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  1. twister

    A few M17 questions

    Thanks for the information.
  2. twister

    A few M17 questions

    Just got a new Sig M 17, and I have a few questions. Will the guide rod and holster for an X5 fit the M17 also? When looking at different items for the Sig, there's no mention of the 17? Thanks for your help, Dave.
  3. Thank you for the replies, I just ordered one.
  4. What guide rod fits the M 17? I'm new to Sig guns and trying to figure out what fits what, thanks for your help, Dave.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll be looking into that.
  6. Can you buy the x5 frame with the weights already in it?
  7. Don't know much about Sig's, interested in shooting idpa, should I buy the M17, or the 320 X-5? Thanks for your help on this, Dave.
  8. Yes, a lot of ppc shooters shoot lead, I shoot 125 grain zero jacketed hollow points as I also shoot action pistol, so I need these bullets to meet a power factor. I use 5.1 of 231 Winchester powder.
  9. Toolguy, I tend to agree, I guess I’ll be checking bullets for a while!
  10. Thanks for all the replies, I’ll be going through my bullets with a caliper and checking them all before loading. The barrel does have a lot of bullets through it, but it’s a tack driver 98 percent of the time.
  11. I’m using all the same brass, Zero 125 grain jacketed hollow points. It’s the same combo I’ve been using for 4-5 years now. But, for some reason the single tumbling has started for no apparent reason.
  12. I shoot a 686 with a Clark ppc barrel installed on it, and just recently I have like 1 bullet out of a hundred tumble. The load is 5.1 of 231 with a 125 grain hollow point bullet. I shoot this gun in a ppc league, and the gun and my bullets have always worked fine until recently. Any one have any ideas on what happened? Thanks for your help, Dave.
  13. Thanks for the reply Robert.
  14. Yeh, I was going to get the one for a shadow 2. Does anybody think it would a good move to go with the Shadow 2, versus the Sp-01? Thanks again. Dave.
  15. I just bought a CZ SP-01, and I’m pretty sure I’m also getting a Shadow 2, can I use the same holster for both if I buy one for the Shadow 2? Thanks for your help, Dave.
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