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  1. I've used CCI primers for years in my CTS 40 (Custom Tactical Sport) No problems whatsoever! I do switch to "softer" primers when shooting double action (production or Revo) because of the lighter spring tension in those guns.
  2. I've always used the Dawson base-ads above with my Dawson maxwells - never had a seating issue and both Gap and No Gap work well as long as you pair them. The hardest part is selecting the right based pad for your mag tube.
  3. Looks like a great new product - can't wait to fondle one in person!
  4. I would also recommend seeing an optometrist - I had the same problem about 2 years ago (44/45) for me caused by the normal age issues (Presbyopia). I also tried the off the shelf lenses in .5, .75 and 1.0 magnifications and it helped with focus on the front sight but it ended up causing other issues especially with distant targets. Long time used also caused headaches and my vision would be "screwed up" for short periods of time after using them. I have good distance vision (20/15) and when using the magnifiers targets beyond 30 feet were blurry. "Readers" work fine for me for reading, but not so well for shooting. I eventually broke down and went to lens crafters and told the optometrist I needed a dedicated set of glasses for shooting that allowed me to focus on the front sight (6-8 inches past my finger tips) but still needed to be able to have distance vision on targets. She was able to work up a prescription for me that would do that and I ordered a set of Oakley shooting glasses with that custom prescription. They are dedicated shooting glasses for me and I am still using them today (2 years later) and my prescription has not changed. I'll be at the CO state match in a month if you want to take a look at / through them.
  5. Not impressed by the promo video... I'll keep my 650's. The "linear" primer feed looks just like the one on the 550 - which I've had tons of problems with in the past. The rotary primer feed on the 650 is much more reliable (as long as you keep it clean). It will be interesting to see what other improvements we see when it starts hitting the streets.
  6. I've had good luck with Challenge Targets out of Ohio. They have a variety of steel targets supported by sturdy stands and 2x4 supports. The nice part about the 2x4 supports is that you can cut them to whatever length / height you want. Here's a link to their IPSC A/C zone targets. : https://www.challengetargets.com/product/SS-RM-80020-R.html
  7. I have base pads and Grips from both Henning and TTI - I like the Henning gear better, and the TTI stuff is sitting in a box collecting dust. The quality of the pats is amazing. To an earlier comment by Obsessive Shooter - Henning is actively involved in USPSA, shoots matches, and uses his own equipment. He loves the sport, designs some awesome stages and has an equal passion for machining the best product for the market. I've personally seen the amount of time he spends making sure the products he makes are top notch and well thought out. He worked with me on a custom set of grips for my CZ CTS (Custom Tactical Sport). They are now available for everyone who needs the grips for the CZ Tac Sport with the CZC Magwell or the Standard Magwell (They are different lengths!) He's also just a great guy and will bend over backwards to help anyone - just like the majority of people I have met in the USPSA community. I'd pick Henning every time!
  8. For a $1200 gun I found the trigger on the SIG Max unacceptable. I like the look, but was really disappointed with the quality. I don’t expect a 2 lb competition trigger on a $1200 off the shelf gun, but the MAX was the worst trigger I’ve felt in that range. I own a few Dan Wessons and they are a good solid gun. They need tuning for competition, but most guns will anyway unless you are buying from a custom shop. The triggers on the Dan Wessons are good for a beginning competition shooter. Experienced shooters will want a trigger job. I also own a more expensive “custom gun “ 1911 from a small manufacturer that my local gun shop was selling at a premium for while (not a big name) that was complete crap internally (mim parts) and failed soon after entering competition. I had to have a gunsmith replace the internals with quality parts to get it running properly. I’m happy I got that gun on a year end fire sale when they couldn’t unload them for $3500+. Luckily for me the rails and fitting are decent. STI also makes a great 1911 setup and is very customizable to fit the needs of a wide variety of shooters.
  9. I use coated bullets from Eggleston Munitions in my TS. I've found the .401 - 180's give me really good accuracy and reliable performance. As for powder, I am using Prima SV which burns clean, is very consistent and is not temperature sensitive. I just came back from a level IV IPSC match in Thailand where we had some very challenging targets at 40 yards and they were accurate enough to make me proud. The accuracy issues I had there were all "on me"... CHA-LEE has a number of posts on Eggleston if you want to do some research. I think he even posted a discount code that's great for testing
  10. Agree with obsessive here - I use flat point in my TS with very few issues. The TS platform can be a little picky about length but I’d ditch the SWC’s first and see if that helps. Also - if you have the buffer pads on the guide rod remove them - they tend to cause short stroking.
  11. If you are using the CZC low profile followers, you sometimes have to bend the spring near the top to get them to fit just right. There’s a lot of pressure on the springs especially when new which cause them to “torque” up in the front.
  12. Replace the original springs?
  13. I've been teaching Scouts how to shoot shotguns for years - Including at 2 jamborees. I've used both 12 and 20 Ga, Low recoil rounds are available for both. Winchester makes an AA ultra light - which is great for new shooters. As for Shotguns, The Semi-Auto guns work the best for both recoil and weight. The spring in the action helps absorb the recoil. The 1100's tend to be too heavy for most young shooters, Benelli makes a great SA in the Montefeltro - a little more expensive but worth it. It is also one of the easiest guns to clean. I've also found shoulder covering recoil pads can sometimes help boost the confidence of new shooters but may be hard to fit smaller frames. BA (Bob Allen) makes one and you used to be able to get them at Walmart for about $20. There used to be an "escort" shotgun available for a reasonable price in 20 GA that was perfect for new shooters of the smaller variety. I have not seen them in a while but if you can find one used its an excellent starter gun.
  14. warpcorps

    Henning Grips

    I'm surprised you didn't get a response - He's normally right on that stuff. I've been working with him on the Tactical Sport Grips - since there are multiple magwell designs (Factory, CZ Custom) there are different grip lengths and we wanted to get them just right. It has taken a couple of months between syncing up the schedules and doing the design. He is thinking about producing his own Magwell and Basepads as well in the future - but there's a bunch of stuff on the list ahead of those at this point. Stay Tuned!
  15. warpcorps

    Henning Grips

    These are the Nickel - Really hard to capture them on camera.
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