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  1. Just FYI I went to 4T and 1S this weekend and loved the combo the most. I didn't change my ammo at all but noticed a lot less recoil so I am going to leave well enough alone for now.
  2. Yes for USPSA. So if you are about the same as me for 140pf and run 5S you say you get less dot movement. I guess when I say recoil I am referring more to being able to double tap an A zone faster because there is less dot movement. I went heavier on the JP buffer but I still have dot bounce and I have to delay shots. I was thinking of going heavier not lighter. A friend did have 147grn ammo, but I am not sure what PF, I shot some though my gun and it cut felt recoil down a lot. I have always ran 124grn and just stayed with that so it is possible to drop my charge and reduce PF. I just figured I would rather have a much better chance on steel going down than being on that edge going to 130pf. So this leaves me with finding the right buffer combo. I keep looking at the blitz buffer but JP advises against it. They seem to know their s#!t which is why I bought a JP to begin with so I am not wanting to go outside their advice.
  3. I am trying to find the perfect setup but I need help understanding the weight set up. With more weight it will slow my bolt but more weight means slamming it back forward I would think. So which consideration should I pay most attention to? My ammo is 140pf from a 124grn. I can go lighter but I like the balance that ammo gives me for reliability and not worrying about being so close to steel calibration. I have the short stroke kit so I have tried 1T and 4S and then last weekend ran 2T and 3S. I still felt a fair amount of recoil so I was going to consider adding more tungsten. So do you guys think more weight creates a softer feeling recoil or do you think more weight moving bolt back forward creates more felt recoil?
  4. Haha, that’s insane. This is the kind of stuff that makes them cite new rules lol. I love it
  5. Start position would be the first one. You have a holster for it? lol
  6. I am at 1 tungsten and 4 steel but for no good reason other than I started with that after my short stroke upgrade and it ran so I kept it. I wonder if adding another might tame it a bit more. I’m also at 140pf using 124grn bullets. In one sense it’s more weight to slow the impact rearward but I always wonder how much the impact forward causes issues with dot movement.
  7. Bore Tech Carbon remover is amazing. My gmr 13 had so much build up I was worried about it contacting the bullet. I shoved a ear plug up the barrel and used masking tape around the comp to seal it. First soak was over night and I did a 45 cal copper brush cleaning the next day then soaked it again. for the first time I can see the company threads again and routine cleaning is just a squirt inside the comp and brush out. This product is amazing and cleaning all carbon build up.
  8. thank you, I am going to save that right now
  9. I can't decide to leave well enough alone or venture out and try new stuff. I have the GMR-13 and run the JP short stroke kit 1 Tungsten and 4 stainless. I am at a 140pf using 124 grain bullets and the gun runs amazing. I just wonder if its me on distance shots going to slow or if a hydraulic buffer would smooth out the gun and allow me to go faster. Do you guys think between the JP buffers and the Blitz hydraulic there is a big difference? I just scoped their website and now they have a weight spacer that makes the blitz a short stroke. My concern is what is reliable and what is good for the rifle that won't beat it up.With the mass of the JP weights gone that bolt will fly to the rear so that hydraulic buffer better take the energy and soak it up. Any more thoughts?
  10. Sorry I never followed up with this post. Just wanted to thank you guys for the help and advice. Turns out I took the match win using a pcc lol. That was a hard match and guys were using real AR's with scopes etc. I did very well on the distance stuff and fundamentals helped more than hold over concerns. https://practiscore.com/results/new/93709
  11. Thank you guys. my vortex range finder just arrived and I’m set to take it out this Friday and try to find a place far enough to test things out. I will chrono my loads again and confirm the fps as well. I also need to check zero and now that I have a range finder re zero at 25yrds exactly. Sounds like I will mostly have to figure this out in the course of fire but it’s possible I can get a few shots off under practice at my local range.
  12. Sounds good Nevada, I am going to shoot a local uspsa match Saturday and already cleared with the director to shoot some distance steel after the match. Do you think I should bump my load at all or just stick with what works? I use my same load for CO in my g17 as I do my pcc so what I have developed is the best middle of the road to do this. I’m just wondering if I should get the pcc load to 1200 or maybe I’m close enough it won’t really matter.
  13. I’ve gone through 3-4 of them and despite broken I ran the entire match no problem. You only discover they are broken after you get home and clean. JP says to change at 5k but I run them until they break and haven’t kept track. Before a bigger match I put a fresh one in just to be safe. this is a wear item and just part of what needs to be done for maintenance
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