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  1. So the guys using Brownells, are you bending the tabs on the baseplate and removing the spring from the baseplate to use a naked spring or are you just dropping in the Taylor Freelance Spring?
  2. ETS mags...you don’t have to do 1 thing to those mag tubes. You do have to file the follower though which takes about 1 minute. On the MBX video too Cobb shows how the ETS mags angle the bullets better than the Glock mags so it feeds better. I’ve also got 1 Glock 31 rounder that doesn’t drop free, but all my ETS mags drop free without modification.
  3. I thought about doing that, but I think the rod is there to keep it from rotating inward because there is still some flex in the belt, so I left it.
  4. Bladetech. Right now I have a CR Speed C Bax hanger, but I think the rod digs into my leg too much. I should probably buy a Ben Stoeger BOSS hanger instead.
  5. I can’t seem to find instructions. Does anyone have any tips on how to install the colt +10 extension for the colt mags? Any tips such as rounding the follower like Glock mags or nothing but naked spring in the extension, no baseplate? Also, certain mags seem to fit very tight. I only have about 3 out of about 7 that will actually go in and out of the gun easily. Any tips on which mags will fit the well the easiest? Right now I have metalform, c products, brownells (which have a steel follower). I have 2 c products and 1 metalform that fits. I want to get this Bushmaster Carbon 15 going! thanks
  6. It’s just kind of a pain because it’s in there pretty tight. Here’s the thread on the bushing.
  7. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/spare-parts-sets/sp01-shadow-spare-parts-kit.html
  8. Silverscooby27

    Henning Grips

    Are the grips for the Tac Sport and the Shadow, etc. the same? Or does Tac Sport have its own grips?
  9. Just wondering what everybody’s thoughts are re: the best electronic in-ear hearing protection is. Also, any opinions on comfort would be appreciated.
  10. My shadow 2 has this “mark” too
  11. I mean height and I guess max width, not as much the FO diameter. Something that will work with the stock rear.
  12. Does anyone know the appropriate size for fiber optic front sight for stock Tac Sport rear sight?
  13. Saw that thread...but there were a lot of crazy suggestions. I was thinking something big, easy to open, light to carry, easy to handle for the range. I would have a different, more heavy duty bag for actual transport and storage. 2 bags for 2 purposes. Just wondering. That zombie bag looks along the lines of what J was thinking...minus the goofy graphics.
  14. Is there a case that is the best case to carry the PCC around actually during the match in terms of size and ease of use?
  15. Thanks for the advice, everyone. Can’t seem to find the magpul mags, though so if anyone has any leads, I would appreciate it. Also, is an extension really necessary? Seeing as how there is a 32 round max, I feel like a regular 33 rounder should be fine for the vast majority of stages and would eliminate the frustration of getting these extensions working? Is there a “best extension”? Seems like most people favor the MBX? I hate finicky mags and I think this will be a source of frustration for me, haha
  16. I’m new to this, trying to figure out what mags and extensions to buy. Also plan to add the Taccom magwell. Does anyone have any suggestions about which mags to buy (Glock vs ETS vs other), how many and what mag extensions? My main goal with the extensions is minimal hassle, minimal “fitting”. Thanks!
  17. Yeah, me too!
  18. Sorta except on a 1911 you take the recoil spring out first, then remove the slide whereas the Shadow 2 you remove the slide first, then take out the guts, right?
  19. What about CZ Custom model 96214 though? Technically, it is not a model from CZ USA as a brand, right? It would be considered a modified shadow 2 from CZ custom which has a separate SKU 96214 which would then be legal because it is a shadow 2 with mods that is just given a name and number by an aftermarket company? In reality, are accu2 model 96214 and 91763 exactly the same? Why can’t we just tell the officials that we have a shadow 2 and had the mods done separately and it is not a 96214 or 91763? There is really no easy way to track that unless they call CZ custom or CZ USA with the serial numbers which would be a huge time consuming PIA that they probably wouldn’t bother with unless you actually won a major match?
  20. Mine is pretty tight, seems like it needs to be rotated not quite all the way counter clockwise. Then I have to pull pretty hard to get it to pop out. Does anyone have any specific tricks to make it easier?
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