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  1. I'll see what Dawson offers.
  2. Ok, thanks for the help.
  3. I just picked an X5, and would like to put a wider front sight on it. Where would I be able to get one? The gun I bought is used, and has a silver barrel in it, I thought they were all black? Thanks for your help, Dave.
  4. I think it does. I have a TSO in 9mm, but I like the weight and grip of the Shadow 2 better. I bought the gun to be a range gun, didn’t have any plans to compete with it, just shooting it for fun.
  5. What parts do I need to order to convert my Shadow 2 to single action? I want to get the nicest possible action possible. Thanks for your help, Dave.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I finally got plate #1 to work for me.
  7. My magazines are marked 40 on the bottom, is this normal? Thanks, Dave.
  8. I just got a new Shadow2, and need to pick up some extra mags, any suggestions on where to get them? Thanks for your help, Dave.
  9. Trying to put my Viper red dot on my 17 mos, and none of the mounting plates seem to line up. Which one should I be using? Thanks for your help, Dave.
  10. I just found a holster from Red Hill Tactical, so I'm set, thanks.
  11. I just ordered a Canik TP9, and now I need a holster, where can I get a good Kydex holster? Thanks for your help, Dave.
  12. I had a gunsmith who made a rear sight for my Valor, did the sight for $150 installed, but he doesn't want to make anymore.
  13. HOGRIDER, I like the looks of those sights alot. Are they available to everyone?
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