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  1. Haha yes, my wife liked my GMR-15 so much that I had to buy another one for myself so I could actually use one, lol. I suspect you’ll get the PSA back and she’ll keep the GMR-15!!
  2. Just for follow up on this issue...the locking button must have been broken on my riser, Vortex took it back and replaced it very quickly with a new one. I did have to pay shipping of the mount back to them. Great customer service for warranty issue. No problems with the new one... yet
  3. I use wilson ETM with the Dawson basepads, but they don’t insert all the way with the no gap insert on the ICE magwell...so I use the gap magwell insert. Chip McCormick Mags with Dawson basepads didn’t fit either. Maybe it’s my gun, but thought I’d let you know.
  4. This thread got a revival, but what I was talking about was not distortion of the dot itself but distortion and color change to bluish of the entire picture when looking through the Razor vs looking through an aimpoint. I’ve been using the aimpoint and I have been very pleased. I do not feel that it significantly blocks peripheral vision compared to the Razor. I do also have the lens caps flipped down. I hope this helps someone. I also have been using a Razor as a 45 offset and I have to say that in actual use, the image distortion doesn’t seem to affect me, but does it affect me by milliseconds to obtain a sight picture or something, I don’t know.
  5. For the third time now, I am sure it was mounted correctly. Thanks guys, I’m just sending it back to Vortex. You can close this thread if you want.
  6. So today, my wife's Vortex Razor on Picatinny mount attached to the Vortex AR riser MT-5108 fell right off the gun during a stage. Luckily, there was a timer malfunction so she got a reshoot, but this was very disappointing and embarrassing. I think something is wrong with the MT-5108 and I am sending it back to Vortex. For anyone with experience with these mounts, is the riser even necessary? It seems to me that it will allow you to have your head more upright/will align with your eye better to get in position quicker, so it will be useful. Is the QD feature even useful? It seems to me that if you take it on and off for whatever reason, it will probably not be zeroed properly anymore so is that a useless feature? Finally, does anyone have any suggestions for a mount that is appropriate height that will work for this that is higher quality? Thanks for your advice.
  7. The cr speed hanger will allow you to adjust that http://benstoegerproshop.com/cr-speed-c-bax-production-holster-hanger-by-rescomp/
  8. I’m shooting Precision Delta 147 gr. Remanufactured, and love them. No problems, and not much more expensive than factory ammo. I don’t reload either, don’t have the time, just out there to have fun. I shoot 124 in the PCC, also Precision Delta reman. The ammo is pretty dirty, but I clean after every match anyhow. Still cheaper than Atlanta Arms reman.
  9. Gosh dang it, you guys are making me want to buy one of these, I had one staring me in the face at my local gun shop yesterday and was impressed with my self control. I’m really liking my GMR-15 though. The other thing is that the fast guys, at least locally all seem to be shooting these colt and Glock magged SBR things that I feel like are probably the fastest anyhow because they definitely have the most mobility. They’re basically really high capacity pistols with dots and lasers, which to me almost makes it unfair against carbines like this, especially going around barriers, changing shoulders/hands, etc. Still very fun though.
  10. What is the hot mag pouch for the P320 for USPSA, specifically Carry Optic if there is any difference? Thanks!
  11. Hmm...good to know. Does the Springer offer the highest capacity? Are there other options for basepads to consider? Thanks!!
  12. I have a Sig P320RX that I was Considering using for carry optics. I was looking at basepads and noted that Sig already makes a 21 rd magazine ready to go. That seems to be the easiest route for me. Does anyone know if the mag is legal for carry optic (140mm) and does it work OK with a standard full size P320RX?
  13. Not unpredictable, they only break at major matches, lol. Just joking, good luck!!
  14. Silverscooby27

    carry optc

    Triple post. What a doof
  15. Silverscooby27

    carry optc

    I want this. Will this make weight? How about the Shadow 2?
  16. Have not tried purple loctite. I don’t know if the screws are loosening or not, they feel secure. It is mounted on the hand guard, on a front sight mount. I would think that if this laser can mount to the muzzle of a pistol, it should have no problem on the front mount position of a PCC, but maybe I’m wrong?
  17. Crimson Trace Green Laser is having trouble staying still. I’m already loc-tite-ing the screws with Vibra-tite VC3. Has anyone else had this problem and have any suggestions to fix or other options for a high quality laser that won’t move around? It seems to me like Crimson Trace is already the best laser in terms of quality. I don’t like how the windage and elevation adjustments don’t click and don’t seem to have a way to lock them down. Thanks!
  18. I do have a little astigmatism but not bad. I don’t think the Razors are crappy. I think they’re well made. I just was wondering if all reflex sights distort or magnify the image because of the curvature of the lens or something because the Aimpoint is like I’m not looking through anything. I think if I could find a reflex sight that had no distortion that would be the best, but I don’t know which one that would be? But it doesn’t seem to be the Razor, at least not for me.
  19. Maybe it’s my eyes or my glasses because I have 4 of these Razors and they’re all the same.
  20. Sure, I get that the more expensive thing will be of higher quality. Do all reflex sights have some distortion? I imagine the curvature of the lens has to do with it. My Vortex is a little magnified and blue. I’m also right handed but left eye dominant so it seems that my brain has trouble overlaying those two images because they are different, so it takes longer for me to process exactly where the dot is. With the Aimpoint, it is like I’m looking out normally, just with a red dot in my vision. To me, that’s the way it is “supposed” to look. Maybe because I’m left eye dominant, but it still seems to take much longer to acquire good sight picture with both eyes than closing my left eye, for example. If I can find a reflex sight with less distortion of the image, it will probably work better for me. That’s what I’m looking for.
  21. I was looking through 2 optics tonight, an Aimpoint Comp M5 and a Vortex Razor reflex type red dot and felt like there was a lot of distortion in the image on the Razor and no distortion on the Aimpoint. I felt that my eyes could see the target better with the Aimpoint because of this and I could get a better sight picture faster. I also felt the image was a little blue in color on the Vortex compared to crystal clear on the Aimpoint. Has anyone noticed this type of thing? Does this magnification/distortion of the image even matter? At this point I’m leaning more towards just using the Aimpoint. Are there any reflex sights that are better or worse in terms of image distortion?
  22. Where is the best place to mount the red dot? Closer to your eye in the back or all the way forward? Which do you choose?
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