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  1. What do you guys think about MBX pcc mags?
  2. thats interesting and I wonder if it’s possible to measure them and see the issue. I suppose I’ll have to toss mag bodies once a year. thanks man
  3. So today’s match I tried the questionable mag with new spring and same s#!t. Lucky for me it jammed up 3 times while trying to make ready so I just went for my other mag to start. I continued the match with the new mag and had no issues. While making ready a round jumps straight up and gets pinched at a 45 degree angle at the top of the upper and between the bolt. As soon as I remove the mag another round jumps completely out of the mag. So my thought is internal drag causing loss of spring tension and rounds are jumping out. So I have it narrowed down to mag body for sure.
  4. Just want to update everyone in hopes it might help. I put the gun back to the way I had it in terms of buffer setup and started over. It has ran thousands of rounds no issues so it didnt make sense to chase ammo or setup combos. I used a brand new mag with a new Goliath extension which was my back up mag to the same combo which was used the past 2 years. I had 2 matches with not a single problem and I can feel feeding being more smooth. No more noises of bolt to closing then springing shut when moving port to port like before. Next step will be a new spring in my original mag and
  5. Thats the odd part. The springs are nearly the same and not even half a coil difference. But I have inspected the s#!t out of this gun and it can't be the gun. I ran the potential bad mag yesterday just in practice which is 51 rounds. I shot it off my shoulder and from low ready etc just to see if my issues were from a weak shouldering etc. The mag might just be bad for reasons I can't explain but running the new mag for a while will tell me if thats the case of not. I returned my buffer back to the way I had it with 4T and 1S but but I did bump my load so my 124grn jhp are doing a
  6. This makes the most sense. After JP mentioned issues with too fast of a bolt I started thinking along the same lines. Additionally I switched to a very slick light grease from bore tech so I think that increased the bolt speed as well. So the extractor issue was diagnosed after I started thinking it was a cold weather and not enough lube issue which is when I switched to the grease. I think you may be on to something that makes the most sense to me. I will put the weight back to what it was and see what happens. I never had issue with spent case so that last part doe
  7. I loaded a mag and stripped them one by one by hand and in the rifle. eventually I’ll figure this out and report back so it helps others. This has to be a good one because it sure isn’t obvious what’s wrong.
  8. I checked those. No presence of rubbing of the ejector on the bolt. No wear marks on ejector top or underside of bolt. I’ll check them again. I didn’t actually wrench on them. I did pull on the ejector and tap it and checked for movement or signs of rubbing.
  9. Called JP and we can’t figure it out either. I’m going to put my buffer system back to what it was and start over. If I change 1 thing at a time I should figure this out. One thing I didn’t think of is they mentioned reducing weight and increasing charge of my ammo could cause bolt to hit limiter and bounce which would induce feeding issues. The timing would be off and cause problems. maybe it’s possible as I changed my load and SCS weights I created more of an issue. The original problem for sure was a filthy extractor that was all caked up. But once I changed it and still
  10. Looked hard at those mags but I live in the communist state. Trigger issues wouldn’t cause misfeeds would they?
  11. Mag issue makes a lot of sense. 2 rounds didn’t come out at once. One round never made it into the chamber and got pinched between bolt face and breech face/barrel. I never saw a spent casing stuck and it’s always a live round. Extractor was changed to new 2 weeks ago. Checked ejector position and it has never moved. Ejector looks the same as my 2nd brand new GMR. The recoil spring was changed 2 weeks ago as well. this crap is driving me nuts
  12. No new changes for about 10k or more rounds I would say. I was wondering about high mileage wear and tear. How would the bolt wear out? Looking at it I can’t seen anything but it would be logical that all these parts have a life expectancy.
  13. I’m going to reduce buffer weight and send it next Saturday and see what happens. All that makes sense to me is short stroke causing the round to get stuck. I will report back and hope it helps others
  14. Unless this mag suddenly went bad in about a year and a half then I dont know why it would suddenly be the problem but I do agree it seems mag related. I measured the feed lips and they are the same as a new mag. I inspected the heck out of it and can't see anything either. But running the new mag a few matches will tell the story I suppose. I like to figure things out and learn so this I dont like this. Just to write something off as mag related and not understand or see the issue doesn't satisfy my understanding of the issue.
  15. I didnt change anything and started having issues suddenly. This is what is driving me nuts because I felt I was way past needing to dial anything in. I never had issues and stayed with what worked. But now there is something wrong so I am having to figure it out.
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