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  1. adrone

    Sig Romeo 3XL

    SRO held up fine; no issues with it . been real happy with the SRO. Just trying something else out see if I like it more.. SRO is on my CO gun now.
  2. adrone

    Sig Romeo 3XL

    I'm not sure how big the Holosun 510c window is but online it says lens size 24mm H x 32mm W. Is that correct? The Sig Romeo Xl window size is 24mm H x 32mm W. The body on the sig is a lot smaller. Narrower...And weighs 1.5 oz.. and has a nice 6moa dot....
  3. Just got the Sig Romeo 3 XL. Next day from Atlas with a mount. I have to say great customer service from them. We will see if the XL holds up....
  4. I may be willing to get rid of a 5 moa that I will get this week. I bought a 5 and a 2.5 and now another 5.... Im not yet sure if Im going to use the 3rd Sro. Ill post if I decide not to use it. I already have a co and open gun and Im not even sure it im going to run co so i probably dont need to have 2 co guns.
  5. Well Im at about 2500-3000 rounds now. No issues at all. I can track the Sro just as well as I could with the Slideride. No issue with window size. I was running a horizontal mount Slideride for years and I had alot of diagonal squiggle in the dot with it. With the Sro dot movement is considerably less and more vertical but I do think the horizontal mount cmore has an effect on the plastic bends in the front with flexing under recoil where when upright not as much. I also have less crap blowing on my glass with the SRO compared to horizontal slide ride. Yes I am completely happy with the Sro. I will never go back unless it fails or something better comes out. Ive had cmore upright and horizontal... rts2’s....had vortex...and had a dp pro. The Sro is unquestionably superior in every way it could be to all of the above imo . .We have 2 sro’s one on a p10f slide and the other on open gun Cheely Mount. The slide mounted one only has a few hundred rounds but no issues with either one. I have a third on the way that will either go on an M&P or an Accushadow so we will see if any fail over time.
  6. And btw when I took that picture Friday I did not notice if you look above the knuckle on my thumb you’ll see a small spot in the Infinity safety......well ...At the Saturday match 8th stage 2nd shot: http://
  7. Well I have about 1000 rounds with the Trijicon Sro now. I have had rts2’s. Had DP pro’s. Normally run a cmore horizontally. Of them all I have to say the Sro is my favorite by a long shot. No issues. No problems. Glass is excellent. Its not getting a bunch of crap blown on the glass. Shot all day outdoor this weekend and the dot works great in bright sunlight. Was able to choose whatever brightness I wanted with little to no distortion on the dot. The 5 moa is my preferred. Cheely Mount for narrow frame but it sits on a PT wide frame so its off center. Could shave foot down but doesn’t seem to matter. 9 major Infinity Ultimatch barrel 1:24 with 3 chamber comp no popples with 124gr MG JHP’s 6.8-.6.9 Auto Comp. I zeroed it with 3 elevation clicks and one windage click at 25 yards. With Zero at 25 yards my shots hit maybe 1” low at 15 feet if that. At 25 feet its still very near zero. So minimal hold over. Ill never go back to a cmore no way as long as the Sro holds up.....great so far http://
  8. Guys I cannot decide between the 2.5 or 5. Played with them today. The 5 is very near the 6moa cmore slideride. The 2.5 reminds me of a 4moa cmore. Both very defined circles with no distortion. Much brighter than the cmore. Does not starburst as easily on brighter settings as the cmore. Both dots are fine for my open gun. I could track either one equally....... There would be no issue with either in sunlight imo.....Cant decide.....either is perfectly fine.....To me it seems to be higher quality generally particularly with the dot definition as opposed to what im used to....looks durable on the exterior One will be on my open tomorrow Cheely mount coming in the mail.....
  9. One of the guys on this forum built me and my buddies open guns. They run flawlessly. Never break. My newest one has Phoenix Trinity slide and lower. If Im not mistaken looks like Atlas is running the same usually. We have a local open shooter who bought a CK last year. Sti slide.....Cracked in a month or two. Then the gun spent 6 months away with CK. As I understand not with Cheely but with the other guy from Georgia. He has not been happy with it or the way he was treated. Bad experience. Since then he used Venom recently and he is happy. Heard good things about Atlas and I really appreciate them taking the time to do their troubleshooting and instructional videos.... So im definitely going to say Atlas given the choice between CK and Atlas.
  10. Egw internals Koenig hammer on ours.
  11. I got my fingers crossed that it will hold up. Thanks Im going to order the Cheely for the open. Ordered a Shook??? Plate for P10F for CO. Should be up and running on something by Tues. Ill let you guys know how it goes. Aircooled Racer and others locally rag on me because I fire more standing practice rounds than anyone around here probably. Everyone says im just wasting bullets and wearing guns out. That being said Im not even classified yet and I will wear most local uspsa people out even shooters light years above my level on single shot accuracy matches like bowling pins. Haven’t tried steel in a match yet. They are right it doesnt help alot for uspsa though. Footwork and planning/execution still suck. Its nothing for me to run 500 rounds in each range session at 3-4 times a week plus a match a week. 1500-2000 rounds in a week or two happens. If anyone can black out an optic Itll be me. Ill report back.
  12. So I actually found trijicon SRO’s from a local source. With a good number available....I ordered today Friday and he will have them at the shop Monday. I went ahead and ordered two. I ordered a 2.5 and a 5.0. Ones going on my open pistol....the other is going on carry optics or I will turn around and get rid of whichever one I like the dot size of the least. I run a 6 on my cmore but with others the dot sizes all seem to be rated differently. Ive seen claimed 2’s that look like 6’s and 6’s that look like 2’s so.... Do you guys recommend an rmr/sro pattern mount for 2011 wide PT frame????
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