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  1. Do you have a part number for the tip or can you link amazon or another place to buy? Thanks!
  2. That is precisely what I’m doing now....converting an old production gun to Carry Optics so at least I can still play with a gun with a dot on it to finish the season. Next season I will have mine back, and my guy will be building the second open gun.
  3. This stuff has been tested. One can look these things up. If buying something allows someone to get excited, have more confidence, and practice more, I think there is value in it even if there is not a major difference in the actual product.
  4. What? You don’t like shooting with your hands over your belly button? But the Alien was going to bring world peace and cure cancer! Noooooooooo!
  5. I’m out for 6 months, half a year wasted because my slide is cracked. It’s expensive as F. Yes. But, I will have another open gun next year. And another one a year after that. Lesson learned.
  6. Does anyone have any thoughts about whether or not a shok buff might help to extend the life of the optic or not? Is a shok buff even legal in carry optics? I would guess it is.
  7. I feel the exact same way.
  8. The propaganda, err I mean advertisement says the circuit board has also been “ruggedized”?
  9. If you call them you can get any 3 lenses you want as part of a set. I’m using 94HC, 54 HC and 26 ED. The numbers are for the amount of light transmission. 94 for indoor range or very cloudy days, 54 HC for kinda cloudy and 26 ED for very sunny. I shoot on mostly green surroundings, shoot mostly a red dot irons is green fiber. This was per Max Michel. The guys at Pilla recommended 80 HC, 48 RHC and 18 CED.
  10. If you find the answer, please let us know here. When I shoot irons, I shoot with a green fiber. Max and the guy at Pilla seemed more interested in what environment I was shooting in such as mostly green vs desert, and dot vs irons rather than what color dot. I have 3 lenses that I bought as a set from them for basically different lighting conditions but the colors are all pretty similar. Something to know too, there are two shapes to the lenses, a more rounded shape, and a shape that’s more like a bat wing that flares out at the bottom. Some lenses are only available in the more rounded shape, but my understanding is that the bat wing type shape is the newer shape.
  11. You can do that. He recommended my lenses to me but for open shooting with a red dot. You should call Pilla too, even if they don’t know they know who their shooters are and can point you in the right direction.
  12. I would suggest calling Pilla or look to see their sponsored shooters who shoot irons in action pistol to ask them on social media, etc.
  13. Unlike CO, Open is not about the optic because the C-more stuff works just fine.
  14. Any pistol can be used in open division, therefore, yes, there are a lot of affordable open guns
  15. What weight spring with tungsten guiderod for a gen 3 34? 11 or 13? Running 147 gr bullets, otherwise all stock springs and internals.I don’t know exactly what my PF is but I know it’s not going on the floor. I was going to buy the Glock store tungsten guide rod with set weight spring.
  16. I forgot. I soak my open comp in a jar that’s 50/50 Kroil and Lucas Bore Solvent, I haven’t done that with the PCC because it’s awkward and would stink up my basement. I don’t care that every molecule of powder is off, just what I can scrape pretty easily with that comp cleaner. I don’t know if this is right or wrong, it’s just what I do.
  17. I shoot plated bullets but there is still powder residue I scrape off every time I clean which is pretty much every match because I have a problem that way, haha. I just scrape it with an Arredondo comp scraper like my open gun. Black powder flakes off.
  18. I have 5 or 6 too lost count haha
  19. I guess I’d rather have 2x RTS2s. Hope the price comes down.
  20. I’m actually on the fence a little about whether it’s better to have the opening max size like the TF or smaller like the tech well to help against rocking. Thoughts?
  21. It doesn’t work nearly as well. It’s rough on the inside and mags definitely hang up on the ridges on the inside of the magwell. It was also completely full of splinters to the point that I had to essentially refinish it with files and sand paper to both make it fit and make the finish acceptable. Definitely would not recommend. ”the one JP sells” is the tech well. Mag changes can definitely strongly affect your classification and can lose you a match. If that’s worth saving $30, have at it.
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