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  1. Roy Bohmfalk's son may have a box of old match scores and such from Cooper's Big Bear Valley days and SWPL. Roy and I had talked often about using that info to write up a "snap shot" in time from the early days. If it didn't get thrown out when he passed, I hope to be able to retrieve that box of goodies if the family isn't interested in keeping it.
  2. Additional info: http://www.miller-jones.com/book-of-memories/2900357/Bohmfalk-Roy/service-details.php
  3. April 2nd, 2017 Roy Bohmfalk packed up his gear and moved on to the next stage. My Coach traveled under the radar. He became Master class in IPSC when they voted on it. He started with Jeff Cooper in the Big Bear Valley days. His training partner was Albert Nichols. He regularly beat Ray Chapman. He was on a PPC team with Jack Weaver. Some where I think his name is on a SWPL (Southwest Pistol League) trophy. In 1992 he put together the first womens practical pistol team, the San Diego Sure Shots, coaching us for 2 years. And, he was zen enough sport to wear the teal and purple jerseys we chose for our team colors. He taught so many people! Knowing him was to learn more than just sight alignment and trigger pull. He changed my direction in life and changed who I was. Services will be held at San Jacinto Valley Cemetary in Hemet CA April 17th at 10:30am. If you have a remembrance, picture, or story about Roy, please post it in this thread.
  4. So FP was a no go...left a line in the nose of the bullet...and made no difference in the shaving situation (see pic). Since the only other thing that has changed is my "once fired" brass supplier, I decided to try some new brass. And naturally, there are no shavings. Guess I'll see if I can find someone to roller size the used brass I have.
  5. I'll try flipping the bullet seater as I have already tried all the other info nuggets I found searching the forums before posting this topic. The dies are all dillon and the bullet is .401 (which went fine thru my 550) I have it setup with RN right now....FP coming up. Knock on wood this will be the cure. Thanks for the input I'll post if this is the fix. Well, heck...I'll post if it isn't either!
  6. Because I was shaving off some moly coating, I removed the EGW undersize die I had at the decapping station. I put the Dillon decapping die back in place. I have adjusted the expander die as far as it will go and increased the bell at the powder die. However I'm still shaving moly coating off of the bullet about 30% of the time at the bullet seating die (and I am back to my failure rate of 4% for bulged cases). <grumble> Increasing the OAL to 1.180 from 1.165 made no difference. The cases are lubed. The dies have some lube. What am I missing here?!?!
  7. January 17-19 Florida State Championship (Universal Shooting Academy - Frostproof, FL) 14-17 SHOT Show (Las Vegas, NV) Feburary 14-16 Florida Open (Universal Shooting Academy - Frostproof, FL) March 08-09 12th Annual Western States Single Stack Championship (Rio Salado Sportsmans Club, Mesa, AZ) 14-15 Alabama Sectional (East Alabama Gun Club - Phenix City, AL) 21-23 S&W US National Steel Championships (Titusville, FL) 28-30 Texas State Open Championship (The Impact Zone - Hempstead, Texas) 29-30 Indiana USPSA SS/Prod/Revolver Championship (Warsaw Rifle & Pistol Club - Warsaw, IN) 28-30 The RO Invitational (Universal Shooting Academy - Frostproof, FL) April 11-13 Area 6 Pistol Championship (South River Gun Club - Covington, GA) 11-12 Battle in the Bluegrass V (Bluegrass Sportsmans League - Wilmore Ky) 11-12 The Oilfield Classic (Pacleb Ranch - Bellville, TX) 24-26 Jamaica Invitational (Jamaica Rifle Association - Kingston, JM) 30-03 USPSA Single Stack Nationals (PASA Park, Barry, IL) May 02-04 The Cowtown Classic (Cresson, TX) 04-04 USPSA Revolver Nationals (PASA Park, Barry, IL) 14-18 Area 1 Championship (Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility - Benton City, WA) 16-18 VA/MD Section Championship (Fredericksburg Rod and Gun Club - Fredericksburg, VA) 