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  1. Can you guys tell me how bright you run your dot and why? Ive been told bright as possible before starburst in any setting by one gm and Ive also been told low as possible in any setting by another. Outdoor ive been running at brightest or 2nd brightest setting on a romeo3 xl which gives me about the same perceived brightness as halfway up the settings at indoor. Is this a “to each his own” thing or is there a reason why one way is better than another? What do you choose and why? Thanks
  2. Yeah after about 2-3 months the mbx spring ends up being between 1/2 and 3/4 of its original length. On the grams maybe 4-5 months tops before same thing on my big sticks. Like i said though im real bad about stuffing that extra round in and then forcing it into the gun until it catches. Its pretty dumb I deserve to have issues from it.... You get greedy thats what happens...Its not unusual for me to run 1500 rounds every two weeks... Current open pistol probably has over 60k through it....its very near smooth bore...
  3. All springs and followers and recoil spring have been replaced all new. The MBX spring seems to crap out pretty fast though...as in within 2-3 months... The grams seem to last longer... Ill replace the mag catch and see what happens
  4. I wanted to see if you guys have had to replace your mag catches? 2011 plastic grip. Im real bad about stuffing my mags particularly the mbx I have to 30 rounds in the mag....then forcing it to catch in the gun using alot of force.... Im having low left nose dives in the middle of stages occasionally for many months now....the MG jhp are sticking right at the bottom of the ridge in the corner where it flattens out at the bottom of drivers side of feed ramp... Its happening no matter how many rounds i started with usually in the middle of the mag somewhere... They are MG JH
  5. I wish Laugo would get it together and fast for open. I think the Alien doesn’t really fit any other category in the current market.....competition or otherwise. Maybe im wrong and they know something I do not about potential buyers in the US. Maybe their goal is military and LE. Not sure. On the civilian market Open shooters are used to spending near that or some more than that on a new pistol. I don’t see a bunch of production or carry optics guys spending 5k on a pistol....if they wanted to do that then they would probably shoot open.... I dont really see too many tacticool m
  6. Hmm. Doesn't sound like the response I got when my thumb snapped off an SV single side wide safety on a stage....it broke on the side in a straight jagged vertical line a few mm away from where it meets shaft. I called. There was no discussion of honoring it.....We can sell you a new one was the response... Looked like pot metal inside. Porous as hell. Make something wrong you should replace it when you realize its defective....or at least be willing to look. Ill pass on SV guns for life...
  7. I live in the US and in Norway....The guys in Norway have had the Alien for about 6-8 months. I have handled one there and they say they have been reliable..... 2 weeks ago I got one of my friends in Norway to ask one of the guys from Laugo about it running 9 major..... The response was that they have been testing the Alien with 9 major (pf or load not specified) and that it has run successfully through at least one test gun 10,000 rounds with no issues. They also said they are running prototype comps currently and one will be released in a few months. Threaded barrel With
  8. SRO held up fine; no issues with it . been real happy with the SRO. Just trying something else out see if I like it more.. SRO is on my CO gun now.
  9. I'm not sure how big the Holosun 510c window is but online it says lens size 24mm H x 32mm W. Is that correct? The Sig Romeo Xl window size is 24mm H x 32mm W. The body on the sig is a lot smaller. Narrower...And weighs 1.5 oz.. and has a nice 6moa dot....
  10. Just got the Sig Romeo 3 XL. Next day from Atlas with a mount. I have to say great customer service from them. We will see if the XL holds up....
  11. I may be willing to get rid of a 5 moa that I will get this week. I bought a 5 and a 2.5 and now another 5.... Im not yet sure if Im going to use the 3rd Sro. Ill post if I decide not to use it. I already have a co and open gun and Im not even sure it im going to run co so i probably dont need to have 2 co guns.
  12. Well Im at about 2500-3000 rounds now. No issues at all. I can track the Sro just as well as I could with the Slideride. No issue with window size. I was running a horizontal mount Slideride for years and I had alot of diagonal squiggle in the dot with it. With the Sro dot movement is considerably less and more vertical but I do think the horizontal mount cmore has an effect on the plastic bends in the front with flexing under recoil where when upright not as much. I also have less crap blowing on my glass with the SRO compared to horizontal slide ride. Yes I am completely happy with t
  13. And btw when I took that picture Friday I did not notice if you look above the knuckle on my thumb you’ll see a small spot in the Infinity safety......well ...At the Saturday match 8th stage 2nd shot: http://
  14. Well I have about 1000 rounds with the Trijicon Sro now. I have had rts2’s. Had DP pro’s. Normally run a cmore horizontally. Of them all I have to say the Sro is my favorite by a long shot. No issues. No problems. Glass is excellent. Its not getting a bunch of crap blown on the glass. Shot all day outdoor this weekend and the dot works great in bright sunlight. Was able to choose whatever brightness I wanted with little to no distortion on the dot. The 5 moa is my preferred. Cheely Mount for narrow frame but it sits on a PT wide frame so its off center. Could shave
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