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  1. Thanks! I guess I still need advice from someone who has the Bluetooth version because I would hate to plop down $2500 and find out that it doesn’t last even one match. This has happened to me with the Peltor TEP-100s. I have 3 pair, not one of them will last a whole LOCAL match. The Ottos will last a match and get down to about 60 or 70% battery life. I have 2 pair of those, they are both the same.

  2. I have not found it useful for shots from the hip. Getting the first shot off is faster, yes, but I find that overall, if there are other targets to shoot from the same position, it is slower than shouldering and shooting everything normally. If you have doubt, set it up in practice, time it and do what is best for you.

  3. Crimson Trace 206 green color to distinguish laser from dot when looking through the optic, sighted in for 5 yards only used for close up stuff (especially close partials like head shots with no shoot underneath or target stacks) so I can shoot faster without needing to estimate distance and hold-over. Clubs that do not like PCC do this kind of thing to mess with PCC shooters.  It’s pretty annoying to me, even when I shoot open, which is most of the time. Hard leans I use an offset dot. Hard leans super close like 3-5 yards I will probably use the laser because it loses accuracy when it is tilted and no longer lined up with the bore at longer distances. Both primary and offset dot I have zeroed to 25

    yards, and know the offset for various distances.

  4. I use Weapon Shield on the PCCs. I do make it soaking wet like my open gun. I use the blue Lucas Extreme duty gun oil on the open gun. I have no good reason why, haha. Both work fine and I’m sure Weapon  shield would work fine on the open gun too, just like the Lucas would probably work fine on the PCC.

  5. This is fantastic. Thank you! I am tempted all the time to buy the Bluetooth ones. My main concern is battery life, and they’re expensive as eff when my Peltor 500s will get the job done at a fraction of the price, granted the muffs are definitely less comfy, especially as these days get hotter.


     I’m sure the Bluetooth ones will suck down batteries even more, but how many local matches would you say you can do on 1 set of batteries? Do you have to change them out each time?

  6. I change the guts twice per season. More often if they bind up on an individual basis. My mags and guts are all gen 2. I haven’t had to mess with the followers and would recommend not messing with anything. I wouldn’t even mess with the feed lips on mags you plan to use for an important match. If you read the instructions that come with the mags, they tell you to fully load them 6-8 times before even using them in the gun. I would do this with new springs and followers too.


    The following is what I do, not recommended by MBX: once per month, and as needed after a muddy match, for example, I take them all apart, brush them out after spraying them through with CRC QD electronic cleaner followed by a spray of liquid wrench Teflon spray and run an Everglades Mag Rag through. 


    I’m running Montana Gold 124 JHP to 1.160-1.165. 


    The ammo is the thing that is always at least a little different in some way, even with new brass.  The mags are still the same for the most part, but undoubtedly will change to some degree after hitting the deck X number of times, and there’s probably no way to figure out in what way it’s changed, so in my opinion, if they still don’t work after the above and a guts change, they become practice mags.


    open is expensive, what can I say. Can’t just toss them like ETS Glock mags for PCC, 😂


    disclaimer: I am by no means an expert, this has just been my experience so far in dealing with 9mm Open mags.

  7. 2 hours ago, TANFARM said:

    Anyone replace MBX guts with Grams springs and followers?.....Good, Bad..

    no difference?......Do you tune your match mags.

    I have recently started having intermittent hand ups at the top of my mags ...both practice and match mags....there is no consistent factor I can figure out??


    I feel like it’s probably your ammo that’s the problem.

  8. I use all MBX guts with my MBX mags to MBX specs. And they all work great. Like MBX intended them to. MBX recommends feed lips to .345 to .355, NOT going beyond .360 to .365, and OAL from 1.165 to 1.175. I hope this info is helpful.

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