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  1. Great link - thanks!
  2. This ^^^^ I had two regular X fives - one apex and one GG and I found both mushy with a less distinct break. Just got a X five legion and the trigger is much better. Good enough that I don’t plan on doing anything to it. Not totally sure of whats unique about on X5L trigger other than the trigger shoe. Im curious to see what a Burke trigger feels like for the X5L...
  3. I had one - was my favorite "glock" due to the grip angle but it had a few things I didn't like: Price - not worth it IMO (I'm not against expensive pistols, just don't see the extra benefits over some customization for a LOT less). Trigger - the new "pro" flat face trigger left a lot to be desired (pre travel, break, etc). I got a deal on a Zev fulcrum and it was MUCH better Holsters - had a hard time finding one that fit when my usual G17 didn't fit great and needed modification So, I sold it to a buddy who loves it. I went for more competition oriented stuff...but will look again when they have a G19 sized option
  4. Sorry - I should have been clearer to what I was referring to. I meant the sigs are still limited compared to other red dots available with plate systems (glock MOS, Walther PPQ Q5, etc).
  5. Just got my RHT holster since the Walther/Veil option didn’t fit with taller sights. The RHT is all it’s cracked up to be but it takes 30 days or so...
  6. Im suspicious at this point but I don’t think the SF owner base is that big to drive this to market faster....but I’m hopeful! I do want a trigger safety but would consider this for comp guns only (like the SF). I imagine there’s some liability for Walther US to provide a trigger with no safety but there are other safeties on the SF.
  7. I had a chance to shoot the X-five Legion today (about 100 rounds with various shooting goal) and I’m a PPQ Q5 SF owner....and I think the X5 Legion is a great value. My splits were about the same and I think I’m a bit more accurate with the SF but I attribute that to 1500 rounds through the SF. As mentioned above, I do agree that the SF is higher quality and I prefer the feel in my hand. The SF has a better trigger but the X5 Legion trigger is the best P320 based version I’ve tested (and I’ve shot my regular X5 with the gray guns upgrades and I didn’t find it better). The X5 is lighter but not as crisp as the SF and the reset is worse. I’m happy to crap on Sig (after being a beta tester for the first 226 Legions and having 2 bad P365s)....BUT I think they have a USPSA production winner on their hands assuming it makes the list. But it’s still limited for carry optics to the Sig red dots (without a plate to convert to better red dots). As far as overhyped - all new competition pistols are hyped at launch but there aren’t many options at this weight and price that are as competent. So I get the hype but don’t let that keep you from checking it out if you can. Not it sure if I’m keeping my SF or not at this point...which says a lot.
  8. Call Modern Sportsman in Burnville MN (since you're in MN as well). My lightly used TSO is there with some extras
  9. I think we all had expected the apex trigger to fit our SFs [sad trombone]. Not sure why it doesn’t fit but it’s a new fun to the market so, if it sells well, I’m certain we will see some upgrades available. I see the Q5SF as a hot carry optics option for a lot of people without going too expensive (relatively speaking). At least that what I’m hoping for!
  10. I called Walther and they had the Veil in stock so it’ll make it here by Friday. I’ll give it a shot and see what changes I want for a RHT holster. Thanks!
  11. Me too - I want one I’m not totally sure why the regular PPQ apex trigger won’t work in the SF....but I haven’t bought one to try!
  12. How would an accu shadow 2 compare?
  13. Having had an STI marauder and edge, a TSO, and a number of PPQs...I sold them all and picked up a PPQ Q5 Steel Frame for my USPSA, IDPA, and general target shooting pistol. So I’m a bit biased at the moment. All are great guns and it comes down to price, how finicky they are, and your preference for trigger and safeties. Youll need to to decide what division you want to shoot since they will impact this as well (9mm vs .40). While all of them are more accurate than I am, I would have to say: - TSO: less finicky than the 2011s (in my experience), the weight is in the right spots to get you back on target, good aftermarket, great adjustable trigger out of the box, but a weak trigger reset and I couldn’t get the right thumb rest angle for my hands - 2011s: great trigger, largest aftermarket support, gets back on target fast, gets picky with mags and needs a bit more maintenance, more expensive, need big hands to reach controls easily, some issues with off hand usage for me and the grip safety - PPQ polymer: good trigger (but get an apex), great price, slowest back on target with most flip, below average aftermarket support, not as special feeling - PPQ Steel Frame: price less than the TSO or 2011, weight makes it fast to get back on target, still need big-ish hands for it, hardly any aftermarket available, some initial teething issues from Walther, was fastest from the holster to first shots for me. You cant go wrong but try them all!
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