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  1. I’m trying to find a solution for being able to have hearing protection and be able to make phone calls at the same time, maybe a Bluetooth solution? Has anyone found a solution for this that works well? I need to be able to take phone calls immediately and sometimes I have to walk away a fairly long way to get to an area where there is no shooting going on to be able to hear and talk well. Thanks.
  2. I get excellent customer service from MBX. Score now 1 to 1.
  3. So I’ve also heard, don’t know if it’s true, but the Duracell 2032s are a little thicker than the Energizers and that using Duracell makes some of these problems better/go away. Energizers supposedly cause these problems the most. I’ve switched to Duracell in all my dots that use 2032s.
  4. The 3D printed ones are not smooth and seem to catch the mag and drag it compared to the smooth finish, making things like unloaded starts more difficult because you lose some momentum and the the mag doesn’t seat right and then disaster. The black carbon/plastic Titan Rocket magwell came extremely rough. I spent a lot of time filing and sanding it, and it still wasn’t very smooth. If you leave it as-is, there will be a lot of sharp plastic/carbon splinters sticking out everywhere. For a while I didn’t like how the Techwell opening funneled down to a size smaller compared to the Titan Rocket, but it hasn’t seemed to slow down reloads or make them inaccurate. In fact, it’s the opposite. My reloads are a lot faster with the Techwell.
  5. I use both Black Dot and Everglades. I don’t have the time, the space, or the patience to reload. So far, Black dot has run 100% but seems to be maybe a little less accurate/consistent than Everglades for some reason. I had so far 2 Everglades rounds that didn’t feed, so I checked them and they were really short. Like 1.115 short. I found one round new in the box that was this short too, so they probably didn’t get pushed in during the misfeed. Doesn’t happen very often, but I think that before an important match, probably best to bust out the calipers and check each one. All the Black Dot are 1.15ish, and the Everglades are 1.14 ish. The ones that were these lengths all feed fine in my 2011. I also had one Everglades that didn’t ignite for some reason, haven’t figured out why. It may be my lightweight hammer so I’m changing that out to something a little less light weight. I haven’t tried Atlanta Arms because it’s 147 and I want to stay consistent with 124 since there are no other ready to go options with 147 and I don’t want to run into supply issues in the middle of the season, etc. I don’t care about new brass vs reman because all my brass gets left on the range anyway. Supposedly both companies case gauge their ammo. Hope this is helpful. Both are good options, they are a little different.
  6. Silverscooby27


    Haha I feel like this is the universal strategy for us married guys who want to buy more guns. I do the same thing too. My wife’s got a P365, haha.
  7. Also, my non-optics CZ Accushadow 2 was around 2k, so I really don’t see why everyone is so concerned about the price. You gotta pay to play. Well, you really don’t have to in Carry Optics, because most of us aren’t realistically doing a lot worse because of what material our grip is made of. But if you want the best Shtuff, it’s going to cost you. Quality metal grips are expensive.
  8. If you upgrade the Sig 320 to the Tungsten grip and slug, it’s also a similar markup, or maybe even a little more.
  9. I’ve tried literally every magwell for the GMR-15 currently on the market and have gone back to the Techwell.
  10. A PT evo grip or Cheely Grip are about $650...just sayin’
  11. Also, I wonder what the grip angle is on this... i just measured it off it off an image and it looks like around 16 degrees so similar to a 1911. I guess the other question is what’s the difference between the regular and the “pro” model? Just the magwell? Because if that’s the case, I guess we want the non-pro model.
  12. I was this close to ordering a plastic Q5 match literally 2 days ago, bought a PPS with the Shield dot for carry instead...really glad I did. I was going back and forth between the Sig, the new Zev OZ9 and the Walther...I think this new steel frame is enough to push me over the edge for sure! Anyone know when these will be released?
  13. More like Shield also sold as JPoint
  14. For production I use T1 ammunition 147 gr. in a CZ Shadow 2.
  15. Seeing the situation from their perspective though, if they actually tested the barrels and found them to be accurate, what are they supposed to say? You’re right, the barrels are junk? Perhaps the best way to resolve it on their part would be to say they didn’t find anything wrong with the barrels and then give you your money back, because you will probably never be happy unless they are as accurate as whatever your personal benchmark is. Here’s the thing though. It will probably never be as accurate as a JP barrel. I think that’s an unrealistic expectation. You’ve made a choice, to take light weight and low price over accuracy. You don’t get something for nothing. At this point, the damage has been done with you, you will never be happy with that barrel , and the only thing that will make it right is for you to get your money back and figure something else out. In the meantime, myself and many others will continue to buy MBX products, and I think it’s probably important for you and your ego to realize that your opinion probably doesn’t matter to the rest of the world as much as you think should. Thanks for reporting your experiences, though, it’s good to have as much information out there as possible. I’m not replying to any other posts in this thread, no matter how much you guys try to troll me. Again, I hope it works out to your satisfaction.
  16. For the record, I’d like to chime in and say that I think MBX is a very good company. I have a lot of their products, and everything that I have bought from them has worked well, and I haven’t had a problem with either service or the product. I have had communication with them about issues that were my fault and they were very prompt, very understanding and accommodating to me. I think that it’s not fair hearing from a few people who have had bad experiences and then automatically assume that’s how they are with everyone, or that every one of their products is bad. I hope things work out for you guys.
  17. Can you please elaborate on what the problems were with the ETS mags and what you Dremeled to get them to work? thanks
  18. Anyone with experience with long ammo length and the TTI’s? Like say 1.15? I know the TF website says it won’t work with ammo loaded that long.
  19. Does anyone have any experience with the TTI 10 round extensions for PCC? Any experiences with different mag bodies such as Glock vs ETS? Also any comparisons between these pads/springs vs. the TF ones? Also any experiences about how they work with different ammo lengths? Thanks
  20. A picture is worth a thousand words
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