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  1. I just installed 2 gen 2s tonight in ETS mags and had to relieve the followers quite a bit and also had to Dremel the inside of the basepad, but eventually got them to work. Required a fair bit of massaging.
  2. Carry Optics has been called all the fun of Open without the hassle. You can still shoot factory ammo and be competitive. Don’t have to worry about reloading, etc. You can just learn how to shoot and play the game. You learn how to shoot a dot, which is a lot different and frankly easier than shooting irons. You have more mag capacity than limited because you are running 9 minor instead of .40 Major. There’s less recoil control issues for a new shooter. It’s easier on the gun. Mags are about $80 for a CZ instead of $160 for an MBX for a 2011. Glock mag are even cheaper, you can run Magpuls for $25 or $30 and not mess with basepads. And for 1 or 2 K, you actually have a gun that is competitive in its division rather than slummin’ it with a CZ or Tanfo in Limited Major. By the way, if you’re in alabama, you’re close to the best factory ammo supplier for 9 major for a reasonable price for 2011s in my opinion,.....Black Dot.
  3. If I was eventually going to go to open, and I had a 2k budget for a new gun, I would go Carry Optics, get used to shooting a gun with a dot, and get a Shadow 2 with slide milled for a DPP optic from CZ custom. At a 1K budget, I’d just get a Glock 34 and mount up a DPP. No point learning how to shoot irons and .40 Major when you’ll probably move to a dot and 9 major with a comp anyway.
  4. Oh my God, it’s like I died and went to Heaven.
  5. Sorry... meant to clarify, I’m using this in a JP with a standard SCS buffer. The mags get absolutely filthy even with a standard charging handle, can’t imagine blowing even MORE crap down there... I already bought one because of you and this thread, guess I may as well try it.
  6. Doesn’t this blow more junk down into your mags though? There’s gotta be some drawback to this. Those mags are hard enough to keep clean and working properly.........
  7. The OAL restriction is exactly why I don’t use Taylor Freelance extensions. I use MBX and Taran Tactical. My ammo is around 1.15.
  8. You’re also making an assumption that a “better” trigger will make you perform better, which most definitely is not a guarantee. I’m done here. Keep chasing your dreams. Good luck!
  9. Who said the Armageddon was better? JP? They’re trying to sell you something. You’re buying into the marketing.
  10. That’s exactly what I use. The battery life on the GoPro is very short. I have to turn it on and off between stages. I bought the remote to help with being able to see what’s going on with the commands of the GoPro because once the earmuffs are on, that’s it. I also find it a bit heavy on the head. The video quality, however, is very good. I’d recommend joining club gopro or whatever they call it because you can get good discounts on gear/accessories.
  11. Seriously...if you think that changing to some magical trigger from something that is already really good is somehow going to vault you to superstardom, you are just plain wrong. It won’t make any difference. Having your gun take a $hit midway through a match, though..........that will definitely make a difference. Don’t eff with something that works. Making things “better” won’t matter for you, I can almost promise.
  12. I would just get a JP trigger. (That’s what I did), and I didn’t bother with the hype of the roller trigger, I just went with a curved trigger, same as what I’m used to in that gun. Keep it simple. The gun isn’t the main problem for most of us.
  13. Everything is reliable.......until it is not reliable.
  14. Do you also wonder why people don’t wear dress shoes to play basketball?
  15. SJC modified holster for SJC frame weight and thumb rest
  16. My “new” old 24 I had finished over this winter.
  17. You can definitely install it on a 17 round mag. You need a new spring, you can most likely call MBX or email MBX and get one.
  18. Can you guys make any hand warmer recommendations, particularly ones that may be found on Amazon? Thanks!
  19. I have an alpha X with the barrel support. Why? I have no idea. Makes me feel better I guess. Interesting to hear about the seated starts. I never thought of that before, that’s why I love this forum. Lots of experience here.
  20. I have some CR speed PCC pouches on the way from South Africa at this very moment.
  21. You really don’t have to be a dick about it. I doubt I’m the only person in this country who was under this impression. K? Thanks.
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