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  1. Just picked up a 015. I’m having some issues getting it set up. Lock is difficult to engage and when deactivated fully the holster will not give up the gun. Akai with Cheely grip. Anyone with experience got a setup trick to get his holster to work with the 015? It’s definitely smooth when it works but it’s 50/50 right now. My draw is clean and straight up. Even with belt off and perfectly set it will remain locked till you shake it. Or suggestions on what holster will work with the cheely.
  2. You get a lot of gun for the price in the DW. Generally filled with quality parts and sized/drilled correctly.
  3. The TAO of Pooh on audio book. It examines the characters form our favorite childhood stories in relation to Taoist principles. Each character symbolizes differing traits. Concepts ranging from effortless doing to endless fretting over every detail/existence. excellent and fun.
  4. I go back and forth quite a bit. Generally do not have issues. Light triggers can/will allow me to be lazy because they are definitely more forgiving. If you find you’re having issues going back up to 4/5/6lbs ask yourself if you’ve gotten sloppy with the 2/3 pounder??
  5. I’m at 4.3 with my standard coated. The one time I loaded with FMJ I believe I was at 4.5.
  6. Cha-Lee is right about using your legs. I think that strategy has definitely helped me stop on the spot. I wonder if I was also deciding to press the trigger too late? Meaning, if I’m going to over swing I can’t decide to do it when it’s in the center of the a zone. I won’t actually send the round till I’m past the “a” And by extension perhaps I should start pressing as I’m coming into the target cross the A/C perf??
  7. Sometimes it’s nice to have a buddy. Have a friend hold a broom handle or furring strip against your back while you draw and present your pistol. Put some of your conscious effort into keeping the back of your skull on that stick. This might help you see where in the process you start moving your head and make you more conscious of not doing it.
  8. Visualization exercises are used to great affect in all professional sports. You could try sitting at your desk with your eyes closed and running through your entire dry fire routine or stages from your last match in absolute perfection.
  9. Dry firing and warming up has been very helpful. Ask yourself if you are better at the beginning of a dryfire session, or 20 minutes into a dry fire session. Get the kinks out before you are 2/3 stages deep.
  10. Do it. That’s the big trick. All the tips mentioned in this thread are excellent. You have to do it. I broke my “strong” hand once. Best support hand trick I ever found. We all think we practice SH, but 5 min/2mags isn’t enough. Dedicate some real time. You will see gains quick.
  11. The biggest benifit I find using rimfire v dryfire is the added accountability. Dry fire will get you there fast if your honest. Holes in paper make it hard to lie and call it good.
  12. Ask the instructor to clarify anything you don’t understand. Lot of people don’t want to sound like they don’t get it. Don’t be that way. A good instructor should be happy to help you understand the concept/technique.
  13. I also had a mainspring the was to long. Only figured it out by accident. Had a new one to replace it with and it rolled next to the old one. I think it was compressing completely and just barley had enough room to let the hammer cock.
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