5th beep at 4.50 to mark the last shot of the drill. Breaking down each element of the drill into its own separate par time beep allows you to figure out which element is taking more or less time in the overall drill.
  11. Good thing hurt feelings makes you stronger.....
  12. This makes me wonder why PCC shooters even invite the opportunity to be DQed by turning their Red Dot Off/On every stage. The vast majority of Red Dots sights used on PCC's these days have battery life spans in the tens of thousands of hours. Even when a battery needs replaced its usually only a couple of bucks so it makes zero sense to run the batteries until they die. Just keep the red dot on all the time and proactively replace the batteries once or twice a year and you are good to go. I see this excessive red dot Off/On every stage run behavior from pistol shooters as well, so its not just the PCC shooters. When I shoot a red dot gun, I turn on the red dot when I unbag and holster up in the safe area then keep it on the whole time. Then when the shooting is done for the day, I turn the red dot off when I bag it up in the safe area. I also replace the battery every 6 months proactively to rule out any potential of a battery going dead in the middle of a match. I think this excessive Off/On behavior is ingrained from back in the old C-More Slide Ride days as those sights would chew through batteries pretty fast. But we are way beyond that now with modern Red Dot technologies.
  13. The USPSA rules clearly define what valid "Targets" are and other safety rules are defined on the basis of a competitor engaging a "Target" or not. Looking through the sight and pointing it at anything OTHER than something defined in rules as a "Target" is not a target. If the competitor picked up their PCC in the staging area and looked through the sight to confirm that the dot was on while the PCC is still pointed at the side berm or up in the sky in a safe direction while NOT manipulating the sight or controls or sweeping anyone, then it is NOT a DQ infraction per the current USPSA rules. This specific situation is clearly an "I don't like when people handle their PCC's, so I am going to hammer anyone who even comes close to doing things I don't like" overzealous RO behavior. I have unfortunately seen this happen several times over the years while attending matches of all levels. Some RO's simply like exploiting their authority, even if it doesn't fit into the current rules. As a competitor, all you can do is arm yourself with a solid understanding of the rules and have a crisp $100 bill in your wallet to arbitrate these poor rulings when they happen.
  14. That is not what the rules as currently written support. You also need to read the definition of a “Sight Picture” in the rule book which consists of the sights on a target. I highly doubt there was a target between his gun and the staging table to see through his sight, or up in the air as he is walking to the start position. If he was finger banging the gun or sight itself then that is clearly a violation. There is a difference between reading rules and interpreting them as they are written vs coming up with a random thought in how you would like the rules to work then trying to force them into that made up reality.
  15. For the competitor involved in this situation it should be a good learning lesson about how important it is to know the rules yourself. Knowing the rules will keep the over zealous or misguided RO's in check and keep the situation from becoming a distraction that disrupts your match performance.
  16. I don't see how looking through the sight glass with the PCC pointed straight up fits into rule 10.5.19. The only thing that even comes close in rule 10.5.19 based on what is shown in the video is the restriction on not taking a "Sight Picture". "Sight Picture" is defined in the appendix of the rule book as "Aiming at a target without actually shooting at it". If the competitor is looking through the glass with the PCC pointed straight upwards then they are obviously not aiming at a target. If I was that competitor and got issued a DQ for that, I would arbitrate the call without hesitation.
  17. Once you push your arms out so that your elbows don't bend during recoil then the grip issued will be exposed. Once again, slow motion video is good for seeing what is really happening.
  18. I would suggest videoing it in slow motion to see what is really happening and exactly when. As far as the "Too much gas?" question, the movement of the dot should tell you that. When my Open gun has a "Too much gas" ammo config the dot dives straight down as soon as the shot fires. With the proper volume of gas vs the port/popple hole config the dot should smoothly rise as the slide starts to come backwards. To be totally honest, your weak grip and bent elbow arm position is creating a crap ton of excessive gun movement that isn't needed. You will likely need to fix that stuff before worrying about how much gas is too much or not enough.
  19. The search feature on this website is your friend. This topic has been discussed extensively on the forum. Put that existing content to use.
  20. The Thumb Rest question keeps coming up. There isn't a universal answer that applies to everyone. All you can do is put one on our gun, head to the range and test it out yourself. I would also advise using empirical evidence (Hits on target, slow motion video and, shot timer evidence) vs what you "Feel" as the primary data points to determine if its better or not for you.
  21. Mine says 349 which is probably correct since match scoring moved over to Practiscore....... I guess I like to shoot matches
  22. Yes on the 140's. For the 170mm big stick I use the stock MBX follower.
  23. Nope and no other 2011 aftermarket base pads do it either.
  24. The base pad can eliminate over insertion IF the tube is short enough and the pad is tall enough that the top of the pad bottoms out on the bottom of the grip before it can be over inserted. Standard 1911 single stack magazines have a tang in the front of their base pad to do just that. But high cap 2011 style mags do not normally. Especially 140/155/170mm length tube competition magazines.
  25. The follower has nothing to do with over insertion. Over insertion is directly related to the mag catch shelf. If the leading edge of the mag catch shelf is tapered or ramped then you will always have the potential for over insertion. Most 2011 owners disable the slide lock function to minimize the negative effects on the gun when a magazine is over inserted. If the slide is locked back and you slam a magazine into the gun there is a very good chance that you will break the ejector prong off when the magazine over inserts.
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