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  1. I would argue that there are so many more people shooting PCC than open glocks though...I think a 42 rounder would sell like hot cakes (sorry for sounding like my grandfather)
  2. That would cost the world like eleventy billion dollars though
  3. I really wish that magpul or ets would just make a 42 rounder so we wouldn’t have to fiddle with extensions and springs and stuff. I wonder why they don’t. I also wonder what’s taking magpul so long to release their 27 rounder...and why they would even bother with a 27 rounder when they could just release a 42 rounder and the world would be a better place. That’s all
  4. We’re not dropping PCC mags. At least those of use who don’t live in 10 round states. The mags we drop are usually the 17 rounders. Re: 2 oz is a waste: 2 oz here, 2 oz there, it adds up. When you are buying new pads and you have a choice to buy one that is $10 cheaper, and 2 oz lighter, it seems the waste to me to buy the aluminum one if it is only for looks. That’s my take on it.
  5. I’m trying to lighten things up and this is one of the places where I could potentially do that. Little bits add up, and this is probably one of the places where people don’t give it much thought.
  6. Thank you very much!! In retrospect, I guess I could have estimated given that the density of aluminum is about 1 and the density of delrin is about 0.49 that as long as the dimensions are the same, it should be about half the weight. The parts themselves are not always the same dimensions though. Thank you.
  7. Does anyone know the weights of the delrin and aluminum Taylor Freelance 41+1 basepads?
  8. Forward charging handle for Foxtrot Mike Upper. https://www.primaryarms.com/fm-products-16in-9mm-complete-upper-with-brake
  9. I guess the first question is how do you do the unloaded table start? Gun laying on the right side or the left side? Also do you shoulder it then load, or do you try to game it by shoving the mag in then shoulder it and charge it?
  10. I’m trying to put together a Walther Q5 match for carry optics next year... What parts/mods would make the ultimate gun and rig for the game? Thanks
  11. I can only comment on the function, not the performance. It’s been 100% reliable. Inability to have the bolt hold open is a little bit of a pain, but not that much of a big deal.
  12. 16 inch upper with their comp (steel) weighed in at 3 lb 9 oz.
  13. Do you know the measurements? If I don’t have two to compare side by side I still can’t tell
  14. How can you tell which one is which? (Heavy vs light)
  15. OK, to liven up the conversation, these are the considerations as I understand them, please feel free to correct or educate me, and to add to the discussion. Weight: There are two schools of thought...light is better, heavier is better. Light better because its easier to move and transition. Heavier better because better to help control recoil to keep the dot steadier. I can see the advantages of both, but there must be one answer that is better for most situations. I feel that the guns generally are pretty heavy, and that the recoil is relatively low. That's why when I hear about people saying how the Sig MPX is SO much better than a JP because the recoil is so much lower, I have trouble thinking that there's a measurable difference. I've never shot an MPX so I don't know, but I feel that my JP recoils so little compared to pistol, that it's really not a big deal. I'm fairly strong, so running around with a heavy JP isn't a really big deal, and I can swing it around pretty well. I know...it's really about the shooter, not the tools, but if you have a choice to buy tools, you may as well buy the best tools you can. If you're going to add weight or not care about weight anywhere on the gun, the end of the muzzle would be the place to have it, because it would take more force to move the end of the muzzle. Kind of like the frame weights for Glocks near the end of the barrel. Aluminum might not hold up very well, but is cheap. It might also be very hard to clean because it is soft. Titanium would be the best material if you were trying to save weight, and Stainless would be the best material if you wanted to keep weight at the end. Because recoil is not a big deal, titanium would be the best material. But maybe I'm wrong on that and stainless is better, and don't worry about the added weight. Comp design: I think it's amazing how there are so many different designs in respect to where the gas ports are. Some are on the side, some are on the top...You'd think that there should be one best way to direct the gas. At least in general. I would think that in regard to recoil control, with the fact that 9 minor doesn't make much, it makes sense to direct as much of it as possible upwards, or up and a little to one side (can't remember which side AR9s generally recoil, I think it's right). It's just frustrating that there are so many different designs, with everybody saying theirs is the best, when clearly one is the best and the rest are probably pretty good or just plain bad and look cool. So "tactical" or beautiful. That makes me think that maybe something like American Precision Arm's "The answer" comp may be the best solution, so that you could "tune" the comp to your particular setup. Stir the pot.
  16. Please help me settle something. Comp material choice. USPSA style shooting, PCC minor. Titanium vs Stainless vs Aluminum. Probably more of a weight and durability question. Which is best? Thanks for your vote. IBCompson9mmareuseless, IBNocomp.
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