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  1. Ask the instructor to clarify anything you don’t understand. Lot of people don’t want to sound like they don’t get it. Don’t be that way. A good instructor should be happy to help you understand the concept/technique.
  2. I also had a mainspring the was to long. Only figured it out by accident. Had a new one to replace it with and it rolled next to the old one. I think it was compressing completely and just barley had enough room to let the hammer cock.
  3. I would say no one 95% of transitions I see on stages. There are a few very wide ones that I may. But I’m not a GM, so maybe I shouldn’t??
  4. I think both are great. For me, Steve book is more about gun handling skills while bend is more match based. Meaning Steve helped me most with classifier skills and Bens I bit more with running around stages. Get both.
  5. I’m no professional but generally start the timer with an additional 1.5 seconds to perform the dry trigger and tradition to pistol. From a level 3 that works out to about 4 seconds for me.
  6. Anyone gone so far as to get chelation therapy?
  7. You could try a Brock string. Cheap and readily available on amazon. Plenty of vids on YouTube.
  8. What the price range on these? Is there a go to brand or website for purchase?
  9. I strive to hold the gun and manipulate the trigger in a manner that keeps the gun as still as possible. I understand that perfectly still may not be possible. I accept any alignment or movement that would still give me the desired result in my target area.
  10. I’ve never found the added weight that helpful (production) but I do like how some brands fit in my hand. The lip design, width/height/angle of some allow them to snug up for a better index. Factory base pads being short tend to be a little less consistent for me. Of of course I could just stop being a pansey and practice more...
  11. Srs Tactical. They have great service and have been very helpful with a warranty issue.
  12. Harris and Son. They are $$$ but they have what you are looking for.
  13. 2.50 when I pay attention. Anyone know what the guys at Bianchi pull in the match?
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