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  1. My Lyman Pistol and Revolver loading manual didn’t have it listed, but I’m going to insert it, thanks for your help, Dave.
  2. I can’t find any info on this powder, just curious where it fits in? Thanks for your help, Dave.
  3. My new sig m-17 is shooting 2" low at 50ft. It has a number 3 front sight, I guess I need a 2. Can I order that from sig, or should I get it somewhere else? Thanks, Dave.
  4. My friend picked one up Saturday at the NRA convention, paid $1995 for it. I didn't get to shoot it, but seems like a very nice gun.
  5. jcc, thanks for the info.
  6. Can I just change the base plate on my 21 rd. mags and turn them into 17rd. mags? Can I use Springer Precision base plates to do this? Thanks for your help, Dave.
  7. twister

    Which red dot?

    I'll be using it for Carry Optics, I'd like to spend around $400.
  8. twister

    Which red dot?

    Wanting to install a red dot on my Sig 17, and would like some recommendations. Thanks for your help, Dave.
  9. twister

    Bull barrel top end

    I was hoping there was another benefit from the bull barrel besides weight. The gun is heavy enough, just thought there might be another benefit from the top end.
  10. twister

    Bull barrel top end

    I shoot a CZ Tactical Sport Orange in PPC and Action Pistol, and would like to find out if the bull barrel top end would be a worthwhile upgrade to my pistol? Thanks for your help on this, Dave.
  11. Luckily it already has Taran sights on it, I will be needing a trigger for it. Thanks for the help.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply.
  13. I have a chance to buy a nice used Glock 34, and wanted to know if it was legal to shoot in IDPA? Thanks, Dave.
  14. twister

    X-five holsters

    I ordered mine with the hanger, like it a lot. I recently received a RHT double layer holster for my M&P 2.0 with the regular belt mount, and it works really well also.
  15. twister

    X-five holsters

    Just received my 2 layer RHT holster from Springer Precision, really like it, and got it in 3 days!
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