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  1. Thank you for the help, Dave.
  2. I've lost the screws from the thumb rest on my TSO, does anyone know where to get them, or what size they are? I already checked CZ Custom and didn't see them listed. Thanks for your help, Dave.
  3. Tok36, thanks for the link, that shows what I wanted to see, Dave.
  4. I was hoping to get a grip that will come all the way down the frame so it would look like an SP-01.
  5. Will SP-01 grips work on a Tactical Sport with the magwell removed? Thanks, Dave.
  6. twister

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    I just received my Armanov spidergo grips, very nice. Fast shipping and they feel great.
  7. twister

    Shadow 2 grips

    I saw a nice set of wood grips on Armory Craft for a SP-01 and would like them for my Tactical Sport, but don't want to chance them not fitting. Thanks for the reply mojo.
  8. twister

    Shadow 2 grips

    One more grip question, will the sp-01 grips work on a Tactical Sport with out a magwell? Thanks, Dave.
  9. twister

    Shadow 2 grips

    mojo, thanks for the quick reply.
  10. twister

    Shadow 2 grips

    I recently got a Shadow 2 and would like to know if grips for the SP-01 will fit? Thanks, Dave.
  11. twister

    Rear sight cut on TSO?

    Thank you for the help, Dave.
  12. Will the adjustable rear sight for the TS fit on this gun? Thanks for your help, Dave.
  13. twister

    CZ TSO holster

    I run a RHT holster for mine, nice holster.
  14. I'll see what Dawson offers.
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