16-18 MS Classic (Jackson, MS - Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club Range) 24-25 Ohio Match (Pickaway County Sportsmens, Inc - Circleville, Ohio) 24-25 7th Annual Arizona Classic (Prescott, AZ) 29-01 Arkansas Section Handgun Championship (Central Arkansas Shooters Association - Perryville, AR) 29-01 Rocky Mountain 300 (Eaton, Colorado) 30-31 South Carolina Sectional (Columbia, SC) June 12-15 USPSA Area 5 Championship (PASA Park, Barry, IL) 13-15 Double Tap Championship (Double Tap Ranch - Wichita Falls, TX) 13-15 Western Pennsylvania Section Championship (Gem City Gun Club- Erie, PA) 21-22 Briley West Coast Steel Championships (ISI @ Wes Thompsons- Piru, CA) 21-22 Idaho Section Championship (Powder River Practical Shooters, Baker City, OR) 27-29 Northern California Section Golden Bullet Championship (Richmond, CA) July 11-13 2nd Annual Ryan Rocks Charity Blast (Livingston Gun Club - Brighton, MI) 19-20 FAS & Furious (Fairbanks, Alaska) August 01-03 http://uspsa3.com/Registration.html 08-10 Cheely Custom Gunworks Michigan Sectional (Oak Hill Gun Club, Lyons, MI) 28-31 USPSA Area 4 Championship, (Ft. Smith, Arkansas) 29-31 Northeast Section Championship (Augusta, ME & Hampden, ME) 28-31 USPSA Area 8 Championship (Fredericksburg, VA) September 06-07 USPSA Iowa Section Championship, Dragoon Trail Chapter IWLA - Ankeny, IA 12-13 Georgia State Championship (Gainesville, GA) 12-14 Indiana USPSA Championship (Silver Creek Conservation Club - Sellersburg, IN) 21-27 USPSA Open/Limited/L10/Production Nationals (St. George, UT) October 03-05 North Carolina Sectional (Sir Walter Raleigh Gun Club - Creedmoor, NC) 13-18 IPSC World Shoot (Universal Shooting Academy - Frostproof, FL) 21-26 USPSA IPSC Nationals (Universal Shooting Academy-Frostproof FL) November 06-09 USPSA Area 2 Championship / Desert Classic (Rio Salado Sportmans Club, Mesa, AZ) December Added Area 3
  8. 3rd year paid, 3rd year not making it...FML Just canceled my reservation at Comfort Suites(TXD90) 2302 10th Street, Bridgeport, TX, US, 76426 Phone: (940) 683-5777 if someone is still looking for a room
  9. Thanks for all the good info! Naturally, I tinkered before most of these answers came in. I ended up putting a thicker washer on the ratchet tab and giving the detent screw a good turn. I got thru another two hundred rounds without it hiccuping. But should it start giving me fits, I'm taking that sucker off. BTW, did you know you can hold the 1050 handle with your chin in order to get the primer feed assembly out of the way so the allen wrench will reach the ratchet tab screw? Besides then you get both hands free! Let's add contortionist to my expanding skill set!
  10. Ugh, and of course the decapping system misses the spent primer cup like a drunk cowboy spitting chaw into a spitoon at 10 paces.
  11. Yes, that's why it stops on the upstroke. That little lever just doesn't want to stay put until bumped forward by the bottom part of the ratchet arm. Or perhaps you mean is it hooking/catching to where it stays back? It does, but not consistently. Even if you manually push it to where it should catch, it doesn't stay half the time.
  12. Finally got my super 1050 set up and have produced all of 200 rounds. There is an issue I'm having on the upstroke. At the bottom of the downstroke, an L shaped lever is pushed clear of the teeth on the safety ratchets on the back of the press. However on the upstroke, it slips back and catches on the first tooth. I end up having to pull the handle down a hair to release the tension and then hold the lever back manually to finish the upstroke. The screw holding that lever is tight but there is still a bit of play on it. I've looked at the assembly but I can't figure out what is causing the lever to swing back and re-engage. It's intermittent. It'll run smooth for 20-30 rounds, stick for maybe 10-20, and then run smooth again... and then stick again... etc, etc. Any suggestions?
  13. Ah, here it is.... http://usipscnationals.com/?page_id=10
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