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  1. I liked it just for grip consistency (as Merldizzle said above ^^^) but if it doesn't fit you none of that matters. I think you'll have to try it to find out! I have one I'll let go of if you're interested - PM me
  2. I see - thanks! Is it just the Legion that has the different geometry or do the new P320s have it too?
  3. I have a new X5 Legion that addresses my previous issues (lock up problems, LCI hole, etc) from my previous non-legion X5s and I can’t tell why the legions have a better trigger than the “normal” P320s. I’ve had both the Gray Guns competition trigger and Apex trigger in non-legion X5s and the Legion is significantly better. Does anyone know why/how the break and reset are better in the X5 Legion than the regular X5 and P320 variants? Thanks!
  4. If it were me (and I'm well on my way with my Legion), I wouldn't bother getting a new slide from Sig. I do get wanting Sig to have a better finish...and to make it right, but a new slide will have the same coating. I would go get a DLC coating on it to protect the underlying metal and use the crap out of it. It's $100 for the slide. http://www.jabuie.com/ionbond.html But if you aren't sure you'll stick with this pistol, maybe not worth it.
  5. I gave up and realized my X-5 legion shoots better for me for less money. I'm hopeful that the SF will mature more (with the 4" variant) and we'll get a Gen 2+ in the future. Until then, Apex is your answer!
  6. My SF didn't do it - only made me look bad when I was out of ammo and flinched
  7. Apex has a trigger coming - not sure when but they keep teasing us
  8. I guess that's the point that other make - don't get married to a maker and find a good gunsmith to do it for you
  9. Thanks for the clarification and info - much appreciated! My LGS has 7-8 various DVCs and they are all very smooth in action and trigger not yet found on the ST]taccatos (and I kow, the Staccato P isn't the same trigger). My XL may break in to be as smooth but isn't in the same league as my DVC-P. I do see the DLC differences in my Staccato C DLC which is shiny compared to my DVC-P and XL which are much more matte and look like a nitride finish. Overall, a big STI fan but not clear about the reasons for the differences and the direction STI is headed (but seems to be great for a regular consumer like me!).
  10. After being a nay-sayer to the new Staccato line up, I now have a Staccato C and Staccato XL. Neither as are smooth in action or trigger as my DVC-P but the XL shoots great and the C even better (hard to beat for it's size). I ended up trading a Nighthawk Trooper for the XL and wasn't expecting much but it shoot it much better and I'm very happy with the trade. I think the lower priced Staccatos will sell great (still think the XL is too expensive for the finish and size) and with a few options (threaded barrels, optic mounts, etc) they will do very well indeed. But there really isn't much in this range other than TSOs, Czechmates, and custom 2011s at this point (until the DWX comes out). So, good on STI and I'm obviously a fan (given my three pistols from them I have).
  11. uhmeebuh

    ZEV OZ9

    Something to consider with the OZ9 is the various parts and grips available from Zev to make a g34 comped gun or a carry g19. Shadow Systems doesn’t have much in the way of other MR918 parts (but they do have great CS).
  12. uhmeebuh

    ZEV OZ9

    Yup! It’s why I have them both - I’m not a fan of the glock grip angle but love a lot about the glock platform. This is the best of both worlds and I think it’s money well spent (I’ve spent about as much on some franken-glock builds) that weren’t as cohesive.
  13. uhmeebuh

    ZEV OZ9

    Yes - I have an MR918 as well but I don’t notice a huge difference between them. Now that my OZ9c is a Roland special, it definitely shoots softer. I view the MR918 as my carry 19 where as the Zev is my home defense pistol. I do tend to shoot the Zev more due to the comp and better trigger with the fulcrum installed...
  14. uhmeebuh

    ZEV OZ9

    I've had the regular OZ9 and now have an OZ9C (turned into a roland special)...and I like it much better for some reason. Their new "pro" trigger is kind of meh but I put a fulcrum in and it's pretty great. It's not cheap but you can see the quality in it compared to my franken builds over the years...but the Shadow Systems MR918 is just as good for about half the price. It's the real stand out for non-Glock Glocks IMO.
  15. Uhh - exactly what I said in what you quoted Action and fitment is better IMO with the DVC compared to the Staccato line from what I’ve felt. My local dealer has a handful of both and the guys at the shop unanimously agree.
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