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  1. Thanks CHA-LEE... has anyone conducted this type of testing? and what was the outcome? I am having a rest added to conduct my testing.
  2. That's a nice looking pistol! question... with the thumb rest on, is it still possible to rack the slide from the front serrations without your hand from crashing into the thumb rest?
  3. thanks for that! ok, Dip before or after the shot?
  4. Has anyone tried running a thumb rest (gogun) or bolted to frame type *thumb rest [generic]*, on a limited gun? what are your thoughts? do they really work better than, the conventional support hand/wrist forward grip? I see more and more shooters shooting with the thumb rest
  5. Thanks... I only have 4lbs of 3N38 and like 20lbs of N350
  6. Which powder is best? I have both powders... with 125gr. HAP.
  7. How many grains of N350 to start out with for a 124grain
  8. Just got pistol... now I need to get springs, followers and base pads? who's making base pads and springs for the PDP?
  9. Which do you prefer? I am leaning towards 124gr. for CO?
  10. bobbyblaze

    SIG P320MAX

    I was wondering that since the MAX slide has no cut outs for slide reduction. Do you find that the LEGION or X5 performs just as well?
  11. bobbyblaze

    SIG P320MAX

    Cool grip job!
  12. bobbyblaze

    SIG P320MAX

    Has anyone shot this pistol yet? how does it compare to the X5 Legion?
  13. Is there anyone out there shooting the PDP yet in CO? what is your set up?
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