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  1. ETS is well known to crack. I almost never see them in a match for good reason. But I guess some people like clear mags lol.
  2. Goliath’s are just well made and ets are crap. Too many of them crack when ejected that I’ve seen and heard about at the matches. Nobody good runs those mags and I call that a clue. But not needing 50 rounds is a valid point. Being able to have them and downloading makes more sense to me. So far so good on my recent changes. There obviously is some factor of mag bodies wearing out going on but I wish it was more obvious and measurable.
  3. Reduced buffer mass back to 3T and 2S. I think some where along this and I switched from that to 4T and 1S. I used new mags and downloaded 5 rounds in my oem glock mags with Taylor Goliath’s. Ran today’s match no issues at all. Let’s see if I can keep it like that.
  4. I love that stuff also. I use it as a cleaner but not as primary lube. It keeps things protected but breaks down carbon. Cleaners strip protection off the metal so you have to oil them after throughly. I found that out when I pulled my extractor from the bolt and saw surface rust.
  5. I was using weapon shield. If I oil it Sunday and check it next Friday before Saturday’s match the oil is gone. The stuff is too thin to stay put. It’s really bad in my carry gun and is gone in a matter of days. I have not changed ammo. I have 2 loads that are good which is one being about 1050fps and the other 1150fps using a 124grn jhp. Same bullet I always used
  6. I changed the spring just recently once I started having issues. I did up the weight on it though and have 4 tungsten and 1 stainless. I will go back to 3 T and 1 S. I also switched to bore tech grease which is meant for bolts and slides. I was noticing my oil drying up and I figured maybe it was that so I went to the grease. Possibly it’s allowing bolt to slide more and I’m having bolt bounce? Short stroke kit has been in I think about 2 years now. Only issues I had were dialing in my load with a combination of buffer weights to where the O rings would last longer and not flatten or Frey. But it never jammed on me. I talked to another pcc shooter at this Saturday’s match and he is using the TTI also with good luck. I just hate the company so haven’t considered buying from them.
  7. I think possibly the mags would wear out with the alloy mag catch. But jp is smart and beveled the bottom so I see nearly no wear on the mag notches. I am going to download them more and try new mags. I can’t find a darn thing wrong with the rifle so it’s got to be mags. I’ve always used the Taylor’s and didn’t have issues until now.
  8. Well the idea of the magwell on the lower I don’t believe to be an issue. I have a brand new gmr-13 broken in with few hundred rounds and both my lowers are nearly identical in terms of how tight the mags fits. Both have some movement but nothing crazy so I believe it to be normal. I just realized the spring I thought was the XL was actually not. I counted the coils and it’s 28 and not 34. So either Taylor mixed them up or I did. I’m pretty careful about that so I think it was a package mix up. This doesn’t really change anything though.
  9. My mag doesn’t disengage and never has. I have seen ets fail and crack a few times so I never thought them as an option.
  10. Yeah I know, but I’m in the commie state so wearing out a registered AW lower would make me cry. I don’t think this low round count would eat a lower. That and we hardly ever are doing reloading so the mag just sits there. I’ll ask Jp if they think a new mag catch would tighten up anything.
  11. I had thought the same as well. I was trying to compare if the mag wiggles more than my other back up new gmr 13 and it does by a little. I just took the mag catch out last week to inspect it and clean. It’s alloy so I don’t see how it can wear against a Glock plastic lined mag but maybe it’s possible. The mag chute shows signs of wear but nothing bad or enough to change dimensions I don’t think. Something worn would make more sense to me for sure. It does have a few years of weekly match use. I didn’t keep record of round count but it’s got to be 30-40k.
  12. Posted a bit ago about sudden issues with my gmr 13. I have run the piss out of it for a few years with zero failures and now have some crap going on. Checked the gun over throughly and see nothing there. You guys here helped me with pointing out glock mag bodies swell over time and cause issues due to us running these long extensions and stressing the mags. I thought it was BS but at this point it’s all I can make sense of. I ran a new mag and have not had failures during the stage. But I have had a failure to chamber at make ready. I hope maybe my fault for not charging the handle and letting it rip but I’m not sure. I have the short stroke buffer so no bolt catch meaning it’s possible I just didn’t crank it and let it rip. Today I used another old mag body built with a new spring and used the Goliath XL spring in the standard Goliath extension as to get more spring pressure. I don’t think this helped at all and I had another round jump out of the mag and get pinched against the breech. Last week I ran the same setup and had no issues so I thought I was smart. I will ditch the old mags and use new but I was just trying to prove to myself the theory of swelled mag bodies isn’t a thing and it was lack of spring pressure. Most guys are bitching at me to download the mags and I do download 1-2 rounds but perhaps there is an issue here I’m not aware of. I never downloaded more than 1-2 before and didn’t have issues for years as I mentioned. So I’m back to buying into the swelled mag body theory. Any input is appreciated, thanks guys.
  13. Just came across your post. The buffer that came with the ready rifle is alloy and the snap ring is steel. Your load was too hot for the setup and the O rings will beat themselves thin and the weights begin to get sloppy and shake around making the issue worse in a hurry. This scenario beats the metal snap ring and it is stronger than the alloy buffer. The groove the snap ring rides in gets rounded and your snap ring pops off. The new short stroke kit is an all steel buffer and will solve that issue. It’s also heavy so it’s likely to put you closer to where your weight combo should be with tungsten and stainless weights. Meaning you tuned your buffer system and didn’t realize it. But watch for the O rings getting flat and the weights having slop. When you see this you need more weight so trade a tungsten for a stainless and try again. As you get closer to being perfectly tuned to your load the O rings last very long time. good luck dude
  14. What do you guys think about MBX pcc mags?
  15. thats interesting and I wonder if it’s possible to measure them and see the issue. I suppose I’ll have to toss mag bodies once a year. thanks man
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